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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DC Comics Darkseid Key Comics Part 3

Part 3 of this Darkseid key comics series, and we do have at least one important key issue that is steaming up in the market currently. Actually, there's two important ones in a comic book or New Gods sense.

Movie hype-wise, only one currently. Well, maybe three if the movies are more rooted in the actual comics when it comes to Darkseid.

If you missed Part 2, the link will take you back. Part 3 of this series is below!

1st appearance of Esak
2nd appearance of Black Racer

We have the debut of another New God here, and this New God is Esak. He was one of the most brilliant minds of New Genesis but ended up defecting over to Apokolips.

Not really a huge or overly important character in the Fourth World mythos. He has few appearances, and I'm not quite sure just how much he shows up in this issue here.

Black Racer makes his 2nd appearance in this issue as well. New Gods #4 has the cover date of August/September, 1971.

1st appearance of Big Barda

When it comes to Mister Miracle keys, this one is definitely important. Big Barda was obviously created by Jack Kirby for the Fourth World mythos and broke quite a bit of stereotypes back in the day.

Usually and even in comics, a male is usually the powerful one in a comic book relationship. Big Barda is actually more powerful than her husband Mister Miracle.

Oh, did I give away her importance? Yes, she is the wife of Mister Miracle and even debuts as his lover in this issue. Doctor Bedlam is the villain of this issue.

Big Barda is a New God, but like Scott Free, she was raised on Apokolips by Granny Goodness. She was groomed to be a warrior and leader of the Female Fury Battalion under Darkseid, but she met Scott Free and fell in love. Awe!

Important key issue for Mister Miracle. Big Barda is adoptive daughter-in-law of Darkseid and adoptive sister-in-law to Orion, Darkseid's blood son who was adopted by Highfather, Scott Free's real pappy. Mister Miracle #4 has the cover date of September/October, 1971. It supposedly went on sale in July, 1971.

1st appearance or use of Anti-Life Equation
1st appearance of Lonar 
1st appearance of Thunderer

The Anti-Life Equation was mentioned prior to this issue, but it is seen here in this issue. Actually, it's not really seen but seen performed by Sonny Sumo (1st appearance in issue #4).

Darkseid realizes that Sonny Sumo has the Anti-Life Equation and it's he who needs to be captured. Darkseid has been looking for this equation, and it's a major theme in the these stories.

The Anti-Life Equation is basically a formula that enables one to totally control the minds of all sentient beings. Pretty awesome thing to have if you're a number one comic baddie, right?

Although not seen as since it isn't a physical form, Sonny Sumo does use it on Deesad's goons in this issue. Pretty important in the comics, but whether the cinematic world picks up on this is a different story.

Since the deleted scene in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice does show Steppenwolf with Mother Boxes, the Anti-Life Equation might be threaded into the cinematic universe as well. It might not either.

No strange thing to have movie studios twist things around from panel to screen. Just saying in the actual comics, this is an important Darkseid key issue. After all, he's been looking for the darned thing prior to this issue here.

Sonny Sumo is not a character that lasts long in the Fourth World mythology. He is important only because he is the first seen to carry or have knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation within him or knows how to use it.

Lonar is a minor New God character and first debut in the 4rd story of this issue called "The Young Gods of Supertown". Lonar is a New God that prefers solitude away from the rest of those on New Genesis. Excavating the valleys surrounding New Genesis, Lonar is the first to discover remnants of the Old Gods.

He even frees an Old God steed that he named Thunderer. Not really the most important character in the New God's mythos or even a character concerning Darkseid. Thought I'd just mention it for the hell of it.

Forever People # 5 has the cover date of October/November, 1971 and was on sale in August, 1971.

1st appearance of Slig

I debated about putting this one on here. It is a 1st appearance key, but Slig is a pretty minor character under Darkseid's command. 

Slig is considered one of Darkseid's Elite and is a member of Apokolips aquatic terrorist outfit called Deep Six. He is a foe of both the New Gods and Aquaman as well, so I thought why not feature him.

Infinity Man is the one who ends up taking Slig's life in Countdown #38, but Slig has died often in DC Comics. He apparently dies in this issue as well. New Gods #5 has the cover date of November, 1971. 

1st appearance of Tigra
1st appearance of Heggra
1st appearance of Steppenwolf
Origin of Orion & New Gods collectively

New Gods #7 has a lot things going for it in terms of 1st appearances. It was a sleeper not long ago but is gaining steam really fast.

This has to do with the 1st appearance of Steppenwolf, whom was apparently suppose to be in Batman v Superman but ended up on the cutting floor. As mentioned in Part 1, WB released that deleted scene with him supposedly or speculated to be in it.

However, this issue shouldn't be sought out just because of Steppenwolf, the uncle and military leader of Apokolips. This issue also has the first appearance of Heggra, Darkseid's mother and sister of Steppenwolf.

Furthermore, enter Tigra who is Darkseid's wife. It would be later revealed that Tigra is Darkseid's 2nd wife.

Steppenwolf is revealed in flashback in this issue. He helps Darkseid track down and kill Highfather's wife, Avia, who makes her first appearance and death in this comic as well. This would start a conflict between New Genesis and Apokolips, and the origin of the New Gods are revealed for the 1st time in this issue.

This issue also sees the exchange of Darkseid and Highfather's sons to end the war between both worlds. Scott Free ended up in the care of Granny Goodness and Orion becomes the adopted son of Highfather.

Granny Goodness would vow to torture Scott Free so intensely that the lad would escape from Apokolips and break the pact. So New Gods #7 definitely has potential, and the two other characters besides Steppenwolf do have a great chance of making it into the DC Cinematic Universe.

New Gods #7 has the cover date of March, 1972.

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Superman 1st visit to New Genesis
1st Superman meeting with Highfather
1st appearance of Victor Volcanum

Superman finally makes it to Supertown on New Geneis for the 1st time in this issue. Of course, he is the first DC superhero in mainstream canon to do so.

In this issue, he also meets Highfather for the 1st time and a pretty minor villain named Victor Volcanum. Volcanum isn't the most significant of baddies in the DC Universe as well as the Fourth World.

Not even sure if he's a New God or how he even fits into this story. Not that well-known of a key, but Superman did glimpse New Genesis briefly in Forever People #1 and finally gets to visit it in this issue here.

So far CGC and Overstreet are not noting this comic as the first time Superman visits New Genesis nor meeting Highfather. CGC does note the Victor Volcanum 1st appearance though. Definitely over-looked, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #147 has the cover date of March, 1972.

So in seeing the deleted scene in Batman v Superman, we have what appears to be Steppenwolf and some Mother Boxes New Gods style. Well, some are speculating that it's Steppenwolf and some think it's Darkseid's pops Yuga Kahn.  
I embedded a youtube video of it in Part 1, so just click the link and scroll to the bottom if you have yet to see it. You can decide for yourself about it as I have no clue either way.

I do wonder if the Anti-Life Equation will be thrown in the movie-verse as well. Darkseid does have to have a motive, and in the comics and his early appearances, he is after the Anti-Life Equation. Of course, we all know the movies can easily change motives and they're not 100% faithful to the comics.

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #147 isn't really a Darkseid key at all. It is a New God's key and pretty much not noted and under the radar, but it's not exactly a huge key or anything. Well, unless you like 1st meetings in comics.

New Gods #7 is definitely one to scour the Earth for currently. It will be a hot book or hotter Darkseid key issue comic in the very near future. Actually, it already seems to be a bit hot right now.

Mister Miracle #4 has potential, but I don't know how Mister Miracle, Big Barda and even the New Gods will fit into DC's movie-verse. Seems like a really big complex thing to work out, but who knows?

Part 4 is ready, so click the link below to continue. Good luck on your hunt out there and thanks for reading.

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  1. Big Barda isn't Darkseid's daughter-in-law. Scott Free was to be an heir to Darkseid, but that fell through before he married Big Barda.