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Monday, May 30, 2016

DC Comics Darkseid Key Comics Part 2

We're here with Part 2 to this Darkseid key comics series that also unavoidably includes the New Gods. This one might produce some surprises for those who don't know much about the character.

Once again, I'm not the biggest fan of Darkseid or Kirby's Fourth World, so I'm definitely no expert here. Don't be surprised if most of these early issues of Forever People, New Gods, and Mister Miracle are one after the other.

They definitely have the 1st appearance of someone or something that's tied to Darkseid or the New Gods. Some may be significant and others may be pretty minor characters. Alright, hit this Part 1 link if you missed it, but if you're ready for more, here they are!

1st appearance of Deesad
1st appearance of Mantis 

More cronies of Darkseid are introduced in this issue. Deesad is an important one or a recurring minion of Darkseid.

In later comics, Deesad was responsible for poisoning Darkseid's wife and love, Suli, at the behest of Heggra, Darkseid's mother. When Darkseid found out about Heggra's plan, he had Deesad poison Heggra in revenge. Deesad has since been Darkseid's main henchman.

Mantis is a minor henchman of Darkseid and has occasionally risen up against him from time to time. Needless to say, he isn't the most loyal and Mantis is the leader of a colony of humanoid insects that migrated from New Genesis to Apokolips.

He has the Darkseid Manipulation powers which include Anti-Matter touch, energy absorption, energy projection, flight, and thermokinesis.  He also has super strength, durability, speed, and reflexes. 

Forever People #2 has the cover date of April, 1971 and was released February 2, 1971.

2nd full appearance of Darkseid
1st Darkseid on cover
1st appearance of Brola & Deep Six

And finally we have the 2nd full appearance of Darkseid. Like most early appearances of Darkseid, this comic has taken off as well recently.

The exception is Jimmy Olsen #136. This comic also features Darkseid on a comic cover for the 1st time if you're into that.

New Gods #2 also debuts Brola, a minor early henchman and elite shock trooper for Darkseid. He had very few appearances over-all.

The Deep Six were elite combatants that existed solely to spread terror in Darkseid's name. They were early villains for the New Gods but did not become important villains over-all. They also had few appearances in comics but more than Brola.

New Gods #2 has the cover date of April, 1971 and hit the newsstands February 18, 1971.

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1st appearance of Granny Goodness

I have no idea why some are saying this issue is the 1st appearance of Doctor Bedlam. I just read it and did not see Doctor Bedlam in it whatsoever. Maybe I am missing something here, unless Doctor Bedlam is suppose to be the thing that animates the Mister Miracle costume?

Maybe someone else knows better than I do when it comes to Doctor Bedlam, but as far as I'm reading, I don't see him in this issue. If he actually does appear by some weirdness in this issue, I wouldn't count it as 1st full appearance.

However, this does have the first appearance of Granny Goodness, the evil mistress of Darkseid's orphanage that raises select children of Apokolips in becoming loyal warriors for the evil ruler. This issue definitely is a 1st appearance for Granny Goodness. No cameo, no brief or any of that jazz.
Pretty important character for both Darkseid and Mister Miracle, and thus counts as a Darkseid key issue. Mister Miracle #2 has the cover date of May/June, 1971 and was apparently on sale March 16, 1971.

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1st appearance of Glorious Godfrey 
1st appearance of the Justifiers

One of Darkseid's Elite, Glorious Godfrey is the basically a persuader or brain washer that spreads rhetoric in favor of Darkseid. His personal army are the Justifiers and they are sometimes used as  militaristic forces on Apokolips.

In this issue, they are used to track down the Forever People. They do not have that many appearances in comics.

Glorious Godfrey, however, was used in the Legends limited series and was an integral asset in trying to rid of Earth's heroes. He conducted a smear campaign that was so successful it led to a law that outlawed superhero activities.

Godfrey is a pretty important character for Darkseid, at least in the comics. Forever People #3 has the cover date of June/July, 1971 and on sale April 1, 1971

1st appearance of Black Racer 

Once thought to be DC's first Black super powered beings, it appears that Vykin from the Forever People beat Black Racer to it. I don't really think Black Racer is a major character in the DC Universe of comics, but he is a New God and supporting character in Kirby's Fourth World.

Black Racer takes on the form of Sgt. William Walker from Earth. Walker is a Vietnam Veteran and was paralyzed  in the war.

The Black Racer merges with Walker's body whenever he is needed. His alignment is neutral and he flies across the sky on snow skis.

He is kind of like the skiing version of Silver Surfer. Black Racer has been referred to as representing "death as inevitability", and New Gods #3 has the cover date of June/July and on sale April 22, 1971.

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1st appearance of Doctor Bedlam?

Once again, I'm not sure why some sources out there are saying Doctor Bedlam's 1st is in Mister Miracle #2. I've reread that comic twice and don't really see him.

Maybe he's in some kind of different form or something I don't know about in issue #2, but he definitely is recognizable in issue #2 of Mister Miracle. After all, he was transformed into pure psionic energy and inhabits artificial bodies.

Doctor Bedlam is one of Darkseid's Elite and one of his chief scientists. He is the creator of the Paranoid Pill and is a recurring foe for Mister Miracle. Doctor Bedlam makes a few appearances in comics but not much over-all. Here's the introduction of Bedlam's signature look in this issue.

Mister Miracle #3 has the cover date of July/August, 1971 and was released May 18, 1971.

Yeah, if it seems like this is just going down the issue numbers for Forever People, New Gods, and Mister Miracle that's because that's exactly what's happening. The Fourth World stuff was being built within those three titles, so lots of new characters were being introduced one after the other.

That includes minor and major supporting characters as well as Darkseid minions. Trust me, I'd rather have these 1st appearances and keys spread out more between the issues than having them going right down the line one after the other.

Not really a big deal, but I have to split the series up into more parts because of it. New Gods #1 has an epilogue that somewhat details the fate of the Old Gods and the origin of New Genesis and Apokolips. It's not really a clear or detailed revelation, but thought I'd  mention it and include the beginning panels of New Gods issue #1.

The beginning of New Gods #2 further and briefly explains the creation of Apokolips and New Genesis as well.

There is an origin that explains the conflict between Darkseid and Highfather or Apokolips and New Genesis. Overstreet notes it as the origin of Orion and all the New Gods as a group. We will be seeing that key issue in Part 3 to this Darkseid key comics series, so just click the link below to continue.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. See ya soon.

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