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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Classic Comic Battles Key Issues Part 8

Part 8 of this classic comic battles and we've got some 2nd battles and more comic book action to take a gander at. I'll keep this intro short and just get to it. Click this Part 7 link in case you missed it.

FLASH #147
2nd appearance of Reverse Flash
2nd Flash & Reverse Flash battle

And it's super fight 2 for the Flash and Reverse Flash in issue #147. Flash #147 also has the 2nd appearance of Eobard Thawne as Professor Zoom, also known as Reverse Flash.

Double whammy key issue here that also has  Mr. Element in it. Actually, Reverse Flash hypnotizes Al Desmond to go back to his evil crooked ways.

The Flash has to deal with them both, but near the end of the comic, it's Flash vs. Reverse Flash one-on-one. Here's how it went down for the 2nd time between these two speedsters!

Pretty short battle there, but, at least, Flash did give Reverse Flash a good right hook. Not the most action-packed of battles when it comes to physical combat.

Once again, Professor Zoom throws stuff at the Flash, and he uses his super speed to vibrate to phase and have the pebbles go through him. I have no idea or what's up with the mental blast thing that Professor Zoom's got going on in this particular battle.

Still, a great Flash key issue to have, and pretty over-looked if were not talking about 9.4s and above. CGC 9.0 sold on eBay in February of this year for only $250. A CGC 8.5 recently sold on eBay via bidding auction for $288.88 though.

High grade VF/NM and up are not easy finds in the market currently and the CGC Census only has 86 registered copies at the time of this writing. There are quiet a bit of raw lower grade copies up on eBay right now though.

Only three 9.8s and four 9.6s. Not saying this comic is rare over-all. Higher grades probably have a better chance of being more rare, and the highest numbers of copies in the census are grades 9.4s, 9.0s, and 8.0s, and they're all tied at 11.

I do think this comic is currently over-looked over-all, however. Flash #147 has the cover date of September, 1964.

X-MEN #5
2nd appearance of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
2nd appearance of Quick Silver & Scarlet Witch
2nd X-Men & Brotherhood of Evil Mutants battle
3rd appearance of Magneto

Continuing the early battles between the X-Men & the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the 2nd battle between the two groups didn't take long to happen after their first. Once again, X-Men #5 is chock full of key issue goodness.

Yep, it has their 2nd battle, obviously, but it has the 2nd appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which includes the 2nd appearances of both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Of course, this issue also has the 2nd appearances of both Mastermind and Toad as well. Didn't note that above.

So a lot key notations, but this is a classic battles comics series. Here's how the 2nd battle went down.

Must note that the Toad was in disguise and participating in this running race. Of course, he's just hopping over the other runners and besting them all.

Toad in disguise was also making a scene, and this brought the crowd into a rage. Knowing that he was a mutant in need of help, the X-Men arrive on the scene and escape with Toad on the subway. It's there they find out he's the Toad and a battle ensues in mighty Marvel fashion.

His original plan of fooling the X-Men into bringing back the disguised Toad to their headquarters revealed, this time Magneto does join the fray and uses his powers of magnetism against his long-time foes the X-Men.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants do make their escape with a captured Angel, but Toad is left behind. Toad is in some kind of trance and summons a "drone pick-up capsule" to retrieve him.

Amazingly, Toad does not notice that the X-Men also board this capsule and round two of this battles ensues in Magneto's hideout orbiting the Earth. 

In the previous issue of X-Men #4, Quicksilver does reveal that he has a sense of morality, this issue depicts Scarlet Witch as having the same. Despite being villains in their early appearances, their first and second appearances hint that the two aren't completely evil. Scarlet Witch saves the X-Men from death by placing a hex on Magneto's control panel, infuriating him enough to have almost caused a battle between them.

Once again, Magneto and the Brotherhood make their escape, and the X-Men find a way to save themselves and return to Earth. This issue definitely has more of a team battle than in issue #4, and there is quite a lot of action as the two super teams do battle.

I definitely like this battle better than their 1st in X-Men #4, but as an X-Men fan, both are fun reads and both are definitely key issues to get. Not over-looked in high grades for sure concerning this one. CGC 9.6 sold for $5,200 on eBay back in 2012.

A CGC 9.0 sold for $1,500 back in February of 2015 on eBay. Classic battle and classic key X-Men comic that also has the 3rd appearance of Magneto and a lot of 2nd appearances, X-Men #5 has the cover date of May, 1964.

1st Dr. Strange & Dormammu battle
2nd appearance of Dormammu & Clea
1st Cloak of Levitation (Red)
1st Eye of Agamotto
1st appearance Mindless Ones  

As stated in Part 7 of this classic comic battles and key issues or comics series, not all 1st appearances have a 1st battle between hero and villain. Dormammu's 1st appearance was in Strange Tales #126, and although Dr. Strange did first meet him in that issue, they did not battle.

They actually have their first battle in this issue, which also contains the 2nd appearance of Dormammu. When it comes to magical comic heroes, especially back in the Silver Age, I have to admit the battles looks funky.

Just all a matter of opinion, but this issue here should be deemed as a classic clash between the Sorcerer Supreme and the Dreaded One.

A guy put up a video on youtube portraying this classic 1st battle, so I'm just gonna embed that here and you can watch it if you care to. It is pretty long.

Pretty long video, but if you wanted to see the first clash between Dormammu and Dr. Strange, there it is. This is a key issue comic that has quite a bit going for it other than that. It's the 2nd appearance of both Dormammu and Clea.

Clea is still not named in this issue, though. She does not get named until issue #146 of the Strange Tales comic series. 

This also holds a bit of firsts related to Dr. Strange including the red Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto. It also has the first appearance of the Mindless Ones.

As of this writing, CGC does not note this issue as the 2nd appearance of either Clea nor Dormammu, nor does it recognize that this is the 1st battle between Dr. Strange & Dormammu. Overstreet doesn't note the key issue goodness in this comic either.

Then again, Overstreet only notes Strange Tales #126 as the intro of Clea and does not note it as the 1st appearance of Dormammu. High grades are not over-looked for this comic. A CGC 9.6 sold for $2,905.50 back in July of 2012, but it was a Northland Pedigree.

As for other CGC sales, a 9.0 only sold for $135 back in November of 2012 on eBay. There's only been 11 eBay graded sales of this comic in the last two or three years.

I'd say this comic is pretty over-looked over-all concerning the key issue goodness it has contained in it. Both #126 and #127 should be considered good speculation comics if Clea and Dormammu do end up in the film franchise.

Strange Tales #127 has the cover date of December, 1964.

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So there they are: the 2nd battle between Flash & Professor Zoom and the 2nd battle between the X-Men & the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. X-Men #5 was quite entertaining.

The Dr. Strange & Dormammu 1st battle was exactly what the character's last name implies: Strange. Don't really know what to make of it, so I'll just be neutral on that battle. However, it is the first clash between the two and considered a classic 1st battle.

Anyways, we've got more coming up. Hope you enjoyed and see ya soon.

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