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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Black Widow Solo Movie Possible?

Ah, well, this subject has been going around the fan-o-sphere for a while now. A few fans have been calling for a solo Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson around comic forums and other related sites but how serious have they been?

Well, according to a new poll, movie goers who purchased their tickets in advanced at Fandango participated in a poll that asked the question of which Marvel character they'd like to see most in a stand alone flick. Black Widow won and scored 48% of the votes.

The second was the Vision with 15% of the vote. Now, if that doesn't say something, I don't know what will.

Exposure for Black Widow has built up quite a lot since Iron Man 2. She's definitely in the consciousness of comic fans and non-comic fans at this point.

Female fans have been vocal about the lack of female superheroes in movies and TV shows, and I'm all for more female superheroes in comic related films and TV. Kevin Feige even teased a solo Black Widow film recently, but he's been talking about the possibility for the past two or three years now.

What brings even more confidence to this kind of project is that the Russo Brothers have recently sent out the possibility of this happening even saying, "It's a no-brainer, right?"

It's also no surprise that Scarlett Johansson has been calling for a solo flick for the character as well. That's really "a no-brainer". Like it's any surprise she's lobbying for that to happen.

I'm all for it, but I'd still love to see more female comic characters on the big screen with actual super powers. A good question is what will the movie be about, however?

Could the movie be an origin story of sort and dig further into the Black Widow's past? Will a big part of the story be based on the more detailed Black Widow's origins shown in the volume 2 Black Widow limited comic book series, in which we see her dig up her past and learn about her training to become a super spy in the Red Room?

Could be a good story line to base a solo Black Widow movie, and possibly even shed more light on the relationship she has with Hawkeye. We've gotten hints of it so far, but nothing ever really full scope.

The character in the comics even has a strong connection to Hawkeye. Black Widow is actually present in his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #57 and even recruits the archer to take on Iron Man and Stark Industries.

That issue would have the Widow's third appearance in comics, and the two would eventually join the Avengers. Hawkeye would join much sooner and became part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers #16 along with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Though Black Widow was an associate for the Avengers team for a long time, she did not officially join the team until Avengers #111

Perhaps, the Red Guardian, anyone? Could he plucked out of the comics to be the big bad for a Black Widow solo film?

So the fans have spoken loud and clear, and it looks like a solo Black Widow movie may be coming to a theater near you in the future. When that happens is still pretty much in the air, but not to piss on the parade, whether it does well in the box office is a different story. Actually, whether Captain Marvel or even Wonder Woman does well in the box office might just be a deciding factor if Marvel decides to further pursue that project.

After all, they're not going to work on a movie unless they feel it has a good chance of making money. That should be a "no-brainer" as well.

What do you think? Looking forward to a possible Black Widow movie?


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    Widow movie is fine by me. I just think you
    need something bigger, to give it more attention. I mean, who' s gonna fall out of his seat for this flick? I would prefer a female group like the Lady Liberators, which also had Black Widow on the roster + the Wasp, Valkyrie and Medusa. She-Hulk deserves a movie/series too. She' s a classic Marvel hero that has never seen any screen time!


    1. I too would also like to see more super powered female comic characters. I mean, we have Black Widow, Gamora and Nebula and basically they're just kung-fuey driven.

      Of course, I'm not talking about FOX and the X-Men here, but talking about the Disney/Marvel studios. So far the only one is Scarlet Witch with actual super powers from the Disney/Marvel camp. Wasp is coming soon and even though it's's still super.

      I know that Gamora has strength and speed enhancements, same with Gamora, but there wasn't really anything super about them really. Just looked like they were good at fighting. She-Hulk would be interesting, but where to fit her in would be problematic.

      Which makes me wonder...will they portray Mantis as having actual powers or just another chop sockey driven character on screen?


    Hi, Max Rebo reporting here live with an important message. Almost unknown early Punisher appearances have surfaced: one being in Powerman Annual 1 (1976). The other one can be found in Spectacular Spiderman 81 (1983). There are also rumors about an early Wolverine/ Sabretooth battle in the pages of Power Pack 27 (1986). These important messages have been brought to you by

    Max Rebo

    1. Wolverine and Sabretooth do not fight in Power Pack #27. Punisher in Powerman Annual #1 is a flashback cameo and not part of the story or even a big deal.

    2. I've got those issues.

    3. Hey Mayhem , Just wanted to thanks for all you do. I look at this site daily. Keep up the great work. Thanks Kevin from east Tennessee.

  3. Hi,

    small research request here for Mr. Mayhem. I recently read that there is a mini series by Frank Miller called Wolverine meets Mariko. Couldn' t find any info on this one. Publishing date, content, all a blank spot. Could you help?

    Speculation Jones

  4. Hey Mayhem,

    it' s Ace again. Need your advice buddy. I know you' re not directly a fan of these questions but here it goes:

    Would you rather gun for an All Star Comics 58 (1. Powergirl) VF for 55 or a Nova 1 NM for 77? GoCollect has pretty nice price jumps for that Powergirl intro. Don't know where that is coming from. Didn' t hear about a movie appearance or so. On the other hand Nova is primed for screen time but the GoCollect trend is going down on most grades. A mystery to me. Hope you can solve it.


    1. Hmmmmm....tough call when it comes to those 2. Nova really got in-demand because of movie hype to be honest. And it was only about a two years ago that speculators even gave know...with the Nova Corps being in Guardians of the Galaxy.

      Hype has decreased for Nova #1 currently...much like Ms. Marvel #1. All-Star Comics #58 and the 1st Power Girl had been over-looked a long time, and I'd say when it comes to over-all fan popularity, Power Girl trumps Nova. Out of the two, I'd go for 1st Power Girl and totally disregard movie hype.

      If you're looking for more long-term that is. If short-term, Nova #1 may see another bump if he is finally confirmed to show up in Infinity Wars. If not, you're screwed with a decreasing comic. Up to you, though. I think Power Girl has more of an actual fan base than Nova.