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Friday, April 22, 2016

Robert Downey Jr. Joins Cast of New Spider-Man movie

New Marvel movie news out there in cyberland has hit, and it seems that Robert Downey Jr. has joined the cast of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming flick that will reboot the cinematic Spidey universe. Not too impressed with the title of the film already.

While many are already speculating that this film will have an Iron Man & Spidey team up, no confirmation of whether that will happen or if RDJ is just going to make a cameo or have a small role in the film. I'm thinking it just may be a bit part.

However, if one must know, the two first met in the pages of Marvel Comics in Avengers #3. It was actually two panels in which Iron Man is in some kind of stealth mode and is looking for the Hulk.

Spidey is actually a dick towards Shell Head in their first ever meet 'n greet. You can read the panels below.
During the Silver Age of comics, Spider-Man and Iron-Man never had a team-up that involved just the two of them. Spidey had met individual Avengers characters, like in the first meeting of Spidey and Iron Man in Avengers #3, in various comics, but he did not meet the team all-together until Avengers #11.

Spidey did team up with the Avengers afterwards during the Silver Age, but never one where it was just him and Iron Man for some reason. Spider-Man did have team ups during that era with other Marvel super-heroes like Dr. Strange and Daredevil. Most often it was with the Human Torch and Fantastic Four.

The two comic book hereos didn't have a solo team-up until the Bronze Age, and that was in the pages of Marvel Team-Up #9 in 1973 that saw the two heroes team up to save the captured member of the Avengers from Tomorrow Man and Kang. Well, it's actually a duplicate of Kang.

Speaking of the new Spider-Man flick, Michael Keaton has bowed out of playing a yet unspecified villain in the flick. J. Jonah Jameson, maybe? Interesting in what Spidey villain Keaton would or could be?

So, Robert Downey Jr. will be in the new Spidey movie, and I'd be surprised if Tony Stark suits up as Iron Man in that film or if it would be an actual team up movie. Rumors are already floating, though.

However, what can be speculated on is if Sony and Disney's partnership can have Tony Stark in a Spidey film, are more cross-overs and eventual movie team ups crossing different studios going to hit the theaters in the near future? I'm not saying Spider-Man: Homecoming will be a Spider-Man & Iron Man team up (will be surprised if it is), but it does look like Sony and Marvel/Disney are opening the doors for the possibility of studio cross-over team up type comic movies.

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  1. When will they finally make a Spiderman Tv Series... The Silver Age Spiderman was basically a classic soap opera. Just imagine a retro tv show like Mad Men. Now, that would kill, wouldn' t it? Who needs the umpteenth movie makeover...

    Max Rebo