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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Non 1st Appearance Origin Key Comics Part 10

Alright, we've got some more 1st origin keys outside of the 1st appearance of the character featured in this origin key comics series. Once again, sometimes a first appearance is unavoidable when a villain makes his debut but is tied to the origin of another character.

Like Fantastic Four #53, there will be two examples of origin comics like that one presented in Part 10. If you missed Part 9, the link will bring you back or you can use the navigation links under the image banner of this post. Enjoy and thanks for reading and commenting.

Origin of Dr. Manhattan

Alan Moore? One of the most influential comic writers during the later Bronze and Copper Age of comics without a doubt.

Watchmen? Critically acclaimed comic series and hailed by many comic fans.

Movie? I thought it was a really good movie that kept the basic essence of the comics while giving it a visual distinction from the comics. Some fans didn't like it, but I thought it was a good movie.

So most of us know that the major cast of the Watchmen first appeared in Watchmen #1. However, issue #4 details the origin of Dr. Manhattan and this was shown in the movie that was pretty faithful to the comic book.

Issue #4 shows Jon as the apprentice of his father, repairing and making watches. When the paper suddenly headlines the first atomic bomb dropped on Japan, his father tells Jon that his career will become obsolete and that this new atomic phenomenon will be the future.

His father encourages Jon to go to college, in which he graduates from Princeton and becomes a nuclear physicist. He meets Wally Weaver and Janey Slater when he goes to work for a research base at Gila Flats, and studies intrinsic fields.

Jon and Janey start a romantic relationship and Jon is stuck in the intrinsic field subtractor and is turned into Dr. Manhattan. There we have it.

The Watchmen movie pretty much kept faithful to the original comic source. Slight liberties were of course taken.

Don't really expect this one to have done all that great throughout the years as a comic investment. Still, it is a 1st origin for the character outside of his 1st appearance. There are flashback scenes that reveal a bit of Dr. Manhattan's history linked to the Comedian in issue #2 of the titled series, but it reveals more of the Comedian's history.

So far there's only 527 copies registered in the CGC Census. Highest graded copies are 9.8s and there's 132 of them, but I don't expect it to be exactly rare. Word is that Watchmen #1 had a print run of about 227,000.

Watchmen #4 has been said to have the greatest supply since it was the best seller of the series through Capital City distribution. Don't know if that's true or not, but finding a copy of this comic isn't anywhere near hard.'

The CGC Census is not surprisingly low. It has a total of 527 registered copies, most likely due to most not really seeing it fit to get graded. Watchmen #1 has 1,892 in the census to date.

Highest grades for Watchmen #4 is currently 9.8s, and there's 132 of them so far. We're still waiting on that 9.9 out there to suddenly appear.
This comic at CGC 9.8 has finally hit over the $100 mark. The most recent sale in January of this year sold on eBay for $105.

Interested to take a look at the Overstreet performance of this comic.  

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $0
Fine: $0
Good: $0

Near Mint: $3.75
Fine: $1.90
Good: $.65

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $5.00
Very Fine/Near Mint: $0
Very Fine: $0
Fine: $0
Very Good: $0
Good: $0

Near Mint (low): $18
Very Fine/Near Mint: $14
Very Fine: $10
Fine: $6.00
Very Good: $4.00
Good: $2.00

Once again, not surprised with this comic, but issues #2-12 have done okay in recent times. Not sure how this particular comic will do in the long run though. Watchmen #4 has the cover date of  December, 1986.

1st origin of Hawkeye
1st origin of Swordsman
1st appearance of Swordsman

Unavoidable to the 1st origin of Hawkeye without the 1st appearance of Swordsman and his origin as well, but this really isn't featured here to highlight the Swordsman. It's on here to highlight Hawkeye, but unfortunately his origin is connected to the guy and both were part of a circus in which the Swordsman mentored a young Clint Barton.

It is a brief origin for both characters, but it's still an origin. Hawkeye first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57. This comic got a small boost in demand during the very beginning of Avengers hype, but I haven't kept track of this triple whammy key issue.

CGC Census is surprisingly low and there's only 348 registered copies to date? Wow! Highest are three 9.8s, all of which are Universals. 
There's only been around 62 sales on eBay for this comic within four years! Not exactly over-looked comic over-all since a CGC 9.6 copy sold for $1,499.99 last January in 2015.

Another CGC 9.6 sold at Heritage in July of 2015 for only $896.25. A high grade CGC 9.8 also sold at Heritage for $2,629 back in July of 2012. Not sure if that's the most recent sale of that comic grade or not, but I couldn't find any info otherwise. 

For most super high grades of this comic, there hasn't been a very recent sale on eBay. The most recent I could find was a CGC 9.4 that sold for $477 on ComicLink and was listed November of 2015. An 8.5 VF+ CGC copy sold for only $98 in March of this year.

That was the only CGC sale on eBay for this origin key comic, so it looks like demand has dropped off quite a bit for Avengers #19. The Overstreet performance of this key issue is shown below.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $14
Fine: $7.00
Good: $2.50

Near Mint: $40
Fine: $17
Good: $5.70

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $140
Very Fine/Near Mint: $109
Very Fine: $78
Fine: $33
Very Good: $22
Good: $11

Near Mint (low): $340
Very Fine/Near Mint: $220
Very Fine: $100
Fine: $45
Very Good: $30
Good: $15

Wow! Only $340 for a NM 9.2 concerning the origin of Hawkeye?

Thought it would be more valuable than that. Well, CGC sales of that grade are pretty similar to guide. Last eBay sale of a CGC 9.2 was $392.17 back in July of 2014.

Then again, the same grade for this comic sold at ComicLink sometime this year for $470. It was listed in February of this year, so it must of sold shortly afterwards.

A CGC 9.0 sold for $300 also in July of 2014. It was the most recent sale of CGC 9.0s on eBay, and the only three listings currently up are in that range. 

No idea if they'll sell in that price range or not. Higher grade of Avengers #19 aren't exactly plentiful on eBay currently. The cover date for Avengers #19 is August, 1965.

X-MEN #12
1st origin of Professor X
1st origin of Juggernaut
1st origin of Juggernaut

Another villain that would reveal not only his origin but an origin of a main character as well is the Juggernaut or the step brother of Professor X. As we all know, Professor X first appeared in X-Men #1, but the character's origin is revealed in issue #12.

Cain Marko as the Juggernaut is definitely a major villain for the X-Men. As mentioned before, he is the step brother of Charles Xavier.

Marko's father married Xavier's mother and quickly began to favor Charles. Unfortunately, Kurt Marko became abusive to Cain, igniting the jealousy and resentment that this villain would have toward Professor X.

When the two served in the Army during the Korean War, Cain and Charles find the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Greedy, Cain grabs the gem and turns into the Juggernaut. Comic history is made.

This villain already appeared in the movie X-Men the Last Stand. Wasn't really all that impressed with their adaptation of this classic villain, but it was what it was.

Right now there's 1,093 copies in the CGC Census and only two 9.8s, both of which are Universal labels. Only six 9.6s, all Universals as well, and thirty 9.4s with one of those being a Restored copy.
This origin key issue has done and is doing quite well so far, more likely attributed to the first appearance of Juggernaut key notation than the origin of Professor X. That's unavoidable like Fantastic Four #53 and the origin of Black Panther and first appearance of Klaw.

CGC 9.4 of this comic sold on eBay for $2,900 last August of 2015. The most recent recorded sale I could find of an X-Men #12 CGC 9.8 sold in 2012 for $9,858.75 at Heritage. That copy is a Pacific Coast pedigree, though.

A non-pedigree 9.8 slabber sold for $8,962.50 back in November, 2012 at Heritage as well. Definitely no light-weight comic investment here, but for a well-known key issue with only two 9.8s so far registered, it's surprising to me that it hasn't broken well-above the $10,000 range.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $10
Fine: $5.00
Good: $2.00

Near Mint: $75
Fine: $32
Good: $11

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $485
Very Fine/Near Mint: $374
Very Fine: $263
Fine: $105
Very Good: $70
Good: $35

Near Mint (low): $1,350
Very Fine/Near Mint: $870
Very Fine: $390
Fine: $150
Very Good: $100
Good: $50

Hmmmm...maybe I was wrong. In the 1990-91  guide, X-Men #12 was only noted as the "Origin of Professor X". No 1st Juggernaut was noted. Interesting.

However, in the 2002-03 guide, both notations are present next to the listing of this comic. Last CGC 9.2 of this comic sold on eBay for $1400, only a $100 above guide. 

Most recent CGC 9.0 sold on eBay for $949.00 last month, which $79 over guide. A CGC 8.0 also sold on eBay for $472.06 via bidding auction, $82 over guide.

However, keep in mind that CGC 8.0s of X-Men #12 have been selling in the $500 to $600 range for most of 2013 to early 2016. X-Men #12 has the cover date of July, 1965.

I'm not all that impressed with Avengers #19 or how it has performed in the last five years. Hawkeye has gotten a lot of hype already since a year prior to the first Avengers movie back in 2012 and even the first Thor movie back in 2011.

It seems that only high grade CGC 9.8s and 9.6s for Avengers #19 has had really any traction. 9.4s and down have been pretty over-looked. Then again, not too many have submitted Avengers #19 to CGC despite all the movie hype that Hawkeye has been a part of.

So, that's a bit interesting, and I do see a disparity gap between 9.6s and 9.4s concerning the first origin of Hawkeye key issue, but 9.6s appear to have lost a bit of steam or interest.

Concerning X-Men #12, it's a classic key issue for two fan-favorite characters. There's still demand for that comic, and if you're an X-Men, I'd definitely have that one in my sights - movie hype or not.


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