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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Non 1st Appearance Origin Key Comics Part 9

Once again, only Marvel 1st origins concerning Part 9 to this non 1st appearance origin key comics series. Part 9 will only feature two comics due to a certain Doctor Strange making it's world premiere a short while ago.

Why not, eh? So judging from the banner, you've probably already guessed which two character's 1st origins will be discussed. If you missed Part 8, that link will cast a spell for you in order to go back back. Otherwise, here's more origin key issues to take a gander at.

1st origin of Doctor Strange
3rd appearance Baron Mordo
4th appearance Doctor Strange

If you didn't see the world premiere 1st trailer for the Doctor Strange flick, it somewhat glimpses into the origin of Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme first made his appearance in Strange Tales #110,  but his actual origin story is in this comic here - Strange Tales #115.

Dr. Stephen Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon, but he only cares about his job when it relates to money. He doesn't care for his patients nor does he care for medical research.

That's until he is involved in car accident, and the accident damages the nerves in his hands. He can no longer perform surgeries. Proud and arrogant, Strange refuses to work under others and ends up homeless and wandering the streets.

That's until he learns about the Ancient One and the supposed healing powers the mysterious and mystical character has. Strange sets out to find this Ancient One and travels to India.

Because of his self-fish motives, the Ancient One refuses to heal Strange, but Strange is snowed in at the Ancient One's lair. During this time, Baron Mordo attacks his master with a magic spell and Strange learns of it.

Mordo places a magical spell that keeps Strange from speaking and thus alerting the Ancient One to who attacked him. Of course, the Ancient One knew all along.

He dispels Mordo as his pupil and agrees to take and train Stephen Strange as his new student and disciple. Doctor Strange is born.

With movie hype been going on for quite a while, there's no doubt that this comic has been hot for past two or three years. What I'm interested in is how this comic did before then

Before we get to that, let's take a look at the CGC Census here. So far there's only 480 graded copies in the CGC Census, and the highest is a lone 9.8 Universal copy.

There's been no recent sale for the 9.8 copy that I could find, but a CGC 9.6 Twin Cities Pedigree sold at Heritage for $7,170 back in 2012. On good ole eBay, the highest grades sold there was a CGC 9.4, and the most recent sold for $4,051.00 back in June of 2013.

9.2 CGC sold at $2,995.95 in March of this year from a June, 2012 eBay sale of  $1,959.95. Not bad at all, so lets see how Overstreet has gauged this origin key comic over the past years.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $24
Fine: $12
Good: $4.00

Near Mint: $105
Fine: $45
Good: $15

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $575
Very Fine/Near Mint: $442
Very Fine: $308
Fine: $123
Very Good: $82
Good: $41

Near Mint (low): $1500
Very Fine/Near Mint: $966
Very Fine: $432
Fine: $162
Very Good: $108
Good: $54

This one has had good growth, and that's not surprising. Titular character's origin with a movie on the way? Fug-ged aboud id.

However, compared to what CGC copies are going for compared to Overstreet's values, there's some differences. To be fair, the most recent CGC 9.2 sold this year in March, so Overstreet has yet to update it with the newest one coming out this summer.

Most recent CGC 9.0 sold for $1,975.00 in September of 2015, a few months or month after the current guide came out, so I can see why there's a difference. Pretty big one actually. 

Most recent 8.0 CGC copy sold on eBay for $673.36 in February of this year, still a tad bit over-guide. CGC 4.0 VGs? Last one sold August, 2015 for $144.50, a tad bit over guide as well.

Definitely has had good growth, but the question is, will it last? Quite a few key comics are starting to show fatigue in the 2016 market. We shall have to see, but if you have a copy of this one, I'd definitely keep an eye on it.

Strange Tales #115 has the cover date of December, 1963.

1st origin of the Ancient One
1st full appearance & origin of Kaluu

Another highly important character in the Doctor Strange mythos is the Ancient One, of course. Kaluu's connection with the Ancient One's origin is unavoidable, but the Ancient One first appeared in Strange Tales #110 along with Doctor Strange.

In the village of Kamar-Taj in the Himalayas five centuries ago, the Ancient One and Kaluu grew up together studying magic. As with most comic book villains, Kaluu wanted to use magic for his own self-fulfilling desires.

He put a spell on the villagers and they crowned him king. Kaluu then commanded his subjects to attack a neighboring village and subdued the Ancient One from preventing it. The Ancient One warned that this act of evil would break the prosperity spell both he and Kaluu cast upon their village.

After the massacre, a plague struck their village and Kaluu went into hiding in another dimension, freeing the Ancient One from his spell. And that's the first origin of the Ancient One and Kaluu, who did appear in shadow in the previous issue of Strange Tales #147.

So, with the Ancient One definitely a prominent character in the Doctor Strange flick, how has this origin key comic done? Well, there are a total of only 128 registered copies in the CGC Census currently.

Not a very high census for a Marvel 1966 comic. The highest graded copy so far is only one 9.8 Universal label, and that has not seemed to hit the market in recent years.

However, a CGC 9.6 has sold at Heritage for 896.25 in February of this year. CGC 9.4 sold for only $200 on eBay back in 2013, but another CGC 9.4 sold at Pedigree Comics for $376. Not sure when the copy at Pedigree sold.

I'd say this origin key is a tad over-looked, especially when a CGC 9.2 only sold for $89 buck on eBay in late November of 2015. In looking at the CGC Census currently, there's only 15 Universal copies of that grade registered with one of them being Restored.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $3.00
Fine: $1.00
Good: $.50

Near Mint: $12
Fine: $5.00
Good: $1.70

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $80
Very Fine/Near Mint: $65
Very Fine: $50
Fine: $21
Very Good: $14
Good: $7.00

Near Mint (low): $140
Very Fine/Near Mint: $96
Very Fine: $51
Fine: $24
Very Good: $16
Good: $8.00

In looking at the growth of this comic according to Overstreet, it's been extremely minimal for the most part. Really minimal if you look at the grades VF and below.

Only a dollar increase in 13 years for a VF and GD? Only a $2 increase for a VG and a $3 dollar increase for a FN?

Wow! Looking at CGC sales on eBay, a VF 8.0 sold for only $39.95 back in early December of 2013. However, a CGC 6.0 recently sold for $34.99 in January of this year, 2016. It clearly sold for a little bit over guide.

A CGC 9.0 sold on eBay for $149 back in April of 2015 and was $53 bucks over current guide. The 2014-15 Overstreet had 9.0s at the same values of the current 2015-16 Overstreet.

So, this one may be over-looked or just not cared for by the comic speculation market or by comic investors currently. I'd say it's more over-looked since there were only 26 total sales on eBay for this comic in a 3 year period.

Compare that to Strange Tales #115 which had 89 sales on eBay in 3 year period also. Then again, I do see plenty of raw copies of this comic on ole eBay. Strange Tales #148 has the cover date of September, 1966.

As most know already, this series really isn't about comic speculation. Sure, the info provided can be used to make comic speculation or even comic investing decisions for sure.

But I really leave it up to you, and nothing is guaranteed especially in this current market. Good luck out there and happy hunting!


  1. Hi Mayhem,

    I' m going to put my chips on the first appearance of Polaris (X-Men 49). Do you know if there is anything in store for that X-Gal? Plus is X-Men 49 just a single panel appearance or a full appearance? 50 has her on the cover.

    Thanks pal


    1. X-Men #49 has about 14 panels of Lorna Dane. Her mutant abilities are awakened in issue #50. However, X-men #49 also has the origin story of Hank McCoy, the Beast. Pretty cool issue over-all.

  2. request here, could you do a series on all of the comics where superheroes fight each other? like Hulk vs Thing, Thor vs Hulk, and Spider-Man vs Daredevil. - NR

    1. Sounds interesting...I'm working on that at the moment, but don't know when your request will be dropped...seems like a big series to do. I won't do every single battle, but a list of the more classic confrontations perhaps?