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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Non 1st Appearance Origin Key Comics Part 8

Here we are back briefly with more non 1st appearance origin key comics, that detail the 1st origin of a character after his or her debut in comics. If the character's origin is revealed in the same issue as their 1st appearance, it won't be on the list.

I've gotten two emails asking me why I chose to do this, and I thought it was obvious. Goes to show you what I know.

Reason I chose to exclude key issues with both a 1st appearance and origin is to see how how just a first told origin key comic does in the back issues market. We all know 1st appearances of some characters are hot. Actually, 1st appearances of even minor characters will be in demand if a movie or TV show happens. Marvel announces Speedball will be appearing in a movie, and that 1st appearance will get a boost of some kind.

We all know that origin keys are pretty sought out as well, but are they good comic investments? Which ones have proven so and which ones haven't. Are those that haven't still sleepers or not that widely known, or are most collectors or comic speculators just saying, Who cares?

Alright, click this Part 7 link if you missed the prior origin key comics, but if you're good to go, here's the featured ones in Part 8. Hope you enjoy.

Journey Into Mystery #112 comic image
1st Origin of Loki begins
Classic Thor vs. Hulk battle
1st appearance and death of Laufey

Loki gets his 1st origin story in this issue, and it's actually a story that spans from this issue to issue #113. There is a detailed origin of Loki in issue #115 of Journey into Mystery as well, and the God of Mischief made his first appearance in Journey Into Mystery #85.

But, if we're talking about the first back ground story of Loki in Marvel Comics, this issue is it. By now, most everyone should know Loki's origin as the Thor movie did cover it and it's based off the comics.

In this issue, we see a similar origin as portrayed in the movie. We find that Loki is really the son of Laufey, leader of the Frost Giants.

When Odin and his Asgardians battle the Frost Giants, Odin kills Laufey and adopts his son Loki. Pretty straightforward origin in this issue since we did see it play out on the big screen.

In the next issue, the origin story first details Loki's jealousy of Thor when they were boys. In that issue, it's revealed when Loki first realizes that his adopted brother must be destroyed sometime.

Don't really need to say that this is a big issue for the villain, and it has a total of 868 copies in the CGC Census as of this writing. Highest copies are two 9.8s.

Definitely not an over-looked comic by any means when it comes to the origin of Loki and the classic battle of Thor vs Hulk. A CGC 9.8 sold at Heritage for $17,925 in July of 2012, and a 9.6 sold on eBay for 5,101.01 in March of 2013.

Let's see how one of the most valuable key issue origins has done in Overstreet over the years.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $12
Fine: $6.00
Good: $2.00

Near Mint: $40
Fine: $17
Good: $5.70

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $320
Very Fine/Near Mint: $249
Very Fine: $178
Fine: $75
Very Good: $50
Good: $25

Near Mint (low): $1500
Very Fine/Near Mint: $966
Very Fine: $432
Fine: $162
Very Good: $108
Good: $54

Not surprised that this comic has had pretty solid growth for the last 34 or so years. Big leap from 2002-03 to 2015-16, and that's not surprising either since Loki did first appear on screen in the 2011 Thor movie and has appeared in the 2012 Avengers and then again in 2013's Thor The Dark World.

So, a good key issue origin comic to invest in? Well, considering it has a classic Thor vs Hulk battle and the origin of Loki, it's no surprise that this comic is highly sought out in the market currently, and has a really good track record of being one of the best origin key comics to invest in.

Journey into Mystery #112 has the cover date of January, 1965.

Thor #146 comic picTHE MIGHTY THOR#146
Begins 1st origin of the Inhumans

The Inhumans made their first appearance in Fantastic Four #54 as a group. However, two members of the Inhumans did make their debuts prior to the first appearance of the Inhumans in Fantastic Four #54. Starting off as villains, Medusa made her first appearance in Fantastic Four #36, and Gorgon made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #44.

So, their origin story in this issue is definitely separate from their first appearance or appearances, and that 2nd story in this Thor issue is called "The origin of....the Incomparable Inhumans". So, pretty blunt there.

This story recounts how the gifted geneticist and leader of the Inhumans discovered the Terrigen Mist, the source that would grant all future Inhumans their super-abilities. The story also reveals that the Inhumans were from a strain of humans that were much more advanced.

The Inhumans back up feature in Thor #147 also carries over the Inhuman's origin and reveals that the Inhumans were once humans who experimented on by the Kree. All pretty important key issues concerning the Inhumans.

No idea why the CGC Census is so low for this key issue. Inhumans hype has been out there for quite a while but there are only 209 total registered copies so far. Highest are eight 9.8s with no Restored copies in that batch.

There are a total of three Restored copies over-all, though. Here's the census below at the time of this writing.

Recent 9.8 sold for $1,650 back in 2014 on ole eBay. Definitely not over-looked on the demand factor concerning 9.8s, but not many 9.8 Thor 146s have hit the market recently.

There is a massive disparity between 9.8s and grades lower than that. 9.6 copy last sold on eBay for only $365 in 2015, so it is over-all pretty over-looked on the secondary market, and it has been for a while. 

These origins of the Inhumans have been noted by Overstreet for a long time. Let's find out how it's performed over the years according to Overstreet.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $3.00
Fine: $1.50
Good: $.50

Near Mint: $10
Fine: $4.50
Good: $1.50

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $65
Very Fine/Near Mint: $53
Very Fine: $40
Fine: $18
Very Good: $12
Good: $6.00

Near Mint (low): $150
Very Fine/Near Mint: $102
Very Fine: $54
Fine: $24
Very Good: $16
Good: $8.00

Did not expect this one to have massive leaps in value, but I'll say it's pretty over-looked. The Inhumans as a movie franchise are in a state of limbo currently.

But, this comic does have potential if Marvel and Disney are still going forward with an Inhumans movie and more news leaks out to hype it up. There has not been drastic leaps of value increases despite movie or rumor hype. 

A CBCS 9.2 sold on eBay for $80 bucks this month of April, 2016. A CGC 9.2 sold for only $128.50 back in March of this year. That is under guide currently.

Even CGC 9.0s are selling less than their Overstreet values for this one. A 9.0 sold for only $78.77 back in January of 2016 and the one before it sold in the $50 range back in 2014.

Over-looked or under-valued, maybe...but as I've stated before, this key has been noted by Overstreet for quite a while and at least since the early 90s. The Mighty Thor #146 has the cover date of November, 1967.

Thor #148 comic cover image
Begins 1st origin of Black Bolt
1st appearance of Agon
1st appearance of Rynda 
1st appearance of the Wrecker

Black Bolt appeared briefly in Fantastic Four #45 and his 1st full appearance is in Fantastic Four #46. Thor #148 finally reveals the origin of Black Bolt.

However, it was mentioned in Fantastic Four #59 why Black Bolt cannot speak and that a single whisper could "shatter a mountain". In this story, "And...Finally, Black Bolt!", chief geneticists Agon and Rynda check on their son to see how the Terrigen Mist has affected him.

They find out that he can control electrons, levitate objects, and produce a protective shield around himself. When their boy gets tired and starts to cry, they soon discover his dangerous and destructive vocal power.

The story finishes up in the next issue of Thor where it's revealed that Black Bolt lived in isolation until he was 19 years of age before being reunited with his siblings. This comic here should not be a sleeper by any means since Inhumans movie hype has been out there for  awhile now.

The CGC Census has about 233 total graded copies at the time of this writing. The highest recorded grade are nine 9.8s, and those nine are surprisingly all Universal copies with no Restored Labels.

There's only one Restored 9.2 in the CGC Census so far.

Back in 2013, a CGC 9.8 sold on eBay for $710 bucks. 9.4 CGC graded copies and down are still affordable. CGC 9.4 sold on eBay for only $285 in March of 2016 or this year. Overstreet has the comic clocked at:

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $2.40
Fine: $1.20
Good: $.40

Near Mint: $10
Fine: $4.50
Good: $1.50

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $65
Very Fine/Near Mint: $53
Very Fine: $40
Fine: $18
Very Good: $12
Good: $6.00

Near Mint (low): $175
Very Fine/Near Mint: $117
Very Fine: $59
Fine: $27
Very Good: $18
Good: $9.00

Steady growth for this comic so far, but no real big leaps like with Journey into Mystery #112. However, CGC 9.2s have sold for $234.49 which is a bit higher than guides $150.

I wonder if that value will change in the next guide or 2016-17 guide. This comic obviously hasn't caught on in a big bad way just yet for sure, which might have to do with Bleeding Cool's rumor of the Inhumans movie being dropped by Marvel and Disney. Still remains a rumor, however.

The Mighty Thor #148 has the cover date of January, 1968.

1st origin of Black Widow
1st origin of Red Guardian
2nd appearance Red Guardian

Back in the day, the characters of the Red Guardian and Black Widow were closely tied to each other. In the previous issue #43, it's revealed that the Red Guardian is Black Widow's husband, much to the chagrin of Hawkeye.

Yes, Black Widow and Hawkeye were an item then, and he was butt hurt after finding out that Black Widow has a hubby. At the end of issue #44, there is a two panel flashback of how and why Natasha Romanova ends up becoming a super spy, and this is due to her husbands supposed death. Here's the panels below.

It's a strangely short and freeze-dried 1st origin, but despite that fact, it is the first time it's told how and why she ends up being trained as the Black Widow. It's also the first time her back story is explored.

Of course, later retcons would completely change this origin and it was revealed later that Natalia actually started training in the Red Room as a child. Anyways, this origin key issue is pretty over-looked in the market for a highly popular and a Silver Age origin key issue.

With a total of nine 9.8 copies, there's only 154 total registered copies of this book so far? I'd say it's pretty over-looked right now since this comic came out 1967 and there's other 1967 Marvel comic issues with a higher census than that.

I'm going to logically assume there are more raw copies out there of this key, and that not too many people know it's the 1st origin of Black Widow. We'll have to see how it performed value wise.

The most recent CGC 9.8 sold for only $650 on eBay in January of this year, so I think it's over-looked. Furthermore, I even had the first appearance of Black Widow in Tales of Suspense #52 as an under-valued comic in Part 7 to the Under-valued and Sleeper Comics series, so I'm not surprised at it's value.

I'm pretty Overstreet will report the comic values as over-looked in much of the same way. Let's take a gander.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $3.00
Fine: $1.50
Good: $.50

Near Mint: $9.00
Fine: $4.00
Good: $1.30

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $45
Very Fine/Near Mint: $37
Very Fine: $29
Fine: $12
Very Good: $8.00
Good: $4.00

Near Mint (low): $125
Very Fine/Near Mint: $86
Very Fine: $46
Fine: $21
Very Good: $14
Good: $7.00

Definitely over-looked currently. Growth has been slow but steady with no real big leaps, despite the character being in four major Marvel movies since her debut in Iron Man 2 back in 2010. Also, this comic isn't being noted by Overstreet yet, but CGC has taken notice.

CGC 9.2s have sold on eBay somewhat close to guide values. Last year in December, a 9.2 sold for $189. A 9.0 CGC copy also sold in December of 2015 for only $86.09.

Overlooked? Maybe! Undervalued? I'll let you make your own opinion on that. Avengers #44 has the cover date of September, 1967.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLinK | ComicConnect

So why do I put the Overstreet info and CGC Census info and some of the recent sales on eBay or Heritage or Pedigree Comics in this series. This is actually what I take a look at when I'm buying comics for the most part and to some degree.

If I'm looking to score online, I definitely look at this kind of info. It helps me to find deals and to see which comics are being over-looked and have possible potential. 

When I'm hunting my local stomping grounds or at cons, this gets a little more difficult and is a different ball game. I often bring sheets with as much info as possible, but sometimes I have to fly blind when I find a comic that isn't on my list. 

I'll admit, sometimes it's not fun and sometimes it's a drag, but over-paying for a comic is a drag also. Anyways, good luck on your hunt and hope you enjoyed. See ya at Part 9!


  1. Hey gang,

    anyone seen Supes/Batman yet? Is it really the disaster I' ve been hearing about? Oh my god, how can you sink a premium franchise like that. Would be great to hear some voices here...


    1. I liked it. It was what I expected. Didn't blow my mind, but didn't let me down. My wife loved it, she's not a comic book fan, but a fan of superhero movies. I think It's worth watching. Wonder Woman was awesome!

  2. Mayhem, ole buddy,

    I must come back on your comment on
    Conan 23. As you posted here, Red Sonja has her first cameo in 23, while Conan 24 is her first full appearance. Well, I just flipped through Conan 23 and I counted about 17 (!!!) panel appearances - in my opinion that makes Nr. 23 her first full appearance and Nr. 24 her first cover appearance. Period.

    Max Rebo

    1. My bad, Conan #24 is her first full story.