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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Non 1st Appearance Origin Key Comics Part 6

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All Marvel here and definitely no surprises. Well, I guess that depends on how much you know about comics, so there might be some surprises. I usually find small little surprises here and there.

The 1st origins here are already pretty well-known for the most part, but one in particular has been widely over-looked by the market over-all for quite a long time, even with recent comic book movie goodness.

So, if you missed Part 5, the link will bring you back. If not, here's Part 6 to this Non 1st Appearance Origin Key Comics. Hope you enjoy!

1st origin of the Mandarin
Origin of Ten Rings

Ten Rings to rule them all! Well, the subject of the Mandarin definitely hits a sore spot with me. Iron Man 3 was probably the worst on-screen representation of an iconic Marvel and Iron Man villain.

And I don't use the word "worst" lightly. No magical Ten Rings, no really anything that captured the essence or even likeness of the character, just the name.

However, the Mandarin is an iconic Iron Man villain for sure. There is no disputing that.

So in typical comic book villainy fashion, Mandarin decides to entertain a captured Iron Man with his origin story int his issue. Always wondered why these comic villains always thought their enemies would want to know their backstory in the first place?

Anyways, his father was direct descendant of Genghis Khan and married a high-ranking Englishwoman. This supposedly displeased the gods and his father died when an idol fell upon him and his mother died of a broken heart shortly after.

Orphaned, the young Mandarin was sent to live with his aunt who despised him because he would inherit all the wealth. The aunt set to abandon the lad in a nearby village, but when trying to do so, a chandelier fell right next to her.

She took this as a warning and an omen, and then raised the boy to hate the world even more than she did. She taught him science and the art of war, but the Chinese Army then confiscated all their wealth for tax evasion and the aunt died shortly after.

Alone and poor, the Mandarin set out walking around the country until he was heading down the path to the forbidden Valley of Spirits. A powerful light guided the Mandarin to a mysterious structure - an alien spaceship.

Inside the alien craft, Mandarin learned of the ship's captain Axonn-Kar who had traveled the universe until he met his end when he came to Earth and was killed by humans. Mandarin also discovered the Ten Rings in the space craft and discovered that they contained and could produce unlimited energy.

Holing up in an abandoned castle, Mandarin studied the alien science until he could master the Ten Rings and subjugate several villages. Of course, the next logical step would be world domination after that, right?

Highest graded copies in the CGC Census are three 9.8s with a total registered amount of 188. Not exactly high so far, but I do not see any shortage of copies of this comic on eBay currently.

A CGC 9.6 White Mountain Pedigree sold for $3,883.75 back in 2009, so a pretty valuable comic so far. However, a CGC 9.8 Pacific Coast Pedigree sold for only $3,226.50 back in 2012. Both copies were sold at Heritage, and let's see how Overstreet has clocked this:

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $4.00
Fine: $2.00
Good: $.70

Near Mint: $20
Fine: $8.50
Good: $2.85

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $105
Very Fine/Near Mint: $83
Very Fine: $61
Fine: $24 
Very Good: $16
Good: $8

Near Mint (low): $350
Very Fine/Near Mint: $227
Very Fine: $103
Fine: $45
Very Good: $30
Good: $15

So if one would've gotten this comic back in 1982 at what was considered Mint, which might be considered a NM since the 10 point grading scale wasn't even invented then, got it slabbed and sold it on eBay in 2014 for $779, you would've grossed $775 in 32 years for a single comic investment.

Of course, that figure does not include cost of getting it CGC'd or eBay and Paypal Fees, which would probably come around to $120-130 depending on if you had a Premium membership or not. Let me repeat the years, however: 32 years...

If you ended up buying 10 high grade copies that all ended up CGC 9.4s back in 1982, you would've at least had a capital gains of around $6,000 if they all sold at that price. Yes, I admit, it's highly unlikely but it would be around that.

Definitely one of the reasons why hoarding multiple copies was a method so widely used during the 90s and even to this day to an extent with the new stuff.

Of course, that kinda time has definitely passed for this book since it's pretty valuable already. Just something I think about and kick myself about, cause I was definitely collecting comics during 90-91 and could've gotten a boatload of NM copies for $20 at least back then.

Oh, well, that's life, and it seems the majority of collectors that collected back then say this at one time or another. Tales of Suspense #62 has the cover date of February, 1965.

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1st origin of Mantis

Some people speculated on Mantis being an Avengers movie, but the character was cast for the sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Either way, the character of Mantis is hitting the big screen.

Her first appearance has already seen heat for sure, but not entirely sure about her 1st origin story though. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

So in Avengers #123, the Avengers have already gone up against the Zodiac Cartel and defeated them. Libra admits that he is the father of Mantis and was a U.S. soldier in Vietnam who knocked up the mother of Mantis.

Unfortunately for the lovers, the mother of Mantis was the sister of Monsieur Khruul, and when Khruul found out about the two, he had them burned alive. Obviously, the mother died but the father survived and escaped with the child.

He would eventually find an ancient city where the Priests of Pama inhabited. Mantis was raised there and trained in their ways. Eventually, the father left before Mantis could remember him.

So, that's basically her 1st origin story. This comic has a total registered CGC copies of only 113 so far. There's already eighteen 9.8s, and I'm predicting there's quite a lot more of those out there raw.

Most recent sale of a CGC 9.8 for Avengers #123 was in July of 2015 last year. It sold at Heritage for $310.70. Overstreet's data on how it's performed over the years is listed below:

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $2.00
Fine: $1.40
Good: $.50

Near Mint: $3.50
Fine: $1.75
Good: $.60

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $18
Very Fine/Near Mint: $15
Very Fine: $12
Fine: $6
Very Good: $4
Good: $2

Near Mint (low): $40
Very Fine/Near Mint: $30
Very Fine: $19
Fine: $9
Very Good: $6
Good: $3

Didn't expect that much growth for this comic over 34 years. It's been widely over-looked for a long time, and judging that 9.8s are still only in $300 range, it's still not all that cared for in the market currently.

Avengers #112 is on the sights of most investors/speculators right now, even though #112 is basically a brief appearance and Avengers #114 should be re-noted as the 1st full appearance of Mantis. Avengers #123 and the 1st origin of Mantis has the cover date of May, 1974.

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1st Origin of the Vision
Vision joins Avengers
1st Origin of Ultron
2nd appearance of Vision

Vision wants to join the Avengers, so the Avengers attack him to see his power. Satisfied, they allow him to join.

The Vision then remembers how he was created by Ultron to destroy the Avengers, and in Goliath's lab, Henry Pym remembers how he created Ultron but the entity attacked him. I think people forget that Avengers #58 also has the 1st origin of Ultron.

However, the only key notations focused on this particular key comic is the 2nd appearance and origin of the Vision and that Vision joins the Avengers. So, if you didn't know this issue also reveals the origin of Ultron, now you do!

This comic was already sought out due to the Vision being in Avengers Age of Ultron, so this has a bit higher CGC Census. Of course, CGC 9.8s are the highest graded copies and there are 22 of them currently. Total copies registered are 706.

A CGC 9.8 of this comic sold in 2007 for $1,912. In 2012, a Rock Mountain Pedigree sold at Heritage $896.25, and a regular non-pedigree copy sold in November of 2012 for $717. Definitely not an over-looked comic nor a sleeper, and I'm going to guess that during 2007 there were a lot less 9.8s in the census than compared to 2012.

Overstreet 1982-83 12th Edition
Overstreet 1990-91 20th Edition

Mint: $15
Fine: $7.50
Good: $2.50

Near Mint: $18
Fine: $8.00
Good: $2.65

Overstreet 2002-03 33rd Edition
Overstreet 2015-16 45th Edition

Near Mint: $75
Very Fine/Near Mint: $60
Very Fine: $45
Fine: $18
Very Good: $12
Good: $6

Near Mint (low): $225
Very Fine/Near Mint: $147
Very Fine: $69
Fine: $30
Very Good: $20
Good: $10

May be the reason why the 2007 9.8 copy sold for so much. Pretty logical guess there, but what do you think?

Doubly whammy when it comes to origins for this key issue, but there's a lot of key issue goodness for this comic here. Avengers #58 has the cover date of November, 1968.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Are these origin keys good or have been good comic investments? Depends, but I'll let you decide whether they are or not from the data presented.

Sure, they don't beat most major character's 1st appearances, but origin keys that are well-known for some major characters haven't done too shabby over the years. Of course, some have been widely over-looked and others have key worthiness that just aren't noted at all by Overstreet or the third party grading companies.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Good luck on your hunt and do your research so you can invest in comics wiser if you are indeed investing in comics. See ya later!


  1. Sc con was good. Picked up a TTA 43 and a TOS 52. 3.0 and 7.0. Wayne hope u had a great time ready for heroes con now. Jw

  2. I've noticed in Overstreet there are many major characters that don't have origin notations with there 1st appearances that I'm having trouble locating what issue there 1st origin was told. Maybe some like Avengers 58 with the Ultron origin that are not noted at all yet in the guide. I dig origin issue's. They are fun to read and collect but like you mentioned many are overlooked in today's market. I think the variant craze is one of the culprits of this.

    1. i for one do not understand variants. forgive me.. maybe i'm old, but i don't think that in 10 years any of these variants will hold their value at all. considering they make a bunch for an issue,what's so special? it's just a way of selling some more comics by the company. and some of these prices are out of this world. i remember the justice league 3 variant from 1987. it was sought after initially, but now? who cares? not a big deal. with all the variants being pumped out every month, i don't think they're special at all.

      just my rant.

  3. hey TCM hope all is well. another undervalued orgin issue is still the falcons cap 186 I believe. sc comic con this weekend and wayne hope you had a great time. sat got cho auto on a spiderman comic and bought JLA 9 TOS 52 7.0 and a TTA 44 3.0. sunday went back and trade TOS and TTA plus 660 in cash for a FF 5 5.0. busy but fun weekend. ready for heroes con next. JW

  4. JW...You're right. That SC Comicon was busy and fun. I got asked about cap 186 twice this weekend.
    BTW...I'm guessing your TOS came from my booth. Hopefully it treated you well those 12 hours :) and it sounds like it helped nicely on that FF5.
    My daughter and I had a great weekend there, met a lot of cool people, and learned a bunch (it was our first time to have a booth).

  5. yeah loved the TOS 52 but very happy to get the FF, will have to get black widow for the third time again soon. great show and you had some wonderful comics and prices. if you come across a DD1 hit me up. JW