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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Giant-Man Key Comics Part 2

Here we are to the 2nd and last part of this Giant-Man key comics series. Like I mentioned in Part 1, this will be a short and sweet key issues series.

Without the Avengers, Giant-Man really doesn't have the many memorable or cool villains. Well, unless you like Egghead. Anyways, if you missed Part 1, that link will bring you back. Otherwise, here's more Giant-Man key issues.

1st appearance of Bill Foster
1st appearance of Sons of the Serpent
1st appearance of Supreme Serpent

Alrighty, best to play this at every angle possible. So, we all know there were others who took up the mantle of Giant-Man after Henry Pym, who stopped being the character when he became Goliath.

Well, I'm sure you guessed it already, but Bill Foster would also take up the mantle of Giant-Man. Not in this issue though and after Clint Barton (Hawkeye) would become Goliath.

Bill Foster would take up the mantle of both Goliath and Giant-Man later. Actually, he was called Black Goliath. 
Bill Foster is a doctor and Biochemist who was hired to be Hank Pym's lab assistant. In this issue, the Sons of the Serpents, a racist organization in Marvel Comics, attack Bill Foster and take Captain America hostage.

CGC recognizes this issue as the first appearance of Bill Foster, but does not note it for being the first appearance of the Sons of the Serpent or the Supreme Serpent's first appearance.  Overstreet does not note this as Bill Foster's first appearance but does note this issue as the 1st appearance of the Sons of the Serpent . 

Avengers #32 is just the first appearance of Bill Foster as himself, and it has the cover date of September, 1966.

Clint Barton becomes Goliath

The rumor going around that Ant-Man using his technology to grow larger is in a scene in Captain America Civil War where the character does it in front of Hawkeye, and that actually would make sense. After all, in the comics, who becomes the 2nd Goliath after Henry Pym?

That's right, Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye. Now, the TV ad for Captain America Civil War does hint at Scott Lang transforming into Giant-Man, but what would be interesting is if Disney and Marvel actually had Clint Barton take up the role of not Giant-Man but Goliath.

It would be more faithful to the comics other than having Scott Lang eventually turn into the character. Then again, I'm pretty sure Marvel and Disney are going to twist things around any which way they see fit.

Just speculating here obviously, but not taking it very seriously. Not really a Giant-Man key, but thought I'd thrown this one in here. Avengers #63 has the cover date of April, 1969.

1st appearance of Black Goliath

Here we have Bill Foster finally making his introduction from normal citizen to superhero. This issue has the first appearance of Black Goliath.

This issue also reveals that Claire Temple was married to Bill Foster, but after, Bill became associates of the Avengers and then the costumed superhero Black Goliath. With that bit of history, I don't find it strange if Marvel and Disney eventually introduce the character of Bill Foster and have him be the onscreen Goliath sometime down the road, but a pretty big if. 

In his early appearances, though, we don't ever see Bill Foster as Black Goliath as a member of the Avengers. He was a member of the Defenders and the Champions

He was, however, a member of the Secret Avengers as Goliath during the Civil War cross-over event, but we know the movie isn't anything like the comics. Still, would be cool if that was Bill Foster as Giant-Man in that Captain America Civil War TV spot.

Highly doubt it, but just saying it would be interesting. Powerman #24 has the cover date of April, 1975.

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1st appearance Bill Foster as Giant-Man

From Black Goliath to finally Giant-Man. Bill Foster is the 2nd person to take up the mantle of Giant-Man, and Marvel Two-In-One #55 has his first appearance as Giant-Man.

All-around, Bill Foster as Black Goliath and Giant-Man isn't the most popular of characters in the scheme of things. He's been around for some time, and even had his own short-lived self-titled series, but nothing major was ever done for the character.

Definitely not the most sought-out of key issues and CGC 9.8s sell for under $50 bucks. Actually the most recent sale on eBay for this issue at that grade sold for $19.05 back in January of this year of 2016. 

Regardless, it is still a Giant-Man key issue and Marvel Two-In-One #55 has the cover date of September, 1979.

1st appearance of Raz Malhotra

Just in case, we might as well go with the current person to take up the mantle of Giant-Man, and that person is Raz Malhotra. This guy first appears as a computer technician who formerly studied A.I. or artificial intelligence.

Raz would help Hank Pym and Scott Lang to foil a plan by Egghead. Scott Lang would later recruit Raz to become the new Giant-Man after Hank's death in the new comics.

I'm putting this one up here for several reasons. Raz is East Indian or Middle Eastern and gay, but the main reason is he is from the San Francisco area. The Ant-Man movie took place in the San Francisco bay area, so there could be a good chance this character pops up somewhere.

Like mentioned before, Henry Pym in the early Avengers comics only had one appearance as Ant-Man. The movies are about Scott Lang though, so I'm pretty sure Scott will have more appearances as Ant-Man (the name is a movie franchise after all), but it's also plausible that Scott will recruit another character to become Giant-Man in the cinematic world like he does in this issue since the sequel is already called Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Oh, this is the first appearance of the character Raz Malhotra. He doesn't appear as Giant-Man just yet. Ant-Man Annual #1 volume 2 has the cover date of September, 2015.

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1st Raz Malhotra as Giant-Man

This here is the issue where we see Raz Malhotra as the all-new Giant-Man. He is the current character to take up the mantle, and connected to Scott Lang. They are partners in the new stuff going on in Marvel Comics so far.

For that reason, I think this character does have a good chance to make it to the big screen since he is the current Giant-Man in comics now and connected to Scott Lang. Still, that doesn't mean he's guaranteed to hit the silver screen.

Anyways, modern age comic here, Raz Malhotra becomes Giant-Man or first appears as the superhero in this comic. Ultimates #3 volume 2 has the cover date of March, 2016.

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So, we have a few days to see Ant-Man grow larger in Captain America Civil War for us U.S. fans. I'm still hesitant to call Ant-Man "Giant-Man" when he's in the Ant-Man suit.

It is clear that Scott Lang growing larger in size in the movie does hint to Giant-Man or Goliath heading to the screen. The real question is who will take up the mantle in the film universe.

Will Scott Lang's Ant-Man follow Henry Pym's path in the comics and only have one appearance as an Avenger? Like I mentioned before, that would seem strange since the movie franchise is called "Ant-Man" and the sequel is already titled Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Would be weird but kinda cool if the 3rd Ant-Man installment was called Ant-Man & Giant-Man. If Scott Lang does become Giant-Man, how long will he be the character and when? Like mentioned before, the sequel is called Ant-Man and the Wasp.

That doesn't mean that Giant-Man won't appear. It just raises the questions of who will take up the mantle? We also don't even know if it will be the moniker of Giant-Man or Goliath that pops up in film either. Most likely Giant-Man, me thinks.

If that's the case, there's three choices that could be Goliath or Giant-Man - Hawkeye, Bill Foster, or Raz Malhotra. Like mentioned before, Raz Malhotra is a character that's more connected to Scott Lang than Hawkeye or Bill Foster in the comics.

Interesting stuff, and that concludes this Giant-Man key issues or comics series. Hope you enjoyed and happy hunting out there.


  1. Hi Mayhem,

    thanks for the quick delivery! Really confusing having so much Giant- and Goliath-Men. Perhaps as confusing as when I read Avengers 83 and found out the Valkyrie is actually the Enchantress in disguise! Is there no "real" Valkyrie with a separate persona then?


  2. Love, love, love your work! There is also precedence of Scott Lang (Dr. Scott Lang) as Giant-Man in the Ultimate Universe. His first appearance is Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #1.


  3. Can' t wait to see that movie! Finally found some time to read Iron Man 17, first Madame Masque. I can only recommend this one, it' s great!

    Max Rebo