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Friday, April 8, 2016

Cloak & Dagger Green Lit for Live Action!

Looks like another Marvel Comics' property has been green lit for live action status, and as the title of this post states, it's Cloak & Dagger. Announced just yesterday, the Disney owned Freeform network will be the home of this new show.

Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios will co-produce what's been described as a super-hero love story that's geared towards young adults. The series will follow teenagers Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson as they find themselves with newly acquired powers and the burdens of those powers while the two fall in love.

Of course, the inter-racial duo are from two completely different back grounds just like in the comics. Cloak and Dagger first appeared in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64 and were created by Ed Hannigan and Bill Mantlo.

Spectacular Spider-Man #64 also details the origins of both heroes. Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson were both runaways. While Tandy was from a wealthy family, Tyrone was from south Boston.

In the origin story, both runaways were subjected to the experimental drug D-Lite. It was a new designer drug that was being funded by the Maggia. They somehow survived while other runaways died. These drugs also gave them strange powers.

Tyrone could manipulate and channel the Darkforce, and his body is a portal to the Dark Dimension. A pocket realm of that dimension is ruled by the Predator and Tyrone is linked to that pocket realm.

Because of this, Tyrone has a great urge to feed off the life forces of other beings. Tandy's light powers can temporarily satisfy this craving. Because of Tyrone's connection to the Dark Dimension, he can also move himself through it and emerge back on earth in a different spot from his origin point.

This gives him the ability to teleport, and he can do so at great distances. Tandy has the power of light, but this light is actually a living life force.

The origin of them gaining their power has been altered with over the years, and they were made mutants with the drug D-Lite awakening their mutant abilities. Well, if they're going to do a Cloak & Dagger TV series, I do have to say there needs to be one particular villain in the show.

That villain is Mister Negative or Martin Li. Although Mister Negative made his first full appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #546 (2008) and long after Cloak & Dagger, his origin is tied to them as well. Once a human trafficker for the Snakehead gang in China, Li was captured by the Maggia and forced to take the D-Lite drug like Tyrone and Tandy. Li would escape with both Tyrone and Tandy.

Like Cloak & Dagger, the drug would awaken new powers in Martin Li. He also has control of the Darkforce, but this power also split his personality into two separate entities. 

The villainous side is obviously Mister Negative, and under this persona, Martin Li and Mister Negative became the Godfather of Chinatown in New York. So, I'm calling that Mister Negative has a good chance of being on the Cloak & Dagger show.

So far, and obviously, no writer has been attached to pen the series yet. So, good news for Cloak & Dagger fans if all goes smoothly.


  1. Thank you for the article. I started picking up some of issue 546 several months ago and then saw a lot of discussion surrounding FCBD 2007 as his first appearance so I grabbed some of those as well. Do you have any thoughts between the two?

    1. Not really. I don't care much for promotional comics or previews to be honest, but, hey, if there's people out there willing to buy them then who am I to argue?

  2. If your right. The time for getting ASM 546 is now while it's cheap. I would hunt for a newsstand copy or sketch variant though. Of course Spectacular Spider-Man 64 is already been seeing some gains in the market the past few years but still high grade copies are affordable. It's always interesting to see what the speculation and market for books are when a show is announced.

  3. Interesting. Again the Maggia is involved in this story... Great chance to introduce them to the screen.

    Max Rebo

    1. I surely hope so Rebo. I watched the Maggia version on Peggy Carter and wasn't all that impressed, and I love me some Haley Atwell. It would be strangely weird if Mister Negative wasn't on the TV show since Fox owns the licensing rights to Marvel mutants, and Cloak & Dagger somehow slipped under that radar.

  4. I can't wait to see where this series goes. So much potential!

    1. I'll give it a chance but I'm skeptical. Marvel TV shows have really skimped out on the special effects department while DC TV shows have proven otherwise. They better not do it with this series as Cloak & Dagger would need a lot more super-hero power effects going on than what Marvel TV has offered so far.