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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Classic Comic Battles Key Comics Part 6

Continuing from Part 5 of this classic comic battles series, it's time we took a look at two characters I've yet to discuss yet. Once again, this is all Marvel classic battles in Part 6. I really am neglecting DC so far and will have to start throwing more of those in after this one.

Until then, this is how it is. If you missed Part 5, the link can bring you back. Here's four more classic comic battles and most are key comics.

1st Daredevil & Punisher battle
1st Daredevil & Punisher meeting

Netflix is making good use of Marvel's street-level heroes. Well, at least, in the Daredevil TV series. Have yet to see Luke Cage or Iron Fist.

We already got to witness the Daredevil and Punisher match up live-action this year and quite a few fans liked it including me. Didn't much care for the long conversation between Daredevil and Punisher while the Man Without Fear was chained up on the roof top, but that scene was taken from the 2000 Punisher #3 comic book written by Garth Ennis.

However, the first published meeting between the two is right here in Daredevil #183, and it is a classic but pretty brief battle brought to you by Frank Miller and Roger McKenzie.

Punisher ends this duel by shooting the Man Without Fear in the gut with a tranquilizer, and this is how the two vigilantes meet. First battle between the two, and it would not be the last for sure. 

Daredevil and Punisher battles have become fan-favorites, and they would only get a lot better in time. June, 1982 is the cover date for Daredevil #183.

2nd Daredevil & Punisher meeting
2nd Daredevil & Punisher battle

This is the 2nd time the Punisher and Daredevil meet and battle. Some fans out there claim that this battle is a classic, but I kinda question that.

Not really much of a battle in this issue to be honest, and I'm only putting it on here because it's the 2nd meeting and bout between the two. I don't think there's actually any physical contact between the two except for a very brief skirmish in the beginning of the comic.

Punisher takes off, but they soon meet up again later in this issue.

Like I said, not really a full-blown battle. Punisher fired a few shots at Daredevil, and Daredevil evades them. Then they get to this yabbering standstill before ole DD tricks the Punisher and shoots him.

It is pretty cool that Daredevil straight-up shoots Punisher, and that's a great scene. I'm not sure if Punisher got away or Daredevil takes him in like he says he's going to do. Story doesn't say anything about the Punisher after this scene, so I'm assuming he got away when Daredevil was trying to convince Billy not to shoot Hogman.

Anywho, this story was also written and penciled by none other than Frank Miller, and the cover is definitely a bad ass one for sure. Daredevil #184 has the cover date of July, 1982.

Punisher & Daredevil battle

This is the first Punisher vs. Daredevil battle I read while growing up, and my favorite Punisher artist was definitely Whilce Portacio. He drew a clean and very detailed Punisher. Just look at the cover and you'll see what I mean.

Punisher #10 also has a somewhat short battle between him and Daredevil, but they do come to blows and it's a fun read. Well, at least, I think so.

The fight between the two pretty much ends after that left hook Daredevil doles out. Frank Castle basically gets worked in this battle. Short battle but still a classic Copper Age bout between the two. 

Brings back good memories. Punisher #10 has the cover date of August, 1988. Jeez, I was thirteen-years-old when I first bought this comic right off the stands. How time flies.

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Hulk vs. Thing battle
1st Thing solo book
1st Thing & Hulk team up?

Written by Len Wein with pencils by Jim Starlin, the cosmic master of comics, brings us another classic comic battle between the Thing and the Hulk. Although a pretty hokey story, the Leader and a villain named Kurggo have chosen the Thing and Hulk to battle, and the winner will get to employ both titans for their own purposes.

The Leader convinces Ben to tangle with the Hulk only because there is a bomb that could destroy the Earth. So, the Thing is forced to fight the Hulk in 8 pages of pure classic comic book action, and here's some highlights.

Despite the Thing being stronger (courtesy of Kurrgo who was obviously cheating), Hulk gets the upper hand in the fight. Of course, Hulk doesn't really care what the Thing has to say.

Hulk stalks away to the other side of the shanty western town, which is conveniently deserted. It's also conveniently where this bomb is located as well. Thing goes after Hulk and...

Thing knocks Hulk through the wall of a building where the bomb is located. He finds the bomb, and to defuse it, he smashes it? Before the Hulk can continue the battle, the two are whisked away to Kurrgo's ship and the two actually team up to destroy the spacecraft.

Pretty much a colossal fight that takes place after Fantastic Four #112 as noted in one of the panels where Thing realizes he is oddly stronger. I believe this is the 5th Thing vs Hulk battle, and Marvel Feature #11 has the cover date of September, 1973.

I'm not entirely sure but I think Marvel Feature #11 actually has the first Hulk and Thing team up. The issue also begins the first Thing solo book.

So, that book is a significant clash. As for Punisher #10, it's a pretty cool fight between the two, but I'm not sure if it's really a significant battle. It is one of the more sought-out issues from the volume 2 series though.

They're 2nd meeting and battle I find kinda boring except for the fact that Daredevil shoots the Punisher at the end. A lot of fans say it's a classic battle, but I dunno about that to be honest. Still a very, very awesome Daredevil cover.


  1. Hey Mayhem.

    another nice one is Punisher vs Doc Ock somewhere in an Amazing Spiderman Annual. With art by Frank Miller! Perhaps the first Miller on the Punisher ever! Who knows, if he' s finished with Batman, Daredevil and Elektra, he might give the Punisher a special treatment... it' s just his kind of character.


    1. Ooooo...that is a good one Ace. Nice find and thanks for sharing that.

  2. That Frank Miller Daredevil run has become legendary. Probably the best run on a character in that time frame in comics. CLASSIC!

    1. Have to agree with that above statement, and it's starting to et love now in the market. Just a shame that it took a TV series to spark it.