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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Classic Comic Battles Key Comics Part 5

Part 5 to this classic comic battle series, and this time we will look at some classic Spidey battles. We'll also be revisiting some Hulk classic battles since the two did battle each other quite early during the Silver Age.

Kinda hard not avoid Hulk battles for long when it concerns Marvel. Actually, Part 5 will consist of all Marvel and all Spider-Man. There's only three in Part 5, and that's because I included more panels, so I do a lot less commentating and pretending to be Howard Cosell or something.

Part 4 link will bring ya back if need be. Otherwise, here's more classic comic battles and key comics for ya!

1st appearance of Green Goblin
1st battle and meeting Spider-Man & Green Goblin
1st Spider-Man vs Hulk battle
1st meeting of Spider-Man & Hulk

Now everyone knows that this issue is the first appearance of the Green Goblin, and he's one of Spidey's most iconic and classic of foes. That notation is the primary reason this comic is so sought-out and in-demand.

It's kinda comical. Green Goblin dupes the Web-Head into thinking that they're shooting a movie, and then the battle begins.
For the most part, Spidey battles Gobby's goons, but there are action scenes where Gobby takes some shots at our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man with some pumpkin bombs.
Outnumbered, Spidey does retreat to a nearby cave where the baddies follow and the battles ensues.
In their first ever battle, Spidey mainly eludes Green Goblin's pumpkin bombs. I don't think they ever trade blows.
Although this key issue is excellent with just Spidey's first encounter and battle with the Green Goblin, those fine folks at Marvel decided to throw an extra something special into the mix as well. 

Enter: the Hulk who just happens to be in the cave hiding out, and this is the first time Spider-Man and the Hulk and battle as well.

Not the last time Spidey would go up against the Hulk either. In the end Spidey escapes the cave and has a short and brief altercation with Gobby again before the baddie escapes.

This story is a double whammy battle issue. Not only does Spidey go up against the Green Goblin for the 1st time, he also goes up against the Hulk.

Yes, Amazing Spider-Man #14 has the 1st meeting and battle between the Web Slinger and the Jade Giant. Hard to keep away from the Hulk when it comes to early Marvel classic battles.

Definitely a classic battle issue and Steve Ditko art. This one is full of key issue goodness. Amazing Spider-Man #14 has the cover date of July, 1964.

1st Spider-Man vs. Avengers
2nd Spider-Man vs. Hulk battle

This comic here is actually a double whammy battle issue, and contains two classic battles. First Spider-Man is invited to join the Avengers, but he has to go through a series of tests.

Spidey is a cocky, smart mouth for the most part, and Hawkeye takes it as disrespect. Hawkeye then chastises Spidey and invokes the Web-Slinger's ire.

Yep, that's right Spidey loses his temper and brazenly attacks the Avenger. A fight ensues between the team and him as a  result. See for yourself the first classic battle goodness this key issue offers.
When this brief battle ends, Thor admires the Web-Head's courage, but Iron Man gets the idea of another test. That test is to go after the Hulk and bring him to the Avengers.

Wanting to be an Avenger badly, Spidey doesn't hesitate to go after the green brute. It does not take long for him to find the Hulk and the 2nd classic battle between the two takes place in pure Marvel fashion.

The battle is more of Spider-Man evading the Hulk's attacks, but the Hulk turns into Bruce Banner. Bruce tells Spidey how terrible it is have this curse called the Hulk and yadedadeda until he once again Hulks-out!

So in the end, Spidey feels sorry for the Hulk and lets him go. He then tells the Avengers that he couldn't even find the guy and that they'll need to do their Avenging without him.

Pretty fun issue, and this issue here is where Spider-Man learns that the Hulk is Bruce Banner. Spidey almost joins the Avengers in this issue, two classic battles, and learns of Hulk's real identity. 

Classic Spidey art by John Romita and Don Heck and definitely a classic battle key issue, and Spider-Man Annual #3 has the cover date of November, 1966.

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1st appearance of Venom
1st Spider-Man vs. Venom

When we are talking about a classic Copper Age key issue, Amazing Spider-Man #300 and the 1st appearance of Venom is definitely one. Like a few other Copper Age characters, Venom broke out to be extremely popular.

Also, this comic is another Todd McFarlane masterpiece, and Venom and the artist kept me buying Amazing Spider-Man comics back in the day. This is not only a great 1st appearance key issue, but the battle in it is the first for these two crazy kids.

It's also a great one and packed with loads of action. 
In typical comic book fashion, Eddie Brock reveals how he became Venom and why he has such a hate on for Spider-Man. In the meantime, Spidey is trying to reach the sonic blaster that Reed Richards created to combat the alien symbiote.

When Spidey makes a leap for the blaster, Venom finally notices and attacks Spidey before he fire it off.

Spidey makes the mistake of thinking that Venom is defeated after firing the sonic blaster at him and tries to leave the scene. However, Venom is far from done.

Venom thwips a web on Spidey's feet and violently yanks our hero through a wall and knocks him out proper. Fade to black. In the next scene, Spidey wakes up all webbed up inside a church bell.

Venom has taken him back to the very church where Peter learned that the alien symbiote's weakness was intense sound vibrations (Web of Spider-Man #1) and broke free from it's grasp. Thinking that he's won, Venom leaves down the stairs and this gives Spidey the chance to break free from Venom's webbing, mere seconds before the huge bell would have crushed Spider-Man's skull.

Since Eddie didn't hear any sound of something crushing, he goes back up stairs to find that Spider-Man has escaped. Welcome to round 2 of this classic battle in Amazing Spider-Man #300, but their 2nd go around is a pretty brief one and no real slug fest.


This time Venom and Eddie Brock are knocked out from the fall and the fight really is over. The ending scenes has Spider-Man at the FF headquarters and the alien symbiote is contained.

Thing is there and they have a brief little chat. At the very end of Amazing Spider-Man #300, Mary Jane makes Peter burn his black Spider-Man outfit, and persuades him to return to his original costume design.

Wow! I actually loved reading this one again. 1st appearance for a very popular Copper Age villain and a classic 1st battle between Venom and Spider-Man. 

Oh, yes, and Todd McFarlane! Amazing Spider-Man #300 has the cover date of May, 1988.

Gonna keep this outro short and sweet. Actually, there really isn't much to say about these classic comic battles. I think the battles speak for themselves.

Hope you enjoyed and see ya at Part 6!


  1. Amazing Spiderman 300!!! I think we all got lots of love for this one. I just keep asking myself why Marvel used that shabby paper in those days... Nevermind, it adds to that retro feeling. Another battle recommendation: Punisher vs Wolverine in the pages of Punisher War Journal with art by Jim Lee - Mayhem, you must like this one! Aren' t they your favourite characters?

    Max Rebo

    1. Paper was cheap. Trying to mix it up with classic battles I'm not exactly a fan of but others are and ones that I am fans of that others most likely agree. Also, finding the panels to certain battles plays a role.