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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Battle of the Marvel Villains Round 4

Alright this is the final and last round of this Battle of the Marvel Villains. There are a boatload of Marvel comic book villains and many are pretty obscure over-all or just bleh.

If you don't see your favorite villain in this last poll here, he or she may be in Round 1 or Round 2 or Round 3. If you already voted in either of those rounds, no point in voting in this round unless you really have nothing else better to do.

If you don't see your favorite villain in any of the rounds, your favorite might be pretty obscure over-all or is one of the newer trends going on. Okay, another thing I'm not going to include in the polls are the female versions of villains that originally started out and are more well-known as males, ie Magneta, Lady Bullseye, Lady whoever, etc.

That goes vice versa as well.

When it comes to characters like Rogue, use some common sense here. Yes, she did start out as villain but her criminal career was very short-lived.

She's pretty much known as a hero now, same for Black Widow. Emma Frost, however, was a long-time member of the Hellfire Club and that group was known as X-Men villains for a long time. So, short-lived villains like Black Widow, Rogue, Elektra, and even Medusa won't be in any of these villain polls either. Sorry, but not really.

Anyways, here's the next round of contestants and you only get one vote so if you're favorite villain isn't in Round 4, check Round 1 through Round 3 first:

Who is the Top Marvel Villain Round 4? free polls

I really can't stop someone from voting in multiple polls, but doing so will just drown this out and prolong the process further. It will probably give an even more inaccurate representation of the results, but then again, I know it is hard to decide on just one villain.

Remember, this is to find out the one favorite Marvel iconic villain of all time. Personally, I don't really care about these polls and haven't even voted yet. However, here's the Marvel villain 1st appearances that are in Round 4.


Goblin Queen
Iron Monger
The Hood
Typhoid Mary
King Cobra
Black Mamba
Jack O' Lantern
Morgan le Fey

Amazing Spider-Man #209
Uncanny X-Men #234
 New Mutants #9
 Secret Wars #3
 Longshot #1
The Hood #1
Captain America #307
Marvel Two-In-One #62
Machine Man #19
Captain America #272
Thor #344
Secret Wars #1
Black Knight #1
Incredible Hulk #228
Captain America #290
 Longshot #3

If you're favorite Marvel villain isn't on here, you can make some suggestions in the comment section. However, don't suggest some little-ass-known villain that everyone knows won't even make it into the top 50 of iconic or favorite Marvel villains on any comic list other than your own.

There's already plenty of obscure or minor Marvel Comic villains in this series already that are far from top tier villains over-all. Not to mean any offense, but nobody wants to stay on this series forever.

I'm pretty sure there are plenty of readers who don't really care for these kinds of polls and just want them to done with like myself. I'll explain why I feel that way when we let these polls have some time to garner enough votes, which I'm pretty much expecting won't be a lot, and I do a post on the results.

Anyhow, we shall see what this battle results in, but it's time to get back to a few key issues lists before we get to the DC battle of villains. Be safe!

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  1. OK, now I' m going bonkers. 7 % for the Stilt-Man!!! How can you have love for him?! Please tell me you pushed the wrong button...


  2. Stilt-Man once was given a suit of adamantium. He really was a tough cracker back then.


  3. Holy Macaroni! Ye gods! Spectacular Spiderman 64 is going through the roof. I have seen a 9.8 copy for over 400 bucks. Are the rumors true that there is to be a Cloak and Dagger TV Show? Please Mayhem, clue us in, before all copies are gone for good.


    1. Ace, I hardly doubt that comic is anything but rare. I'd be more interesting in selling that comic now than in buying. Then again, if you can get a raw copy cheap and have it come back a 9.8, not too shabby. Yes, Cloak & Dagger has been green lit by Freeform.

  4. Hey y' all,

    it' s Speculation Jones calling with a special request. The Sentinels are not exactly under the top ten villains voting (only 7 % right now), still I' m thinking about getting their first appearance in X-Men 14. It' s a 6.0 book for 86 dollars. Do you see any positive developments for this key? After all the Sentinels have been used on screen allready, and I don' t know what could bring this book up again.


    1. S.J., to be honest, I'm highly skeptical on any poll done here on Total Comic Mayhem. I was going to save this for a results posts, but I'll express my views on why is that in this comment.

      First, the traffic to this site isn't huge. This site does not get tons of traffic like a site like Comic Book Resources or Screen Rant or whatever. So a poll done on here is very limited. I'm fully aware of this. Total Comic Mayhem is not as popular as one might think.

      Two, it really seems to boil down to the flavor of what movie hype is going on. I did this same poll on hubpages just when the first Avengers movie came out, and guess who the top villain was?

      So once again, the poll was skewed in that light. As for the Sentinels, I am biased as shit! Biased, since I'm a big X-Men fan. I don't give a shit about movie hype when it comes to the first appearance of the Sentinels. It's a must-have and screw all the speculators when it comes to that, 'cause they just don't know.

      Probably not the best person to take advice from in that regard, but check out the prices of what a CGC 6.0 of that comic is going for. If you never plan on getting that CGC'd because you live abroad, then pass it up. If you're in the U.s. and plan on getting it CGC'd, might be well worth it.