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Monday, April 4, 2016

Battle of the Marvel Villains Round 2

Onward with more of the fun stuff. This is the 2nd round of Battle of Marvel Villains, and if you already voted in Round 1, no need to vote here in Round 2.

If you didn't see your favorite villain in Round 1, your favorite Marvel villain just might be here in Round 2. You might be new to this as well and haven't yet seen the choices in Round 1, so click this Round 1 link to go back if you want to participate in finding out just who is the top popular Marvel villain out there in comicfandom.

We will be getting to the DC Comic villains later for those who just aren't Marvel fans whatsoever. I'll list a few of villains in Round 2 here in this post just for the hell of it.

We got some Spidey villains like Carnage, the Spawn of Venom, and the Hobgoblin just to name to two. There's also the classic Hulk villain, the Leader with the big ole mug, Viper or Madame Hydra, Mr. Sinister and the Sentinels of X-Men fame, and, of course many others as well.

Once again, if you already voted in the Round 1 choices, no need to vote on any of the choices in Round 2. If you just stumbled upon this site or post and have yet to see the choices of Marvel villains in Round 1, click the link to see the choices in the Round 1 poll.

Who is the Top Marvel Villain Round 2? free polls
So far there's 56 votes for the Round 1 poll, and Doctor Doom is in the lead at the time of this writing. That may change when there are more votes cast in.

Once again, don't vote if you already voted in Round 1 or if you've yet to see your favorite Marvel comic book villain in the poll for Round 1 or 2. Maybe the Round 3 or 4 polls will have your favorite Marvel comic book villain in it.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to add a generic first appearances list for the Marvel villains in the Round 2 poll. The list below will not have 1st brief or cameo, just what is currently considered the 1st or 1st full appearance comics. Links will bring you to the key issues lists where the 1st appearance key issue is featured on Total Comic Mayhem, if it's in a key issues list on here that is.


Titanium Man
Mr. Sinister
Lady Deathstrike
William Stryker
Sebastian Shaw
Kang the Conqueror
The Leader
Mole Man
Purple Man
The Owl
Viper (Madame Hydra)
Baron von Strucker  
High Evolutionary
Emma Frost
Amazing Spider-Man #46
Avengers #10

There ya go, just to give some umphf to this post regarding comic information. Thanks for voting and sharing this post whenever and where ever you can. See ya for Round 3 if you're villain has yet to appear in any of the polls so far.


  1. If MODOK gets a vote I' m gonna eat my shorts, man! Anyway, my vote allready went out for the DARK PHOENIX. Awesome power + absolutely cool. And I had to do something for the ladies, which are slightly underrepresented in that list. Next time you better give them their own voting...


    1. Looks like you'll be eating your shorts Ace...Ace, there's a Round 1 list and you're only suppose to vote on your favorite Marvel villain, not plural. No reason to separate the list into boys n girls.