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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Battle of the Marvel Villains Results 1

Alright, I've let some time go by for the Battle of the Marvel Villains polls in each round to get some exposure. Right now, however, it seems that traffic to all four rounds have puttered out.

I mentioned in a comment on one of the posts that I'm not all that into doing polls on here. Not enough traffic.

As I've said for the last four years, this site isn't all that popular when you compare it sites like Comic Book Resources. If they did a voting poll similar to mine, the results would be much different.

With that being said, I also did an earlier poll way back on hubpages back in June, 2012. What movie debuted a month before? That's right, the Avengers. 

So guess who won that poll out of 261 votes? Yep, it was Loki. If you' re interested, you can see the results by clicking this Who Are the Top Marvel Villains link.

It's no surprise I'm pretty skeptical about voting polls when it comes to top comic characters or whatnot, because movie hype can affect the votes and the amount of traffic a site obviously affects the results as well. So the results of the top villains in the Battle of the Marvel Villains polls according to Total Comic Mayhem readers are as follows

Top Marvel Villains Poll Results on TCM

Doctor Doom - 40 votes
Thanos - 32 votes
Carnage - 23 votes
Morbuis - 21 votes
Bullseye - 19 votes
Galactus - 18 votes
Kraven - 16 votes

Those results are out of only 398 votes. I have no idea how many people voted twice or on each poll so the number of votes might be less.

However, let's look at another poll that has more voters. So far it has 8,492 voters with a total of 128,428 votes. Not sure if some people are voting more than once, but still, this poll definitely has more votes and voters and looks quite a bit different than the one here. Loki is in the top 10 as well as Magneto.

Feel free to vote on this poll as well if you want. I didn't create it.

Just because I'm a curious, I wonder how the values of these top villains are from the polls on here, or at least the most recent sales of the highest grades (that has hit the secondary market) for these 1st appearances. Let's find out.

TCM'S Top 5 Villains 1st Appearance Values

Doctor Doom - Fantastic Four #5 CGC 9.6 $96,267
Thanos - Iron Man #55 CGC 9.8 $4,425
Carnage - Amazing Spider-Man #361 CGC 9.8 $230.49
 Morbius - Amazing Spider-Man #101 CGC 9.8 $5,676.25
Bullseye - Daredevil #131 CGC 9.8 $1,300

The polls are all just for fun anyways, so I don't take them all that seriously.


  1. For me, the 4 biggies in the bad guy Marvel verse have to be: Dr. Doom, Magneto, Loki, and Kingpin.

    1. I'm a bit surprised Kingpin isn't higher or even Green Goblin.

  2. In that other poll Venom pool(74, 80, 90) is on it three times, as well as world war hulk (70). What happened there?

  3. Hi comrades,

    any info on the Civil War flick yet? Good, bad, awesome??? I heard Giant Man is in it, so prices might soar. Giant Man Special, anyone? Give it a thought, Mayhem...


  4. How is Magneto not even on the list? He could crush Dr. Doom's head inside his metal mask in seconds!!

    1. He didn't get enough votes in on Round 1 poll. Doctor Doom had more votes, and this is favorite Marvel villain...not who can best who.