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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Walking Dead Key Issues Part 9

Back to the Walking Dead key issues series, and there has been some key issues since the last time I touched this list. However, this comic series sees the death and introduction of a new character with almost every issue.

I won't be focusing on every Dick and Jane that dies or walks into the lives of Rick and Carl Grimes. Gets astoundingly boring. From here on out, I'll just focus on some of the more important ones, and if I miss one of them...Oh, well.

So picking up from where we left off with Part 8, here's Part 9 and more Walking Dead keys.

1st appearance of the Whisperers
1st appearance of Hershel

The Whisperers are humans who disguise themselves as roamers to blend in with them. They are  the primary antagonists of the series that starts the story arc of "A New Beginning".

So, important key issue after the events of All Out War. This issue also has the 1st appearance of Hershel, the child of Maggie and Glenn.

Good one to get if you're a Walking Dead fan and not that well-known for it's key issue worthiness. Walking Dead #130 has the release date of August, 2014 and estimated print run or sales is 71,885.

1st Whisperer's attack
1st brief appearance of Alpha

Before this issue, the Whisperers were thought of as just roamers, but in this issue, it's discovered that the roamers are indeed survivors after they attack Dante and his search party. This issue also has the 1st appearance of Alpha, though not identified.

She is the one at the end holding the shotgun to Dante. Overstreet notes Walking Dead #138 as the Intro of Alpha. I'll note issue #138 as the 1st full appearance of the character since CGC already does.

This issue was one of the highest selling Walking Dead comics with estimated sales at 326, 334. The Walking Dead #132 was released October, 2014.

1st full appearance of  Lydia

Lydia does appear as an unnamed Whisperer or roamer in issue #133, but she is not fully identified until this issue after she is taken prisoner by the Hilltop Colony. Lydia informs Jesus that the Whisperers do not kill zombies but instead work and live among them.

Overstreet notes that this is the 1st appearance of Lydia, but I'm noting it as a full appearance since she is an unidentified Whisperer in previous issues. Carl Grimes and Lydia would strike up an intimate friendship.

Carl Grimes beat a bully to death in defense of Sophia in the prior issue and is imprisoned in this one. He would meet Lydia in the next issue. Lydia is the daughter of Alpha.

Walking Dead #135 was released December, 2014. It has an estimated sales or print run of 67,361 copies.

1st full appearance of Alpha

The leader of the Whisperers is fully introduced in this issue when she comes to bargain for the exchange of her daughter, Lydia. Still pretty over-looked but gaining some traction. 

Alpha is a savage and fierce leader, whom seems to have shed any kind of affection. She rejects Lydia's hug and tells her to call her "Alpha" like the rest instead of "mom". 

In later issues, she fully rejects Lydia as being weak and tells Rick to take care of her. Important antagonist for the current Walking Dead comic series.

Release date for The Walking Dead #138 is March, 2015 and estimated sales of this issue is around 66,778.

Return of Michonne  

Walking Dead #139 sees the return of a pretty popular character in the comic mythos, and that just happens to be Michonne. Walking Dead's facebook page predicted that this issue would be a game changer.

So Michonne returns to the fold and is one of the longer surviving supporting cast. Walking Dead #139 was released March, 2015 and has the estimated sales of 67,349 copies.

Milestone issue

This issue was pimped as a milestone issue, and, of course, the Walking Dead hype machine claimed this issue was going to be "huge". Not like they don't say that for other issues to hype up.

General attitude of this issue is that it's good, but the shocking twist that was hyped up about it was a disappointment. Like most Walking Dead issues, this sucker has variants, and among them was the retailer exclusive variant. 

This exclusive B&W sketch cover was given to every comic shop retailer without even having to order issue #150. Don't know how rare it is, but like with all retailer exclusive variants, they were first selling on eBay for close to $200 bucks raw right out of the gate.

Now, they're selling for $60 to $70. Still dumbfounded on why people still think these variants are good investments and choose to overpay right when retailer exclusives are first released into the market.

Hasn't even been a month before the retailer appreciation or exclusive fizzled and dropped in value. Still I keep getting more requests to talk about variant covers and how they're good comic investments.

Walking Dead #150 was released January, 2016 and had estimated sales of 156,166 copies.

Alright, this ends Part 9 to the Walking Dead key issues series. I'll most likely be getting back to it later but not anytime soon. Happy hunting and rock on!



  1. Hey Mayhem,

    no good memories about the Walking Dead. I still remember my comic shop had number one hanging on the wall. The owner talked to another visitor how good the shape of that issue was. It was almost perfect and it would have cost me 100 bucks back then. I left the store - without that baby!!! Can you believe it? Sorry kids, no university for you ;-)


    1. hey TCM just started to watch the series from season 1 and getting hooked. not that much into too many modern books but been reading all the posts on WD comics you put out. opinion from you please. finally saved enough to get a hulk 1 2.0 or a AF .5 or 1.0. both are same price and not sure which one to get. I like them both dammit. I just feel the hulk in better shape is the best buy for now and future appreciation am I wrong thanks and hope all is well in cali JW

    2. No, not wrong. I'd be looking more at the Hulk #1 also.

    3. I can sure believe it, Ace. I think we've all walked away from a comic that we regretted not getting. I sure have a laundry list of them.

    4. thank you TCM that makes me feel better with what I was thinking also. I pulled the trigger on it :)