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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spider-Man In New Captain America Civil War Trailer!

Holy moly, Spider-friends! We've been hearing about it, reading about, talking about it, and now we finally get our first look at the new Spider-Man live action.

It's no shocking surprise that Spider-Man was going to end up in Marvel Comics Captain America Civil War since it was confirmed for quite a while, but, man, even after watching the new Captain America Civil War trailer just released, I felt all sorts of tingling from my awesome-sense. That's just what this trailer is...plain awesome!

If you've yet to check it out, I posted it below for ya to geek out on.

If that doesn't get you excited about this flick, I dunno what will. Black Panther looks awesome, Crossbones looks awesome. Actually, everything looks awesome!

I love how Spidey is introduced in the fray. Him holding Cap's shield in that iconic pose, pure unapologetic, awesomeness!

And did anyone notice that he has thicker black around his eyes reminiscent of the Silver Age Spidey? Actually, this costume is a nod to Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr.'s Spider-Man looks. 

The way he squints at the end also reminded me of the Spider-Man cartoon during the 60s. Those who've been saying it's a CG looking mess just don't friggin' know what was trying to be accomplished here. Oh, well, you know how it is.

The new Spider-Man costume is a nod to these two great comics artists who helped to define the character for Marvel Comics during the Silver Age. Look closely, the chest logo is a lot smaller than the previous costume movie versions.

Although there are differences and embellishments to establish it as a new, unique costume, the new look reminds me of the Silver Age Spidey a lot more, and there are subtle hints to it. The web pattern on this costume also looks less intricate and more subtle than the costumes that Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield wore.

Yeah, it's not a sleeker or shinier costume design for sure, but I get it. I like it as well, and although some think that Marvel shot their load and should've held off in showing him until the movie release, I don't mind a bit.

I watched this sucker 4 times already, and my geek level went bonkers. Excited to see where they take Spider-Man with this, but I'm sure most of us were curious about that.

Finally, our first live action look at the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland, and I like this look. It brings back a lot more nostalgia for me. Time for me to look up those old Spider-Man cartoons from the 60s.

Can't wait for this one now! Captain America Civil War comes out May 6th. Yes, of this year. Not much longer to go either.


  1. Looks SICK Mayhem!! Finally, we get Serious Bang for the buck!! It's hard to keep track of all the cool Heroes in this movie...Can't Wait!! ROCK ON! lk

    1. This looks epic for us comic fans LK! Epic! It is hard to keep track because there are so many comic heroes...Some haters are saying over-kill, and I'm just like, "Man, it's like comic books. Who says a movie can't emulate what's already standard in comic books? Don't like it, don't see it?"

      Or go see it and then get all disappointed. I'm excited. I want to see what the new Spidey's got going on. Can't wait for this one either...ROCK IT TILL YA DROP IT!

  2. I thought Ditko influences too!! It makes me wonder what he thinks of all the movies and surging popularity of superheroes. A living legend and truly important part of Marvels history, but so sad that he doesn't do interviews or signings and such. I wonder if he thinks he's under appreciated? I hope he knows how many people love his art and his creations!!

    1. Brian Bolland actually stated in an interview that he was tired of all the comic movies being pumped out. Than again, he did say that the British still haven't bought into the whole superhero-type thing. Dunno how true that is or not as I don't live in the good ole U.K., but that's what he basically said and implied.

      I think he must have some kind of clue how influential he is to fans of comic books, not unless he's been a recluse or something. I like the new costume though it's gotten a bad rap already. It reminds me of being a kid in front of the ole Zenith and watching those reruns of Amazing Spider-Man cartoons.