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Monday, March 14, 2016

Shang-Chi Key Comic Books Part 2

This is Part 2 and the last part to this Shang-Chi key comic books list. Most of these are highly over-looked keys or not that well-known to most comic fans.

I would even go as far as saying many just aren't cared for by comic fans at large. However, there are at least four notable keys worth considering if you are 1. A fan of the character or 2. Really want to do some hard speculating.

Some might be good for flipping if a Shang-Chi spin-off series does happen in the world of Netflix. Besides that, click this Part 1 link if you missed it or scroll down for more Shang-Chi key issues.

1st appearance of Fah Lo Suee

So, Shang-Chi has an evil father, an evil adopted brother, and it appears he also has an evil biological sister as well. This sister is Fah Lo Suee, and she is an important recurring villain in the Shang-Chi comics and mythos.

In here early appearances in comics, she would be loyal to her father, bu would eventually break away and form her own criminal organization known as the Oriental Expeditors, which was later revealed to be a front for the Golden Daggers.

So, important Shang-Chi villain for sure and part of his family also. Definitely over-looked now in the market and Overstreet nor any 3rd party grading services are noting this issue as the 1st appearance of Fah Lo Suee.

Fah Lo Suee was created by Doug Moench and Keith Pollard, and March, 1975 is the cover date for Masters of Kung Fu #26.

1st appearance of Clive Reston
1st appearance of Shadow Stalker

We have the addition to another recurring supporting character in the Shang-Chi comics who is Clive Reston. Clive is a MI-6 agent and ally to both Dennis Nayland Smith and Shang-Chi.

He is also the ex-husband of Leiku Wu. She'll be introduced later in the series, and their relationship would be revealed in her 1st appearance.

Clive has been seen as a supporting character to Shang-Chi in many of his adventures, so although he might not be a big player in the over-all Marvel Univese, he is one in the Shang-Chi mythos.

Shadow Stalker is a pretty minor villain and doesn't have many appearances in comics altogether. He is the favorite assassin of Fu Manchu, however, and has appeared as a very minor Wolverine villain very briefly.

Clive Reston was created by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy. This issue of Giant-Size Master of Kung-Fu #3 has the cover date of March, 1975.

1st appearance of Carlton Velcro
1st appearance of Razor Fist

Carlton Velcro is a notable, minor villain in the Shang-Chi comics. He apparently was a reputable heroin smuggler or dealer in the New York area.

Never heard of a heroin mogul having a nuclear submarine, but this dude apparently was making a boatload of monies from being a bad dude. Gotta love comics.

Razor-Fist was under the employ of Carlton Velcro as a special agent. Yes, he had his hands replaced with razor sharp blades.

Like Carlton Vecro, Razor-Fist doesn't last very long in the series. This is the original William Young version. There would be two others who would take up the mantle of Razor-Fist, and interestingly enough, they'd become the character at the same time and in the same issue.

Though a minor villain? Who knows? They can't use Fu Manchu the whole time in a possible Shang-Chi live action TV series.

Besides, they are using Cornell Cottonmouth - changed to Cornell Stokes for the show - in Netflix's Luke Cage series. Last I checked, he didn't have that many appearances in Hero For Hire.

Like I said before, who knows? June, 1975 is the cover date for Master of Kung-Fu #29.

1st appearance of Pavane

Pavane is a pretty minor but notable enemy and sometimes ally of Shang-Chi. She really doesn't have many appearances in comics, but fans of the comic series seem to remember her.

Pavane is a sexy femme fatale and agent of Carlton Velcro. She is an expert with the whip and trains panthers. Her panthers Bidi and Mara followed her bidding and would attack when commanded.

Pavane would later become the lover of the Cat (Shen Kui). She was created by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy, and her 1st appearance in Masters of Kung-Fu #31 has the cover date of August, 1975.

1st appearance of Leiko Wu
1st appearance of Mordillo 

Finally, we are here to the 1st appearance of Leiko Wu. This character would become the lover of Shang-Chi, and, obviously, a long-time recurring character and ally to both him and Dennis Nayland Smith.

She is an important character without a doubt and was dismembered by Razor-Fist in the 2nd series of Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1. However, she was resurrected by Midnight in true comic book fashion.

Before her and Shang-Chi became lovers, Leiko had information locked deep inside her mind that Mordillo wanted. Mordillo was once an MI-6 agent named Simon Bretnor who worked with both Clive Reston and Leiko Wu. Like Clive Reston, Mordillo was once romantically involved with Leiko.

Somewhere down the line, Mordillo lost his mind and became an assassin. He vowed revenged on Shang-Chi when Mordillo had a contract to kill Carlton Velcro and Shang-Chi and his allies ended up taking Velcro's life accidentally.

Master of Kung-Fu #33 is an important key more because it has the 1st appearance of Leiko Wu, and this issue has the cover date of October, 1975. 

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1st appearance of Cat (Shen Kuei)

A skilled and graceful martial artist, Shen Kuei earned the nickname of the Cat. He was a spy for Communist China working in Hong Kong, but he later refused to work for any government and became a freelancer.

Shen Kuei has shown up here and there and is a notable enemy of Shang-Chi. This character had even briefly joined the Heroes for Hire team at one point, but reverted back to being a baddy.

Master of Kung-Fu #38 has the cover date of March, 1976.

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1st meeting of Snang-Chi & Iron Fist
1st Shang-Chi & Iron Fist team up

Although Iron Fist made appearances in some issues that Shang-Chi did as well, they were often not in the same story, or just like the Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu Special Album Edition, were in the same story but nowhere in the same vicinity to each other. So, they do not technically ever meet until this issue here.

As you can clearly see from the panel shown, they have not officially met before since Iron Fist is shocked that Shang-Chi knows who he is. Well, ole Iron Fist could've gotten sauced with his Kung-Fu-kickin' pal and just forgot about it. You click the image to see a bigger version.

Shang-Chi also gives a pretty lame explanation of how he knows him too, so I definitely think booze just might be involved here. Anyways, this comic has the 1st Shang-Chi and Iron Fist team up as well, and this key is quite under the radar at the moment.

Not too many out there know about it yet, and if Shang-Chi does do a flying kick into the Iron Fist Netflix series, this issue might heat up a bit. I wonder for how long though, and if Shang-Chi does get his own spin-off series, will Iron Fist be making appearances in that as well?

This one is definitely something to think about for sure, at least maybe a flipper as not too many out there know about this one yet. Master of Kung-Fu Annual #1 has the cover date of April, 1976.

1st appearance of Shockwave
Origin of Shockwave

Lancaster Sneed is the villain known as Shockwave and also the nephew of Dennis Nayland Smith. Yikes!

Yep, that would make family gatherings awkward. Like his uncle, Sneed was also a member of MI6, but suffered severe injuries to his face on a mission in Africa.

Apparently, his injuries were more than just superficial and MI6 let him go as they deemed him mentally unfit. Wearing an exosuit that could discharge electrical shocks on contact, Sneed learned martial arts and became Shockwave.

Shockwave has been a recurring foe for Shang-Chi and his team for quite a while. He has worked with Fu Manchu and his daughter Fah Lo Suee on several occasions. Shockwave was a member of the Golden Daggers sect as well.

Sneed was even a member of the Masters of Evil incarnation formed by the 2nd Crimson Cowl, Justine Hammer, who claims to be the daughter of Iron Man villain Justin Hammer. Bluntly put, he's been around in the Marvel Universe, but really isn't a top-tier villain over-all.

Master of Kung-Fu #42 also has the origin of this character, and the key issue comic book has the cover date of July, 1976.

1st appearance of Zaran

Zaran is another recurring foe of Shang-Chi, and was also another former member of MI6. He once joined Batroc's Brigade against Captain America and was under the employment of Fah Lo Suee for a spell.

Maximillian Zaran was also a member of the Thunderbolts. In the Marvel Knights comic series, he is employed by the Shadow-Hand to kill Shang-Chi. 

Zaran is villain within the Shang-Chi mythos worth noting since he has appeared quite often in the Master of Kung-Fu titled series as well as outside of it. Master of Kung-Fu #77 has the cover date of
June, 1979.

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1st appearance of Douglas & William Scott

Douglas & William Scott would take up the mantle of Razor-Fist and continue the villainy of the original. They both first appear in this issue.

Both were assigned by Carlton Velcro to dispose of Shang-Chi, but Velcro accidentally shot and killed Douglas. Scott would take up the mantle shortly after and partner with Zaran and Shockwave to attack the West Coast Avengers.

Scott's version of Razor-Fist was even assigned to eliminate Wolverine and Elektra in his comic career as a villain. This villain has been around and was even a villain for the New Avengers. Masters of Kung-Fu #105 has the cover date of October, 1981.

Last issue to first series

I usually don't make a big deal out of last issues, and this one probably isn't a big deal either. The Master of Kung-Fu title really didn't make a huge come back after this issue though.

It did have a 2nd series but it was a limited series and not part of mainstream continuity. Maybe this last issue to the 1st series has a low print run, but not too sure about that.

After this issue Shang-Chi would take a hiatus from comics for quite a while, at least 5 years before becoming a backup feature in the Marvel Comics Present title that starred Wolverine in the late 80s. In the 90s, Shang-Chi was infrequently shifted around as a guest star for a few titles, but nothing major.

1st meeting between Shang-Chi & Daredevil
1st meeting between Shang-Chi & Elektra
It's kinda hard to believe that Shang-Chi and Daredevil didn't meet prior to this. They were in some of the same comics, but those were cameos of the character. They were also weren't in the same vicinity also.

Actually, it's really strange the type of Marvel characters that Shang-Chi did come across during the 70s. Man-Thing crossed over into Master of Kung-Fu #19. Man-Thing?

That's an odd guest star to have for Shang-Chi. I mean, even Colleen Wing nor Misty Knight as the Daughters of the Dragon crossed over into a Shang-Chi tale or vice versa.

Doesn't really make that much sense, and since Daredevil is more a street hero in NYC, it would make sense to have him cross paths with the Master of Kung Fu at least once during Shang-Chi's early years in comics, but nope. Didn't happen.

Master of Kung-Fu #123 even had a moment where Luke Cage and Shang-Chi walk by each other. Not a first meeting since they don't even acknowledge one another. It's kind of a funny scene, but even those two street-level heroes didn't team up or meet back in the day. Head scratcher there.

The first meeting between Daredevil and Shang-Chi didn't happen until this issue here - Daredevil Annual #10. This issue also has the first meet and greet between Shang-Chi & Elektra as well.

It seems that Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. calls in the help of Shang-Chi to bring in Elektra. This issue mentions that Shang-Chi is a British agent or part of MI5. 

Anyways, Shang-Chi and Elektra actually team up in this issue to hunt down Ghost Maker (1st appearance Master of Kung #110), and find him in a tussle with Daredevil. All three team up to defeat Ghost Maker, and Shang-Chi and Daredevil decide to let Elektra walk away. Yes, this is back when Daredevil got that pretty ridiculous looking costume.

Smart decision. The story has all three characters seemingly know each other even though they've never crossed paths in any comic story before. However, this is the first time all three characters are seen in the same vicinity and interacting with each other.

May, 1994 is the cover date for Daredevil Annual #10.

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When it comes to Part 2 of this Shang-Chi key comic books list, there are only two major supporting characters to consider. The first is Clive Reston, and the other is Leiko Wu, Shang-Chi's love interest.

Most others are definitely questionable, and even if some of the notable but highly minor villains are worked into a possible Shang-Chi Netflix series, who really knows how long demand will last for their 1st appearances? I really don't see a lot of key comic issues taking off in a big bad way, but I could be wrong.

Shang-Chi would join the Heroes for Hire team in the titled comic series during the late 90s. He would join in issue #18 and for only one issue since the team disbands in the next issue and the series is cancelled.

Heroes for Hire #18 just might be the first published meeting between Colleen Wing and Shang-Chi as well, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I wouldn't doubt it if it were.

Issue #18 of Heroes for Hire has an estimated print run of 28,399.

The Master of Kung Fu would, however, be a core member of the team in the volume 2 series of Heroes for Hire, along with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. The volume 2 series of Heroes for Hire only lasted 15 issues.

Like the 1st series, the 2nd wasn't exactly a long running one. Print run or estimated North American comic shop sales were 74,226 for that issue, so not exactly a low print run either.

Shang-Chi does not become a member of the 3rd incarnation of the group from the 3rd series though.

In 2000, Shang-Chi joined Daredevil's unnamed team, nicknamed by fans as the Marvel Knights. The team 1st appeared in Marvel Knights #1, and the Punisher was a member of the team as well.

I don't think the Punisher and Shang-Chi were seen together in any comic's prior. Marvel Knights #1 might be their 1st published meeting in a comic book, whether or not they already know each other or not. Marvel Knights #1 has an estimate print run of 60,445 and possibly more.

During the Marvel Now dealie, Shang-Chi would also join the Avengers in the volume 5 series of the titled comic, but would be pretty much a short-lived member of the Avengers. He is seen joining the team in the first issue of the series, and is, at least, in the comic series a lot before issue #27. They would greatly cut down the membership after that issue, because the membership started off ridiculously huge with issue #1.

Don't expect a low print for this comic. It was the 2nd highest selling comic of 2012, right behind Amazing Spider-Man #700. Avengers #1 from the 5th series has an estimated North American comic shop sales of 186,989.

In 2014, Shang-Chi starred in the volume two Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu comic series, which is part of Marvel Now. It was only a four issue limited series though, and the first issue sees the death of Leiko Wu. She is resurrected by the end of the series though.

The Daughters of the Dragon Collen Wing and Misty Knight co-star in the series. The Sons of the Tiger also do.

Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1 has a somewhat low estimated print run of 19,315. I am surprised it's not lower though.

Alright, that pretty much wraps it up for this Shang-Chi key comic issues list. We'll just have to see if the rumors pan out. After all, the Punisher exploding his way into the Netflix series started out as a rumor also.

Happy hunting and thanks for reading. Hope someone enjoyed this.


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  2. Your posts are always a great read and I appreciate the hard work that go into them.

  3. Big up! Massive Shang-Chi Report! Rewind Selecta Mayhem!!!


  4. Ok, offbeat question and I hope one of your interest...Do you think the movies have a favorable influence on key issues, after the movie comes out? Let's take the last 3 biggies...Deadpool, Guardians of The Galaxy & finally Avengers: Age of Utron.
    How much growth have we seen AFTER they hit the big screen? Or is it time to unload BEFORE the hype goes down? Example: Kickass. Thanks, LK
    ps Mayhem, we got a SICK new singer and we are getting ready to make history in the Studio...ROCK!!!

    1. What up LK? First off, can't wait to hear the new stuff you got going on with Zen Kura! Definitely let me know when you guys get that sucker done.

      As for movie hype concerning some key issues...I definitely have seen loss of demand for some. New Mutants #98 is actually going pretty steady currently. I sold my 9.4 last year for $375 and the last sale was $370. It has reached past $400 prior to the movie release for that grade.

      Marvel Super-Heroes #18 is sketchy. High grade 9.4 and down aren't seeing much growth and are dropping pretty regularly.

      Avengers? Ultron and Vision are also both losing steam in terms of demand. Ultron was seeing this last year according to gocollect. Rocket Racoon's 1st appearance? Going down. Star-Lord's 1st appearance..definitely going down.

      Star Wars #1 1st series...still going down...prices for CGC 9.4 are almost at the price I bought it for 2 years ago, which was $140. I sold that last year for $340.

      I honestly don't think this comic book boom can sustain much longer if this is the trend and it sure looks like this is becoming the trend. Short-term speculating, which I basically call flipping. It's up to you whether you feel you should sell which particular key issues you've got and whatever ones you want to keep out of fandom.

      I let my Star Wars #1 and New Mutants #98 and all my X-Factor #24 copies go last year. Of course, the blue chip comics like Hulk #181 and Giant-Size X-Men #1 are still doing well enough. Brave and the Bold #28 is still going pretty strong as well.

      One has to watch the market more than ever now. Rock On, LK! Good to hear from ya!

    2. Thanks for the info Mayhem! My whole strategy (as of late) has been buy and sell Spec Comics like x factor 5 6 & 24, Ms Marvel 1, New Mutants 98 (still got one cgc 9.8) and flipping for Xmen 1, Avengers 1 DD 1 etc and those books all still did well during the Bad Decade, so now they will climb into the stratosphere (I believe). Anyways, it sounds like you think much like myself and hopefully we both make a killing and have a blast hunting for the "blue Chips". lk

  5. Who is the illustrator of the banner pic on this article? (and in which comic series did that appear)


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