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Friday, February 12, 2016

Swamp Thing Key Issues Part 4

In terms of key issues significance, I have no idea about these listed in Part 4 to this Swamp Thing key issues. Don't expect anything too thrilling when it comes to possible comic investments here.

Most of these aren't really keys that are really cared for by the market at large, and it appears that many are bargain bin issues. Regardless, they are still keys even if they don't really have much impact just yet.

Alright, let's get this over with. This Part 3 link will bring ya back if need be. Otherwise, you'll find more Swamp Thing keys below.

1st appearance of Gene LaBostrie 
Last Alan Moore 

Another creation of Alan Moore and Stephen Bissette in the Swamp Thing mythos is the character of Gene LaBostrie. LaBostrie does end up being a recurring character here and there throughout much of the 2nd series.

A Cajun fisherman and former faith healer in Louisiana, Gene LaBostrie would befriend Swamp Thing and his wife Abby, helping her out a few times when Swamp Thing was lost in time. He was affectionately called "Labo" at times.

Swamp Thing #64 is the last Alan Moore script on the series. Artist Rick Veitch would take over writing duties for 20 something more issues after.

Swamp Thing #64 from the 2nd series has the cover date of September, 1987.

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1st appearance of The Sprout
Rick Veitch takes over series as writer 

Before there was Tefe Holland, the character was sorta The Sprout. Swamp Thing is believed to be dead by the Green, so they create a new protector.

This new protector was created in the form of a sprout and makes its first appearance in this issue. The Sprout was created by Rick Veitch who would take over the series as writer and sometimes penciler after Alan Moore's departure.

The creation of the sprout would actually be a pretty important theme in the comic series for quite a bit, and it would eventually give birth to an important supporting character for the Swamp Thing. Veitch, aside from this creation in the comic series, would mainly use already established supporting characters.

I'm not sure whether he created any other long lasting supporting characters for the Swamp Thing. Veitch would bring the time travel element to the Swamp Thing series, in which the character would meet legendary historical figures and even legendary DC characters.

Issue #82 would see Swamp Thing travel back in time to World War II and meet with Sgt. Rock and Easy Company as Alexander Holland. Pretty interesting issue actually even though I'm not featuring it here in this key issue series.

In a story that was to be printed in issue #88, he had Swamp Thing be one of the cup bearers for Jesus Christ when he was crucified on the cross. DC green lit the script initially, but then refused to publish it later.

Veitch left DC and vowed never to work for the publisher again until that issue was printed. It never was but Veitch did end up working for DC Comics again.

Rick Veitch's 1st Swamp Thing art work is Swamp Thing #37 volume 2, which saw the 1st full appearance of John Constantine. He is not credited as a co-creator of the character, though, and took over penciling duties from Stephen Bissette, who is credited as a co-creator of John Constantine.

Swamp Thing #65 volume 2 has the cover date of October, 1987.

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Conception of Tefe Holland

Alrighty, looks like we got some mating going on here, and it appears that Swamp Thing possesses Constantine to do the honors of impregnating Abby Holland so they can conceive a host for the Sprout. Of course, the child would later be born Tefe Holland, daughter of Swamp Thing and Abby Holland.

However, John Constantine is the biological father of Tefe Holland which would result in all sorts of trouble for her. It was not known by Swamp Thing or Abby Holland that Constantine had the demon blood of Negral in his veins at the time Tefe was conceived.

Therefore, Tefe is also part demon and part Elemental of both the Green and the Red. Tefe Holland does become a  recurring supporting character within the Swamp Thing mythos, and she has appeared quite often.

She even becomes the main character of the 3rd titled series. Swamp Thing #76 volume 2 has the cover date of September, 1988.

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1st appearance of Matango
1st appearance of Ada LaBostrie
1st appearance of the Grey 

Ada LaBostrie is the wife of Gene LaBostrie and is a pretty minor character in the Swamp Thing mythos. Her first appearance is in this issue and in the 2nd story called "Traiteur".

This issue sees the first appearance of Matango, a Swamp Thing enemy of the Grey. The Grey is a fungal elemental force and Matango is a fungal elemental or avatar.

Matango's first appearance in this issue may be a brief one. Not sure whether it is or not to be honest. Along with the possible 1st appearance of Matango in this issue, the Grey also 1st appears in this issue as well.

November, 1988 is the cover date for Swamp Thing Annual #4 of the 2nd series.

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1st full appearance of Tefe Holland

The 1st full appearance of Tefe Holland in this issue also sees her birth. She is named after the river in Brazil where the Parliament reside.

Being both an Elemental of the Green and Red, Tefe Holland is able to manipulate both vegetation and flesh on an elemental level. She was supposed to bridge the two forces.

The Red began in the pages of Animal Man. It was first called the morphogenetic field. 

When Jamie Delano took over the Animal Man series after becoming an imprint of Vertigo, the Red was finally named in Animal Man #65 in 1993.

However, the Parliament convinced young Tefe at an early age that her destiny was to punish or destroy human kind for their crimes against nature. Like her biological father John Constantine, Tefe Holland is also bisexual.

Rick Veitch is credited with creating Tefe Holland. However, the character appeared in this issue by Doug Wheeler. Wheeler took over the series as writer in issue #88 when Veitch left, and Swamp Thing #90 from the 2nd series has the cover date of December, 1989.

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1st appearance of Constance Sunderland

Constance Sunderland is the daughter of Avery Sunderland and takes over the Sunderland Corporation after his demise. Well, after Swamp Thing kills him.

She is a recurring villain here and there and takes up the task that her father once had which is capturing Swamp Thing. Not sure just how important of a villain she is for Swamp Thing, but thought her 1st appearance might be a just-in-case inclusion since she is tied to the Sunderland Corporation.

Swamp Thing #121 of the 2nd series has the cover date of July, 1992.

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1st Mark Millar DC & Swamp Thing work

Grant Morrison would take up the series starting with issue #140. However, his very short run on the series was co-written by Mark Millar as well and staring with this issue here.

So, technically, this is Mark Millar's 1st Swamp Thing work, and since Mark Millar started out at DC Comics with the Swamp Thing title, it's also his 1st DC Comics work also.

Mark Millar would take over the comic series with issue #144 as Morrison had a very short tenure on the titled series. During Millar's tenure on the Swamp Thing comic series, he would make use of rival Elemental forces in the Swamp Thing stories.

I am not sure whether or not he introduced any important supporting characters during his tenure. He does end the volume 2 series with issue #171.

February, 1994 is the cover date for Swamp Thing #140 volume 2.

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Not very exciting stuff here when it comes to possible comics to invest in in my opinion. However, the Millar run seems to be a favorite among fans, and the 1st full appearance of Tefe Holland is still very much a sleeper.

Millar does bring all the different Earth elements into larger play during his run, but in terms of keys that make an impact, I've yet to see this impact in terms of any keys from his run being highly sought out or valuable. 

Perhaps, that might change in the future. Dunno and don't have a crystal ball.

Part 5 just might be the last one to this Swamp Thing key issues series as I'm getting bored with it, which tends to happen quite often when I reach the Modern era of comics.


  1. That Tefe Holland gal sure is powerfull. I mean, having control over the green and red is not bad. Plus, being produced by John Constantin makes you cool by nature. Didn' t know that fact, very interesting. I immediately put my spare change on that first appearance of hers. Hope DC sees the potential and does something with that character.


  2. Hi,

    investment ideas anyone? Got one to share here: Action Comics 340 - First appearance of the Parasite.

    Max Rebo

  3. Hey Mayhem what about Swamp Thing Annual 2. I think that issue connects to Swamp Thing 49 and 50 with the multiple characters of JL Dark appearing. Plus it's an Alan Moore issue.