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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Star Wars The Force Awakens A Must Watch?

Alright, I did get the chance to watch this movie...actually twice back in January. Although I said that if I didn't do a write up about it by the end of January it means I didn't care enough to write about the flick, I did mean to but quite a few family issues happened right in that month.

I won't get into detail about that. So, the Force Awakens, what did I think about this highly anticipated Star Wars flick that made a whopping 1.9 billion at the box office world wide?

It's the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time behind Titanic and Avatar currently. Regardless, let's forget about how much the movie made.

Let's get into the actual movie, which has garnered much praise and criticism alike. Like that wasn't expected to happen.

So, I'm gonna start off with what I liked about the movie. Entertaining? You bet! Visual effects amazing? That was to be expected.

Yes, I do think it's a must-watch for those reasons among many. First off, curiosity is a huge factor after the dreaded Episodes I, II, & III.

Yeah, I'm one of those guys who cannot stand that trilogy whatsoever. However, what differed between that trilogy and the Force Awakens I have to say are the characters.

And, no, I'm not talking about the original characters that show up. I'm talking about the new ones.

The problem for me concerning Episode I, II, & III is that I didn't care for the characters at all. Even worse, Anakin Skywalker's depiction in those movie forever put a blemish on the badassness of Darth Vadar. I grew up thinking he was a major bad ass, and then the prequels came out and ruined one of the best villains of all time for me.

Padme or Princess Amidala? Didn't care for the character either.

Obi-Wan? Didn't care for the character in any of those movies either.

However, and surprisingly since there are so many reviews about the characters in the Force Awakens, I actually did like the characters of Rey and Finn. I thought the writing of those characters were good.

Even though many have said the character of Rey was boring or mundane, I actually was brought more into her world than any of the characters in Episode I through III. What's her mysterious past?

Believe me, I wanna know, and even if the movie stunk up the theater, I'd still wanna know. That's what the music industry calls a "hook". Something that grabs you about something, or hooks you in.

When it comes to Daisey Ridley's performance in the movie, I don't see where the beef is. I thought she did great just as much as John Boyega's portrayal of Finn.

I liked the take on the character of Finn as well, and once again the difference between this flick and any of Episode I through III movies was that I was actually rooting for the characters in Star Wars The Force Awakens. For me, that's a huge difference.

Did the nostalgia hit me when I saw Han Solo and Chewbacca again on the big screen? You bet it did. 

Hell there were fans clapping when the space smugglin' duo were reintroduced to us in the film. I didn't clap or anything, but I did feel that tinge of awesomeness in my brain say, "Hell, yeah!" 

To say that wasn't a big part of why I enjoyed this movie would be an understatement. I'll own up to it, but it wasn't the only reason.

While Han Solo and Chewbacca's sudden and seemingly abrupt entrance in the movie was criticized, I actually liked it that way. Hell, they aren't part of the main character ensemble like in the original trilogy of Episode 4 through 6.

Let me repeat that: They aren't the main characters of this new trilogy. I doubt they were even suppose to be.

Now, I do have to admit that the character of Leia Organa was written in a way to seem like she was just there. I mean, nothing really special about her part in the movie, but that's fine as well. She's obviously not suppose to be one of the main characters in this film.

She might have a more active role in the sequel or not, but you know what? It was nice to see the character on the big screen again. 

Another good hook about the movie is Luke Skywalker. 

I don't wanna get into any spoilers, but I wanna know what his role is gonna turn out to be. I have a pretty good idea, and I'm expecting that character will play a larger part in the sequel for sure.

I saw Star Wars the Force Awakens twice in IMAX 3-D and must say that the depth of space really brought the visuals to life. One particular scene had a First Order destroyer or pointy ship that blew me away. 

The ship's tip seemingly jutted out so far from screen it felt like I could reach out and pinch it. Needless to say, they didn't skimp out on the 3-D.

Great action scenes in the movie were expected without a doubt, and Star War The Force Awakens did deliver on that aspect. Truly amazing!

Alright, now, let's get to some of the negatives that I agree with concerning other reviews. Now, I did enjoy the nostalgia, but this movie was grossly entrenched in it.

To be blunt, this movie could've just been called "Another New Hope", because it's basically the same exact story as A New Hope. I know I've been harsh in this review of Episode I, II, & III, but those movies did try to be original and set themselves apart as something different from its predecessors. 

That I will hand that to the prequels. Star Wars The Force Awakens not so much.

So what about the main baddie - Kylo Ren? After all a good baddie is paramount to the heroes of a story. 

Truthfully, I wasn't all that impressed with him. Sure, he does look pretty darn cool without a doubt and he showed impressive use of the Dark Side, but did he have to be as whiny as Anakin Skywalker was in the prequels?

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying the actor sucked who played Kylo Ren. Just saying I wasn't impressed with the character and how he was written or created.

Not to say that I dislike the character or don't see any potential of badassness with him. After all, he did commit a major no-no in the movie in which the original trilogy actor had been asking to have happen since Empire Strikes Back. 

That part messed with me, but I understand why it happened. Just saying my 1st impression of Kylo Ren was a bit lackluster, but there is potential for the character.

Back to the originality part of this 1st movie. I'm actually a bit concerned that the sequel is going to be just like Empire Strikes Back.

If that ends up being "Another Empire Strikes Back", I will end up not liking the new Star Wars flicks and just skip out on the 3rd and break out Return of the Jedi and just watch that. However, I am curious about Rey's past.

Who is she related to? Are they going to go the obvious route or are they gonna completely drop a WTF? As much as I want to know and have my suspicions, I hope they don't blow their wad and reveal it in the sequel. 

If they keep that under wraps until the 3rd movie, that curiosity alone just may compel me to watch it even if the sequel does end up being Another Empire Strikes Back or The First Order Strikes Back.

All-in-all, is Star Wars The Force Awakens a must watch? Yep, it sure least once...though I did enjoy it much better the 2nd time around.


  1. Hi Mayhem,

    thanks for the info! Man, I missed this one and now Deadpool is allready in the line. Have not heard rave reviews about the Pool movie (low budget, lame story etc.) but will definitely give it a try. After all, he is the loco Spiderman of our youth ;-) Got to support that.
    Max Rebo

    1. Wait for Redbox on this one...B movie at its finest. There were actually a few people that walked out. Too much "language" and the humor wasnt even that funny or creative. I believe my IQ has dropped a few points since watching that movie.


  2. The biggest problem with Rey is that she didn't go through the "hero's journey" like Luke did. She's the very definition of a Mary Sue. We never see her struggle to gain the abilities she has and that creates a character that isn't realistic or relatable.

  3. Wasn't really all that impressed with the movie. Rey and Finn are very forgettable and the story for obvious reasons. The movie felt rushed and sloppy. So, it takes Luke 3 movies to realize his powers but Rey is able to master it and beat someone who has trained with Luke in fifteen minutes? Lazy writing me thinks. The only bright spot for me was Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Episode 8 cant get any worse right?