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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Martian Manhunter Key Comics Part 5

Martian Manhunter key comics? Yep! Valuable Martian Manhunter key issues? Not really. 

If you don't care for Modern Age keys, you'll probably want to skip this part. Although the keys presented in Part 5 do explain the back round of J'onn and his martian race, I understand if these don't appeal to ya. Believe me, I do.

However, I was interested in how the character developed in the DC Universe. So, in short, many of these are not heavy hitters and most are most likely still bargain bin comics. 

Anyways, let's wrap this up. Click this Part 4 link in case you missed it. If you're into more significant or valuable comics to invest in, you'll probably want to start at the beginning with Part 1. If you're ready to wrap this up like I am, just scroll on down.

1st appearance of Ma'alefa'ak?

Back to the curse that wiped out the martian race. Well, the baddie behind that atrocity is Ma'alefa'ak, who just happens to be J'onn J'onzz's actual brother. He's more simply called Malefic.

Yep, here we are with the bad brother routine, and bad brother was unaware that his good brother had survived the H'ronmeer's Curse he had concocted thousands of years back. Bring on the comic book drama, and Malefic is the big bad in the Martian Manhunter volume 2 series.

He causes all kinds of mayhem and mischief for J'onn J'onzz and even assumes his identity to convince the Justice Leaguers that Martian Manhunter has gone coo coo. 

This issue could be a 1st brief appearance of the Malefic, and he apparently dies in issue #9 of the series. Martian Manhunter #0 from the 2nd series has the cover date of October, 1998.

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Origin of Red Saturnians
Origin of White Saturnians

The origin of the Red Saturnians and White Saturnians are revealed in this issue here. Jemm is a supporting character for the issue obviously, and Martian Manhunter discovers the connection that his race had in creating the Saturnians.

I already discussed this before in the 1st appearance of Jemm listing prior in Part 4. If you missed it, just click that link to head on back. Martian Manhunter #4 from the 2nd series has the cover date of March, 1999.

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1st appearance of Scorch
Begins Emperor Joker story event

This is an important character to the mythos of Martian Manhunter in the modern age. Scorch is Aubrey Sparks and first appeared in the story event Emperor Joker.

The story event saw the Joker steal a power from Mr. Mxyzptlk that altered reality in which Superman is a villain and Bizarro III is a hero. Scorch agrees to help Bizarro bring in Superman.

Some are saying this issue has the 1st Modern appearance of Bizarro, but I don't know much about that. It does have the 1st appearance of Bizarro III in this alternate reality, and it is a surprisingly somewhat valuable key.

The character of Scorch is important to Martian Manhunter and the origin of his Martian race which would be later told. She would later agree to help Martian Manhunter overcome his fear of fire in exchange to help to make sense of her confused memories via Joker's tampering.

She would fall in love with J'onn and become his girlfriend. However, in helping Martian Manhunter overcome his fear of fire, this would trigger the release of the personality of "Fernus" that had been dormant inside J'onn's genetic code.

This genetic code was dormant inside all of his race and even the White Martians as we'll soon find out in that story line. We will get to that shortly.

This may not be the 1st full appearance of Scorch and a 1st full appearance of the character just might be in the story's 2nd issue contained in The Adventures of Superman #582, which also has the same cover date of this issue here.

Estimated sales in North America is around 47,275 copies for issue. Superman #160 from the 2nd series has the cover date of September, 2000.

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JLA #86
1st brief appearance of Fernus

JLA #84 begins the Trial By Fire story arc, and in issue #85 Vandal Savage reveals a bit of back ground of "The Burning". Issue #85 also shows the face of one of The Burning.

Earlier I mentioned that Scorch helped Martian Manhunter overcome his fear of fire, and that unlocked the dormant alternate personality of Fernus.

This unlocking also revealed Martian Manhunter's true form, which is not really the green martian look he has. His true form is actually his Burning form. This martian race used fire to reproduce asexually and thus set a blaze everything that crossed their paths.

The Trial By Fire story line also shows that the Guardians of the Universe intervened with The Burning, creating the two distinct Green and White Martian races by implanting a fear of fire deep within their conscious as to keep them from unlocking their true genetic potential. This depiction happens in issue #87.

I do have to say that the end of the story line in issue #89 is a bit confusing. J'onn ends up breaking away from Fernus and obviously defeating the Burning Martian. However, it's said that Fernus and J'onn are genetically two separate entities.

JLA #86 shows Fernus in 4 panels and reveals that J'onn J'onzz has transformed into the character that's causing so much trouble in the story arc. The last splash page of the story fully depicts Martian Manhunter as Fernus.

So this may be called a 1st brief appearance of Fernus and October, 2003 is the cover date for JLA #86. The character is not physically shown in issue #84 or #85, but is merely a presence acting behind the scenes.

Sales of this issue to North American comic shops are around 59,839 copies.

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JLA #87
1st full appearance of Fernus
Origin of Burning Martians

J'onn as Fernus is definitely seen a lot more in this issue right here, so I think this may be considered a 1st full appearance of Fernus. As mentioned in the previous listing, this issue shows the origin of J'onn's ancestral origins and how the Guardians of the Universe intervened with the onslaught that the Burning Martians brought upon the universe during their time.

John Stewart learns of the history and tells the JLA what happened 20,000 years ago to the Martian race, so this issue has the origin of the Burning or Burning Martians. Interesting bit of back story for Martian Manhunter and Joe Kelly is the writer of the Trial By Fire story line.

Scorch would be put in a coma by the end of this story line, but the character would resurface again. Estimated print run or sales to North American comic shops is around 59,016, and November, 2003 is the cover date for JLA #87.

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1st appearance of Miss Martian (flashback)

Miss Martian is supposedly a White Martian superhero in the DC world. She is or was a member of the Teen Titans and originally physically appeared as a Green Martian.

On Earth, she is known as Megan Morse, but her martian name is M'Gann M'orzz. The character was originally sent to the Vega system to escape the martian civil war between the Green and White Martians and ended up traveling to Earth from there.

It has yet been clear as to when she arrived on Earth, and her actual origin is a bit sketchy. White Martians are suppose to only live for war.

Miss Martians 1st appearance is in flashback of this issue. Her 1st full appearance just might be in Teen Titans #39 of the same series.  Estimated print run or North American sales to comic shops is around 71,254 for this issue. The third volume of Teen Titans #37 has the cover date of August, 2006.

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1st appearance of Sara Moore

Apparently, J'onn J'onzz isn't the last of his Green Martian kind. There is another out there who is hiding among us and plotting against our martian hero.

Enter: Sara Moore. She initially appears as human in this story, but in issue #8 of the third Martian Manhunter eight part titled series, she reveals that she is the Green Martian Cay'an.

Blaming the destruction of Mars on J'onn, she seeks revenge against our hero. She does escape at the end of this series, and although she has yet to reappear since, she is at large out there in the DC Universe.

Estimated print run or sales to North American comic shops for this issue is around 29,273. December, 2006 is the cover date for Martian Manhunter #3 of the third series.

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1st appearance of Stormwatch Prime-Earth
1st appearance Prime-Earth Martian Manhunter

Okay, this isn't the actual very first appearance of Stormwatch. The team originally appeared in the Wildstorm universe which later became an imprint of DC Comics.

Originally created by Jim Lee, the team would eventually become part of the DC Universe in The New 52, which rebooted continuity on what is known as Prime-Earth. Martian Manhunter is a member of this team and makes his 1st Prime-Earth appearance in this issue.

Estimated print run or sales to North American comic shops are around 46,397, and Stormwatch #1 volume 3 has the cover date of November, 2011.

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Probably not the best key issues series done on here, but given the lack of a sustaining mythos as well as supporting characters and villains for J'onn J'onzz during much of the Silver, Bronze and even Copper Age, I did my best. Many of the keys presented in this series are over-looked and most likely not cared for in terms of investment comic potential.

However, fans of the character most likely won't give a crap about that and rightly so. Hopefully, this series was helpful enough to someone out there.

Anyways, happy hunting and hope you enjoyed this regardless. See ya soon for more comic book goodness.

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