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Monday, February 1, 2016

Martian Manhunter Key Comics Part 4

We are squeezing into the Copper Age for a brief while and then heading into Modern Age Martian Manhunter key comics in Part 4. Although I am not a big fan of Modern Age comics, I do have to say that J'onn J'onzz back story or mythos does get a lot more interesting during this era.

A lot more...well, at least, for me. Some interesting tid-bits I did not know about the character and maybe you didn't know about them either. Maybe you did, but most on here are definitely not heavy hitters in terms of key issue comic investments. At least, not yet anyways.

Anyways keep scrolling to get to the Martian Manhunter key issues in this Part 4. If you missed Part 3, just click the link and you'll be teleported to that prior post. Enjoy!

1st appearance of Jemm

Jemm was originally created to be the cousin of J'onn J'onzz, but that didn't happen. Instead, the series was rewritten to have Jemm with zero relation to Martian Manhunter.

So why am I even listing this 1st appearance in a Martian Manhunter key issues series? Alright, let's see if I can explain this well enough.

It would later be established that the original Saturnians were actually clones of Martians. Red Saturnians were created by the Green Martians and White Saturnians created by the White Martians.

While the Green Martians treated their clones as equals, the White Martians treated the White Saturnians like slaves. The Green Martians and White Martians would later fight in a civil war - apparently tied to the slave treatment of Saturnians, but that is just one factor.

In the JLA #4 of the volume 2 series, it is also revealed that White Martians were on Earth long before humans have arrived. In fact, they were performing genetic experiments on terrestrial animals which would later become humans.

They were seeking to create a super species but these creatures just ended up being human and inferior to Martians. This is another cause of the Martian civil war in DC Comics.

White Martians were the 1st to discover the DC human metagene. The metagene is the human DNA that makes ordinary humans have super powers in the DC Universe.

According to the story lines in Martian Manhunter #25 through #27 and Son of Vulcan #5, their experiments altered the evolutionary destiny of humanity. We were suppose to all evolve into metahumans, but because of their dabbling, only a few select humans became metahumans or super powered humans.

This original comic series did not have any connection of that scale to Martian Manhunter or even martians, but Jemm and his Saturnians would be tied to mythos later. Jemm was created Greg Potter and Gene Colan, and Jemm, Son of Saturn #1 has the cover date of September, 1984.

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1st appearance of new Justice League

Besides having the 1st appearance of the 2nd incarnation of the Suicide Squad in this limited series, Legends also gave birth to a new Justice League team in issue #6 near the very end. Martian Manhunter is an original member of this team.

The team would be featured in their own titled comic, first being called Justice League. It was later renamed to Justice League International. Legends #6 has the cover date of April 1987.

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1st headlining comic series
Series redines character and origin
1st appearance of H'ronmeer
1st appearance of M'yri'ah & K'hym J'onzz

If you are indeed a Martian Manhunter fan, then this 4 issue limited comic series is a definite must-have for ya. Not only is this the 1st Martian Manhunter headlining series, but it also revamps J'onn J'onzz modern origin that has become canon.

So a few things that are different just to name a few is that Saul Erdel is not dead as depicted in the Martian Manhunter's 1st appearance way back in Detective Comics #225. Saul Erdel is the scientist who brought J'onn J'onzz to Earth by accident, in which this series did keep that aspect.

Issue #1 has the 1st appearance of H'ronmeer, and this guy is an important deity in the revamped origin of Martian Manhunter. He is mostly known as the Martian God of Death.

It's this series that finally establishes that Martian Manhunter is the last of his kind and tells of the plague called H'ronmeer Curse that wiped out the martian race centuries before Martian Manhunter arrived on Earth. H'ronmeer did not create the telepathic virus that would cause all of J'onn J'onzz's race to erupt into flames.

I'll get to the person behind that in the next few key issues involving the character. As we should obviously be able to piece together, this genocide would happen right at the time Erdel transported J'onn through space and time onto Earth.

It seems that Erdel somehow managed to alter J'onn's memory of the destruction of his people, and his wife and daughter, M'yri'ah & K'hym J'onzz. This comic series reveals what truly happened to J'onn and his people, contradicting all the other stories involving Mars and Mars II.

We also have the 1st appearances of J'onn's daughter K'hym and his wife M'yri'ah in this series. K'hym first shows up in issue #2. J'onn was actually carrying her dead body when he arrived on Earth.

Issue #3 has the 1st appearance of his wife, M'yri'ah and reveals what happened to his people. This limited series was written by J.M Dematteis. Dematteis also previously defined the character in the Justice League and Justice League International series as well by giving him quirks, such as his obsession for Oreo cookies.

The details of the origin revamped here is considered canon for the character of Martian Manhunter. Highly over-looked and still a sleeper by all means. Martian Manhunter #1 volume 1 has the cover date of May, 1988.

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JLA #1
1st appearance of Hyperclan
1st issue to comic series

White Martians were 1st introduced as a super-powered team calling themselves the Hyperclan. Their leader was Protex, and he was joined by seven members in his first appearance.

Apparently there are three types of martians - White Martians, Green Martians, and Yellow Martians. White Martians are, according to continuity, more warlike while Green Martians are peaceful.

It would be later established that the White Martians and Green Martians are from the same race long ago known as "The Burning". Extremely violent and warlike, The Burning fell victim to the Guardians of the Universe, who decided to split the race into two species - White Martians and Green Martians.

The Guardians of the Universe also implanted the martians instinctive fear of fire. There was a civil war between the two groups and the White Martians were exiled into the "Still Zone". Starting to sound like a Superman mythos here, but whatever.

I believe all this back story was established later between the White and Green Martians. Not sure in what comic this was all revealed in. I will try to dig it up.

Yellow Martians 1st appeared in Wonder Woman #104. It's not yet known whether this group exists in modern continuity, and I think that issue was their only appearance also.

White Martians would become part of Martian Manhunter's mythos, and the race would even spawn a super heroine in the DC Universe. That would come later, and the White Martians were created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. JLA #1 has the cover date of January, 1997.

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JLA #4
1st full appearance of White Martian race
1st appearance of Justice League Watch Tower
1st appearance of the Still Zone

This issue reveals that the Hyperclan are indeed martians and just might make it the 1st full appearance of the White Martians in DC Comics. This issue also reveals that the White Martians did experiments on the human race long, long ago told by Protex to Superman before they duke it out in the issue.

The Still Zone is much like the Phantom Zone where the White Martians were banished after their long civil war with the Green Martians. It makes it's 1st appearance in this issue here.

Another important location is first seen in this comic as well. It's the Justice League Watch Tower and houses the "Hall of Justice" atop the tower's peak. It is the conference room for the JLA.

JLA #4 has the cover date of April, 1997.

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1st Martian Manhunter on-going series
1st issue to on-going series

Yes, it would take J'onn J'onzz this long before he ever got his 1st on-going comic series that headlined his name. There were some one-shots before this and the limited series.

The series was written by John Ostrander and lasted 36 issues with 2 annuals and a #0 issue also. The actual order of how this series starts is a bit strange.

The 1st issue of this series is actually this annual #1 here. Then the 2nd issue is actually issue #0 and has the same cover date. The 3rd is Martian Manhunter #1,000,000 which has the cover date of November and issue #1 has the cover date of December.

This comic series brought back the secret identity and detective bit from his original stories as well. Actually, Manhunter would have several secret identities in this comic series.

However, the identity of John Jones is brought back and revised. Unlike Martian Manhunter's original origin in which he makes up the identity of John Jones, John Jones in this series is revealed to have been a real person, and a detective who was killed by corrupt colleagues. 

J'onn J'onzz would assume the real John Jone's identity after his death. Low sales would end this series pretty quickly, but it does have interesting Martian Manhunter keys in the series.

I think this is the issue that depicts J'onn J'onzz carrying the dead body of his daughter when he 1st arrived on Earth. Martian Manhunter Annual #1 has the cover date of October, 1998.

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Alright, gonna make this outro short as I have other things I'm juggling. Hope you enjoyed and I'm thinking Part 5 will be the last of the Martian Manhunter key comics series.

Might not be but there's a good chance. Happy hunting all and see you soon for Part 5. Just click the link below to continue or go back.


  1. Hi champs,

    sorry to interupt the Manhunter series, but just have to shout out how great the art of Neal Adams is. Just read X-Men 58 (first Havok) and have to say it doesn' t look old in any way. That guys pencils and setting look more modern than many modern comics.


  2. I agree about Adams. Sometimes I think his influence can be seen in some artwork of our time, for instance Frank Miller. But of course, only Mr. Miller himself can answer that.

    Speculation Jones