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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Maggia Crime Family Keys Part 3

Although the Hammerhead Family is considered one of the more prominent of Maggia families, the only recurring character for this family is actually Hammerhead. He does have a revolving door of unremarkable and forgettable henchmen.

So, this one will be a quickie concerning the Hammerhead Family. If you missed Part 2, just click the link to go back. Otherwise, here's more keys related to...


1st appearance of Top Man
1st appearance of Big Rock
1st appearance of Gimlet

Before Hammerhead, what would eventually become the character's Maggia Family 1st appeared in Fantastic Four #101. Yep, the issue did not have Hammerhead in it.

Instead, it was led by the Top Man. Top Man was a pretty forgettable villain and only had 2 appearances in comics. Fantastic Four #180 is the 2nd appearance and was reprinted from this comic issue of Fantastic Four #101.

So, he really had only 1 real appearance. Same with his minions Gimlet and Big Rock. Top Man is caught and taken to prison at the end of this issue and is supposedly killed or assassinated in prison sometime after.

I don't think that ever played out in an actual story, but Hammerhead would somehow and somewhere take over as leader. I'm not sure if there is a reference in an actual comic story that ties Hammerhead to this Maggia Family.

However, sources do say that Top Man was killed and the Maggia replaced him with Hammerhead. Fantastic Four #101 has the cover date August, 1970.

1st appearance of Hammerhead

This just might be the first brief appearance of Hammerhead since he only shows up in three panels throughout the entire issue. Not the best of Marvel villains, so I don't see too many making a big fuss about it.

In his initial 1st appearance in this issue, it's established that Doc Ock and Hammerhead's gang are fighting each other to become the big boss of New York's criminal underworld. Apparently, Kingpin had been knocked out of that position.

Although sources claimed that Hammerhead was always a Maggia member, this nor the Maggia are referenced in his early appearances. He is shown as the boss of a gang, but his connection to the crime group must of been retconned.

Actually, the earliest reference I could find concerning Hammerhead as a Maggia member is in Fantastic Four #233 where Johnny Storm implies that Hammerhead was a subpar villain and got lucky to have risen to the top of the Maggia.

Hammerhead models himself off the gangsters from the 20s and 30s like Al Capone. Usually, his gang is a revolving door of forgettable goons.

Despite being referenced as a pretty hokey or subpar villain, Hammerhead is a villain that often shows up in Spidey stories that deal with gang wars in New York City. He may not be the most popular of Spidey villains, but he's also no slouch either.

Amazing Spider-Man #113 has the cover date of October, 1972.

1st full Hammerhead?
Origin of Hammerhead

Issue #113 only sees Hammerhead in three panels. The very last panel of that issue shows him fully and he even identifies himself.

However, this issue shows him a lot more and he is definitely a big part of the story. His origin is also revealed in this issue.

Apparently Hammerhead was a gun man found lying beaten in an alley by a Jonas Harrow. Harrow was a quack surgeon and scientific genius.

He would take the beaten gunman and replace his skull with steel. Janos Harrow's first appearance is in this issue. The character has been seen infrequently from time to time.

Because of the damage done to Hammerhead's brain, he does not remember who he exactly is in his earlier appearances. Thus, his civilian identity isn't revealed until much later.

Not sure in what issue Hammerhead regains his memory of who he was before he was turned into Hammerhead. Amazing Spider-Man #114 has the cover date of November, 1972. I don't think this issue is noted as the origin of Hammerhead in Overstreet or by CGC.

Although Hammerhead had been aligned with the likes of the Chamelon and often starting gang wars in the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man comics, there aren't any notable family members in the Hammerhead Family with the exception of Hammerhead himself. So, this key issue list concerning the Hammerhead Family is quite short.

I'm reluctant to call Fantastic Four #101 the first appearance of the Hammerhead Family since Hammerhead's not even in that issue. Seems a bit too weird for me, but some sources do say that is the case.

Also, Hammerhead did switch loyalties from the Maggia to Mister Negative at one point. Mister Negative apparently saved his life after Underworld gunned Hammerhead down. Mister Negative gave Hammerhead a new robotic adamantium skeleton, and Hammerhead worked under him separate from the Maggia.

With the newest Daredevil trailer, season 2 seems to be centered around the Hand. It kinda makes sense since Elektra is involved, but even though the Punisher is in Season 2, it seems like the Maggia has a less than likely chance they'll be included.

I still got my fingers crossed that the Costa Family will still be thrown in there somewhere, or at least given some type of nod. We'll have to see though.

Anyways, Part 4 is ready so see you there.


  1. Hey, thanks for cluing me in on A.S. 113. I almost bought that issue because of Hammerheads first appearance, but - 3 panels? Nah, that' s just not worth it. I think it really does take a good writer to make this organization cool. After all, it exists of 90 % C-Grade Villians. But still, the mafia theme and its families has potential. You could stretch that over countless episodes.

    Max Rebo

    1. It would take a literary genius to make the Maggia cool...just kidding. I see the potential like you do, and they sure could stretch that out over several episodes. It'd be interesting if the Maggia popped up in the Netflix series. They're not doing that great a job with them in the Agent Carter series though. Least I think so.