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Monday, February 29, 2016

Maggia Crime Family Key Comics Part 4

I put up the banner for this Part 4 for a reason. It shows how the Maggia has progressed and who controls what and where. Of course and since this is comic books, there are changes.

So the 2nd Eel or Ed Lavell controls Maggia interests on the Gulf Coast, and Madame Masque rules over Las Vegas crime. The Silvermane Family holds power in New York and the others control other territories.

While T.B. Smithson is noted as a Maggia leader, he's doesn't have that many appearances. Actually, I couldn't find him in any other appearance besides Avengers #31 volume 3.

However, the Silvermane or Manfredi Family has been a notable Maggia family in comics, especially in Spidey comics. So, here's some keys and 1st appearances that pertain to the...


1st appearance of Silvermane
1st appearance of Caesar Cicero
1st appearance of Man Mountain Marko

Like Count Nefaria, I believe Silvermane started out as a Maggia leader in his 1st appearance. Silvermane is Silvio Manfredi, a notorious crime boss in the Marvel Universe.

I'm not sure if Silvermane started out as a super-powered villain though. He did eventually become a cyborg in later issues.

One of his earliest henchmen was Man Mountain Marko, basically his enforcer who had an obsession with becoming stronger and more powerful. Man Mountain Marko was also under the employment of Hammerhead as well when the 2nd Eel was first introduced.

Caesar Cicero is the Silvermane Family lawyer and 2nd in command. Cicero would eventually become a boss. He, a long with Silvermane, are prominent members of the Maggia and what's known as the Manfredi Family.

Silvermane's biggest foe in the underworld is the Kingpin. Amazing Spider-Man #73 has the cover date of June, 1969.

1st appearance of Blackie Barker

I'm not totally sure if this is the same Blackie that is seen as a Maggia member in Amazing Spider-Man #75. Some sources do say he is.

In this first appearance, Blackie is a crime boss. In Amazing Spider-Man #75, he's a henchmen working for Silvermane and reveals to Spidey that the Maggia's base of operations is in the Galby Building.

Pretty forgettable or unimportant character in Marvel Comics and the Maggia. This comic does have the 2nd appearance of Dr. Strange and the 1st appearance of Baron Mordo, so it's already pretty valuable already.

I doubt Blackie's 1st appearance in the Human Torch story will add any extra umpff to the value of this comic.  Strange Tales #111 has the cover date of August, 1963.

1st appearance of Blackwing

Joseph Manfredi is already a recurring character on Agent Carter, and he is a leader of the Maggia on that show. However, in the actual comics, he first appears as the super-villain Blackwing and a member of the Circus of Crime.

Joseph Manfredi is the son of Silvio Mandredi, also known as Silvermane who is the most notable leader of the Silvermane Family of the Maggia. Not sure if Blackwing ever took control of his father's family or not.

Caesar Cicero seems to be next in line. However, since Joseph is the son of Silvio and already leader of the Maggia in Agent Carter, I'll put him under the Silvermane Family.

His character being on the Agent Carter show doesn't really seem to affect this comic in terms of desirability. February, 1975 is the cover date for Daredevil #118.

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1st appearance of Mysterio

Mysterio did not start out as a Maggia member, nor did he have any ties to the crime group for a long, long time. In recent Amazing Spider-Man comics written by Dan Slott, Mysterio does, though.

Apparently Mysterio was under the employment of Carmine Karnelli and controlled a robot duplicate of Silvermane as Silvermane was presumed dead at this time. The Maggia were in a gang war with Mister Negative at this time also.

Mysterio betrays Karnelli and kills him in an attempt to take control of the Maggia and it's fortune. I wouldn't say Mysterio is a prominent member of the Maggia, but he does have ties to it at least in recent continuity.

Just some weirdness to throw in there, since the Maggia are pretty confusing and weird already. The Karnelli Family are part of the Maggia as well. Carmine Karnelli and the Karnelli Family first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #547.

Amazing Spider-Man #13 has the cover date of June, 1964. 

Alright, this is going to be the last of the Maggia key issues. There are other members of the Maggia, but do not fall under any family category.

It's all pretty confusing regarding this criminal organization in the Marvel Universe. I'm definitely no expert and it really does seem like it's a jumbled mess.

Grim Reaper is or was a Maggia member that did not fall into any family. It's the same for Bushmaster (John McIver), Gideon Mace and even Mysterio. I just put him under the Silvermane Family since he did control the robot duplicate of Silvermane, but he's technically really not part of that Maggia family.

In case you were wondering, the 3rd incarnation of Cyclone, Pierre Fresson, became leader and representative of the European Maggia. His 1st appearance is in Thunderbolts #3 of the 1st series.

The 2nd incarnation of the Eel or Ed Lavell has his first appearance in Powerman & Iron Fist #92. He was seen working for Hammerhead in that issue.

The Nobili Family popped up and was identified as part of the Maggia later on in Modern Age comics. The members are Gordo Nobili, Joseph Nobili and Carmen Nobili. They all first appear in Thunderbolts #14 volume 2. I don't think they have that many appearances and aren't that significant of characters over-all.

I think the only major Maggia members to be concerned about are Count Nefaria, Madame Masque, Silvermane, and Hammerhead, but who really knows? Not like TV hasn't used some pretty obscure characters already like Joseph Manfredi (Blackwing) and Melvin Potter (Gladiator).

Anyways, happy hunting!


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    of course the Maggia is not as big as Shield or Hydra, but I' m surprised to see they have a long history in the Marvel U. Thank' s for working that out. You delivered true Mayhem material.

    Speculation Jones

    1. Had to watch the Agent Carter episodes that introduce Whitney Frost and Joseph Manfredi to see the shows take on the Maggia. Seems like the Maggia are just a regular organized crime outfit in the TV series which is fine, but Joseph Manfredi's characterization in the show is dull. Even Whitney Frost's character in the show is dull.

      They do have a long history in Marvel Comics for sure, but they're kinda kooky with a lot of pretty unremarkable villains. Take it easy S.J. and thanks for commenting.