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Friday, January 15, 2016

Zatanna Key Issues Part 2

Part 2 to this Zatanna key issues series. If you missed Part 1, just click the link.

There's pretty much only one eventful key comic concerning the character in my opinion. Quite a few are 1st published meetings. Alright, here we go!

FLASH #198
6th appearance of Zatanna?
1st meeting of Zatanna & Flash

Once again, this 1st meeting means the 1st published meeting of the two characters. Kinda hard to believe since the previous appearance of Zatanna was in Justice League of America #51.

However, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman were not in that issue. The Flash & Zatanna's adventure is in the 2nd story of this issue titled "Call it...Magic!"

Looks like industry isn't counting Zatanna's 2nd appearance as the Witch in Detective Comics #336. As of now, Atom #19 is recognized by Overstreet and CGC as Zatanna's 2nd appearance.

So, at least for now, her 6th appearance just may be in this issue, and it's pretty hard to believe it took the character 3 years to resurface again after her previous appearance in Justice League of America #51. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if the character popped up before this issue and after JLA #51.

So far, I haven't found any or any information regarding why she remained absent for 3 years after her initial early crossover appearances. As brought up in the comments, Zatanna and the Flash do star in the 2nd story of this issue.

Flash #198 has the cover date of June, 1970, and this cover is the 1st time a superhero is depicted praying.

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1st meeting of Zatanna & Superman?

The Justice League of America members that 1st met Zatanna during her first initial appearances in the story line Zatanna's Search included Green Lantern, Batman, Atom, Hawkman & Hawkgirl. Superman was not in that story line.

However, her next appearance after Flash #198 seems to be this comic here so far, and Superman is present as a member of the Justice League of America. Therefore, the two may have their 1st published meeting in this issue. Wonder Woman or Diana Prince is not present in this story.

This could most likely the 7th appearance of Zatanna, and the character would have her own very short back up feature run in Adventure Comics. Justice League of America #87 has the cover date of February, 1971.

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1st Zatanna back up feature
1st appearance of Jeffery Sloane 

Alright, we all know that Zatanna is stage magician by day. It's how she pays the bills.

No biggie information there, and even the character of Jeffery Sloane isn't really a big supporting Zatanna character. I think he has a few appearances and then fades out of existence. Sloane is basically Zatanna's manager for a split second.

He is prominent throughout her back up feature in Adventure Comics. This issue of the titled series finally sees Zatanna get her own back up feature. The featured character of the title at the time was Supergirl.

I guess I'll  note that before Adventure Comics, Zatanna did make an appearances in World's Finest Comics #207 and #208. But, anyways, her back up feature in Adventure Comics were in issues #413 through #415, then #419, and lastly #421.

Adventure Comics #413 has the cover date of July, 1972, and it is her 1st backup feature and solo story if ya wanna get technical.

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1st meeting of Zatanna & Wonder Woman
1st meeting of G.A. & S.A. Wonder Woman
100th issue

This one isn't really a big deal unless you like 1st published meetings between two characters. Who knows? Perhaps those at Warner Bros. have it in mind to cross over the Justice League with the Justice League Dark in a future film.

I have no idea how or why that would happen. So, it wasn't until this issue that Zatanna and Wonder Woman actually meet or at least were in the same comic story somewhat interacting.

There are two Wonder Woman's here. There's the Earth 2 Golden Age Wonder Woman, and then there's Diana Prince, the depowered Earth 1 Wonder Woman.

I covered the silliness of that in the Wonder Woman key issues list and don't feel to explain it again. August, 1972 is the cover date for Justice League of America #100.

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1st meeting between Zatanna & Supergirl

After a short stint in Adventure Comics, Zatanna was bounced into the pages of Supergirl's 1st headlining comic series as a back up feature for the Girl of Steel. This would also be a short run and her feature only lasted 5 issues starting with Supergirl #1.

That 5th issue was actually a reprint of Zatanna's 1st appearance and story: "The Girl Who Split in Two". Even though Supergirl and Zatanna never crossed over into each their adventures, the 7th issue finally sees Zatanna and Supergirl meet and team up in the story, "The Sinister Snowman".

Unless you really like 1st published meetings of characters, I don't think this 1st meeting is a biggie. Zatanna and Supergirl aren't really all that connected to each other as opposed to some other characters like John Constantine.

Still, it is an interesting key and an early Bronze Age one at that. Supergirl #7 has the cover date of October, 1973.

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Zatanna joins JLA
New costume

After a few sporadic appearances in the Justice League of America comic title, Zatanna finally joins the Justice League of America in this issue here. She had a pretty long tenure with the group and has always been identified with the team some way or another.

This issue also sees her don a new costume, and this new costume is apparently the same get up that her mother Sindella use to wear. I honestly don't know how big a deal that is or if it should be.

It's not like this new costume is an iconic look for the character. Her original stage get up is her iconic look and what most comic fans identify her with.

It's also what cosplayers dress up in when cosplaying the character. Anyways, I included a picture of the panel that sees this new and pretty forgettable costume. It's also displayed on the actual comic cover as well.

Still, it's a key notation and it's a pretty over-looked key issue currently. Justice League of America #161 has the cover date of December, 1978. Definitely one to get if you're a fan of this character and the JLA.

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1st appearance of Sindella

The Golden Age character of Zatara is Zatanna's father as most know. His 1st appearance is right along with Superman's in Action Comics #1, making him one of the oldest comic book characters.

However, Zatanna's mom didn't show up until this here in Justice League of America #163. She was supposedly assumed dead shortly after Zatanna's birth, but that looks to be obviously false.

Sindella appears as an illusion in this story, so I'm not quite sure if this is a cameo, brief, or actual 1st appearance. Sindella isn't really a recurring character and actually dies in issue #165.

However, the story line would give more information on Zatanna's roots and then introduce the Homo Magi in the very next issue. As most fans know, Zatanna and Zatara are part of the Homo Magi sub-race in DC Comics.

They're obviously magic-using humans and Justice League of America #163 had the cover date of February, 1979.

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When it comes to these Zatanna key issues, there really isn't anything exciting. They aren't heavy hitters or anything, and it seems the market only really deems Zatanna's 1st appearance in Hawkman #4 as the only heavy hitter key issue to get for this character during her earlier years. 

That may change or may not. Personally, I think her joining the Justice League should be a key to get, but that's just my one opinion there.

Part 3 has more Zatanna key comics, so just click that PART 3 link below to continue.


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    1. Captain Marvel is a hard character to foresee. Not a whole lot of interest in the character movie confirmation or not. The only word still is that The Rock has been cast for Black Adam.

      Give it some time, we still haven't even seen Batman v Superman yet.