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Monday, January 4, 2016

Justice League Dark Key Issues Part 4

This is the last part of these Justice League Dark key issues and many won't be too easy to find online except for eBay. Not because some are scarce, but mainly because some are considered junk and sites like ComicLink and ComicConnect won't even bother with many of these Modern issues.

Still, they are linked to the JLD in some way, and the exception out of the Modern stuff is Justice League Dark #1 which is a hot comic as of this writing. If you just stumbled upon this series, this Part 1 link will bring you to the start. 

This Part 3 link will bring you back in case you missed. Otherwise, the scroll option will reveal the last Justice League Dark key 1st appearance comics.

1st appearance of Pandora
1st appearance of Prime-Earth
1st appearance of Prime-Earth Flash
1st Prime Earth Bruce Wayne

Okay, here goes: Prime-Earth is not to be confused with Earth-Prime. They are different continuities or universes in the DC world of comics.

Reboots are a pain and often confusing if you don't keep up with them. So Prime-Earth is the primary continuity of the New 52, or so I believe. When the Flash and Pandora mess things up by messing with the Timestream in order to return things back to it's "intended nature", the DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm universes merged.

Of course, this created a whole new universe and continuity. Technically, this is the 1st appearance of Prime-Earth and this issue holds the 1st appearance of Pandora and where Barry Allen meets this particular entity.

Much like Phantom Stranger, Pandora committed an evil sin when she was human who lived in ancient Macedonia. She let loose the Seven Deadly Sins upon the world by accident.

Therefore she was punished and transformed into a being that would walk the Earth forever and experience the pain she wrought by releasing the spirits of evil upon man. Scars on her face would burn without relief when done so.

Through the ages, she saw and experienced the pain she brought upon man, and would decide to rebel against her punishment or destiny. Attempting to save people from the destruction they created, she soon learned that for every life that was saved, the spirits would destroy many more.

Pandora would learn magic and obtain fighting skills in order to combat these spirits of evil and was created by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. She is a known associate of the Justice League Dark and helped to fight Blight in the Forever Evil story line.

Now, Flashpoint #5 from the volume 2 series also has the 1st appearances of Prime-Earth Flash and Bruce Wayne. It's pretty much saying the 1st appearances of the New 52 Flash and Bruce Wayne.

So, I dunno much about Moderns, but this may be an important one to have in the future since Justice League Dark does reside in the New 52 continuity. Then again, it seems to be the latest gimmick for comic publishing companies to continually reboot continuity.

Estimated print run or sales during the year this came out is 94,547. Not exactly a rare comic, but it's most likely higher than that.

Flashpoint #5 has the cover date of October, 2011.

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1st appearance of A.R.G.U.S.

This one again? Yeah, I know.

The organization of A.R.G.U.S. has already been on the Arrow show, but this agency is also connected to many DC characters including Steve Trevor, Amanda Waller, and, more importantly, the Justice League Dark as well.

Actually, Wonder Woman's long-time love interest, Steve Trevor, is an A.R.G.U.S. agent and the one who gives the team the official code name of Justice League Dark. With Wonder Woman slated to appear on the big screen, Chris Pine tapped as Steve Trevor for Wonder Woman solo flick, Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller, and now a Justice League Dark in the works, it could be a plausible connection.

I'm thinking A.R.G.U.S. and Steve Trevor as a main agent has a very good chance of appearing on the big screen somewhere down the line. Justice League #7 first introduces this organization and they are connected to the origin of Justice League Dark. 

However, this comic does have a pretty high print run or estimated sales of around 131,697 or possibly a little bit more. 

This key issue has the cover date of May, 2012.

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1st Justice League Dark
1st issue to comic series

Although there's people debating about the 1st appearance of Justice League Dark, I'm gonna have to go with Justice League Dark #1 as their 1st official appearance after some thought. The main reason is because the concept of the team was created by Peter Milligan and Mikel Janín for the New 52.

The concept of the team wasn't created by Alan Moore even though he did use many of the characters and crossed them over into the Swamp Thing volume 2 series. Swamp Thing #49 and #50 are nice books to have, but I'm not exactly sold on labeling it the team's actual first appearance instead of just a cross-over or guest appearances of characters.

Of course, the debate possibly still rages on, but, hey, it is what it is. This comic is hot though, and I really didn't need to say that.

Estimated copies or sales of this one is around 62,856 to 74,971 copies. Justice League Dark #1 has the cover date of November, 2011.

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1st appearance of Alba Garcia as Black Orchid

If one were using common sense in the case of speculating on comics, the actual character that is associated with the team would be the one used for a movie, right? Alba Garcia as the Black Orchid is the actual incarnation of the character that is a member of the JLD.

But, we all know Hollyweird and how they like to mix things up for some odd reason. Speaking of A.R.G.U.S., Alba Garcia was known as Subject 28 for the organization.

Undergoing "Project Ascension", Alba was able to tap into both The Red and The Green. The Red is a force that which connects all animal life on the planet. Animal Man and Beast Boy are tapped into The Red.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what The Green is. Well, it's an elemental force that connects all plant life on the planet. Swamp Thing is connected to The Green.

Anywho, Alba Garcia as Black Orchid was an agent of A.R.G.U.S. before Steve Trevor assigned her to the Justice League Dark. This version of the character was created by Jeff Lemire and Mikel Janín. 

This comic has an estimated sales or print run of around 34,649 copies. July, 2012 is the cover date for Justice League Dark #9.

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1st appearance of Nightmare Nurse

The Justice League Dark appears in this issue of Phantom Stranger #8 volume 4, and this issue contains the 1st appearance of another would-be JLD member. This member is Nightmare Nurse, and she is currently in the line up.

Dan Didio and J.M. DeMatteis created the character. She is mysterious and not much is known about her so far, except that her and John Constantine had a romantic past.

Nightmare Nurse has the power to heal the most mystical or supernatural severe wounds. Phantom Stranger #8 volume 4 has an estimated print run of around 16,269 or a little higher with the cover date of July, 2013.

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2nd appearance Alec Holland Swamp Thing
1st full appearance of Anton Arcane
1st brief appearance of Patchwork Man

This is a make up call courtesy of Mr. Max Rebo. Sometimes I do these lists with the intention of including a key issue in order, but my brain is one step ahead and I skip it by accident without meaning to.

So, Arcane's 1st brief or cameo appearance is in Swamp Thing #1 of this series, and his 1st full appearance is noted by some sources as being this issue. CGC and Overstreet do not currently though.

Overstreet does note this issue as the 1st brief appearance of Patchwork Man, however. Not sure exactly how significant or popular Patchwork Man is, but rumor has it that Anton Arcane will be baddie in the JL Dark flick.

Not quite sure if he will be the big bad or not since no confirmations of casting has really been made as of yet. So, proceed or not with some risk in mind if you plan on speculating on this one.

1st full appearance of Anton Arcane and 1st brief appearance of Patchwork Man isn't all this key issue has going for it. It also holds the 2nd appearance of Alec Holland as the Swamp Thing and it's the 3rd over-all appearance of the comic character.

Swamp Thing #2 from the character's very first solo series has the cover date of  January, 1973.

1st appearance of Andrew Bennett (I,  Vampire)

We have another make up call here, and Andrew Bennet is a member of the Justice League Dark. Actually, he's on and off again member.

Of course, when you're dealing with a team that deals with the supernatural, vampires are gonna pop up sooner  or later. After all, you got Frankenstein as a member, and I'm pretty sure the bloodsuckers don't wanna get left out now.

Not saying I, Vampire has a good shot of being in the flick or not or what, but he was a member in issue #40 of the JLD comic series. I don't think he's really a core member though, and this is a just in case those crazy screen writers wanna get all weird and start throwing in some vampires later down the road.

Personally, I hope they don't and just stick with demons. So this is the original version of the character and not the New 52 rebooted continuity. I, Vampire was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Tom Sutton.

The Prime-Earth or New 52 version of the character - the one who is a member of JLD in that continuity - 1st appeared in I, Vampire #1 volume 1. That comic has the cover date of November, 2011.

If you really want to speculate on stuff like that, feel free. I'm not recommending it or anything, just presenting the option for those who prefer or are looking for cheaper key issues. Then again, I guess super fans of the character might wanna know as well.

So it's all good, but enough with all the confusing jargon for this character. The very 1st appearance and incarnation of Andrew Bennett as I, Vampire is in House of Mystery #290 and has the cover date of March, 1981.

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When it comes to estimated sales of print run information on some of these comics, they should not be treated as written in stone or exact numbers. ComicChron has compiled this info, but even they admit that the numbers are based off of what comic shops ordered in North America and should be considered as estimates.

Still, the site is a wonderful guide when it comes to that.

As for this Justice League Dark key issues or key comics series, I am calling it here. Most on here are quite a gamble even for the short-term.

A few may be worth picking up. Up to you all to decide. After all, this is just a reference guide of sorts, and if you have some other picks in mind, just comment on them below.

I'm sure other readers would love to hear them, but before I sign off, I'll throw out one last consideration. 

Strange Adventures #187. It's the 1st appearance of the Enchantress, and she was the 1st villain the JLD faced off against in the comics. Also, and as we all know, the character is set to appear in Suicide Squad.

It would be quite plausible if she was a baddie for the JLD movie as well or at some point. Just something to further consider.

Alright, off to something else, but see you ladies and gents soon. Enjoy the new year.



  1. Hey Mayhem - thanks for another great list - I find myself really looking forward to these during the week. I especially found this one interesting as I've been looking forward to this film finally getting off the ground. I've made a point of grabbing my Hawkman 4 - I was wondering what you thought of Showcase 60 as an investment. I'm not sure if the spectre shows up in JLD but I know he was in the Swamp Thing 49 & 50 - although reading what you said about those comics I'd have to agree with you. Still a cool supernatural DC legacy character. Thanks again for the fun advice and research

  2. Hey Mayhem,

    a Batman 357 just slipped through my hand for 120 bucks on ebay. Everything Suicide Squad is ultra hot right now. But to be honest, I' d rather invest in Justice League Dark characters. The whole thing seems more promising to me. Just a feeling after the Suicide Squad Trailer I saw... So, thanks for the list which will be the ultimate reference for quite some time to come.

    Speculation Jones

  3. Just got a VF copy of Demon 1 to add to my Hawkman 4, Strange Adventures 205, Showcase 80, HOS 92, and Swamp Thing 20,21 from this JL Dark key list. My next book from this list to get will be Swamp Thing 1.