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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Justice League Dark Key Comics Part 3

Quite a few of these keys in Part 3 to this Justice League Dark key comics series is quite reaching. "Quite reaching" as in really, really speculating.

I think there's only three of them that's a really good bet. The others? Well, they are slightly arguable possibilities.

All in all, some interesting stuff in case you didn't know. If you did, you're already one step ahead and my apologies for boring the crap outta ya.

Okay, I'm not really sorry, but if you missed Part 2, the blue link will transport ya back. If you're good to go, here's the next batch of key issue goodness...Well, sort of. You decide on that.

1st appearance of Doctor Mist

In later continuity, Doctor Mist becomes an Agent of A.R.G.U.S., but ends of double-crossing the team to get his hands on the Books of Magic for Felix Faust. The character was also a member of the JLD for a bit as well.

The character first appeared in this comic right here. This Dr. Mist is Nommo, a wizard king of the African nation of Kor

He is immortal and can also cast spells of illusion and enchantment. However, this comic isn't considered part of continuity of the time. Super Friends, as we know who grew up watching the show, was a cartoon. 

Like the Batman Adventures comic series, that world in those comics aren't  part or considered part of mainstream continuity. Super Friends #12 is still his 1st appearance in comics, just not in mainstream continuity. 

Dr. Mist's 1st appearance in continuity is in DC Comics Presents #46. No idea if that's a big deal or should be a big deal or what. Just thought I'd bring it up for the hell of it since we're on the subject, and who really knows what collectors take to and don't.

Just look at Batman: Harley Quinn #1, but then again, Dr. Mist is no Harley Quinn for sure. Since we're getting all technical, his first appearance in the New 52 is in Justice League Dark #9.

We will cover JLD #9 soon enough. Super Friends #12 has the cover date of July, 1978.

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1st appearance of Amethyst (Amy Winston)

Alright, yeah, I know, Amethyst Princess of Gem World. I'd say that this is a huge stretch as well to see this character join the roster of any Justice League Dark movie.

She was a very brief member, and this version of the character didn't join the JLA Dark for a brief moment. It was actually the Amethyst New 52 version.

Still, you know me. Don't like to leave any stone unturned  and try my best not to. If for some crazy reason this character does end up being cast, shoot me!

Just kidding...sort of. Anyways, you know the drill. Hype might push up her original 1st appearance if this character somehow mystically was chosen to get her live action on in the movie franchise.

This character is later connected to the current magic and sorcery aspect of DC Comics & Justice League Dark, though. 

When Dark Opal arose to challenge Amy's parents as the supreme and most powerful magic users of Gem World, Amy's parents and rulers of Gem World were slayed. Citrina, known as the witch-mother, smuggled Amy to Earth where she was raised by the Winstons.

When she was 13, Amy discovered that she was a princess from a magical world. I think one of the creator's daughters must of gave of them this idea.

I'm gonna stop there before I turn into a frog. Legion of Super-Heroes #298 has the cover date of April, 1983. 

1st Alan Moore DC Comics work
1st Alan Moore in titled series
New Origin

This definitely isn't a Swamp Thing key issues list. After all, it's a Justice League Dark 1st appearances keys list.

But, hell, since we're being a bit more technical and stuff, these two keys should be considered. I think Ace brought them up in a comment a while back on one of the Hot Investment Comics of 2015 posts. It stuck in my mind since then, so I thought why the hell not, right?

So we've talked a little bit about character versions of this and that and hippity dippity do. I will not be doing that for every character reboot.

On the other hand, if were talking about the version of the Swamp Thing in Justice League Dark, that version stems or is deeply rooted from the revamp that Alan Moore made on the character in these two issues.

Like mentioned in the other Swamp Thing key issues featured in this JLD key issues series, Swamp Thing was first a human mutated into a horrid vegetable-creature. Alan Moore made Swamp Thing a true monster and a form of plant life connected to The Green. If you don't know about what the hell that is, you'll learn more about it when we get to Alba Garcia as the Black Orchid.

In Alan Moore's revamp, he did not have Alec Holland as the Swamp Thing. Instead, upon Alec Holland's death, the Swamp Thing somehow absorbed Holland's consciousness, and the new origin of Swamp Thing is in issue #21 of this comic series.

But that's not where the action stops, folks. Actually, Alan Moore was responsible for reviving or revamping many of DC's supernatural and magical characters that were neglected or fell out of favor with readers.

That's why you often see the use of characters like Deadman, Demon, Spectre, and Phantom Stranger in his run. So, while Alan Moore did not technically create the Justice League Dark, I bet his work definitely inspired the team that Peter Milligan and Mikel Janín created so many years after.

So, these two are mentioned here, despite the fact this series isn't a Swamp Thing key issues list and I debated about it for a good five seconds. Volume 2, Swamp Thing #20 & #21 has the cover dates of January and February, 1984.

1st appearance of Constantine

In the comics, John Constantine is one of the core members of the Justice League Dark and this key issue is definitely no surprise. Rumors are already spreading around for the casting of this character for the movie.

I already mentioned this bad boy in the Hellblazer Key Issues series or list. It is a pretty hot Copper Age comic, and even despite the Hellblazer TV show bombing, it seems Warner and DC keep bringing this character around for live action goodness.

Con man, occult detective, and magician, Constantine is a creation of Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette, and John Totleben. The character's look was modeled off of the musician Sting.

Although regarded as one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC Universe, he rarely uses his magic skills and prefers to trick his enemies with his wits.

Swamp Thing #37 volume 2 has the cover date of June, 1985.

1st appearance of Flora Black
Neil Gaiman's1st professional DC Comics work
Death of Susan Linden Thorne

This one here is just in case. Once again, I'm not even sure if Black Orchid will even be in the Justice League Dark movie or what.

Furthermore, it's highly unclear what version of the character they'll even use. It shouldn't be any surprise that comic book movies and TV shows switch things up and use the less likely of choices as opposed to the one that makes most sense.

So on that note, Black Orchid #1 holds the 1st appearance of the 2nd incarnation of Black Orchid, a character known as Flora Black.

This 2nd Black Orchid produces pheromones to control minds much like Purple Man from Marvel. This issue marks the 1st professional DC Comics work for Neil Gaiman, and this comic series also reveals the accepted origin of the original Black Orchid, Susan Linden Thorne.

So, honestly, whether Black Orchid appears in a Justice League Dark movie or not, this isn't a bad key issue to have for fans of the character and Neil Gaiman's work on DC. Black Orchid #1 has the cover date of 1988.

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1st appearance of Suzy Linden II

Pretty much pure speculation with this one also, but it's best not to leave any stone unturned. Suzy Linden II was the child version of Flora Black in this comic series, and was her sidekick or companion for a while.

As a grown up, she is identical to Flora Black, but as a child, Suzy Linden II had more of the conscious and memories of the original Black Orchid than Flora. However, much like Flora, as Suzy grew older, the memories and aware consciousness of Susan Linden Thorne faded.

At least, I think that's how it goes. Neil Gaiman's stuff is kinda out there. Entertaining, but out there. 

Suzy Linden II would claim the mantle and become the 3rd Black Orchid after Flora's death. Black Orchid #2 has the cover date of January, 1989.

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1st appearance of Timothy Hunter
1st issue to mini-series

Hey, you never know about these things. When you have a team in which many of the members are deeply rooted in the magical aspect of DC Comics, you gotta flip up some pretty odd stones just in case.

So Timothy Hunter is a character that's predestined to become the most powerful magician of his age in the world of DC Comics. He's also destined to wield the Books of Magic. This character is deeply tied to Zatanna, who took Hunter under her wing as a mentor.

He appears in issue #11 and was a brief supporting character in the Justice League Dark titled series. Still, you never know?

Definitely a stretch, but audiences love a good prophecy story. Timothy Hunter was created by Neil Gaiman and The Books of Magic #1 has the cover date of  January, 1990.

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JLA #6
1st appearance of Zauriel

Well, if you gonna have demons n shtuff, you gotta have angels too. Zauriel was an angel and served Heaven for millions of years. 

He was one of the four hosts of Heaven: Eagle, Bull, Lion, and Human. Zauriel is the Eagle host.

Falling in love with a human woman and learning of the plans of the King-Angel of the Bull Host (Asmodel) to overthrow The Presence (God), Zauriel pleaded his case to the four King-Angels to allow him to abandon his post in order to escape Asmodel's wrath. 

The other King-Angels warned Zauriel of another angel that was in another similar situation named Michael who fell in love with a mortal. Things did not go as planned for the angel Michael and he ended up alone and broken hearted, unable to return to Heaven.

Zauriel did not listen to the King-Angels and descended to Earth, becoming mortal. However, he still kept his angel-like powers of flight, super strength and his sonic scream.

Zauriel joined the JLA and is still considered an active member. He joined Justice League Dark briefly to help fight Blight, but that is the New 52 version of the character. 

Zauriel's 1st appearance in the New 52 or Prime-Earth continuity is in the Phantom Stranger #10 volume 4 comic book. Well, what do ya know, a Phantom Stranger connection. 

JLA #6 has the cover date of June, 1997 and marks the 1st appearance of the original New-Earth Zauriel. Can never go wrong with angels when you got a team that deals with demons, magic, the supernatural and the basically the occult.

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1st appearance of Mindwarp

Mindwarp 1st appeared in this mini-series and was part of the Secret Seven team before he was eventually recruited into the Justice League Dark quite briefly. Like Shade, he also seemed to lose control of his powers and had to bow out shortly after.

Relatively new character and pure speculation concerning this 1st appearance. Mindwarp is Jay Young and possesses the powers of telepathy and astral projection.

The character was later killed by Felix Faust and was a very minor team member of the JL Dark. Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2 has the cover date of September, 2011.

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So, not gonna say much more about these. Most of these are some hard speculations for sure.

Up to you on which you want to speculate on or if at all. We do have a Part 4 coming up and that will be the last Part to this Justice League Dark key comics series or rather 1st appearances of some of the members or supporting characters.

As usual, there will be some make up calls in Part 4 as well. Click the link to carry on to Part 4 and see you soon!


  1. Okay so after doing research I've compiled a list of potential comic investments. Which of these do you think are the top ten if I were to hold on to it for 20+ years?
    Hulk #180 Cgc 8.5
    Fantastic Four #45 Cgc 5.0
    Fantastic Four #52 Cgc 7.0
    Marvel superheroes #12 Cgc 8.0
    Marvel superheroes #13 Cgc 7.0
    Strange tales #126 Cgc 7.0
    Marvel spotlight #5 Cgc 7.5
    Marvel Premiere #15 Cgc 9.0
    Avengers #8 Cgc 7.0
    Iron Fist #14 Cgc 9.6
    Avengers #57 Cgc 8.0
    Tales to Astonish #44 Cgc 4.5
    Fantastic Four #48 Cgc 6.0
    Daredevil 131 Cgc 9.4
    Xmen #12 Cgc 5.0
    Ms Marvel #18 Cgc 9.6
    Captain Atom #83 Cgc 6.0
    Detective Comics #359 Cgc 6.0
    Forever people #1 Cgc 9.4
    Flash #110 Cgc 5.0
    Hawkman #4 Cgc 6.0
    Batman #232 Cgc 8.5
    Batman #181 Cgc 6.5
    Batman #155 Cgc 6.5
    Green Lantern #7 Cgc 5.5

    1. You need to consider some spider-man. Never a bad investment, and you can get a decent early book graded for 750.

    2. True! Picking up Silver Age Spiderman and X-Men is like investing in gold!


    3. I'm gonna be honest here, I usually don't like answering these choose the top 10 comic investments out of 20+ investments that will be the best ones in 20+ years lists.

      For one, no one has a crystal ball and can foresee what's going to happen in 20 years. A huge comet could hit the Earth for all we know and completely mess things up. This market may crash in the next 5 or 10 years, because A. Nothing lasts forever and B. People just may get frustrated and tired of the fast bloating of prices.

      Two, this comic market is not like anything we've ever seen before - Prices rising quite fast for some keys and then falling fast for some keys as well.

      Lot's of people letting go or just flipping comics for the ka-ching.

      The only thing I could offer is what I would gun for, but not necessarily based on 20+ years but on the mentality of the current market. Once again, that mentality could change at any given time. This is in no particular order of importance:

      1. Flash #110 - Early Silver age key. Really low CGC Census, even for low grades 5.5 and under.

      2. Tales to Astonish #44 - Early Marvel Comics Silver Age key. Early Marvel female S.A. super hero. Grossly under-valued currently.

      3. Forever People #1 - Still room to grow. Highly popular DC villain.

      4. X-Men #12 - Origin of Professor X and 1st appearance of Juggernaut? 'Nuff said there, but I'd up the grade more than a 5.0.

      5. Iron Fist #14 - Major Wolverine villain. Disparity of values between 9.8s and 9.6s currently. Still room to grow for grade you chose.

      6. Batman #232 - Highly popular DC villain. Still performing well. Not too many sales of this Bronze Age key over-all, especially at 8.5 and higher grades.

      7. Green Lantern #7 - Under-valued for a major Green Lantern villain and very low CGC Census for a major Silver Age DC key. Scarce in the current market.

      8. Hawkman #4 - Low CGC Census for a Silver Age 1964 comic compared to quite a few Marvel keys the same year and even before it. 1st appearance under-valued in my opinion.

      9. Batman #181 - Low CGC Census compared to other significant Marvel keys in 1966 and even before it. Performs well even without movie hype pushing demand.

      10. Hulk #180 - A bit biased opinion as Wolverine is my guy, but not totally based on bias. Definitely not scarce, but disparity between 9.8s and 9.6s. 9.6s have room to grow as well as 9.4s. This may leave room for grades below to grow as well. Not guaranteed though, but nothing is when you're investing in anything.

      Once again, there is no solid way to compare the comic boom we are in right now to how the comic market will look 20+ years from now. I'm just being honest here about that.

      I do agree with the statements about some early Silver Age Spider-Man keys though. Those are always good to get.

    4. Any of those you recommend?

    5. "The only thing I could offer is what I would gun for"...

  2. Just my personal opinion, but I would get all the ones graded 8,5 and higher. If people loose interest in a comic, the ones in a bad condition will suffer the most. Characterwise I see the highest potential for Iron Fist, Mystique, Sabretooth, Black Panther, Zatanna, Poison Ivy and Darkseid. But, to be honest, there is not really a bad apple in that list.

    Max Rebo

    1. Thank you max, I was really surprised at what the 1st mystique was priced at ver undervalued in my opinion. And I feel like the forever people 1 has the same growth potential if not more than ironman 55.
      And one last thing what do you think hulk 180 is it still a good investment? Tcm has recommended it for years and my question was does it still have growth potential compared to some of the other ones? And I have collected Comics for 5 years but I told myself I would start has an investor this year so this is all pretty much new to me.

  3. I think this one is one for Mayhem. I can not foretell the future and to look 20 years ahead is pretty hard. I will try to sum up the pros and contras so you can decide.

    The good
    - Wolverine is definitely one of the top 10 Marvel characters
    - Great movie potential
    - No problem selling this one

    The bad
    - Many copies going around
    - 181 still is the big one
    - prices are allready up there

    All in all I would still give a thumbs up for a 8.5 copy if its not to expensive.

    Max Rebo

    1. Thanks again for the insight
      8.5 are around $500 but 9.2s arent much higher for the grade increase at $700-800

  4. I tell u what those asm 1 r starting to get up there now that only ur rich uncle tony can buy one. JW