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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Aquaman May Have Found His Mera!

While fans are waiting to see Aquaman make his big screen movie debut in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out this year, it may seem that Jason Mamoa is closer to finding his leading lady. That's right, rumors in the comic book movie news world has it that a certain actress is in talks with the studio for the role of Mera, and this gossip has been heating up and making the rounds lately. 

Who is the lucky actress that might covet this important Atlantean role? Well, none other than Johnny Depp's girl and recent wife, Amber Heard.

The Austin, Texas born actress has played in such movies as Friday Night Lights, 3 Days to Kill, The Rum Diary, and if all things go well, she may step foot on the big screen as the iconic Queen of Atlantis from DC Comics. 

Looks-wise, Amber Heard does fit the bill for the character. Just a minor tint of red in the ole hair and it's a go.

As most comic fans know, Mera is Aquaman's wife and thus the Queen of Atlantis. Her 1st appearance is in Aquaman #11 volume 1 and the character did debut in the Silver Age of comic goodness.

She married Aquaman in Aquaman #18, but it seems more likely that the on-screen character will already be introduced as the King of Atlantis's wife. Well, at least, common sense would dictate that and it would be a lot less messier to just have her character jump right into that important part of her mythos.

It's been reported that her character will appear in 2017's Justice League movie before the Aquaman solo movie slated so far for 2018. Good stuff and I figure it would probably best to keep another back story to a minimum since there's already a lot going on in the newly spawned DC shared cinematic world on the silver screen! Like mentioned before, who knows?

Originally in the comics concerning Mera, she is originally from Dimension Aqua (Aquaman #11), otherwise known as Xebel. Actually, she was originally the Queen of Xebel and created by Nick Cardy and Jack Miller.

It would be surprising if they used that bit of comic mythos for Mera in the movies concerning her roots, and it would be less surprising if they just used Xebel as another undersea kingdom ruled by off-shoot descendants of Atlanteans. In the Brightest Day #6 story, her origins are revamped by Geoff Johns.

In this revamped origin, she is a princess of Xebel instead of Queen, and Xebel was a forgotten penal colony for an ancient group of Atlantean separatists. Okay, it should be added that this penal colony is still also in another dimension.

So Mera was sent across dimensions by her father, The King of Xebel, to actually kill the King of Atlantis. Instead, she fell in love with Arthur Curry or better known as Aquaman. 

Although Xebel once being a forgotten penal colony is interesting for cinematic use, I think they'll either just have Mera an Atlantean at birth or have her from a Xebel that's populated by an ancient group from the Atlantlean race that migrated elsewhere a long, long time ago. Who knows with Hollyweird, though, but even I would be surprised if they used the another dimension route.

In the New 52 or Prime Earth version of the character, Mera is already Aquaman's lover and the Queen of Atlantis. Both 1st appearances of the New 52 Prime Earth Aquaman and Mera are in Aquaman #1 volume 7 if you were wondering.

Mera does have an identical twin sister name Hila. The original character only had one appearance during the Silver Age and appeared in Aquaman #22 from the 1st series. 

The character does make other appearances in different continuities like New Earth and Prime Earth, but she hasn't made many appearances in comics over-all. No clue whether this character will be used on-screen or not, but her original and 1st appearance is a Silver Age Aquaman key. 

Oh, yes, and Atlantis 1st appeared all the way back Action Comics #18 from the Golden Age of comics. Well, at least, in the DC world of comics. 

That first appearance of Atlantis in DC Comics was in the Zatara story: "The Atlantis Mystery". The under sea city of legend was first mentioned in Action Comics #17, which was also in a Zatara story and titled, "The Peril of Ophir". No, Aquaman was not featured in either story nor both comic issues.

So, nothing's been confirmed about casting of this character as of yet, but it seems that this character will definitely be a part of the DC Cinematic Universe. I'm sure we'll hear about a confirmation pretty soon, and I'm all for Amber Heard as Mera.


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