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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Adam Warlock Key Comic Books

I've talked about Adam Warlock key comic books here and there and on various different posts, but never did a consolidated list for the dude. Wayne Brown suggested it, and I think it's a bit overdue to be honest.

However, this market is moving fast with various comic movie and tv news, so a series like this passed by me radar. Although, some are cut and pasted from the key issues list they came from, I have been adding new details to a bit of them.

Also, we have some newly 1st or 2nd appearance changes for some characters and some warnings about the 1st appearances of other characters tied to Adam Warlock. You'll see more of what I mean about those in Part 2.

Alright, here we go!

Origin of HIM begins

A comic that sets up the introduction of a character that I've been long talking about and recommending getting, there's quite a bit of keys that surround the first appearances of Adam Warlock. This mostly has to do with the fact that the character started out as HIM.

This issue begins the origin of HIM, and although we don't see HIM in this comic, we do see his cocoon. It is the same cocoon that has been shown at the end of Thor The Dark World, and recently once again in Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you haven't been keeping up with the rumors, there are some that are speculating that Adam Warlock just may be Peter Quill's father in Marvel movie universe, but that's been struck down by James Gunn. This comic was published September, 1967.

First brief appearance of HIM

Another issue concerning Adam Warlock that I've suggested snagging some time ago, Fantastic Four continues and ends the origin of HIM, and we do get to see the first brief appearance of HIM, who ends up becoming Adam Warlock during the Bronze Age of comics. Demand for this comic heated up and got some play a while ago, but I'm not entirely sure how it's doing currently. 

This comic is also the 2nd part to the 1st origin of HIM. Some are saying that issue #66 and #67 shouldn't be noted as origins, but I'm like, Say what?

Fantastic Four #66 and #67 very much tells the origin of HIM and how the Beehive scientists have been working on creating an artificial life form (HIM). HIM then breaks out in issue #66 but is not shown until this issue #67., yeah, I think Fantastic Four #66 & #67 does qualify as an origin/back story to the creation of HIM and who created HIM. As we all know, HIM later becomes Adam Warlock. 

Adam Warlock as HIM was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and October, 1967 is the cover date for this key issue.

Thor #165 comic cover
First full appearance HIM (Adam Warlock)

With the rumors circulating about Adam Warlock having a very high chance of the character leading up to an onscreen debut, this comic has been gaining a push in demand without even confirmation yet. This is considered the first full appearance of Adam Warlock, as the character HIM.

Lots of debate about whether this issue should be the first appearance of Adam Warlock or Marvel Premiere #1, but for the nay sayers HIM is an early version of Adam Warlock. Even those who revamped the character - Roy Thomas and Gil Kane - admit to taking HIM and consciously recreating or revamping HIM into Adam Warlock.

Regardless, this issue is heating up and a nod to the character in cocoon form was seen in the end credit scene in Thor The Dark World. Still no word about Adam Warlock in a flick though, but Overstreet has not changed the notation of this book so far.

After HIM revives himself from his cocoon once again, he decides that he is lonely and needs companionship. He meets Sif, and, well, Sif is a hottie. Can't blame a brutha for trying.

Of course, this brings HIM into conflict with Thor though. Cover date for this key issue is June, 1969.

Thor #166 image
2nd appearance of HIM (Adam Warlock)

Some like to get all the major appearances of a character. Some like to get the first and 2nd appearances. Well, if that's you and you're on the hunt for Adam Warlock keys, then Thor #166 is considered the 2nd full appearance of Adam Warlock as HIM.

This issue has become easier to find since the last I spoke of it in the Thor key issues. So, HIM is able to take Sif from the Thunder God and get on outta there. 
Needless to say, Thor is mighty pissed and goes into a Warrior's Madness. Goldie Locks tracks down HIM and an epic beat down ensues.

A beat down for Sif, though? I'd say that's mighty worth it. Thor #166 has the cover date of June, 1969.

Marvel Premiere #1 Adam Warlock cover
Origin of Adam Warlock
First appearance as Warlock
1st appearance of Soul Gem
1st issue of comic series
1st appearance of Counter-Earth

Wow, I've talked about and mentioned this beast a few times already, but added some more key notations not highly recognized in the current market. Right now the official key issue status of this comic is the origin of Adam Warlock.

However, there's an argument in the comic community about how this comic should be the first appearance of Adam Warlock. I'm not with that party, but I do believe this should be the first appearance as Warlock. 

In this issue, he is simply given the name of Warlock. In Marvel Premiere #2, he Christened with the 1st name of Adam. 1st appearance as Warlock sounds about right. 

Then again, that just may be pushing some more nonsense key notations. However, it is the first time he is given the name Warlock, obviously since it's on the cover.

But I'm going to get into more specifics concerning this character and this issue. So after HIM's rebirth, the High Evolutionary renames him Warlock and also gives him the Soul Gem.

High Evolutionary starts off as a guide and mentor of sorts to the newly reborn Godling. With a sense of purpose and direction supplied by the High Evolutionary, Warlock arrives on Counter-Earth.

This place is an experiment of the High Evolutionary that was to be a Utopian society until it was contaminated by the Man-Beast. This Man-Beast is also another creation of the High Evolutionary gone wrong.

So we have the first appearance of Counter-Earth in this issue, the 1st appearance of the Soul Gem, origin of Adam Warlock part 1, and 1st issue to the Marvel Premiere comic series. Not a bad list of key issue goodness.

Marvel Premiere #1 has the cover date of April, 1972.

Marvel Premiere 2 Adam Warlock
2nd issue
First appearance as Adam Warlock?
Given the 1st name Adam in this issue
Origin continues

2nd issue to Marvel Premiere and features the first appearance of the character as Adam Warlock. Not as HIM or just Warlock, but Adam Warlock.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'd know that the character was revamped from the character of HIM. This issue isn't really widely known as of yet, and quite a few fans are pushing for this to be the first appearance as Adam Warlock in comics. 

Technically it's right, but Adam Warlock's character is still a reincarnation of HIM, which I believe crumbles some fans' argument that Marvel Premiere #1 should be the first appearance of Adam Warlock.

Also, this issue is where he is given the 1st name of Adam, so he is fully known as Adam Warlock in Marvel Premiere #2. Not really sure if industry qualifies that or even cares about that in any regard.

The industry has yet to officially recognize either issue, but I suppose all this nit-pickery could just be pushing it. Who knows?

Overstreet also does not note this issue of any importance either, but it is still significant nonetheless. This issue marks the 1st time he is given the full name of Adam Warlock. Ta-Dah!

Man-Beast is still Adam Warlock's nemesis on Counter-Earth in this issue, and, yes, Counter-Earth has it's version of Peter Parker, Victor von Doom and the likes, but there were no super heroes. Adam Warlock would become Counter-Earth's 1st super hero.

Marvel Premiere #2 has the cover date of May, 1972.

I was not going to release this Adam Warlock key issues series until a bit later, but there was some urgency so I decided to publish it earlier than scheduled. You'll see what I mean when we get into Part 2 so just click the link below to continue.


  1. I'm going to be pretty disappointed if the MCU doesn't include Warlock in the Infinity War films. He is to important of a character to that storyline to leave out. Plus because I have five out of the six books listed above. A great start to this key list. Had a good feeling this one was coming.

  2. Don' t ya forget Pip the Troll, ye ole sidekick of Him / Her / Warlock / Adam ;-)


  3. Wow, my man Mayhem!! thanx a lot for crushing this one out! Adam Warlock is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, he's a badass!

    Keep up the great work! And thanx again!