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Friday, December 11, 2015

Undervalued and Sleeper Comics Part 6

Undervalued comics? Sleeper comics?

We have a few more for you here in Part 6 to this series. While these can be argued either way, I'm going to try to give a few good reasons as to why they are.

Yep, I'll be upping the game a bit and comparing them to other comics in their range or significance, and like I've said in Part 5, this is not to say which are overvalued or which should be more valuable than the other.

This is undervalued or sleeper comics. Some are well-known and some aren't.

Remember, this isn't about what I or you can or can't afford. It's not about what comics are still cheap. There will be comics that are already valuable and might be out of reach for some already.

However, just because they are valuable, doesn't mean they aren't undervalued compared to something else that's roughly in the same caliber as the comic in question.

With that said again, click the link if you missed Part 5. Otherwise, enjoy the next batch.

Caliber Presents #1 comic coverCALIBER PRESENTS #1
1st appearance of the Crow

Copper Age independent comic during the rise of indie comics can mean low print run. In the case of the first appearance of the Crow in Caliber Presents #1, this is true.

So far the number of estimated print run is about 10,000 for this comic, and it is a comic with substance for sure. This is no sleeper comic anymore, and the Crow has been on the map in the comic collecting world since Brandon Lee played the character in the first Crow movie that came out in the 90s.

Talks of a reboot have been circulating for quite some time, but the question is, Why is this still undervalued? Comparing it to the Crow #1, Caliber Presents #1 has around the same estimated print run, yet Crow #1 is a lot more valuable.

Caliber Presents #1 sold on eBay in 2015 at around the higher $300 to $400 range for CGC 9.8s. The Crow #1 recently sold for $900 and before that it boggled in the $600 to $700 range for CGC 9.8s during the year and 2014.


Both aren't easy finds at high grades, so, yes, Caliber Presents #1 is undervalued. I could compare 9.8 values of this comic to the Frank Miller 1st prints of Batman The Dark Knight #1 from 1986 also, which probably has a much higher print run.

Even that comic has been selling better than Caliber Presents #1 for most of 2015, boggling in-between the $700 to $800 range. So, yeah, I think Caliber Presents #1 should be considered undervalued, and the fact that it is, is quite a head scratcher.

Lowest print run in series

If we're going to talk about low print runs, let's talk about a comic in a highly regarded comic series that eventually became a fan-favorite movie in the 90s. Sure the comics did achieve a level of fandom, but that movie branded the character of the Crow into the minds of mostly every comic fan then and even to this day.

The movie was based on this four part comic series, and even though the entire 1st Crow comic series had low print runs, issue #3 is the lowest at only an estimated 5,000 copies. The 2nd issue had roughly 7,000 copies, 1st issue was around 10,000, and issue #4 at 12,000 copies or so.

There is a 2nd printing of this book, but 1st printings are not easy finds online or off. Be careful!

If the inside cover states other copyright dates for 2nd or 3rd prints below the legend, it is not a 1st print. A 1st print of issues #1-3 will only have one copyright date and will not state any later printing dates.

The 4th issue did not have any later printings. Many of the comics you'll find of this issue in the market are reprints.

The Crow #3 isn't a sleeper by any means, but 1st prints are undervalued. Issue #1 is already up there, and issue #2 is getting there but still pretty undervalued in the current market. There are not many high grade slabs in the CGC Census for this book, and there are only nine 9.8s registered so far for 1st printings of the Crow #3.

eBay | mycomicshop | ComicLink | ComicConnect

Warrior Comics #1 image
1st appearance of V for Vendetta

Either this is a sleeper or just not cared for by the majority of the market currently, but there are things that are for certain considering this comic. For one, it has the 1st appearance of V for Vendetta.

Two, yep, the character is a creation of legendary comic writer Alan Moore. I don't even have to go on from here, but I will.

Three, it's freakin' really scarce in the market. Actually, I couldn't even find the listing in the multiple Overstreet guides I own.

I mentioned this comic way back in March, 2014 in the Miscellaneous Key Issue Comics to Invest In series, but it really does seem that this is a hard-to-find book. Zero CGC copies so far on eBay, and only 6 total registered copies in the census currently.

Okay, nevermind, I will still call this one a sleeper. Undervalued? Kinda hard to say, but if it is truly as scarce as it is currently, may be so.

Anyways, a Bronze Age comic magazine of significance that's still not that widely known. Find this one out there from a seller who doesn't know what he or she's got, you know what to do.

1st appearance of S.T.A.R. Labs

S.T.A.R. Labs has been a well-known research facility in the DC Comics Universe. It's where Silas Stone and Eleanor Stone created and turned their son Victor Stone into Cyborg of the Teen Titans.

In the world of T.V., this research facility has been featured or mentioned on such shows as Lois & Clark, The New Adventures of Superman, Superman: The Animated Series, Arrow, and the 1990 Flash T.V. series and new Flash T.V. series. However, this comic remains a sleeper.

Overstreet and CGC neglect to note this 1st appearance of S.T.A.R. Labs for Superman #246.  Instead, they both note it as a "World of Krypton story".

Other than the new Flash T.V. series, which features the research facility often, it's most likely S.T.A.R. Labs will be featured in the upcoming DC Comics' movies, especially since Victor Stone will appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the solo Cyborg movie that's slated to come after. Superman #246 is a sleeper, but not saying it's undervalued.

I do think S.T.A.R. Labs has become an important organization in DC Comics since it first appeared in this issue in late 1971. Just putting it out there for those who are fans of DC Comics.

1st appearance of Teen Titans

When it comes to superhero teams in the world of comics, the Teen Titans is perhaps one of the most recognized. Whether you're a DC or Marvel fan, you've at least heard of the Teen Titans.

Well, at least, you could say that Teen Titans is definitely in the top 10 of most well-known superhero groups. Narrow it down to just DC Comics, and it's at least in the top 5.

So this comic definitely ain't no sleeper. The Teen Titans have long been associated with the Justice League of America, the most popular DC Comics superhero team in that universe for sure.

The cartoons have put this superhero team in the minds of many youth who grew up on the animated series. However, Brave and the Bold #54 (1964) and the 1st appearance of the original Teen Titans is pretty undervalued.

Silver Age goodie here, but Overstreet only has this comic worth $1,100 at low NM 9.2s. The last eBay sale for CGC 9.2s last year was only for $1,525.

Take into account that Avengers #1 from 1963 is guided at a whopping $33,000 for a NM minus 9.2 and X-Men #1 (also 1963) is at $44,000 for the same grade, and I think Brave and the Bold #54 should be more valuable. Key word here is "should".

Now, I ain't saying that the Teen Titans or this version of the group is as or more popular than the Avengers or the X-Men, nor am I saying that this comic should be just as valuable. All I'm saying is that it's pretty undervalued for the 1st appearance of a superhero team that has been an iconic group in DC Comics for a long, long time.

Also, this series isn't about what comics are cheap as dirt or which comics most people can afford. It sometimes features comics that are undervalued no matter if it's above a grand or not.

So what's the current CGC Census for Brave and the Bold #54? It only has 460 registered copies so far. The highest is a CGC 9.6 and there's only 8 copies so far.

X-Men #1 has 3,231 total registered, but only three 9.6s and two 9.8s. Avengers #1 has six 9.6s so far, zero 9.8s, and 2740 total registered copies in the CGC Census.

Not saying that Brave and the Bold #54 is more rare than the two either. Sure, there could be more copies out there that are raw for this comic and have yet to have been slabbed.

All, I'm saying is that it's undervalued. Alright, I'll do another comparison.

Brave and the Bold #25 and the 1st appearance of Suicide Squad is already at $5,000 for 9.2s according to Overstreet Guide. Now, I know that Brave and the Bold #25 is quite a bit more rare in the CGC Census and under-valued as well, but Teen Titans have been a more prominent team of heroes throughout the ages.

The original Suicide Squad didn't even last very long during the Silver Age, was pretty much absent during the Bronze Age, and was revived in 1986. They finally headlined their own comic series in 1987.

If I look at the 2002-2003 guide, the 1st appearance of Suicide Squad was at $600 for a solid NM 9.4. The 1st appearance of Teen Titans was at $375, only $225 lower.

Now it's $3900 lower. Once again, not saying that Brave and the Bold #25 shouldn't be as valuable as it is now. I actually think that comic may just be undervalued a bit as well, especially if the movie is a huge hit and turns more collectors into fans. It's also a pretty rare book.

However, Brave and the Bold #54 and the 1st appearance of the Teen Titans can be argued as an undervalued book currently. Not saying that it needs an astronomical rise in value, but it should be worth more than it is currently.

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1st meeting of Daredevil & Punisher
1st battle between Daredevil & Punisher

Okay, aside from the TV show hype about the Punisher being on Daredevil season 2 and aside that it's obvious the two are going to go at it in the series (that's a no brainer), fans of Daredevil and Punisher should know about this one.

CGC does not note this as the first meeting between Daredevil and Punisher, nor is it noted on most eBay seller's listings. Actually, Overstreet doesn't even bother to note it.

While some fans out there know that this is the first meeting between the two, industry has yet to note it. So, sleeper? Kinda.

Undervalued? Kinda also.

It's no surprise that Frank Miller would have Daredevil cross paths with the Punisher. His run on the title is considered classic for a reason, and the stories he wrote are fan-favorites for a reason.

He is one of the most important writers on the entire Daredevil volume one series. Much like he brought Batman back to a dark and gritty place, Miller was the first to do so with the character of Daredevil.

Nothing better than making the Man Without Fear face a darker, gritty and fearsome Punisher. So, yes, TV hype may push demand for this one once we get to see the two scrap in the next season of Daredevil, but let's not forget the fandom and significance here.

Like Spider-Man, Daredevil and Punisher have been at odds and teamed up several times throughout comic history. Do I think it's undervalued?

Yes, I do. This at CGC 9.8s are still barely in the $100 range. This comic came out in 1982, so I'm pretty sure it's not exactly rare. 

However, if you have Captain America #241, 1st meeting between Cap and Punisher, selling above the $200 mark for CGC 9.8s, this one deserves to be somewhat near that range also. Daredevil #183 should be a classic first meeting in comic history.

Finally got a Silver Age comic that's undervalued compared to some other S.A. key issues in the same ballpark. I'm quite sure there's a few more from that era that are overlooked or undervalued as well. 

If we are going to talk about undervalued comics, the term does apply to comics that are either cheap in the market or cheaper compared to other significant and valuable books. Undervalued doesn't necessarily mean cheap in terms of a comic's value. Cheap is just...well, cheap.

Sure, a comic could already be valuable, but if you compare it to other valuable key issues within or close to the era, the rarity factor, and significance or popularity - sometimes a strong argument can be made concerning whether it should be more valuable. I suppose overlooked is another good word for it, but overlooked doesn't necessarily mean it should be valuable either.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed Part 6 to this series. If you missed Part 5, that PREVIOUS link below will bring ya back. Happy hunting and hope you guys are doing well this holiday season.


  1. I have a Caliber Presents 1 signed copy, B&TB 54, and Daredevil 183. I hope these will catch fire in the future and sell for what they really should sell for in the market. Especially Caliber Presents 1 and B&TB 54 since they are major keys. Once again a great post!!

    1. I hope so too, all three are great key issues. I think Caliber Presents #1 should definitely be up least around the same value or higher than Crow #1. Brave and the Bold #54 also definitely needs to heat up and get a bump in price...shame that it's so overlooked now.

  2. Hi Mayhem,

    thanks for bringing Justice League Dark 1 to my attention in one of your earlier posts. The fact that a tv series is becoming real makes it a real sleeper. Have you seen the market react allready? Have more news surfaced concerning the project? Would be nice to hear. Allright buddy, that' s all. I' m out. Wait - Paper Girls is becoming hot! No wonder, if Brian K Vaughn writes it. Better snag me a copy before the cookie jar is empty...

    So long,


    1. Heya Ace, yeah, Justice League Dark is close to casting it's cast members and finding a director. It sounds like it's going to be a movie. Also look into Swamp Thing #50. It's being toted as the 1st appearance of Justice League Dark currently, though other sources say Justice League Dark #1 is the team's "official" first appearance.

  3. The Captain America 241 probably sells for so much at a higher grade because most have a printing flaw and the ones without it are tough to find.

  4. Hey Mayhem, It's been a while. Hope things are good on your end. Just so busy with work these days have been behind on my readings lol. Great post, have most of the books you mentioned. What about AC #662 - Superman reveals his identity to Lois. Highly undervalued book in my opinion. What do you think?

    Keep on writing Mayhem. You rock!!


    1. Heya Sid, hope all is well and you're surviving the silly season so far. Not too sure about Action Comics #662 as I'm not a huge Superman fan.

    2. Yes sir. Getting ready for the cold weather.. :D

      I see. Gotcha.

      Hope you watched the new Star Wars movie.

  5. That Warrior 1 Magazine is a mega sleeper key.
    Most dont know this but it's also the 1st Alan Moore Miracleman run. He was called marvelman in warrior magazine and when the Miracleman series came out they changed the name AND Miracleman 1 is actually a reprint of the story in warrior 1!!! This Should really be the ultimate Alan Moore key

    1. It's the first v for vendetta and modern age marvelman (Miracleman). Incredible

  6. On the downside, it' s a magazine, and most collectors prefer a comic size format. The same goes for that Marvel Magazine which seems to have the first comic appearance of Boba Fett and Yoda. Great investment for sure, but I just don' t see it in my collection.

    Max Rebo

  7. Dang! It is really astonishing to see the action on Werewolf by night 32 on go collect. This issue is almost not out there (not many copies graded) and the price increase lies at 50 %. Which brings me to my question: 2nd appearance of Moon Knight in WBN 33 - price increases have been low so far : TCM, do you see a possible change here? Would 70 bucks be to much for a NM copy? Hope my questions are not too stupid and you have some spare time to answer.


    1. The 2nd appearance of Moon Knight isn't too bad according to Overstreet. If you can get a NM copy for $70 go for it. A NM- 9.2 is valued at $125 according to Overstreet.

      I don't see a huge price jump, but if Moon Knight hits live action, I do think his 2nd appearance will get a boost in value since his 1st appearance in high grade is already up there.

  8. Thanks man! The cash already flew out of the window and left the building. As a good collector I also checked my Overstreet guides and - look at these price jumps:

    WBN 32 NM Overstreet 44th edition 400 $
    WBN 32 NM Overstreet 45th edition 700 $


    WBN 33 at least made a step from 105 to 125 $ in NM.


    1. I figured you already made your decision by the time I got to respond to your comment. I definitely wouldn't sneer at the 2nd appearance of Moon Knight, but I think you got yourself a pretty good deal, consider CGC 9.4s are selling near the $200 range on average. Congrats!

  9. Mayhem,
    Love your site. The articles are great. Is there an article on key War/military comics in the future. As a former military guy and one that collects them, I'd like to get you take on them.

    1. My opinion on collecting war comics are get any golden age classic WWII cover you can, early Sgt. Rock comics, and the DC grey tone covers are I think the best. There is also a very rare Sgt. Rock Whitman comic from I think 1980 that's also a great book to get as well.

    2. Sure, man. I think I can get to that project definitely for early next year. Should be fun to rabble rabble about something different.

    3. I believe we will see that Whitman comics will become the 1st Varient Issues ever...Superman, Wonderwoman etc. Each was DC, then had Whitman covers as well. By the way, Mayhem, go see Star Wars!! I would love your review of it when you get a chance. Everybody here have a Merry Christmas! LK

    4. What's up LK? Been a while. How are things, man, and the band Zen Kura? Hope you guys are still rockin'! I really don't know much about the Whitman variants to be honest, but I do have a few of them.

      Will be interesting to see if the market takes them up on a more serious scale since they are variants, and we all know this market is still variant crazy. I'm gonna wait till after Christmas to see the new Star Wars.

      Not a big fan of crowds, but I will see it. If I don't review it by the end of January next year, you can pretty much assume I didn't care for it much.

      Merry Christmas to you and your fam and Zen Kura! ROCK 'N ROLL!

  10. Hi there Mayhem. I have a copy of HUZZAH. It's the first appearance of a character called Erma Felna. It's a smaller black and white comic book. I'm sure this has a very low print run and looking in the guide at Albedo #1 which contains Erma Felna and going for a good dollar, cam you provide any info on what this comic may be worth. Pretty rare. Thanks

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. As far as I know, that's a fanzine that was published by Steve Gallacci back in 79 or so. It's said to have a low print run and probably does. Don't know the print run on that. eBay had one listed for $49.99 bidding auction back in early April of this year, but it didn't sell at that starting price.

  12. Hi Mayhem. Speaking of early variants I have a DEMON #1 With a PURPLE COVER!! I have seen only one other on ebay. This has to be a rare variant. The Regular Blue copy I also have 2 copies of as well. What can you tell me About this mostly in know variant. He'll. Overstreet doesn't even list it!!! Thanks