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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 13

Alright, we are at the end of this Hot Comic Investments of 2015. This is Part 13, and this whole series is basically sales data collected from gocollect and only encompasses CGC and CBCS sales on eBay.

So, it's not really an over-all picture. There are other market places like ComicLink, ComicConnect and mycomicshop and Heritage as well.

If you missed Part 12, that link will bring you back. Also, if you just stumbled upon this series, this Part 1 link will bring you back to the beginning. 

Good to go onto the next few? Here they are!

1st appearance of Power Girl

This one has been on an upswing since I mentioned it in January 2014 in the Superman Key Issues List Part 10. During that time, this key was pretty scarce in the market in high CGC 9.8 grades.

As far as I know, there's no real movie or TV hype for Power Girl, who is basically the Earth Two Super Girl even if she debuted during the Bronze Age. I do like Power Girl better than Supergirl, because she doesn't blatantly look like the female rehash of Superman.

Then again, not the biggest fan of Superman to begin with, but Power Girl I do like. Enough of my bias here, and lookie, lookie, lookie. Green lines up all the way across the board.

Never mind how many sales there are. A lot of sales for a comic aren't always a good thing most of the time. Well, it could be if you're buying and want to get a key a bit or a lot cheaper than peak.

None of half the lines pink and half lines green. Green lines up for most or all the grades is what I like to see when it comes to a hot comic, but as usual, even green lines doesn't really mean every grade is continually going up, up and away.They could just be sustaining and boggling up and down between price values.

Higher graded slabbers are definitely on the move up, especially for 9.8s. Not sure if the increased interest is gained from hype for the new Supergirl TV series or not. Wouldn't be surprised either way.

Wow, CGC 9.8s for the 1st appearance of Power Girl got some pretty big bumps during 2015. The most recent sale hitting above the $1,000 mark? Pretty crazy.

However, this comic also hit the $800 zone and completely bypassed the $900 realm. Right now there aren't too many 9.8s on eBay, and so far there's only 37 in the CGC Census for that grade. There is a total of 531 currently.

I do, however, see quite a bit of raw copies listed on eBay, so I'm expecting a lot more high grade raw copies out there for this 1978 key issue.

CGC 9.6s were definitely no slouches either during 2015. Looks like this year finally saw this grade jump from the $300 range and into the $400 range around mid-year.

It stayed there until December of this year, and then the most recent sold in the $500 range. Not a whole lot of 9.6 slabbed copies currently and the one up there currently is kind of a tad bit bloated in price. I'm typing that with sarcasm.

Then again, it does a Best Offer so who knows? If you're reading this site, however, you know that the value should be around the $400 to $500 mark.

If more raw copies start getting slabbed and higher graded ones start to appear more, quite a few more bidding auctions just may pop up in the market in the near future. You guys who actually read this series all know that by now though.

As for CGC 9.4s of this DC 1st appearance, it pretty much boggled in the $200 range during 2015. In later 2014, it looks like it nestled in the $200 range. 9.2s have mostly been boggling in the $100 range, but hitting the $200 mark here and there.

Nothing really exciting about grades 9.4 and under, but 9.8s and 9.6s have done pretty well in 2015.

Wonder Woman #98 cover imageWONDER WOMAN #98
1st Silver Age Wonder Woman
New origin of Wonder Woman begins

If we're gonna talk about an issue that's hot and pretty scarce in the market, we've got Wonder Woman #98 and her 1st Silver Age appearance. Like many of DC characters that were carried over into the Silver Age from the Golden Age, Wonder Woman got a revamp of sorts.

This issue also marks a new origin for the Earth One Wonder Woman. Well, it's actually the 1st origin for Earth One Wonder Woman since Earth One and Earth Two characters are supposedly considered two different characters in that continuity.

I am not sure whether this comic is that well-known in the market or not yet, but it has a very low CGC Census total for a 1958 comic. So far there's only 34 and the highest is an 8.0 VF.

There also hasn't been a lot of sales in both 2014 and 2015 for this key issue either. Actually, there's only been a total of 2 slabbed sales on eBay in 2 years.

So, honestly, I'm not sure if this one is super scarce or if most of the market has yet to catch on fully in a big bad way. There still could be quite a few raw copies hiding in collections out there. That could always be a possibility.

Holy moly with the CGC 2.5s! Just recently in November too, and a bidding auction nonetheless. Lucky person who got the CGC 6.5 in August of 2014 though.

Like I said, I don't know what to make of that. I know that issue #98 is getting recognized, but I'm not sure about the actual real rarity of this newly heating up Silver Age key.

I will be hunting offline for it for sure to see how many I come across or don't. I probably won't come across too many, but you never know. I did talk about this issue in the Wonder Woman Key Issues list back in December 2013 so if you got it then...Wow! Congrats.

2nd appearance of S.A. Wonder Woman?
Origin of Diana Prince I.D.

The Silver Age origin of Wonder Woman continues in issue #98 and, of course, this issue holds the 2nd appearance of Silver Age Wonder Woman. Well, at least, common sense would dictate it does.

The origin story is carried over from #98, but this issue reveals how Princess Diana got her alter ego identity of Diana Prince. Like issue #99, it is scarce on the market for slabbed copies and definitely heating up.

Only 2 slabbed sales for this issue on eBay and only 18 total registered copies in the CGC Census so far. Highest grade so far in the ole CGC census is a 9.2 NM minus.

So we can see that slabbed copies are scarce in the market and in the CGC Census. However, keep in mind that this comic is starting to get recognized a lot more, much like a lot of DC Silver Age keys. 

There still could be quite a bit of raw copies hiding out there, and many collectors not in tune with this one yet either. Using my common sense, I'm gonna say that this one has been overlooked for quite a while and there are still quite a bit more raw copies out there that will eventually get slabbed in the near future.

The black cover should make this one harder to find in high grades though.

I'm gonna end this series with Part 13. It's time to move onto something else, and I really don't care to list all the hot comics of 2015.

This series wasn't exactly about the comics that were or still are hot in 2015, it's more of a closer look on how to research comic investment's performances and making somewhat logical guesses. As I've mentioned throughout this hot comic investments of 2015, there's plenty of things to look at for various reasons.

Of course, this series only detailed CGCs or slabbed performances. Raw copies may have done really good as well. There are more hot comics during 2015 that I did not cover like New Mutants #87 and Batman #1 New 52.

Some have fizzled in demand, or there were too many copies flung back into the market that eventually outweighed demand. Some are sustaining or barely sustaining, and some are still doing pretty good. You can look up the performances yourself which is the basic point of this series.

I've brought up the point of blind buying often, and it seems this current market is rampant with it. Collectors not researching and not questioning some bloated prices or perceptions in the market currently.

I covered Wonder Woman #98 and #99 for a reason. Just like JLA Secret Files #1, the 1st appearance of Kendra Saunders, both Wonder Woman keys are recently being recognized in the market currently.

Both have low totals in the CGC Census currently, but just because it's a Silver Age key, doesn't mean it wasn't overlooked too long ago and there aren't more raw copies out there just waiting to be slabbed. Take Aquaman #11, #29, and #35 when I first talked about them. Both were scarce in the market and had low a CGC Census then.

Now, there are quite a bit more of those Aquaman keys coming out of the woodwork since then and more copies being slabbed as well. I'm not saying that Wonder Woman #98 or #99 may not be scarce or rare over-all, but they may not be as scarce or rare as they seem currently.

I just want you to think about the possibility of jumping the gun. A CGC 7.0 Wonder Woman #98 did sell on ComicLink for $5,000 recently. Gonna be interesting to see how many are in the census and the market two years from now for those books.

Even low grades are going bonkers, so if you find a raw Wonder Woman #98 one within your local stomping grounds or comic con for near guide, probably a real good idea to snag that one up quick even if it's low grade.

Right tools, right research, and a little bit of questioning and your comic investing venture just may be a lot better for it.


  1. Come on DC lets put Power Girl in a TV series or movie please. Thanks Mayhem for another great investment comic series. It's good to see another passionate comic book fan with such a great website. I've posted many comments on here this past year. So I'm glad that I found a place where I can do that without having to create some kind of login account. I have enough of those already. Looking forward to some more great post next year and another great year of collecting/investing in comics. So thanks and Happy New Year.

  2. Can only make three !!! behind the comment from above. Here we can go on and rant and babble as we like. TOTAL COMIC MAYHEM is the greatest invention since the microwave oven.

    Max Rebo

    1. Rant and babble all ya guys want. Heck, I do. Hmmm...I dunno Mr. Rebo, without the microwave, I just may starve, but ROCK ON and Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year...I agree about Power Girl. I'd love to see her pop up in the Super Girl TV series and on Flash since they're doing the whole Earth 2 thing. I think it could work, and Supergirl going up against Power Girl on the series? That would be some fun!