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Friday, December 18, 2015

Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 11

We are winding down with the last few Parts to this series. Common sense would dictate that I won't be looking at every single hot comic investment of 2015.

Some were hot indeed with a lot of sales, but supply outweighed the demand. Therefore, those books performed mediocre for most of the year with a few patches of peaks here and there.

Some did quite well throughout 2015. Also, some were pretty scarce on the market, but demand seemed to wane this year for a particular comic at certain grades.

Of course, I'm just saying in general and have covered some of those books throughout this series, so it doesn't necessarily pertain to the comics in this particular part. Alright, enough yabber jabber.

Click the magical blue Part 10 link if you missed it. Otherwise, here's the next batch.

1st full appearance of Apocalypse

Pretty big X-Men villain in the comics, Copper Age comic, hype! It's no surprise the first appearance of Apocalypse was a hot comic during 2015.

I was even lucky enough to spot a comic lot of X-Factor comics on eBay during the year and snag it for super cheap because the seller didn't even mention that #5 and #6 were in the lot. Not to say that the comic lot was high grade stuff. Not in the least!

However, they were about mid-grade copies, and I was able to flip the important ones out of the group for a profit. Yep, that included this bad boy - X-Factor #6. Actually, the lot was for X-Factor #1 through #25, minus issue #24, for $35 bucks. Shipping is included in that price.

Not a bad score but not a great score either. However, issues #5 & 6 sold for $49 together.

I then sold the issues #15 and #19 for a total of $12. Everything else I sell in the lot is gravy or icing on the cake since I already made profit with issues #5 & #6 by themselves. That snag was by pure happenstance.

I mentioned before that I kept a close eye on X-Factor #24 during the year. I searched on eBay constantly during the year to see which prices X-Factor #24 was selling for, just waiting for the right time to dish my copies off.

While I was searching for on eBay for X-Factor #24 CGC 9.6 prices, I stumbled upon the X-Factor comic lot, a bidding auction that stated #1-#23 and #25.

I was amazed that the bidding was so low with only a few hours left, so I checked it out. I initially thought there would be some gaps and that #5 & #6 would be missing from the lot, but to my surprise, it was a full run from #1 to #23.

Then, I went to check on eBay what raw copies were selling at for both #5 & #6. Alone #5 wasn't selling for much, so I checked eBay listings that sold #5 & #6 together.

Those eBay listings containing both were selling for quite a bit, so I put the X-Factor comic lot in my watch list. When the last few remaining seconds were counting down, the bidding hadn't budged from $10 bucks, so I put in a $20 max bid.

It went up to $15, but I won the auction. When I received the comics, I immediately took pictures of #5, #6, #15, & #19 (separately) and threw them back up on eBay.

And there it is, and the reason why I troll eBay and research quite often. You never know when you'll stumble across an auction like that.

This was during May, which was when I also dumped my X-Factor #24s. However, although X-Factor #6 and the 1st appearance of Apocalypse was hot and selling like hot cakes during this time, it does look like demand has waned in the later months of this year. Let's take a look.

Hot, yes! Look at the sales in just a 12 month period. 109 in just this year alone.

But is that a good thing? Not really. Down, down, down almost across the board except for 2 grades.

As I mentioned before in previous parts to this series, the more sales of a comic that most likely has a lot of copies out there in the world, the higher the chance the supply will eventually outweigh the demand. It's not always the case, but for most Marvel and DC Copper Age books, it's more likely than not.

There have been a few triggers this year to hype up X-Men Apocalypse and the comics associated with the film. During the summer, the first photo look at Apocalypse was leaked online, along with Storm's punk look based on Uncanny X-Men Copper Age comics.

Also the official X-Men Apocalypse trailer just hit a few days ago. If you haven't geeked out on it yet, you can watch it below:

I thought it was okay, but then again, I am an X-Men fan. No bias there, right?

Alright, let's look at the down and dirty. As usual, we are going to go backwards in time here, but start off with recent months.

Near the end of this year, X-Factor #6 has been boggling near the higher $200 range and lower $300 range. However, for some reason it started to wane November 9th, but the most recent sale on eBay for CGC 9.8 on December 12th (not shown in the image) was at $325 sold via Fixed Priced.

The strongest peak for this 1st appearance key issue was mid-year though. CGC 9.8s seemed to sell on average in the $300 range and even hit a high of $359 in May.

However, 2014 was a much better year for this comic and hit a high of $400 and were selling in the mid and higher $300s during the 2014 summer via bidding auctions and Fixed Priced listings.

Let's see how 9.8s slabbers did at the beginning of this year though. This year started this book in the $300 range.

December 2014 also had this book in the higher $200 to low $300 range as well. Most sales were in the higher $200 range.

This year in December definitely started off weaker than last year, but we will really have to see how this month ends for this Copper Age key issue. It may start selling in the $300 range since the trailer is fairly new, or it may not.

Considering, however, not bad for a Copper Age key issue with a lot sales and a lot of copies in the market to at least sustain in the $200 to $300 range during the year.

1st issue to series (Variant Cover)

A reader just recently brought this comic to my attention in the comments section on an earlier post of this series, and I was intrigued needless to say. I'm not a huge variant fan as most people know who have read this beast long enough.

However, I'm not 100% against them. I've always said that some do break out and actually increase in value over time.

The hard part is snagging up the ones that do, which is a pretty hard gamble since about 50% of the comics being printed currently are variant covers. So, I wanted to talk about this one, because I've yet to even talk about this comic.

No doubt that in the world of comics Harley Quinn is queen at the moment, and she has been for the last two years or so. The ultra hot actress Margot Robbie being cast as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad might have a bit to do with it.

However, let's face it: Her first appearance in Batman Adventures #12 has been on the radar for quite some time. Sprinkle some movie hype spice onto it and watch Harley Quinn comics burst with flavor.

This variant by Adam Hughes has gone plaid for a recent variant. Usually, a hyped up variant starts to dip in value a few months after it's flung out into the market. Guide has this comic clocked in at $20 bucks.

However, this comic has steadily risen throughout 2014 and 2015. Some sources say it's 1:10, others say 1:50, but most say it's a 1:25 variant. This issue is the New 52 line and has the cover date of February 2014. I believe it hit shelves in December, 2013 though.

The normal print is a tad above 92,000, so the 1:25 Adam Hughes variant isn't exactly plentiful. Besides, Adam Hughes is an extremely popular comic artist today.

Up, up, up and away! This is what I like to see.

Even 9.2s and 9.0s are getting some love and in the $200 range for this comic. Those sales were in 2015 as well. Not many sales during a 12 month period for this one just yet, but this variant is definitely hot!

Let's check out the sales data, shall we?

Wow, $999.00 sale in November for a CGC 9.8! Yikes!

There's definitely been some price jumps for this comic during the year, and it looks like it quickly jumped into the $300 range by February. It looks like this comic even surpassed the $500 range and went straight into the $600 zone in September.

December saw a bidding auction that sold in the mid $600s as well. Still, it's pretty clear of the upward trajectory concerning where this comic started off in the beginning of the year.

In the case of CGC 9.6s for this 1st issue, this comic has also had pretty good growth during 2015. This comic had a brief stay in the $100 zone earlier this year before breaking into the $200 zone.

By September, however, it broke into the $400 range with only one single bidding auction that sold for $373 late October. As you can tell, most of the sales of 9.6s this year were Fixed Price or Best Offers. Only two auctions during the year so far.

9.4s only had 4 sales this year and started at $46.89 back in February. By June, two sales sold in the $200 range, and in September, a bidding auction sold for $383 bucks.

Hot variant? I do have to say so currently. We'll have to see how this one performs in 2016 though.

1st full appearance of Doomsday

Lord, who ever thought this comic would come back around and get recognized? This is a 90s comic and was hot when it first came out, especially after the Death of Superman story line that came out during the time.

However, a long with the comic crash of the 90s, this comic also took a dump in value a long with many comics from the era. Welcome to phase 2 of the speculator boom.

If you haven't checked out the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, it shows our first glimpse at Doomsday. Many have been speculating that Doomsday or Darkseid would be appearing soon on the big screen, and it looks like we now have our answer.

Regardless of the overabundance of copies out there in the market, this comic has been hot during 2015. There's been a lot of sales for this bad boy during the year.

Also the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer looks like it does feature the cinematic version of Doomsday and was released online early December.

Of course, there were plenty of rumors before hand as well. This comic caught on a few years ago and is a 1992 Modern Age comic, so it doesn't have a sizable amount of CGC copies in the census just yet.

There are about a 1,123 9.8s and growing already. So, don't confuse this comic with being rare just yet. I can go on eBay right now and see a sizable amount of raw and slabbed copies in that market place alone right now.

Lots of green lines within a 12 month period on gocollect here for this 1st full appearance of Doomsday. 229 sales for 9.8s and 75 sales for 9.6s on ole eBay.

Within a 2 year period, this key issue comic had 592 recorded sales on eBay. 2015 has had around 341 total sales just this year alone so far and at the time of this writing.

There's definitely been more sales of this comic than last year, and the year isn't even over yet. However, let's get down to the dirty here.

Looks like the trailer did give a slight and brief boost for this comic in early December. Wow, most of the December 3rd sales were dropping in the mid to high $100s, all of them Fixed Priced or Best Offers.

But let's see how this comic started off in 2015. By December of 2014 and early January of 2015, this comic has been threatening to surpass the $100 zone for 9.8 slabbers. However, if you look at the 2014 stats on gocollect, it's been doing that for most of 2014.

Actually, Jan through April 2014 had this comic definitely in the $100 zone on average. If you compare just the beginning of this year and the end of 2014 to the most recent eBay sales in 2015, it may look like this comic is doing somewhat well.

However, take a closer look at the beginning of 2014 and you'll see a different story for this comic at 9.8s. No, I didn't provide a picture for the beginning of 2014.

Those who do have gocollect accounts can check 'em out if they're really that interested.

Well, if you're interested, we can take a quick glimpse at 9.6 slabbers during 2015. I don't suspect it to be all that exciting judging from what we saw with 9.8s.

Last three eBays sales for this grade were in the $75 range, but I'm wondering how this sucker started the year at.

Looks like CGC 9.6s for Man of Steel #18 started the year off weaker as opposed to the beginning of 2014. The only exception is the $75 dollar sale January 5th.

However, this comic at this grade has been all over the place, struggling to break out of the $70 range and into the $80 range so far. Just like 2014, this grade has hit the $70 range here and there, but it's mostly been boggling in-between $40 through $60 on average.

Nothing all that exciting for this grade, except that there is funky monkey between the sales of 9.6s and 9.4s which are selling near the same prices on average. I don't even want to get into that, but we can hope 9.6s finally break into the $80 range in the very near future.

1st appearance of Jesse Custer
1st appearance of Tulip
1st appearance of Cassidy
1st appearance of Saint of Killers

This comic took off once news of an AMC show was in the works. Apparently Canadian funny man, Seth Rogen, is a huge fan of the Preacher comic series.

The comic series was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion and was published by DC's Vertigo imprint and became a fan-favorite like other Vertigo titles back in the day. The Preacher TV show is slated to air in mid 2016.

If we're talking about 90s comics like this one here, it hasn't had an extreme amount of sales like most of the others. Within a 12 month period on eBay, this comic at slabbed 9.8s had 65 during the year so far. 9.6s are at 61.

Diamond Distributors estimated sales at the time this book came out is about 28,200. Back then, there was also Capital City Distributors who distributed comics as well. They were later bought out by Diamond in 1996.

I haven't been able to find any information on estimated sales for Capital City Distributors, so that 28,000 print run estimate could actually be higher, though I doubt by much more.

Another thing I like to see, almost every grade on the up and up. The image data is a little old, and the average value is now up to $700 for 9.8s since another copy sold recently in the $800 range via bidding auction also.

So, when we look at the eBay sales data for 9.8s, there is a missing sale in the next image as well.

Late October seemed to have this comic move into $800 range from the $700 and $600 range. The comic even surpassed the $1,000 mark in early November and hit the $900 mark three times as well.

However, it also seems that the latest sales starting November 8th were straight bidding auctions which have declined in value a bit. There is a December 12th sale of $800 not shown in the image.

However, considering that this comic did begin the year in the $500 range, Preacher #1 has done pretty good for a comic that came out in 1995. I surely wouldn't be complaining if I had it.

The trailer for Preacher was released in early November of this year. Cassidy the Vampire was cast around March and Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) was cast as Jesse Custer around April. Well, at least, that's when they announced these actors were cast for the roles.

Not quite sure if those particular events had anything to do with the price jumps or not, but, hell, anything's really possible in this market, right? Preacher was a hot comic in 2014 as well, and 9.8s of this low print Modern Age comic still seems to be doing well near the end of 2015 also.

CGC 9.6s for Preacher #1 looked liked it would nestle into the $400 range beginning November 3rd of this year, but by November 30th, it seemed to drop back into the $300 range again. If CGC 9.8s nestle into the $800 range, I think CGC 9.6s might have a better chance of nestling into the $400 range next year if either demand gets a nice bump or less copies hit the market.

The beginning of the year for CGC 9.6s and end of 2014 saw this grade pretty much in the $300 range also. No real big significant increase, but by March, this comic nestled into the $300 zone pretty consistently.

2014 saw this grade boggle in-between the $200 and $300 range. It will be interesting to see if 2016 will see this grade boggle in-between the $300 to $400 range or just settle into the $400 range.

If you missed the Preacher trailer released early last month. I've embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

Then again, there's always the possibility of the show sucking and demand and value for this key plummeting. Also, there's always a chance that the show is super awesome and demand and values go bonkers as well. Trailer does look quite intriguing though.

Two X-Factor books in this series and two Harley Quinn comics shouldn't be a surprise. Actually, most everything Harley Quinn has been hot for the last few years.

Yeah, I know, Part 11 is all newer books. I pretty much think it's a no brainer that Giant-Size X-Men #1, Incredible Hulk #181, X-Men #1, Avengers #1 & #4 etc were hot books in 2015, especially since they're pretty much in-demand most every year.

Also, it should be a no brainer that a lot of new titles released this year were hot, not because of actual fandom for the characters or story but purely for speculation. Always a factor to consider in this market.

Although I am nearing the end of this series, we do have a few more to go. Not many, but a few. Part 12 is ready so see you there.


  1. Besides that Adam Hughes Harley Quinn variant, the only other variant that I think might belong here is Capt. Marvel 17(2nd print variant - Kamala Khan cover). Just as HOT and selling for a lot!
    It's nice to see some 90's books back in the limelight again in the market. I sure hope the Preacher series gets as hot as the Walking Dead series. Will likely depend on how good the TV show is.

  2. Hey TCM, thanks for sharing the trailers!!!
    Preacher looks good to me. Back in the days when I started collecting that series was already hot as s@%$! Happy to have all of your recent picks besides Harley Quinn. Doomsdays first appearance really was a 2,50 bargain one year ago. I think this one is best to sell combined with the other first Doomsday appearances. Thanks again for your hint on Swamp Thing 50. Got it for 17 bucks. Unfortunately I found out that ST 49 also has a first JL Dark appearance, so have to keep looking for that one as well.

    See ya


    1. Swamp Thing #49 and #50 as the 1st appearance of Justice League Dark is questionable. People are toting it as such, but industry has yet to recognize the claims.

      Of course, there is a debate about all three books - Swamp Thing #49, Swamp Thing #50 or Justice League Dark #1 as the first appearance of that team. I mentioned #50 just in case and was hesitant to mention #49.

      For instance, the original members of Justice League Dark are Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man, and Zatanna. In both Swamp Thing #49 and #50, Madame Xanadu and Shade the Changing Man are not present in that story.

      Deadman, Constantine and Zatanna are though. Shade quits by issue #8 of Justice League Dark and is replaced by Black Orchid in issue #9. Swamp Thing comes into the picture later in that series.

      The debate is what is considered just a crossover of characters, a brief team up, or a 1st appearance of an actual team? Should Swamp Thing #49 and #50 just be considered a cross over or team up of those characters or do they actually establish that they are a team?

      If saying that Swamp Thing #49 and #50 should be considered the 1st appearance of Justice League Dark, then it's also like saying the 1st appearance of the Defenders should be in Sub-Mariner #34 when they are first shown as the Titans Three. Dr. Strange is absent from the Titans Three.

      That's one argument. The other is that a team doesn't really have to be official in order to have a 1st appearance.

      Take for example Brave and the Bold #54, 1st appearance of Teen Titans. They don't actually establish that they're a team until their 2nd appearance in issue #60 of that comic series.

      However, most people know that B&B #54 was a tryout, and I did think the creators had in mind to make the sidekicks of Kid Flash, Robin, and Aqualad form a team. Also the original members that formed that team are present in their 1st appearance.

      So there's the debate. I leave it up to you guys to decide since I have no interest in appearance debates.

    2. Swamp Thing 49 and 50 are nice books but yes not a guarantee on if its a 1st app or not. But another book to look for is Swamp Thing Annual 2 as well. Kind of similar to the other two has a nice story by Alan Moore the same characters in it.

    3. Thanks for the intersting info concerning the JLA Dark. Does anyone know which characters will be on film? I would concentrate on the individual first appearances then, instead of the first team up. For instance, if the Black Orchid is on the team, Adventure Comics 428 would be a great pick...

      So long


    4. No casting info yet but I would probably count on Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Demon, Zatanna, Shade and Madame Xanadu. There could be others. Who knows really considering the movies always seem to change something up from the comics.

  3. Greetings Master Mayhem!

    I can only confirm that all things Harley Quinn turn to gold. Have you seen that Scooby Doo Special lately? It went up because of a guest appearance by her. Crazy. My recent snag was a Punisher War Journal 1 (probably a 9,6). Can only recommend that one. Art by Jim Lee and nice origin flashback scenes integrated into the main story. What more can you want for 5 bucks?

    Speculation Jones

  4. Yo Mayhem,

    Rebo here. I want to adress two things. Your list seems to feature more bronce and modern books than ever. I think the healthy market is having an effect here. For example, people are even paying up to 25 bucks for a Web of Spiderman 118 (first Scarlet Spider). So I was surprised to also see Spiderman 1 (silver edition, Mc Farlane) pop up on the go collect market activity list. Do you have an explanation for this? I read it is concerned a key book regarding the development of the market in the 90s. However, it is far from scarce.

    Hope you can make me less stupid.

    Max Rebo

    1. I'm just trying to mix it up with this series and not focus entirely on one era. Some collectors aren't willing to pay for the prices of older vintage comics so they gun for Modern Age keys.,

      In terms of Web of Spider-Man #118, the market likes Spider-Clone or collectors out there are really campaigning for it on other sites,, forums or comic groups online. I wouldn't be surprised if it's both.

      Cool! I have a Spider-Man #1 Silver Edition from the McFarlane 90s day. Maybe time for me to dump that one.

  5. Hey mayhem!! happy holidays and a great new year to you! hope things are well over yonder. Had a request "and you've already covered some", Adam warlock please! This joker is very primed for the silver screen and want to snag as many high grade sleepers as i can now before they reach the stratosphere.

    Merry Xmas! Thanx!

    1. I like to give you my opinion here on the Warlock books. Most of the keys have already taken off in the market because of MCU speculation. There are some good books that are still a little under the radar like Strange Tales 179,181 plus some of the issues in the first Warlock series from 1972, Incredible Hulk 178 and Marvel Team-Up 55.

    2. Heya Wayne, Merry Christmas to you and yours also. Adam Warlock keys? Sure, I'll put it in the pipeline.