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Friday, December 4, 2015

Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 10

You are at Part 10 of this hot comic investments of 2015. If you missed the previous part, this Part 9 link will bring you back.

1st full appearance of Archangel

Of the mighty Marvel mutants to appear during the Copper Age, there's no doubt that the first appearance of Deadpool has been king all throughout 2015 for Marvel 1st appearances, but Archangel has also still seen some love in the back issues market this year. With X-Men Apocalypse coming to a theater near you pretty soon, and featuring our winged horseman of Apocalypse, excitement is a brewing to see him on the big screen.

Well, I'm excited to see to him in X-Men Apocalypse since I did grow up reading this particular series and liked the character. As a comic investment in 2015, however, I'm going to assume there was an abundance of slabbed copies on eBay during the year.

Actually, I know there was. I milked this cow three times in my life, but I purchased those books prior to 2015.

Of course, the first copy I got was back in the day when it came out. I sold that one well before movie hype, but the proceeds did help to fund a Werewolf by Night #32 way back in 2011. The 2nd was back in 2013 and was in a comic lot that came with Uncanny X-Men #141 and the Teen Titans & X-Men cross over comic - all raw and high grade.

The third time, I got a CGC 9.6 of this comic in comic lot that also contained issue #23 & 25 (both raw) in 2014. I sold both of those X-Factor #24s this year though.

This comic was definitely hot when it comes to sales. Lots of people buying and lots of people selling as well. 9.8s had 78 sales on eBay alone so far in a 12 month period, and 9.6s at 72 at the time of this writing.

To say that X-Factor #24 is purely a hype comic wouldn't really be fair. In the 2002 - 2003 Overstreet Guide, it was the 2nd most valuable X-Factor comic within the 1st series.

The most valuable, of course, was X-Factor #6. Still, it wasn't crazy valuable then, and, yes, both comics got a sizable bump due to movie hype.

Actually, most everything Apocalypse related in the X-Factor series got a sizable bump in value. Not only is X-Factor #24 the first full appearance of Archangel, it's also holds the origin of Apocalypse.

Just because a comic has a lot of sales doesn't mean it did overly well. The same could be said of the reverse also.

However, the more sales a comic has on the back issues market, the higher chance that the comic didn't have that great of gains. Well, at least, the gain in value didn't sustain for very long, or the demand didn't outweigh the availability of the comic in the market very long.

What is clear is that X-Factor #24 CGC 9.8s did break into the $200 range a lot more than it did during 2014. A copy even strangely sold in the $400 range in August.

It does look like demand for this comic has waned during the silly season months. The latest eBay sale not recorded just yet by gocollect was for $150 on December 1st.

If you want to compare this to the beginning of the year or end of 2014, this key issue may not end the year with quite as good demand as the prior year. Then again we still have a little less than a month to see if it picks up.

So what can be said of 9.6s? Well, pretty much the same when I sold it during the middle of the year for $99.99.

However, during the time I dumped my 9.6, the comic was selling a lot more within the $100 range. By late August, however, demand seemed to wane for this key.

If you compare to how this did at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, the sales look pretty similar so far actually.  There were quite a bit of sales in the $60 to $70 range also at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015.

Also if you use gocollect to see the 2 year data, you can see that late 2014 also had sporadic sales that broke into the $100 range here and there. The main difference between the two years is that this grade did break into the $100 range more consistently by the middle of this year than opposed to last year.

That might have to do with photos teasing Archangel that started coming out during mid year, from May through August.  Well, it is my most logical guess at the steady sales of this grade in the $100 range during the time.

All in all, this comic at this grade has sustained from the values it started off with this year. The truth is that this comic has basically boggled in-between the same price ranges throughout 2014 and 2015 on average at least.

The real question is whether demand will pick up again for this book and how strong will it be? With the X-Men Apocalypse movie coming out in May of next year, or this year coming up soon, I'm sure another bump in demand will happen for this book.

How long that demand lasts to even sustain a bump in value if it happens, though, is another question to keep in mind.

1st appearance of Doctor Strange
1st appearance of Ancient One
1st appearance of Wong

This comic has definitely been hot for a while, and was most likely hotter in 2014. However, with filming underway currently and Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton will play Dr. Strange and the Ancient One revealed a ways back, this comic might get another pick up in 2016.

After all, the movie will be released in November of next year. But this isn't next year just yet.

While this comic has been on the radar for quite some time, that doesn't mean it had a super hot year. Demand for the comic was strong for sure, but just how strong was it really?

This isn't bias but performance, and it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume that Strange Tales #110 and the first appearance of Dr. Strange and the Ancient One isn't exactly super scarce on the market, with the exception of high grade slabbers.

In all actuality, there are quite a bit lower grade copies on ole eBay currently. However, this comic has definitely blown up big time since rumors and confirmation of the Dr. Strange movie hitting the web.

So, yeah, this one already out-priced most average collectors, so it's basically a waiting game to see which comic investors can and are willing to throw down the moolah for this bad boy at whatever grade...even low grades are up there as of this writing.

No surprise there, yeah? So how hot was this comic really? Let's take a gander at it.

Although this comic is on a lot of people's radar and it's been pretty scarce on the market concerning lower high grade and higher mid grade copies, it did not do well compared to 2014 for 8.0s and 7.5s. I'm not even talking about the the highest sales points and lowest sale points.

The most recent sale in September of this year dipped far lower than the only sale in 2014 for CGC 8.0s. As for 7.5s, it looks like 2014 also had a better year for this key issue as well.

Some might think I'm being overly harsh, but I'm not. If you take the average of sales in 2014 for 7.5s into account, the number is $5,966.66.

Of course, there was only one sale in 2015 so far, so the average sales value for 2015 is $5,300. 2014 had a better year than 2015 for that grade, and if you do the math for 8.0s, 2014 still had a better sales average year than 2015 by almost $200.

It's obvious that the high prices do have something to do with this funky monkey. It only takes one or a few people who don't know that either gocollect or this site even exists to purchase a copy for an extremely high amount compared to someone with access to the 2 year eBay sales data.

So, sure, the next sales price could be way higher than the last copies sold. Once again, this series isn't about predicting, though you could try with the data given, but it's about what has occurred during the year. The prices could flip on a dime concerning this key, and that means it could easily go either way.

Skipping 7.0s graded copies, slabbed 6.5s only had sales this year and did okay if you compare the last sale to the first sale of this year. At least, it didn't dip.

Actually the most recent 3 sales of this year for this grade were all sold at the same price exactly. The three prior bidding auctions during the year all hit in $3,000 zone, but two were at least in the higher 3k range

Slabbed 6.0s didn't have any sales during 2015 on eBay, so straight to 5.5s, shall we? Looks like 5.5s got quite a little bump from last December sale in 2014.

This grade only had one sale in 2015 so far though. I see two copies at this grade on eBay currently at the time of this writing.

One is a CGC Universal with a Best Offer at the Fixed Price of $3,100 on eBay currently, so this grade could dip in value from the March 5th sale price.

This comic stayed in the 2k for most of 2015, but late November saw this comic dip past the last sale price of October 2014. I usually don't like seeing that, but here's the thing: The sales averages of 2014 and 2015 clearly show that 2015 had a better year for this comic, so I'd say that 5.0s did pretty good during 2015.

There are quite a few ways to look at information. In the case of 4.5s you can go either way. Yes, it performed better this year than last year, but the comic did start off quite strong this year with a $1,900 sale via bidding auction.

4.5s for Strange Tales #110 even broke into the 2k range, but since then it's been on decline in terms of sale prices. Does this have to do with the silly season fast approaching in terms of the October 25th sale?

It might have something to do with it. It might not. If you look at the January sales of both 5.0s and 4.5s, both grades started off strong at the very beginning of the year. It was the same case with 6.5s also. Just something to think about, but it could very well be coincidence.

It's pretty clear that 2014 had a much better year for 4.0s than 2015 did. In all fairness, you can't really help if someone wants to sell their comic at a grand when the last 2014 comic sold for a penny short of $1,700.

However, even the majority of bidding auctions in 2014 did better than the single bidding auction in 2015. The average sale values of 2014 are higher than the average of 2015, but only with a difference of about $200.

Once again, that could change on a dime. It's early in December, so who knows how that will turn out.

There is one 4.0 CGC listing on eBay currently with only about two days left and one bid at a grand. Will have to see how well that one does after the auction ends.

There grades lower than 4.0s that did pretty well during 2015. Slabbed 1.8s had a nice bump from 2014. 2.5s also broke into the $1000 range this year and held there so far.

1st appearance of Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl)
1st appearance of Atom Smasher

Oh, why in the hell am I even mentioning this Modern Age doozy? Well, there's a few reasons.

Despite the hype that Kendra Saunders has already been introduced in Flash season two and hinted at becoming Hawkgirl already by Vibe or Cisco Ramon, which I'm pretty excited about being a fan of the Flash TV show, this comic is starting to see some attention in the market for one. Yes, it's a 1999 comic, but humor me a little.

Before the TV hype, this comic was indeed a bargain bin buy. Overstreet currently clocks this issue in at $5.00 for a NM minus.

If you check the eBay sold listings for raw copies, high grades are selling around the $18 to $20 range. We all know that Hawkgirl will be a major character in the Legends of Tomorrow TV show, which I'm also pretty excited about also.

But it's a Modern Age comic from the 90s? Hold on dudes and dudettes.

Despite being a 90s comic, estimated sales of this issue back in the day were not as high as one would assume. Estimated sales were only around 32,728 copies for this comic.

Furthermore, if you have it...great! May want to see how this one unfolds in really near future. If you don't and have a plentiful hunting ground offline, you may be able to snag this awesomely cheap at a comic shop, comic con, garage sale, whatever. May be a good and quick flipper.

This comic isn't exactly strong on the radar just yet, and slabbed sales were pretty slim on eBay. It should be no surprise that the CGC Census is extremely low for this comic currently.

Once again, not because it's exceptionally rare or anything, but because it's still a sleeper and most haven't even deemed it worthy of getting slabbed on a grand scale. Yes, this is definitely what I would classify as a hype comic, but it is a relatively new book though.

Therefore, there won't be that many sales for this book concerning slabs. Actually, there's only two currently.

So why in the hell is it even on here? Well, for a key issue sleeper that was a bargain bin in much of 2013 and probably for most of 2014, this comic's first sale of $135 at the grade of CGC 9.8 isn't a bad start.

We can expect this comic to be extremely low in the CGC Census and so far there's only a total of 19. We can also expect that number to climb as well. 11 9.8s at the time of this writing and 6 total 9.6s.

Well, the only thing to look at really are the dates of when these two sold. 9.8s was pretty recent and the 9.2 back in July. Both were Fixed Priced listings, but the 9.8 was a Best Offer.

So why am I even bringing this one up? It's gonna be interesting when we start seeing more slabbed copies of this comic in the market.

It's also gonna be interesting to see how demand handles this key issue when bidding auctions start appearing in the eBay market. Right now, it's obvious that raw copies are being bought up more often for this comic.

I'm even quite sure that you'll probably be able to get a raw copy cheap at a comic store, comic con, or even in a comic lot on eBay. It will take a bit of a hunt, but JSA Secret Files & Origins #1 is starting to awaken from it's slumber.

How long it stays awake is a different story, but Kendra Saunders as Hawkgirl is starting to unfold on the Flash TV series. An iconic winged JLA member even debuted in episode of 8 of the 2nd season of Flash.

Hawkgirl will be a major supporting character for the Legends of Tomorrow TV series, and that whole deal is shaping up to be an exciting event for Arrow and Flash fans. We will have to see, though, concerning this newly heating up comic.

So why did I feature some of these comics when there were obviously ones that performed much better in 2015, minus Strange Tales #110? For several reasons.

In terms of JSA Secret Files & Origins #1, I wanted to clock in a comic that's just starting to see some heat for the simple purpose of tracking it. Yes, I think it'll be interesting to see how that comic performs in 2016.

Hawkgirl and Hawkman (Carter Hall version) have already been introduced in the Flash TV series and both winged warriors are set up for the DC TV version of the Justice League in the Legends of Tomorrow show. I didn't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it yet, but I will.

Looks like the TV show are going with the reincarnation aspect of the two heroes taken from the actual comics. However, instead of Hath-Set being their linked nemesis that ends up killing the pair in every life, the show made Vandal Savage take the place of Hath-Set.

After seeing Hawkman live action recently, I was borderline between lame and cool. Eventually, cool won out by the end of episode 8.

Strange Tales #110 and the first appearances of Dr. Strange and the Ancient One is obvious why it's on here. Hype for the book has existed for quite some time. Definitely a no-brainer and shouldn't be a surprise.

However, it does look like mid and lower grades of Strange Tales #110 had a better year in sales values on eBay compared to last year. Then again, that is just on eBay though.

X-Factor #24 is a pretty obvious one as well. Sure, it's been in-demand since 2014, and I've sold the comic twice this year.

Then again, I did buy those two copies in 2013 and 2014 in comic lots purely to flip. Not a huge profit from those flips though, and if I was really honest, the effort wasn't really worth my time.

So I had been watching the comic for a while and not surprised since the 1st appearance of Archangel has been pretty available on the back issues market during the year. Gonna be interesting to see how X-Factor #24 does shortly after the movie release and long after it as well.


  1. first dr. Strange is incredibly undervalued compared to other Marvel characters.

  2. Hey Mayhem,

    great selection! X-Factor 24 is allready in the pipeline but that Dr. Strange comic is surely out of reach for me. Which brings me to another topic. I always thought Lady Deadpool is cheap stuff, but recently I found out it demands a few bucks. Part of this has to do with a low print run. Maybe there is also more in store for the character? Just curious.

    Max Rebo

  3. I bought my X-Factor 24 cgc 9.6 last year just guessing that he might appear in a X-Men film. Now maybe I can make a profit on this book. I agree that you really get two goodies with this book as the origin of Apocalypse gets overlooked. Been trying to get as many key Dr. Strange books as I can, but ST#110 has always been out of my range. Still have some good ones in my collection though. I'm looking forward to see how this movie plays out.

  4. I thought the Age of Apocalypse mini series had the origin of Apocalypse? Could someone clear this up?
    Much appreciated, since I will dump the comics, if X-Factor 24 has the true origin.


    1. Age of Apocalypse is the full length origin of the character...yes. It's an origin with new facts, an extended origin of sorts. X-Factor #24 has the first origin of the character told in comics. It's a freeze dried version and not in-depth like the Age of Apocalypse series that came out.

  5. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Jw

    1. Heya, JW, happy holidays, man, and hope you and the fam are having a good one also.

  6. I' m with Jw. I hope everyone will have a great Christmas! Maybe Santa finally puts that New Mutants 98 into my sock. But please, Santa, make it a 9.0 copy at least.


  7. Would be nice to hear some other main wishes for under the Comic-Christmastree. Mine is the first appearance of Phoenix (X-Men 101), the most powerfull female in the Marvel-U ever!

    Cheers and happy holidays

    Max Rebo

    1. I'd love Ole Saint Nick to kick down an ASM #2 or FF #5.

  8. My oh my. Aren' t we the modest kind?
    Amazing Spiderman 2? Fantastic Four 5? Why not Action Comics 1 or Amazing Fantasy 15?!

    You get a book.


    1. Af 15 would b nice Jw

    2. Asm 2 and ff 5 aren't a reach. Maybe Santa needs to get another job. Mayhem maybe u should do a list if worst comics to invest in that r cheap to make his life easier lol. Jw

    3. Going well ready for Xmas how bout u

    4. Chuggin' along as best as I can, JW. Anxious of the new year steadily approaching. How time flies when you're older.