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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year In Review!

Another year has ended full of comic and key issue goodness. Another great year for comic fans concerning comic movies, news, and TV shows as well.

Lots of stuff went on in terms of movie goodness and TV show goodness as well. First, as we know now, Justice League Dark is moving forward with a feature film franchise, and it's been a while in the making.

Director Brendon Breese is taking over the project and unconfirmed news of Ron Perlman is being tapped to play none other than the Swamp Thing. Release date has yet to be confirmed but speculators are already doing what they do best - Speculating on what line up the Justice League Dark will feature.

I'm already speculating that members of Zatanna and Constantine will be in the line up. However some reports are going around that other names eyed for casting on the film are Colin Farrell as the John Constantine, Ewan McGregor as Jason Blood or The Demon, Monica Bellucci as the mystic fortune teller Madame Xanadu.

Don't worry, this doesn't leave out Zatanna. Reports are circulating that Warner is looking for a Latina or a black actress to fill in the role of Zatana. "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez is name that has popped up for the role.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we should be hearing more Justice League Dark news and casting reports in the near future. That's pretty much a given.

Also, this year saw reports that a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie is in the works over at DC and Warners. A buddy movie like the superhero version of Lethal Weapon or something. 

Seems like Warner Bros. is definitely jumping in the comic book movie boom with both feet now. Lots of stuff going on on their end as well. However, poof! The movie is reportedly in development and that's pretty much the last news I've heard about that so far.

We will surely hear more about what's going on with Booster Gold & Blue Beetle in the near future for sure. I'm hoping that it's the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, but some are speculating that it just might be the Jamie Reyes version.

On the Marvel movie front, Ant-Man was released this year as a summer blockbuster. I didn't have time to watch it in the theaters but recently Netflixed it.

I have to say it wasn't half-bad. I was thoroughly entertained, and I liked the quirky sense of humor the film carried. The special effects were pretty awesome in my opinion, and, you know, I like me a good heist movie anyways.

I thought the cast had really good chemistry, and it did get me excited about seeing the Wasp get her super hero on in a future Marvel movie.

Also, we learned this year that the Hulk will be in Thor: Ragnarok. We also got our long-awaited 1st glimpse at the Black Panther who will appear in Captain America: Civil War. 

I must say that he looks pretty badass. Can't wait to see him kicking ass live-action soon!

The villain Crossbones is all suited up and we got our first photo teaser released in 2015 as well. He looks downright intimidating. They did a real good job on the costumes for this movie without a doubt.

We also got a glimpse of who will be on which side in movie posters. Captain America: Civil War is movie is gonna be huge on the Marvel movie side of things for 2016. 

Speaking of 1st looks, we got plenty on the set of X-Men Apocalypse in 2015. The 1st look at Storm, Psylocke and Apocalypse photo was released online during the year. 

While some fans groaned at Apocalypse's look, it was great to see that Olivia Munn was going to sport the classic new Psylocke costume that first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #256. I do have to say that Olivia looks perfect for the role.

Actress Alexandria Shipp does look outstanding as Storm with her 80s punk look as well. I'm not sure what is going on with that costume in the teaser photo though.

Would've been cooler and more simple if they just stuck with the rocker chic costume from the 80s comic as shown in the left picture, but who knows? Maybe she'll first appear in the film with that classic 80s comic get up and then later switch to the one in the teaser photo for some climatic reason. 

That's just my comic fandom coming out, though. After all, they did get Jubilee's costume pretty spot on, which shouldn't be hard at all to do as well.

Then again, I'm pretty sure not too many people were concerned with Jubilee in this film. She was in some of the previous X-Men films, but the role was so small that hardly anyone even noticed.

On the TV front, Supergirl Season 1 premiered in 2015 as well. I have to admit that I thought the pilot was a bit choppy and the whole dynamic of the show is awefully close to what the Flash and Arrow have going on. Same kind of structure in terms of superhero and the supporting cast around the hero.

However, as I watched more and more episodes, I'm really starting to enjoy the show. It's a lot better than what I first thought it was going to be and it's starting to stand on it's own in my opinion.

So Maxwell Lord is in the Supergirl show and Red Tornado popped up as well. Jimmy Olsen is a major supporting character and the DC Comics agency the D.E.O. is a major organization in the TV series as well.

The D.E.O., or Department of Extranormal Operations, first appeared in Batman #550 back in 1996. That issue also features the 1st appearance of Cameron Chase, a highly respected D.E.O. agent in the world of DC Comics.

Right now organizations and their 1st appearances are not being considered by too many out there in the comic collecting world. They are overlooked, with the exception of S.H.I.E.L.D. and H.Y.D.R.A., but if you notice or watch these movies and shows, a lot of them are being used and quite a few of them are prominent entities on the big and small screen.

Yes, I did geek out when Martian Manhunter revealed himself, and it was one of those eye widening moments. You know, the kind where you think, Oh, Shiz, did they just do that? Hell, yeah, they just did it!

So, yes, I'm surprisingly enjoying the Supergirl show even though I'm not a big fan of the comic character. It will be cool that Supergirl's live action universe will cross-over into the Flash, Arrow, and possibly with Legends of Tomorrow.

Speaking of The Flash, season 2 has still kept this TV comic show as my favorite so far. I love the dynamic of the cast and the actors playing these iconic DC characters.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is definitely a great surprise in the role, and he carries the character perfectly. Actually, the whole cast is amazing. My personal favorites are Candice Patton, Carlos Valdez, Danielle Panabaker...wait! I don't have personal favorites of the show. 

They're all great: Jesse Martin, Tom Cavanagh, and company are all spectacular on the show. The real big surprise is Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. He does an amazing job portraying a villain that could've easily went the cheesy route.

Lots of great things happened in Season 2 of the Flash. We got to see the Earth 2 and Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash make his way onto Earth 1.

Zoom speed his way onto the show as the big bad. Killer Shark even appeared in an episode as well as the TV version of Doctor Light.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl also made their debuts in Season 2 of the Flash. Needless to say, I got to geek out plenty this year with just the Flash TV show!

And the big surprise but not so big surprise - Wally West! Yep, Wally West, y'all!

With Earth 2 out there in the story line and Supergirl in the same TV-verse as Flash, I think it would be awesome to see an Earth 2 Kara Zor-L pop up on the Flash.

Yep, you read that right...Kara Zor-L, also known as Power Girl or the Earth 2 version of Supergirl. I think it would be cool and plausible.

Why not? You'd just have Melissa Benoist show up with a different hair style or short wig and KA-BLAM!

You got Power Girl. The reason for her showing up on the Flash? I dunno, but I'm pretty sure those creative geniuses writing for the show can come up with something plausible.

I just thought of the Flash series because they're into the whole Earth 2 thing right now. Then, when the Flash and Power Girl do their thing, she can cross-over into the Supergirl show.

Okay, I'm getting carried away here. Just geeking out.

As for Arrow? I do admit that I've gotten into the show a tad bit. I am enjoying the war on Damien Darhke and H.I.V.E. that's playing out in the show so far.

H.I.V.E.'s first full appearance is in New Teen Titans #2. Yep, that issue also holds the 1st appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator. Just more key issue goodness for that key right there.

I'm sure Deathstroke will pop up again somewhere. Hopefully a big screen debut for Deathstroke the Terminator. That would be nice.

Since the Teen Titans show has also been confirmed to continue being developed, it would be really cool to see Deathstroke pop up sometime in that show as well.  

On the Marvel TV front, we finally got to see Jessica Jones. I'm not gonna say much more about that show.

The Daredevil Season 2 trailer was released this year, and I'm pretty excited about the Punisher being in it. I am a Punisher fan, so this might go either way.

I could be totally frothing at the mouth with uncontrollable excitement, or I might be frothing at the mouth with utter disappointment. A long with the Punisher being confirmed for Season 2 of Daredevil, Elektra was also confirmed and cast in 2015.

Double whammy goodness there! Still speaking about the Punisher, can we say Jigsaw? God, I hope that villain pops up somewhere in the Netflix shows. 

Doesn't have to be in Daredevil Season 2, but it would be cool to see a cameo of Billy Russo before he becomes Jigsaw. Then in a later show or season, fully introduce him as Jigsaw and how he turns into the character.

Also, for all those reports coming out that Iron Fist wasn't going to happen, Marvel recenlty squashed those rumors and confirmed that Iron Fist and Netflix is still going to be streaming round-house kicks to ya face!

Agent Carter? I love me some Hayley Atwell! Wowza! 

So the news on Agent Carter is that the Maggia will be in the house for Season 2. The villainous Joseph Manfredi will be played by actor Ken Marino, and actress Wynn Everett will be Madame Masque.

I hope the Maggia also pops up in the Netflix shows. I know they'll be different timelines than Agent Carter, but there are other Maggia families in the world of Marvel.

After all, it looks like Kingpin is gonna need more allies in order to eventually take on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

We can't forget the end of the year Star Wars Force Awakens either. I haven't seen it but will try soon.

Well, of course, there's was a lot more comic movie and TV show goodness that went on in 2015, but these are the things I remember off the top of my head. The comic market is still chugging a long for sure, and we're expecting 2016 to be another great year to be a comic fan & collector!

Happy New Year!



  1. Thanks for a terrific year! Mayhem, I hope 2016 will be just as great for collectors. On a personal note, I would like to say, stay as you are and keep the fire burnin!


    1. Happy New Year Ace, I think 2016 will be a buzzing year. Lot's of things to look forward too...Captain America Civil War...Batman v Superman...Daredevil Season 2...Flash and Supergirl LK says, it's a great time to be a comic fan!

      I'll try to keep the fire burnin'...if only I can find that damned lighter. Keep on rockin'!!