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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year In Review!

Another year has ended full of comic and key issue goodness. Another great year for comic fans concerning comic movies, news, and TV shows as well.

Lots of stuff went on in terms of movie goodness and TV show goodness as well. First, as we know now, Justice League Dark is moving forward with a feature film franchise, and it's been a while in the making.

Director Brendon Breese is taking over the project and unconfirmed news of Ron Perlman is being tapped to play none other than the Swamp Thing. Release date has yet to be confirmed but speculators are already doing what they do best - Speculating on what line up the Justice League Dark will feature.

I'm already speculating that members of Zatanna and Constantine will be in the line up. However some reports are going around that other names eyed for casting on the film are Colin Farrell as the John Constantine, Ewan McGregor as Jason Blood or The Demon, Monica Bellucci as the mystic fortune teller Madame Xanadu.

Don't worry, this doesn't leave out Zatanna. Reports are circulating that Warner is looking for a Latina or a black actress to fill in the role of Zatana. "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez is name that has popped up for the role.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we should be hearing more Justice League Dark news and casting reports in the near future. That's pretty much a given.

Also, this year saw reports that a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie is in the works over at DC and Warners. A buddy movie like the superhero version of Lethal Weapon or something. 

Seems like Warner Bros. is definitely jumping in the comic book movie boom with both feet now. Lots of stuff going on on their end as well. However, poof! The movie is reportedly in development and that's pretty much the last news I've heard about that so far.

We will surely hear more about what's going on with Booster Gold & Blue Beetle in the near future for sure. I'm hoping that it's the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, but some are speculating that it just might be the Jamie Reyes version.

On the Marvel movie front, Ant-Man was released this year as a summer blockbuster. I didn't have time to watch it in the theaters but recently Netflixed it.

I have to say it wasn't half-bad. I was thoroughly entertained, and I liked the quirky sense of humor the film carried. The special effects were pretty awesome in my opinion, and, you know, I like me a good heist movie anyways.

I thought the cast had really good chemistry, and it did get me excited about seeing the Wasp get her super hero on in a future Marvel movie.

Also, we learned this year that the Hulk will be in Thor: Ragnarok. We also got our long-awaited 1st glimpse at the Black Panther who will appear in Captain America: Civil War. 

I must say that he looks pretty badass. Can't wait to see him kicking ass live-action soon!

The villain Crossbones is all suited up and we got our first photo teaser released in 2015 as well. He looks downright intimidating. They did a real good job on the costumes for this movie without a doubt.

We also got a glimpse of who will be on which side in movie posters. Captain America: Civil War is movie is gonna be huge on the Marvel movie side of things for 2016. 

Speaking of 1st looks, we got plenty on the set of X-Men Apocalypse in 2015. The 1st look at Storm, Psylocke and Apocalypse photo was released online during the year. 

While some fans groaned at Apocalypse's look, it was great to see that Olivia Munn was going to sport the classic new Psylocke costume that first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #256. I do have to say that Olivia looks perfect for the role.

Actress Alexandria Shipp does look outstanding as Storm with her 80s punk look as well. I'm not sure what is going on with that costume in the teaser photo though.

Would've been cooler and more simple if they just stuck with the rocker chic costume from the 80s comic as shown in the left picture, but who knows? Maybe she'll first appear in the film with that classic 80s comic get up and then later switch to the one in the teaser photo for some climatic reason. 

That's just my comic fandom coming out, though. After all, they did get Jubilee's costume pretty spot on, which shouldn't be hard at all to do as well.

Then again, I'm pretty sure not too many people were concerned with Jubilee in this film. She was in some of the previous X-Men films, but the role was so small that hardly anyone even noticed.

On the TV front, Supergirl Season 1 premiered in 2015 as well. I have to admit that I thought the pilot was a bit choppy and the whole dynamic of the show is awefully close to what the Flash and Arrow have going on. Same kind of structure in terms of superhero and the supporting cast around the hero.

However, as I watched more and more episodes, I'm really starting to enjoy the show. It's a lot better than what I first thought it was going to be and it's starting to stand on it's own in my opinion.

So Maxwell Lord is in the Supergirl show and Red Tornado popped up as well. Jimmy Olsen is a major supporting character and the DC Comics agency the D.E.O. is a major organization in the TV series as well.

The D.E.O., or Department of Extranormal Operations, first appeared in Batman #550 back in 1996. That issue also features the 1st appearance of Cameron Chase, a highly respected D.E.O. agent in the world of DC Comics.

Right now organizations and their 1st appearances are not being considered by too many out there in the comic collecting world. They are overlooked, with the exception of S.H.I.E.L.D. and H.Y.D.R.A., but if you notice or watch these movies and shows, a lot of them are being used and quite a few of them are prominent entities on the big and small screen.

Yes, I did geek out when Martian Manhunter revealed himself, and it was one of those eye widening moments. You know, the kind where you think, Oh, Shiz, did they just do that? Hell, yeah, they just did it!

So, yes, I'm surprisingly enjoying the Supergirl show even though I'm not a big fan of the comic character. It will be cool that Supergirl's live action universe will cross-over into the Flash, Arrow, and possibly with Legends of Tomorrow.

Speaking of The Flash, season 2 has still kept this TV comic show as my favorite so far. I love the dynamic of the cast and the actors playing these iconic DC characters.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is definitely a great surprise in the role, and he carries the character perfectly. Actually, the whole cast is amazing. My personal favorites are Candice Patton, Carlos Valdez, Danielle Panabaker...wait! I don't have personal favorites of the show. 

They're all great: Jesse Martin, Tom Cavanagh, and company are all spectacular on the show. The real big surprise is Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. He does an amazing job portraying a villain that could've easily went the cheesy route.

Lots of great things happened in Season 2 of the Flash. We got to see the Earth 2 and Jay Garrick the Golden Age Flash make his way onto Earth 1.

Zoom speed his way onto the show as the big bad. Killer Shark even appeared in an episode as well as the TV version of Doctor Light.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl also made their debuts in Season 2 of the Flash. Needless to say, I got to geek out plenty this year with just the Flash TV show!

And the big surprise but not so big surprise - Wally West! Yep, Wally West, y'all!

With Earth 2 out there in the story line and Supergirl in the same TV-verse as Flash, I think it would be awesome to see an Earth 2 Kara Zor-L pop up on the Flash.

Yep, you read that right...Kara Zor-L, also known as Power Girl or the Earth 2 version of Supergirl. I think it would be cool and plausible.

Why not? You'd just have Melissa Benoist show up with a different hair style or short wig and KA-BLAM!

You got Power Girl. The reason for her showing up on the Flash? I dunno, but I'm pretty sure those creative geniuses writing for the show can come up with something plausible.

I just thought of the Flash series because they're into the whole Earth 2 thing right now. Then, when the Flash and Power Girl do their thing, she can cross-over into the Supergirl show.

Okay, I'm getting carried away here. Just geeking out.

As for Arrow? I do admit that I've gotten into the show a tad bit. I am enjoying the war on Damien Darhke and H.I.V.E. that's playing out in the show so far.

H.I.V.E.'s first full appearance is in New Teen Titans #2. Yep, that issue also holds the 1st appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator. Just more key issue goodness for that key right there.

I'm sure Deathstroke will pop up again somewhere. Hopefully a big screen debut for Deathstroke the Terminator. That would be nice.

Since the Teen Titans show has also been confirmed to continue being developed, it would be really cool to see Deathstroke pop up sometime in that show as well.  

On the Marvel TV front, we finally got to see Jessica Jones. I'm not gonna say much more about that show.

The Daredevil Season 2 trailer was released this year, and I'm pretty excited about the Punisher being in it. I am a Punisher fan, so this might go either way.

I could be totally frothing at the mouth with uncontrollable excitement, or I might be frothing at the mouth with utter disappointment. A long with the Punisher being confirmed for Season 2 of Daredevil, Elektra was also confirmed and cast in 2015.

Double whammy goodness there! Still speaking about the Punisher, can we say Jigsaw? God, I hope that villain pops up somewhere in the Netflix shows. 

Doesn't have to be in Daredevil Season 2, but it would be cool to see a cameo of Billy Russo before he becomes Jigsaw. Then in a later show or season, fully introduce him as Jigsaw and how he turns into the character.

Also, for all those reports coming out that Iron Fist wasn't going to happen, Marvel recenlty squashed those rumors and confirmed that Iron Fist and Netflix is still going to be streaming round-house kicks to ya face!

Agent Carter? I love me some Hayley Atwell! Wowza! 

So the news on Agent Carter is that the Maggia will be in the house for Season 2. The villainous Joseph Manfredi will be played by actor Ken Marino, and actress Wynn Everett will be Madame Masque.

I hope the Maggia also pops up in the Netflix shows. I know they'll be different timelines than Agent Carter, but there are other Maggia families in the world of Marvel.

After all, it looks like Kingpin is gonna need more allies in order to eventually take on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

We can't forget the end of the year Star Wars Force Awakens either. I haven't seen it but will try soon.

Well, of course, there's was a lot more comic movie and TV show goodness that went on in 2015, but these are the things I remember off the top of my head. The comic market is still chugging a long for sure, and we're expecting 2016 to be another great year to be a comic fan & collector!

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 13

Alright, we are at the end of this Hot Comic Investments of 2015. This is Part 13, and this whole series is basically sales data collected from gocollect and only encompasses CGC and CBCS sales on eBay.

So, it's not really an over-all picture. There are other market places like ComicLink, ComicConnect and mycomicshop and Heritage as well.

If you missed Part 12, that link will bring you back. Also, if you just stumbled upon this series, this Part 1 link will bring you back to the beginning. 

Good to go onto the next few? Here they are!

1st appearance of Power Girl

This one has been on an upswing since I mentioned it in January 2014 in the Superman Key Issues List Part 10. During that time, this key was pretty scarce in the market in high CGC 9.8 grades.

As far as I know, there's no real movie or TV hype for Power Girl, who is basically the Earth Two Super Girl even if she debuted during the Bronze Age. I do like Power Girl better than Supergirl, because she doesn't blatantly look like the female rehash of Superman.

Then again, not the biggest fan of Superman to begin with, but Power Girl I do like. Enough of my bias here, and lookie, lookie, lookie. Green lines up all the way across the board.

Never mind how many sales there are. A lot of sales for a comic aren't always a good thing most of the time. Well, it could be if you're buying and want to get a key a bit or a lot cheaper than peak.

None of half the lines pink and half lines green. Green lines up for most or all the grades is what I like to see when it comes to a hot comic, but as usual, even green lines doesn't really mean every grade is continually going up, up and away.They could just be sustaining and boggling up and down between price values.

Higher graded slabbers are definitely on the move up, especially for 9.8s. Not sure if the increased interest is gained from hype for the new Supergirl TV series or not. Wouldn't be surprised either way.

Wow, CGC 9.8s for the 1st appearance of Power Girl got some pretty big bumps during 2015. The most recent sale hitting above the $1,000 mark? Pretty crazy.

However, this comic also hit the $800 zone and completely bypassed the $900 realm. Right now there aren't too many 9.8s on eBay, and so far there's only 37 in the CGC Census for that grade. There is a total of 531 currently.

I do, however, see quite a bit of raw copies listed on eBay, so I'm expecting a lot more high grade raw copies out there for this 1978 key issue.

CGC 9.6s were definitely no slouches either during 2015. Looks like this year finally saw this grade jump from the $300 range and into the $400 range around mid-year.

It stayed there until December of this year, and then the most recent sold in the $500 range. Not a whole lot of 9.6 slabbed copies currently and the one up there currently is kind of a tad bit bloated in price. I'm typing that with sarcasm.

Then again, it does a Best Offer so who knows? If you're reading this site, however, you know that the value should be around the $400 to $500 mark.

If more raw copies start getting slabbed and higher graded ones start to appear more, quite a few more bidding auctions just may pop up in the market in the near future. You guys who actually read this series all know that by now though.

As for CGC 9.4s of this DC 1st appearance, it pretty much boggled in the $200 range during 2015. In later 2014, it looks like it nestled in the $200 range. 9.2s have mostly been boggling in the $100 range, but hitting the $200 mark here and there.

Nothing really exciting about grades 9.4 and under, but 9.8s and 9.6s have done pretty well in 2015.

Wonder Woman #98 cover imageWONDER WOMAN #98
1st Silver Age Wonder Woman
New origin of Wonder Woman begins

If we're gonna talk about an issue that's hot and pretty scarce in the market, we've got Wonder Woman #98 and her 1st Silver Age appearance. Like many of DC characters that were carried over into the Silver Age from the Golden Age, Wonder Woman got a revamp of sorts.

This issue also marks a new origin for the Earth One Wonder Woman. Well, it's actually the 1st origin for Earth One Wonder Woman since Earth One and Earth Two characters are supposedly considered two different characters in that continuity.

I am not sure whether this comic is that well-known in the market or not yet, but it has a very low CGC Census total for a 1958 comic. So far there's only 34 and the highest is an 8.0 VF.

There also hasn't been a lot of sales in both 2014 and 2015 for this key issue either. Actually, there's only been a total of 2 slabbed sales on eBay in 2 years.

So, honestly, I'm not sure if this one is super scarce or if most of the market has yet to catch on fully in a big bad way. There still could be quite a few raw copies hiding in collections out there. That could always be a possibility.

Holy moly with the CGC 2.5s! Just recently in November too, and a bidding auction nonetheless. Lucky person who got the CGC 6.5 in August of 2014 though.

Like I said, I don't know what to make of that. I know that issue #98 is getting recognized, but I'm not sure about the actual real rarity of this newly heating up Silver Age key.

I will be hunting offline for it for sure to see how many I come across or don't. I probably won't come across too many, but you never know. I did talk about this issue in the Wonder Woman Key Issues list back in December 2013 so if you got it then...Wow! Congrats.

2nd appearance of S.A. Wonder Woman?
Origin of Diana Prince I.D.

The Silver Age origin of Wonder Woman continues in issue #98 and, of course, this issue holds the 2nd appearance of Silver Age Wonder Woman. Well, at least, common sense would dictate it does.

The origin story is carried over from #98, but this issue reveals how Princess Diana got her alter ego identity of Diana Prince. Like issue #99, it is scarce on the market for slabbed copies and definitely heating up.

Only 2 slabbed sales for this issue on eBay and only 18 total registered copies in the CGC Census so far. Highest grade so far in the ole CGC census is a 9.2 NM minus.

So we can see that slabbed copies are scarce in the market and in the CGC Census. However, keep in mind that this comic is starting to get recognized a lot more, much like a lot of DC Silver Age keys. 

There still could be quite a bit of raw copies hiding out there, and many collectors not in tune with this one yet either. Using my common sense, I'm gonna say that this one has been overlooked for quite a while and there are still quite a bit more raw copies out there that will eventually get slabbed in the near future.

The black cover should make this one harder to find in high grades though.

I'm gonna end this series with Part 13. It's time to move onto something else, and I really don't care to list all the hot comics of 2015.

This series wasn't exactly about the comics that were or still are hot in 2015, it's more of a closer look on how to research comic investment's performances and making somewhat logical guesses. As I've mentioned throughout this hot comic investments of 2015, there's plenty of things to look at for various reasons.

Of course, this series only detailed CGCs or slabbed performances. Raw copies may have done really good as well. There are more hot comics during 2015 that I did not cover like New Mutants #87 and Batman #1 New 52.

Some have fizzled in demand, or there were too many copies flung back into the market that eventually outweighed demand. Some are sustaining or barely sustaining, and some are still doing pretty good. You can look up the performances yourself which is the basic point of this series.

I've brought up the point of blind buying often, and it seems this current market is rampant with it. Collectors not researching and not questioning some bloated prices or perceptions in the market currently.

I covered Wonder Woman #98 and #99 for a reason. Just like JLA Secret Files #1, the 1st appearance of Kendra Saunders, both Wonder Woman keys are recently being recognized in the market currently.

Both have low totals in the CGC Census currently, but just because it's a Silver Age key, doesn't mean it wasn't overlooked too long ago and there aren't more raw copies out there just waiting to be slabbed. Take Aquaman #11, #29, and #35 when I first talked about them. Both were scarce in the market and had low a CGC Census then.

Now, there are quite a bit more of those Aquaman keys coming out of the woodwork since then and more copies being slabbed as well. I'm not saying that Wonder Woman #98 or #99 may not be scarce or rare over-all, but they may not be as scarce or rare as they seem currently.

I just want you to think about the possibility of jumping the gun. A CGC 7.0 Wonder Woman #98 did sell on ComicLink for $5,000 recently. Gonna be interesting to see how many are in the census and the market two years from now for those books.

Even low grades are going bonkers, so if you find a raw Wonder Woman #98 one within your local stomping grounds or comic con for near guide, probably a real good idea to snag that one up quick even if it's low grade.

Right tools, right research, and a little bit of questioning and your comic investing venture just may be a lot better for it.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Gerry's Year End Review! What A Year!

By: Gerry D

Howdy, fellow comic book aficionados. It's been a while since I've posted anything to TCM but it's good to be back. I'll get into where I've been a little bit later.

It's been such a very busy for me as far as comic collecting and investing goes that I don't really know where to start. I guess I'll just start writing and see where it takes me. It's probably going to sound like I'm rambling and jumping all over the place, but I'll do my best.

Here it goes....

In the beginning of the year I picked quite a few books, some that I've already written about. You can read about them in the Vault section. I've also been hunting and picked up a couple of heavy hitters in the later part of the year. It's been an expensive year for me but let me tell you how I've funded some of my new buys.

I've been collecting comic books and baseball cards since the late 80's. I've amassed a rather large collection of both. 

However, I decided this year to thin out my baseball card collection to help fund some bigger key issue comics that I've wanted. It's a bit time consuming to take and edit pictures and post all of the auctions on eBay and Webstore, so it's been taking up quite a bit of time and keeping me from writing any posts to share with all of you.

There was one super key that I was looking at in particular. As some of you may know, I'm a huge Spider-Man fan and wanted to get a very early key issue.

For me it was Amazing Spider-Man #3 the first appearance of Doc Ock. This was heavy hitter #1 for me and by far the "heaviest" book for me this year.

I was able to fund most of this book with all of the baseball cards I sold. There were a few comics that I sold this year as well, but mostly from trading cards.

I probably could have funded the entire book, but as I was hunting on eBay, I found a deal I couldn't pass up. I did take a huge risk and bought it raw, but for me, I like the thrill of seeing what grade a book will come back from CGC or CBCS.

I do buy comics that are already graded but sometimes I like to take a chance. I plan on sending it in early next year to get graded. I'll definitely give you an update. My fingers are crossed.

Heavy hitter #2 Was another Amazing Spider-Man title. In fact, it is ASM #14 the first appearance of Green Goblin.

This one has been on my radar for a long time and decided that it was time to pull the trigger on it. It's always a solid investment book to have. This one I also bought raw and was a little disappointed when I got it in the mail.

As I was looking though it to see if it was complete, there were a couple of small holes in the cover. The seller never mentioned it in the listing and they didn't really show up in the pictures, and as we all know, that's going to hurt when I comes back from the grader.

I sent it in to CBCS and it was graded a 4.5. I was hoping for a higher grade than that. It was listed as a 6.0 but I could tell that it wasn't that high of a grade. I was thinking it would be a 5.0 or 5.5.

On the plus side, I am still in the black on this one. I'm actually getting this and a few other comics back from CBCS today.

The last of my "heavy hitters" is once again, an Amazing Spider-Man. This time I snagged an ASM #129. As everyone knows, it's the first Punisher appearance.

I figured that with the Punisher being in season two of Daredevil, I'd better grab a copy while they are still somewhat affordable. Who knows what's going to happen when he finally shows up on the small screen.

I also took the risk and got this one raw but I had a good reason to buy this one raw. Besides that fact that you can usually buy raw comics cheaper, you can also make them better. I wanted to experiment with getting a comic pressed.

I found this copy of ASM #129 on eBay and it looked pretty nice except for a few wrinkles on the cover. They didn't break color so I thought it would be the perfect candidate to get pressed.

It came back looking a lot better than it was. I would guess that it will come back from CGC one full grade higher than if I didn't get it pressed. I'll tell you more about my experience with pressing soon in a different post. I haven't sent this one in to get graded yet either but I plan on doing it early next year once I get a few more books to send in with it.

And speaking of Daredevil, I was also able to snag a Daredevil #4 the first appearance of Purple Man before the Jessica Jones Netflix show started pushing that book up in price. I got this one out of pure speculation.

Seems like it might pay off for me. Now, I'm wondering if I should try and flip it or hold onto it for a while. When do I sell? That's the question that haunts us all. I'm also getting this comic back from CBCS today. I'm a little anxious needless to say.

These comics are just a very small sample of the comics that I got this year. This would be a very long post if I told you about all of them and then I would feel like I'm bragging, which I'm not. If I was able to get an Action Comics #1 or Detective Comics #27, then I'd do some bragging.

I was able to hit up a few conventions this year with my pal Vic. And in my opinion, the Big Wow Comic Fest was by far the best. There were a lot of people, some awesome cosplayers and comics.

Lots and lots of comics. Big Wow probably had the most comic book vendors out of all the conventions that we went to this year. We spent about 6 hours walking around looking through all of the comics that the dealers had. It was definitely a good time. You can read about our Big Wow adventure here on TCM.

And of course we had to go to Stockton Con to see what Steve Wyatt from Moonball comics had for sale. It's the only con that we can go to around the bay area to see him. He always has great deals and is fun to talk with.

As I was going through the long boxes, I saw that he had a Marvel Spotlight #6. That comic wasn't high on my want list but it was definitely on there.

He was asking $55 for it. I ended up offering him $45 for it. He looked the book over and said "make it $40".

I don't know of any other dealer that would no lower than the offer that was given to him. That's what keeps me coming back and giving him all of my hard earned money. Steve is one of the main reasons Vic and I go to Stockton Con. That and the nachos.

We also checked out the inaugural Wizard World San Jose this year too. I went with the intention of getting some autographs.

I'd never done it before but I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell and wanted him to sign my treasure. What treasure you ask? I have a 35mm trailer of "My Name is Bruce" that he starred in, produced, and directed.

It was a straight to video movie so there can't be that many celluloid copies of it anywhere. Another great snag from eBay.

I waited in line for an hour and an half to get that autograph. My feet were starting to hurt from standing in line so long, but to me it was well worth it. Bruce was very busy but still managed to say hi, shake my hand and talk with me, however brief it may have been.

I was also able to get Ted Raimi's autograph. He was also in the movie. Ted was really impressed that I was able to find such an obscure item to have him sign.

Vic went to get his Mallrats Blu-Ray signed by Jason Mewes. His line was non-existent and we walked right up and got the movie signed. He was also nice enough to shoot the s#!t with us for a little while since there was nobody in line behind us. I was also able to walk out of the con with a decent looking copy of Daredevil #2.

And finally, we went to check out the Heroes and Villians Fan Fest in San Jose. Why are all of the cons in San Jose?

They had a nice line-up of celebrities, but there were no comics to be seen anywhere. Comics were the only reason that we go to cons in the first place. Man, that was a huge disappointment.

We circled the place twice just in case we missed anything the first time, but we didn't. We were there for 20 minutes and left.

I'm just glad that I was able to find discount tickets on groupon. Maybe I'll check it out again in a few years if it's still around, but only if I know that there are comics there.

All in all it's been a very good year for me. Lots of comics and lots of conventions. Some good, some bad.

I'm already looking forward to next year. East Bay Comic Con is coming up fast and am already eyeballing my first book of the new year. I hope you all had an amazing year this year and have a great holiday season. I will see you all in 2016.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Undervalued & Sleeper Comics Part 7

Alright, another edition of Undervalued and Sleeper Comics. This is Part 7, and there will be some heavy hitters here. No sleeper comics, but all will be undervalued comics.

Well, at least, I think they are. I'll be comparing them to other comics of caliber or from the era as well, so you can make up your own mind about them.

This one will be long as I do have quite a bit of information about these. If you missed the previous part, this Part 6 link will bring you back. Otherwise, here's some more undervalued comics.

Origin of the Justice League

We have here another Silver Age DC Comics comic that's surprisingly pretty under-valued. I could go on and on about how the Justice League of America is the most popular super hero team in world of DC, but I think we all get the point.

It's pretty apparent that any movie isn't going to base the Justice League origin off the story featured in Justice League of America #9, but let's forget about movie hype. When it comes to the very first origin of the JLA, this issue is it.

Since the story in this issue is the first time the members of the JLA band together, the events in this comic actually precedes the story in Brave and the Bold #28. Besides, if the market makes a big deal out Black Panther first joining the Avengers, then this comic should be a big deal as well.

But enough of that. Why is this sucker undervalued? $1,300 for a low NM 9.2 according to guide?

Well, not to harsh on the Incredible Hulk #3 from the very first 1963 series, but that bad boy is worth more in Overstreet than Justice League of America #9. Incredible Hulk #3 is the 3rd appearance of the Jade Giant but only retells the origin of the Hulk and has the 1st appearance of the Ring Master.

As we all know, Ring Master isn't exactly an A-list villain in the Marvel Universe. However, the Incredible Hulk #3 at a NM minus or low NM is worth $6,500.

Justice League of America #9 and the 1st origin of the JLA at the same grade - $1,300. Both comics came out the same year and both aren't exactly plentiful.

Incredible Hulk #3 has about 574 in the CGC Census currently. Highest grades are three 9.6s.

Justice League of America #9 has about 319 total registered copies in the census. There's also four 9.6s and that's the highest grade so far.

Once again, not saying JLA #9 is more rare either, but significance wise, I think the issue should be worth more. Maybe not as much as the 3rd appearance of the Hulk, but it should be up there and worth more than $1,300 for a NM minus. Yes, I think this conundrum is a head scratcher.

Also, if you check on gocollect, both comics have about the same amount of sales for CGC copies on eBay in a 2 year period. Incredible Hulk #3 had 27 overall slabbed sales and Justice League of America #9 had 26.

The highest grade sold within 2 years for The Incredible Hulk #3 was a 7.0, and it sold at around $857 in 2014. So match a CGC 7.0 with that, and the Justice League of America #9 at the same slabbed grade last sold for only $550 this year.

Even Iron Man #1 from 1968 is only $100 lower than Justice League of America #9. Far as I know, Iron Man #1 is just basically the 1st issue to Iron Man's first headlining comic series and retells Iron Man's origin as well. 

Can we say an overlooked and significant key? Toss in undervalued as well and we may just have an X-File.

Hell, even Incredible Hulk #6 at 9.2 NM minus is worth $3,700 more than our poor overlooked key issue over here. I'm definitely calling this Silver Age key issue undervalued currently.

This is a tough one to compare to others since many 1st appearances also have the 1st origins with them, but first origin story to one of the most popular superhero teams in comics ever...should be worth a lot more in my opinion.

FLASH #135
1st appearance of Kid Flash's iconic costume

This one here is definitely arguable. It shouldn't be a secret now that a lot of Silver Age DC key issues are overlooked and undervalued, and this one here just very well may be one.

Look iconic costumes for comic characters are just as important as a character's personality or superpower. It's the visual we first get, that "it" factor that first makes us go, "!"

A costume later becomes a character's identity. It's what we associate with the character.

When we think of Daredevil, we usually don't first think of his original yellow and brown costume. We first think of the red costume.

Same thing with Wonder Woman. We don't first associate the character with the short blue skirt with white stars and red and gold bustier. We first picture her in the classic blue panty with white stars and red and gold bustier costume.

The word here for a superhero's costume is that "classic" or "iconic" look. Okay, there's no doubt that Wally West as the Kid Flash is a popular character in DC Comics. I don't have to hurl a comic box at any comic geek's head in order to jog their memory concerning that.

Kid Flash is well-known, and his classic yellow and red costume is iconic to the character. When Kid Flash first hit the scene, Mini-Flash was just wearing the same look that Barry Allen wore as the Flash.

The only thing that differentiated the two was that Kid Flash was much shorter. But, BAM! Give the character his own costume and look, and it's like you slapped that character with his or her own identity in the world of comics.

However, Flash #135 and the 1st appearance of Kid Flash in his iconic costume gets little love currently in this market? What's that all about?

FLASH #135
NM- (9.2) $2,050
VF/NM (9.0) $1,317
VF (8.0) $584
FN (6.0) $219
VG (4.0) $146
GD (2.0) $73
NM- (9.2) $375
VF/NM (9.0) $243
VF (8.0) $110
FN (6.0) $48
VG (4.0) $32
GD (2.0) $16

Flash #135 came out in 1963. Daredevil #7 came out in 1965.

Overlooked? Yep! Undervalued? Extremely and also scarce in the market currently! 'Nuff said.

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Tales to Astonish #44 cover pictureTALES TO ASTONISH #44
1st appearance of Wasp
Origin of Wasp

Yep, this comic was just recently covered in the Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 12, but that in no way means this comic isn't undervalued. During the Marvel boom of the Silver Age, many iconic characters and teams were being ushered into the comic world by Marvel Comics during the era.

While the Ant-Man or Wasp were not popular enough to headline their own self-titled series at the time, they are classic Marvel Silver Age characters without a doubt. They are both the founding and original members of one of the most popular and iconic Marvel superhero teams ever.

The characters have also been long connected to the team and it's spin-off groups. Nevertheless, if they weren't iconic characters, there would be no need or heed to even give them live action status in the Avengers Cinematic Universe.

If we're gonna talk about historical significance in the world of Marvel Comics, she is the 2nd female to debut as an actual super heroine under the "Marvel" brand created during the Silver Age era. The first super heroine is obviously Sue Richards the Invisible Woman.

Tales to Astonish #44 has the cover date of June, 1963. Jean Grey or Marvel Girl didn't appear until X-Men #1 with the cover date of September, 1963.

Black Widow, Clea, or Sif? All came out in 1964. I suppose you could argue that Frigga's first appearance is before the 1st appearance of Janet van Dyne as the Wasp, but Frigga was Thor's mommy and wife to Odin. Not really a super heroine that went around and fought evil or crime.

Once again, the 2nd female to actually debut as a super heroine in their first appearance under the Marvel brand. Not debut as a normal person and then a year or years later become a super powered hero.

So, it's definitely a head scratcher as to why Tales to Astonish #44 and the 1st appearance of the Wasp is undervalued for an early Marvel Silver Age key issue. Oh, yeah, it is also a double whammy and has her origin story as well.

In the current guide, Tales to Astonish #44 is only worth $2,000 at 9.2 NM minus grades. What? Only $2,000? I'm not even joking.

If you take all the boys that 1st appeared during the era, their 1st appearances are remarkably higher. I don't really have to list them do I?

Hell, even Hawkeye's 1st appearance in Tales of Suspense #57 that came out a year later is worth $200 more than the 1st appearance of Wasp according to guide. Say what?

Not to say that Tales of Suspense #57 isn't undervalued as well, but that's just an example.

3rd appearance of Iron Man? Worth more than the 1st appearance of the Wasp. 3rd appearance?

Yep, even the 3rd appearance of Ant-Man is more valuable according to guide. Once again, 3rd appearance, folks?

Then again, a CGC 9.2 Tales to Astonish #44 did drop this year for $5,500 smackers. Compare that to Ant-Man's 2nd appearance and 1st in costume at CGC 8.5, it's about $235 bucks lighter. However, even Ant-Man's 3rd appearance is worth more in 9.0 and 9.2 grades according to guide.

There's only 8 CGC 9.2s in the CGC Census currently. Total is 389 for this comic at the time of this writing for the Wasp's 1st appearance.

Tales to Astonish #35 has a total of 581 and 9 CGC 9.2s currently. 1st appearance and origin of Wasp in Tales to Astonish #44 undervalued? I think so.

To even add further insult to injury, I'm gonna stack this comic up with some of the boys that also came out in the same year.

NM- (9.2) $15,000
VF/NM (9.0) $10,000
VF (8.0) $5,000
FN (6.0) $2,200
VG (4.0) $1,100
GD (2.0) $550
NM- (9.2) $2,000
VF/NM (9.0) $1,500
VF (8.0) $1,000
FN (6.0) $500
VG (4.0) $250
GD (2.0) $125

1st appearance of Doctor Strange is pretty under-valued as well, but not even close to Tales to Astonish #44. Wasp has briefly been in the Ant-Man movie.

Doctor Strange has yet to appear so far, but his 1st appearance in Strange Tales #110 has already blasted off beyond the $10,000 range for higher 9.2s and up. Both characters did come out in the same year of 1963.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dr. Strange had many self-titled comic series and yadedadeda. I have a point for later that should squash that argument. 1st Wasp should be up there with Strange Tales #110 and that it isn't anywhere near it is the real Tales to Astonish.

NM- (9.2) $42,000
VF/NM (9.0) $25,800
VF (8.0) $9,600
FN (6.0) $4,800
VG (4.0) $2,400
GD (2.0) $1,200
NM- (9.2) $2,000
VF/NM (9.0) $1,500
VF (8.0) $1,000
FN (6.0) $500
VG (4.0) $250
GD (2.0) $125

Iron Man is no doubt an extremely popular Avenger. The guy came out in 1963 a long with Wasp and Doctor Strange.

Comparing both 1st appearances to the Invincible Iron Man's? I'd say both Strange Tales #110 and Tales to Astonish are quite undervalued.

Also, of course, all the movies he's been in as well. However, Wasp has only been in one to date, and a brief cameo as well.

However,  I've already explained the significance of the character despite fickle movie hype.

NM- (9.2) $11,000
VF/NM (9.0) $7,060
VF (8.0) $3,120
FN (6.0) $1,101
VG (4.0) $734
GD (2.0) $367
NM- (9.2) $2,000
VF/NM (9.0) $1,500
VF (8.0) $1,000
FN (6.0) $500
VG (4.0) $250
GD (2.0) $125

Sorry, had to cut out the Howling Commandos part, but even that 1st appearance of Nick Fury is a lot more valuable than the 1st appearance of the Wasp. Then again, all the boys have had headlined their own solo comic series numerous times.

The Wasp hasn't really headlined her own solo series and was pretty much a supporting character. That may be a factor, but it may not be also.

I'll get to that argument in the next comic listing coming up soon, because it really shouldn't even be one. You'll see what I'm saying when I bring it up.

Tales to Astonish #44 isn't just under-valued, it's extremely under-valued.

Tales of Suspense #52 cover imageTALES OF SUSPENSE #52
1st appearance of Black Widow

Like most of the comics featured before this one, the 1st appearance of the Black Widow is definitely not cheap in high grades, but is it undervalued? Well, let's start off with her significance.

No doubt that Black Widow is currently a very, very popular female comic character and super hero. This character is tied to almost everyone - from an early Iron Man villain to Hawkeye to the Avengers to Daredevil and to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hell, they even connected a young Natasha to Wolverine in pages of Uncanny X-Men. To put it bluntly, she's been around. Go to any of the big comic cons, and you'll have someone cosplaying the Black Widow for sure.

NM- (9.2) $2,800 
VF/NM (9.0) $1,800
VF (8.0) $800
 FN (6.0) $300
VG (4.0) $200
GD (2.0) $100
NM- (9.2) $2,200
VF/NM (9.0) $1416
VF (8.0) $632
FN (6.0) $237
VG (4.0) $158
GD (2.0) $79

The Inhumans, a group that was not that popular much until movie hype. Sure, they had a cult following in the world of fandom, but in the 2002-2003 Overstreet Guide, the 1st appearance of the Inhumans was less valuable than Tales of Suspense #52.

Fantastic Four #45 being more valuable now than the 1st appearance of Black Widow I do question.

NM- (9.2) $6,600
VF/NM (9.0) $4,241
VF (8.0) $1,881
FN (6.0) $684
VG (4.0) $456
GD (2.0) $228
NM- (9.2) $2,200
VF/NM (9.0) $1416
VF (8.0) $632
FN (6.0) $237
VG (4.0) $158
GD (2.0) $79

As for Avengers #4, I know Captain America is iconic. I mean an iconic superhero in the world of comics period.

Sure, he's probably the most popular and iconic Avenger also, but Avengers #4 is really just a revival of the character into the Silver Age. 1st appearance in the Silver Age, yep, but it's not the character's actual 1st appearance.

Sure, it's also his Silver Age origin or how he survived from the Golden Age into the world of Silver Age Marvel, and I know he joins the Avengers as well. It's a big key issue no doubt, but the 1st appearance of Black Widow is quite undervalued compared to Avengers #4.

I'm not saying it should be on par with Cap's 1st S.A. appearance and S.A. origin story and joining of the Avengers, but it shouldn't be that low valued compared to it at least in Overstreet.

Actually, in the CGC market, Tales of Suspense are starting to creep up on Avengers #4. At least for 9.2s. Below that grade, there's still a big disparity between the two. 

NM- (9.2) $5,200
VF/NM (9.0) $3,339
VF (8.0) $1,477
FN (6.0) $537
VG (4.0) $358
GD (2.0) $179
NM- (9.2) $2,200
VF/NM (9.0) $1416
VF (8.0) $632
FN (6.0) $237
VG (4.0) $158
GD (2.0) $79

This one might have a cry of outrage and is extremely arguable. One of the top and most iconic  of Spider-Man villains is without a doubt the Green Goblin.
Yes, Amazing Spider-Man #14 should be a highly valuable comic for sure. Spider-Man is the most popular Marvel superhero, and I personally think ASM #14 should be even more valuable.

Gobby came out shortly after Black Widow debuted, and to tell you truth, the Black Widow wasn't the most of iconic villains for Iron Man as she started out. However, the character has evolved into one of the most popular female super heroes in the Marvel world and has made Top Comic Characters and Sexiest Female Super Heroine lists consistently.

Okay, I know that Black Widow was first introduced as a normal spy with really no superpowers nor even a costume. Compared to many of the 1st appearances in 1964, her comic is more valuable than the likes of Black Panther, Hercules, and Wonder Man.

However, Black Widow is an early female villain in the superhero genre under the Marvel brand. Once again, early female villain within the superhero genre when Marvel was Marvel and not Atlas or Timely.

The Scarlet Witch and Enchantress are two of the earliest super powered female villains to come out during the Silver Age of Marvel Comics.The Scarlet Witch may have hit the scene before Black Widow and Enchantress in 1964, and the latter two might of arrived on the stands around the same time.

Yep, before them, most of the villains were dudes or monsters with no identifying gender. Medusa of the Inhumans came out in 1965.

There could be the argument that Black Widow never got her own spin-off title during the Silver Age and took a while to develop into a costumed villain or hero, but here's the thing: None of Marvel female super heroines got their own headlining or self-titled series during that time.

Not Jean Grey as Marvel Girl, not Scarlet Witch, not Black Widow, not the Invisible Woman, not the Wasp, not Medusa of the Inhumans, and not Sif. Yep, the females were relegated only to supporting characters while the boys mainly got the spotlight.

Now, I'm talking about females within the super hero genre of Marvel Comics. Yes, there were female Marvel characters with their own self-titled or headlining books like Patsy Walker and Linda Carter who eventually became Night Nurse later on. However, they did not start in the super hero genre and were in the teen or romance genre.

So, I'm still calling Black Widow's 1st appearance in Tales of Suspense #52 undervalued.

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1st appearance of Zatanna
Origin of Zatanna

Once again, if we're talking about female super heroes that debuted in 1964, this one on the DC side of under-valued is definitely it. Zatanna is an extremely popular comic character and has made Sexiest Female Comic Characters and Top DC Characters lists.

In fact, she was ranked #4 in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list. I'd have to agree that she is up there.

Recognizable member of the Justice League of America and Justice League Dark, Zatanna's first story arc known as "Zatanna's Search" which started with Hawkman #4 and continues in Detective Comics #336, Atom #19, Green Lantern Vol. 2 #42, Detective Comics #355 and ending in Justice League of America #51. This story line features the earliest appearances of Zatanna and is starting to be regarded as DC's first crossover event story line.

However, her 1st appearance in Hawkman #4 is pretty under-valued currently if we stack up Zatanna to some other key issues of the era or not from the era. Let's take a look at guide here.

NM- (9.2) $2,200
VF/NM (9.0) $1416
VF (8.0) $632
FN (6.0) $237
VG (4.0) $158
GD (2.0) $79
NM- (9.2) $1,500
VF/NM (9.0) $966
VF (8.0) $432
FN (6.0) $162
VG (4.0) $108
GD (2.0) $54

Stacking up Black Widow's 1st against Zatanna's. Once again, not saying any comic comparison is over-valued here. It's about under-valued.

Like the Widow, Zatanna has been connected to many of the major characters but in the DC realm. She also was late in getting her own self-titled series as well.

Sure, I know movie hype pushed Black Widow up, but let's forget movie or TV hype. After all, without the comics, nobody would be writing scripts for all the great shows and flicks we get to see today featuring our favorite comic book superheroes.

And Overstreet guide doesn't represent the CGC or slabbed values. When it comes to Tales of Suspense at CGC 9.2, it's in the $4,000 range while CGC 9.2s of Hawkman #4 are currently selling in the $1,700 to $1,800 range. Yowza!

NM- (9.2) $3,000
VF/NM (9.0) $1,928
VF (8.0) $856
FN (6.0) $321
VG (4.0) $214
GD (2.0) $107
NM- (9.2) $1,500
VF/NM (9.0) $966
VF (8.0) $432
FN (6.0) $162
VG (4.0) $108
GD (2.0) $54

While Black Widow and Zatanna 1st appearances are both in 1964, the very 1st Aquaman self-titled series debuted in 1961-62. Yes, this is the very first comic series that headlined Aquaman in his own comic series.

So, yep, pretty important for the character. As for 1st appearances, this comic has the 1st appearance of Quisp, and that's a pretty minor character. 

Still, this book is valued a bit higher than Hawkman #4 for some reason or another according to guide. CGC 9.2s are going for $4,000 for Aquaman #1, so even slabbers are quite a lot more valuable than slabbed copies of the 1st appearance of Zatanna.

NM- (9.2) $3,100
VF/NM (9.0) $1,994
VF (8.0) $888
FN (6.0) $333
VG (4.0) $222
GD (2.0) $111
NM- (9.2) $1,500
VF/NM (9.0) $966
VF (8.0) $432
FN (6.0) $162
VG (4.0) $108
GD (2.0) $54

Although nobody really notes it yet, I do believe that Avengers #2 is the 2nd appearance of the iconic Marvel team. Okay, it's also the 2nd issue to their 1st self-titled series as well.

So, yes, I do believe it's significant and with all the movie hype and excitement surrounding the Avengers in the cinematic world, I'm not surprised issue #2 is valuable and probably should be a bit more valuable. However, it's quite a bit above Hawkman #4. Not by a huge margin but a bit.

Well, according to guide that is. In CGC world, Avengers #2 CGC 9.0s are selling in the $1700 range currently and Hawkman #4 CGC 9.0s in the lower $1,000 range. 2014 actually saw Hawkman #4 selling for more at that grade, but lesser grades are still selling for quite a bit less.

I think both books should be more valuable, but then again, that is just my humble opinion.

During the Golden Age of Timely Comics, there were more female super-heroes that headlined their own self-titled series such as Miss Fury, Miss America (only lasted one issue before it changed to completely something different), and Namora. However, there weren't a lot.

While DC Comics always had Wonder Woman headline her own comic series for a long time, there weren't that many female superheroes that got their own self-titled series during the Silver Age. This is especially true of Marvel Comics.

It really does seem the time had the females relegated to just supporting the men. Only comic title I can think of off my head that is an exception is Wonder Woman.

The Bronze Age is the era that seemed to open up to more diversity in superhero comics when it came to ethnicity. Also, the Bronze Age begin to see female superheroes headlining their own comic titles like they once did during the Golden Age. 

Such characters like She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Super Girl were some to get their own comic during the Bronze Age. Some might say this is an example of sexism.

I'm not too sure. Not saying that it is or isn't, but a bigger reason just may have to do with reader interest during those eras.

Though females did get their spotlight in their own self-titled comics during the Bronze Age, many did not run for very long and were cancelled after a few issues. The only long-running female titled superhero comic I can think of is still Wonder Woman. Namora's self-titled Golden Age series only lasted 3 issues.

Nowadays, this has obviously changed, but it is easy to see why the boys mostly got their own series and are extremely more valued currently in the market. However, I did say that this was changing and just because most Silver Age female superheroes didn't get their own self-titled series due to whatever back in the day doesn't mean their 1st appearances should remain under-valued, some even ridiculously under-valued.

Just my half-a-cent on the subject. You may not agree, and of course, even some Silver Age key issue goodies like the Flash #135 and the 1st appearance of Kid Flash's iconic costume is under-valued and highly overlooked. 

Finding these comics raw offline may be able to net you a deal near or around guide, but they will be hunt. Getting a great deal online will be even harder for most of these. All in all, these are undervalued compared to other heavy hitters out there.