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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 8

Here we are with Part 8 of the hot comic investments during 2015. As stated from the very beginning of this series, this is a performance review.

It's not a suggestion list, not a go out and get 'em now list, nor a recommendation list, but a simple performance review. Will I detail things I look for or look at when it comes to comic investing? Sure, I will.

Does it mean you have to? Not at all. It's up to you and nothing here is written in stone. Not like I have a crystal ball that foretells the future or anything.

If you missed Part 7, clicking that link will bring you back. If you're good to go, here's three more comics.

The Flash #110 comic book cover
1st appearance of Kid Flash
Origin of Kid Flash
1st appearance & origin of Weather Wizard

Wally West? Kid Flash? Yep, the character has already been cast for the Flash TV series. Keiynan Lonsdale is the lucky actor to have nabbed the role.

However, it is a different version of Wally West which shouldn't be that much of a surprise since Candice Patton who plays Iris West is African American and a southern gal. Regardless, the first appearance of Kid Flash or Wally West in Flash #110 did pretty okay this year.

When Wally West makes an appearance on season 2 of The Flash, I have no idea. Furthermore, when he suits up as the Kid Flash, I have no idea either.

It's a question of when and not if for sure though. By just looking at the image it might look like this comic does not deserve to be in the series just yet, but if we dig deeper, it just might a different story.

The 7.5, 7.0 and 6.5 sales were all in 2014. Once again, I don't really pay attention to the green lines going up or purple lines going down.

I want to see the sales data. It's pretty obvious that this comic has been scarce in the market. If you want to click this eBay link to check it out, feel free.

Even raw copies aren't that plentiful just yet in the market.

In terms of CGC 6.0s, it looks like it had sales in 2015. The most recent recorded one on gocollect was $800 via a Best Offer.

In November of last year, this comic sold pretty much for the same price. Whoever got that bidding auction in December of last year though is pretty darn lucky.

However, there's still a reason why I like to view eBay's actual "sold" page. Sometimes gocollect doesn't update recent sales quite as quickly.

It's nothing against gocollect. I still love the service, but there was a sale yesterday that had a Best Offer. Gonna be interesting to see what the offer was accepted at and whether it was in the $800 range or $900 range.

CGC 5.5s for Flash #110 did see growth as well during the year. Then again, there was only one sale during the year and that was in early January.

Still, it was via auction and went up a little more than a hundred bucks, so that's not too bad.

However, if we look at 5.0s, we will see that all three sales were in 2015 and the last one in June is in the $600 range. Actually, the early March one was in the $600 range as well.

Pretty interesting or not. Like I mentioned before, should be real interesting to find out where that recent 6.0 Best Offer landed. 

Currently, there's only 262 submitted copies in the CGC Census currently for Flash #110.

X-Men #266 image
1st full appearance of Gambit

Time to take a look at some more Copper Age keys, and there's no doubt that the first full appearance of Gambit in Uncanny X-Men #266 had a decent year for sure. Not that this Copper Age first appearance wasn't on the radar of most X-Men fans to begin with, but news of the solo Gambit movie with Channing Tatum as the titular role did give this book that extra umpth.

Demand for this book surely led to a lot of sales of this comic on eBay. Definitely no shortage of sales even for 9.8s and 9.6s. Actually 9.6s had a whopping 199 sales in a 12 month period on eBay alone.

Since I know that Gambit does have quite a bit of natural fanbase but the sales or availability of this comic isn't anywhere near scarce in the market, I think it's safe to say that this comic most likely was boggling in-between two very close price ranges.

At first glance, CGC or CBCS 9.8s look like it roughly had the same year as it did back in 2014. I didn't put the images of the eBay sales for this book on here, but if you have a gocollect membership, you can check it out for yourself.

So recently this book has been boggling in the $200 to $300 range, but it's mostly been selling at the $300 range. Quite a few bidding auctions were also selling in that $300 range as well.

However, the difference between 2014 and 2015 is that this year saw Uncanny X-Men #266 finally crack the $400 range. Also, from early to mid year, it has been selling mostly in the upper $300 range with quite a few $400 sales.

2014 didn't see this comic at this grade crack the $400 so apparently demand was pretty high during these times this year. Actually, it even sold past the $500 mark once in 2015.

Even though there are two sales (only one is shown in the image up top) in the $400 zone from September to present, the sales data does show this comic at 9.8s has lost some steam in terms of demand presently.

This may have to do with the holiday season fast approaching or not. I have no idea.

147 sales of this slabbed grade during 2015 compared to 109 or around there during 2014, so demand has been pushing this comic grade slightly upwards to where it is nestled into the $300 range.

That may or may not change in 2016 for 9.8s. What is certain is that 2015 did have sales than in 2014. I wonder if 2016 will be more, less or the same as 2015.

And it appears we've got some funky monkey going on with 9.6s and 9.4s concerning the 1st appearance of Gambit. However, it looks like gocollect has yet to register the latest sale of CGC 9.6s, which was $172 and $189.99.

Also the two fixed priced listings were both CBCS, so it appears that CBCS is still not on par with CGCs for some comics. Then again, both comics were sold by the same seller, and he or she could've just been dishing off the books in need of quick cash for whatever.

Nothing really exciting concerning 9.6s or 9.4s during 2015. 9.6s did surpass the $200 mark a few times during the year, and it looks like it fell back into the higher $100 range but still threatening the $200 zone. We'll have to see how more movie news affects this comic in the future since there really hasn't been much as of late.

Since this is a Copper Age, Marvel X-Men comic, there should be no surprise that it's not exactly rare.

1st appearance of Jessica Jones

I have to admit: Reviews like this series get boring for me pretty quickly. I've mentioned all these comics at one time or another previously, and Alias #1 is no exception.

However, I haven't mentioned this comic as much as some of the others in this series. Am I excited about the Jessica Jones Netflix show coming up? Hell, yeah, I am!

It looks really good, and it's no surprise that this comic was and is still hot during 2015. Time to take a look at another Modern Age hot key that debuts the first appearance of Jessica Jones.

What's up with the picture showing the 24 month trend?

Well, out of that 88 sales in the last two years, there were quite a bit more sales in 2015 than in 2014 for Alias #1 9.8 slabbers. 2014 had only 23. This year had more than 60.

Casting rumors definitely were circulating in late 2014. Confirmation of Krysten Ritter cast as Jessica Jones happened around very late 2014 also.

So, apparently, a few more speculators were willing to let this one out of their vaults during 2015 and cash out. Did that stop the growth value for Alias #1 though?

Not really. To mix things up, I'm just going to look at the recent sales and how this book ended up in late 2014. 

Currently, Alias #1 seems to have nestled in the $300 range, and even in October the book was in the $200 range. Late in 2014, the book was still wrestling in the $100 to $200 range. 

So, demand has currently picked up for this book. Then again, there's only two more days 'till the show is ready for streaming on Netflix.

This year definitely saw 9.6s hit the $100 range in March. 2014 had sales that were all below the $100 mark. 9.6s have yet to surpass the $200 mark, but it is getting closer. 

What will I be looking out for after the Netflix show is released? I'll be looking to see how many more copies will be flung in the market or not and if the excitement for the show creates more demand to over-shadow it.

CGC 9.4s also broke the $100 mark this year, but it seems to be wrestling in the $90 range and $100 range. I think it might finally nestle in the $100 range by the end of the year though. At least, it looks like it's heading that way.

I'm gonna make this outro short since I've got the Flash season two episode 7 to watch. I wasn't going to talk about Alias #1 until much later in this series.

There's only 2 days left until fans are going to be streaming the crap outta Netflix to watch season one of the show, and I wanted to see how the reaction was gonna affect the book during the last 2 months of this year. Then again, I am excited. Heck, I'm actually counting down the days.

So it's going to be interesting for that book and which route it goes in December.


  1. Hiya Mayhem, how' s everything going? Well, Alias and Gambit were no secrets to me, but that Flash 110 is something new. Gonna be on the hunt. Please allow me to adress something else first. I' m thinking about getting a F.F. 49 in 6,5 for 130 bucks. What has this book going for itself?

    - 2nd Silver Surfer
    - 2nd Galactus
    - First cover appearance Surfer & Galactus
    - 2nd part to legendary storyline that expands the Marvel U.
    - Gocollect had a 20% rise in value for 6,5

    So, would be great to hear your opinion. Deal or no deal?

    Speculation Jones

    1. Raw or CGC I'd have to say yes! If it's a slabbed copy, I'd add a hell yes!

  2. Yo Mayhem,

    what' s up? Recent report? I dig! Got one question for ya though - how does it effect the grade if I rip a comic from a sealed plastic bag, like I just did with my Ray Bradbury 1. There are other prominent examples like, for instance, a Preacher issue. So, what does my 10.0 book become? A 8.0 or a 9.5? Don't let me die stupid, brother...


    1. Do poly bags even matter anymore? It's been a long time since I've even thought of poly bags for comics. What a useless piece of packaging for a comic book.

      I don't think it should really matter poly bagged or not nowadays. I mean CGC has to remove it from the poly bag in order to grade it and if it really affected the grade of removing it, wouldn't they just keep it in the bag and slab it a 10 mint?

      I do have to say if you're not intending to slab it, don't remove it from the poly bag if you intend to later sell it raw.

  3. Thanks for the info and research!!

    In line with your Alias #1 tracking Daredevil #4 has seen a lot of interest and heightened sales in anticipation of Purple Man being a big part of that show.

  4. Man oh man...Jessica Jones is a REALLY good show. Much better than Daredevil! I'm curious to see what happens to Alias #1 over the next few months, and equally curious to see how the demand for Hero for Hire #1 goes - a much more rare book, but also very hot.

  5. No surprises here. Very hot books!! Have never been able to get my hands on a Flash 110. Sold my Uncanny X-Men 266 9.0 raw for $100 last year. Should have bought a copy of Alias 1 years ago, but I can say that for a lot of comics now. I'm sure I'm not alone on that. Can't wait to see what's coming up in the next part.

  6. Hi Major Mayhem,

    I have an investment nut for you to crack. There are 3 Spidey books on my radar, which are not real big guns but not cheap either. I think all 3 qualify as key books but I don't know which one has the best chance to make a price jump. Would also be great to hear which one has the biggest significance in your opinion.

    - Amazing Spiderman 59 (1 app Kingpin as Brainwasher & first cover app. Mary Jane)

    - Amazing Spiderman 97 (famous drug issue run)

    - Amazing Spiderman 102 (origin and 2nd app. Morbius)

    Hope to hear from you, buddy.


    1. 97 is the best of those three although I don't see a huge demand increase on any of the 3. Not saying that they are not good to have (I have all 3), but I don't see a price jump on those. 50 or 101 are more pricey, but have more upside imo.

    2. ASM #59 is my humble choice...MJ will be Petey's love interest in the new reboot.

  7. Ladies and gents,

    I proudly announce: Star Wars 1 has just entered the top spot on gocollect (most active comics). I saw that one coming! Finally another comic could kick New Mutants 98 from the throne. If only for a short time...

    Max Rebo