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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 2

Alrighty then, here's Part 2 to this Hot Comic Investments of 2015, and it has the same goal and premise of Part 1. This is not a recommendation list or a go out and snag these right away list.

It's basically a series of reviews that take a bit more in-depth look at how some of these key issue investment comics performed so far in 2015. Also, this series outlines some contributing factors and why these comics may have been hot this year.

So, enough explaining and let's get down to brass tax here.

NYX #3
1st appearance of X-23

Not too long ago in 2013, I discussed this comic in the brief Modern Comics to Invest In post. Most know by now, that I'm not a huge Modern Age comic fan.

Quite a lot of the newer stuff I find ridiculous or just plain mundane, but that's just my opinion. When Marvel decided to kill off Wolverine last year, I just rolled my eyes at the gimmicky move.

However, many were speculating that X-23, Wolverine's female clone, would replace the iconic X-Man, and they were right. Once again, I just rolled my eyes when that event happened this year as well.

Regardless, X-23's first appearance in NYX #3 hit a noticeable peak when the speculation of X-23 taking up the mantle of Wolverine spread across the web. The demand has also sustained in 2015 as well, meaning it's been a hot comic well into this year as well.

How hot? Well, for a Modern Age comic, it's decent. Let's see why, hows and whens if we can.

So this NYX #3 key issue started off at around $180 back in January of 2014. For at least half of that year it hovered around that average without much change. No big deal.

News of Marvel killing off Wolverine happened around April, and that didn't affect the comic that much as you can see from the GoCollect sales data to the left there. By the way, this is for CGC 9.8s just to be clear.

It first passed the $200 mark in June, 2014, but didn't really nestle into that price range just yet. It pretty much did in September, though it had a few fluke peaks surpassing the $300 mark in October of 2014.

However, in November and December it went back down into the higher $200s in 2014. The Death of Wolverine comic was released around September of that year. 

Believe me, speculators were already speculating that either Daken or X-23, also known as Laura Kinney, were going to take on the legacy by September of last year. Perhaps even earlier than that.

However, maybe earlier but it wasn't a big question until September of 2014. Right when the new year hit, this comic hit the $300 range for a short period, almost hitting the $400 mark February 1st of 2015.

Quite surprisingly, X-23's first appearance once again dropped value into the $200 range by late March and continued to sell on good ole eBay within that range well into May. No rhyme or reason, or at least, one that I can pinpoint for why that happened.

It wouldn't be until June of 2015 when NYX #3 nestled into the $300 range again but very briefly. In early June, Marvel released an image that showed a female in a Wolverine-style costume.

This news needed a slight bit of time to catch on, but it actually did quite quickly. It didn't even take a month for the comic's average to jump up in value.

Throughout most of June, this comic bobbed up and between the mid and higher $300s until later in the month. By the 13th it sold around the $380 range, and by the 20th it had nestled into the $400 range. The comic would consistently sell within the $400 range until October of this year. The latest eBay sales being both auction and fixed price in September and October for this bad boy...errr...bad girl. There were two fluke buys in the $500 range in August and September though. You can see one of them in the image above and to the left.

So, no movie hype for this one, and it's a pretty good example of how a major change for a character or characters can influence demand just in the comic-verse alone. X-23 did replace Wolverine and debuted as his replacement this year.

Whether you think that move is lame like I do, the numbers do speak for themselves concerning the first appearance of X-23 or Laura Kinney. NYX #3 moved up this year and sustained in the $400 range, and it seems there are rumors that X-23 just might appear in the Wolverine 3 movie.

1st appearance of Bullseye

Everyone seems to note this comic as the first appearance of the new Bullseye, but who ever cared for the original who lasted a split second? Besides, most should know which Bullseye I'm talking about.

No movie news about this bad boy either, but there is speculation surrounding the character. That, my friends, is not surprising at all.

With the success of the Dardevil Netflix live action series, it's not any wonder that comic investors, collectors and speculators are looking at all the classic Daredevil rogues. Bullseye is definitely one of them, and with Elektra already cast for season two, it's only a matter of time before this psycho assassin gets his play in the Netflix series.

I've recommended this comic this year a few times. Maybe not as much in actual posts but in quite a few comments and emails. CGC 9.8s for Daredevil #131 have been regularly scarce on eBay for the last two years and they did make a jump in 2015.

Actually, they surpassed the $1000 mark this year in August and the latest sale in September is near the $2000 mark. I'm sure it will probably bob up and down in the mid $1000s for a bit, but due to many collectors still keeping the majority of 9.8s in their vaults, it looks like this key issue will nestle into the $1000 mark comfortably. 

Let's see how CGC 9.6s did this year. Once again, there weren't too many sales on eBay for this grade either. As of this writing, I see a total of six currently listed on eBay, most not priced to sell with the exception of maybe one.

In early 2015, this comic was mainly within the higher $300 range, surpassing the $400 just once in May. In June, however, forget about it.

CGC 9.6s for Daredevil #131 and the first appearance of Bullseye jumped into the $500 range and went into the $600 zone two months later in September. No sales in October of this year just yet, but the comic has jumped in value this year.

Perhaps not a significant jump, but more than $200 bucks. Once again, no movie or TV hype just yet, just anticipation of the obvious.

Not to say that there isn't fan base that drove the value up for this comic. I did mention that Bullseye is a classic foe for Daredevil and one of the most popular as well. I'm a fan of the character fo sho.

In terms of CGC 9.4s and 9.2s for this book, 9.4s have been bobbing up down or sustaining their value around the $300 range. There's only been two sales around the $400 mark on eBay this year for 9.4s.

That may be the new value increase or not. Who knows? 

When you get to the 9.2 NM minus though, that grade did nestle into the $200 range in March of this year. It started this year at $186 back in January. Now, it's definitely moving into the mid to higher $200 range.

I should know. I just snagged one in a bidding auction recently for $275, but I had eBay Bucks which knocked it down considerably from what it ended at.

1st appearance of Elektra

When I first watched Daredevil season one, I noticed the remark towards Matt Murdock's love life about a failed romance with a fellow college student that just happened to be Greek. I immediately thought, Well, there it is! Elektra's gonna be hitting the show pretty soon.

I got the first appearance of Elektra sometime in 2014, probably around March. I've always been a fan of Frank Miller's run on Daredevil, and a fan of this character so the obvious Netflix hype was a minor reason for snagging a copy.

Elodie Yung was cast as Elektra this year for Daredevil season two, so let's see how that affected the values or not.

Yet another key issue, Daredevil, Bronze Age comic that has surpassed the $1000 mark this year. Not that it wasn't primed to do so. It was pretty close already since it did hover mostly within the $800 range back in 2014.

In May, it broke the $900 mark and then slammed past the $1000 mark in June. The previous month in late May, there was that casting tape that was leaked online and somewhat hinted that Elektra just may be in season two. 

That reason may have attributed to the spike in value. By July 7th, though, it was announced that Elodie Yung was cast as the iconic Daredevil love interest and foe.

What I'm wondering is who the lucky mother trucker that got this high grade key issue for $249.95! Talk about a great snag, and talk about somebody either not knowing what they had or just wanting to get rid of that comic for some crack money. 

Let's see how CGC 9.6s did this year.

Want to talk about a disparity gap? So, 9.8s for Daredevil #168 and the first appearance of Elektra are already past the $1000 mark. CGC 9.6s haven't even nestled into the $500 range as of yet. Actually, it's barely even nestled into the $400 range and has been bobbing in-between the $300 and $400 range since May of this year.

February is when CGC 9.6s finally hinted that this comic's average was going to nestle into the $300 range. So, considering the huge gap between 9.6s and 9.8 in terms of value, this comic may be primed for an increase, maybe when it nears to the release date planned for sometime in 2016 or even after season two is ready to be streamed.

Though, New York Comic Con did feature the first teaser trailer that teased both the Punisher and Elektra quite recently, so who knows if that will add some umpth to this key issue in the following months. Hard to say at this moment. Either way, I'm predicting 9.6s for Daredevil #168 are primed to go up sometime around 2016.

There's three more comics that were or are hot in 2015. Not to say that they were super hot across or almost across the board, but a bump in value did occur this year for certain high grades.

Doing these kinds of posts is a fun way of looking at the market and finding out what influences may have had a hand in causing an increase in demand and value in the current market. While most of it may have to do with movie or TV hype, it's not always the case.

So far in this series, I have featured key issues that have had good fan base backing for quite a while. Like I've mentioned quite often on this site, Elektra and Bullseye are iconic and fan-favorite characters in the Daredevil comics.

X-23, though a pretty recent character, has been a pretty popular new superhero in the X-Men and mutant world of Marvel as well. She is one of the characters whose first appearance moved up in value without any movie or TV hype and this increase seemed to be just based on her replacing Logan as Wolverine in the comics of this year.

Not only are these posts helpful in buying, they can be helpful in selling as well. Most of you already know which peaks to look out for, and I've detailed the major and minor ones in a comic investing post a while back. Still, it becomes a bit more clearer when I show you, so you can get the jist of it better.

Not all peaks will affect certain grades the same. I pretty much showed you that the rumor of Elektra in season two due to the casting tape leak didn't significantly affect 9.6s in the month of May and afterwards like it did for CGC 9.8s. 

I've also pointed out that there were less sales of CGC 9.8s as opposed to CGC 9.6s for that comic also. Once again, this post and series is not about recommending comic investments or which comics to invest in this year.

It's about analyzing the market and finding out what hype, speculation, and even events for a character within the comics can affect demand for some key issues. Looking at this sales data can even help to determine value disparities and may help in somewhat gauging which comics have room for potential growth, so I suppose this info can be useful in determining which comics to invest in this year. It's not the primary reason why I'm doing this series though.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed and Part 3 will surely come soon enough with more comic investments of the year. Have a good one and see ya at the next part for more comic investing goodness. Just click PART 3 link below to continue.


  1. NYX 3? Check.
    Daredevil 131? Check.
    Daredevil 168? Check.
    Bring on part 3!


  2. Hey gang,

    gonna tell you a secret: get X-Men 451. It has that X-23 chick in Wolverines trousers for the first time. KEY ISSUE ALARM!

    Speculation Jones


    The frenzy continues... just got a Beetle numero uno from Charlton for 80 bucks and a Captain Atom 84 for 6 bucks. Condition is VF.

    What do you think, Mayhem?

    Max Rebo