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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 1

Okay, to start off with, these are not comics that will be hot this year. These are comic investments that are hot or have been hot during 2015. Most likely, they were pretty hot in 2014 as well, but have seen peaks worth noting this year as well.

Some of them did get hot this year also. Am I saying to run out and snag them up right now? No, not in the least.

The title would be "Comics to Invest In Right Now" if that were the case. This is just a look at how they performed this year, and, of course, whether they were or still hot during the year.

New Mutants #98 comic image
1st appearance of Deadpool

This one here actually was hot in 2014 as well, and that's no surprise. As we all know New Mutants #98 is still on hot burner, but just a few months ago in July, CGC 9.0s to 9.4 were dropping around the same price for the first appearance of Deadpool. No joke, and it goes to show you how crazy this issue has become and how crazy the market is for this not-so-rare but hot key issue.

Don't believe me? Here's the GoCollect data for the month of July for all the aforementioned CGC grades. Friggin' whacked out.

Hey, I know there's a Deadpool movie comin' out an all and I know fans are excited, but I ain't ever seen this kind of monstrosity before in the market. 

The first image is the eBay sales of New Mutants #98 CGC 9.0s in July. As you can see the average prices were falling around the $360 realm give or take about $10 bucks.

Now, let's look at CGC 9.2 low Near Mints in terms of eBay sales for the month of July of this year. Most of those bad boys were dropping at prices lower than CGC 9.0s! A few 9.2s were dropping on the same par as 9.0s?

Like I said, "No joke!" Then again, there were more 9.2s in the market and sales for the grade in question during July as opposed to 9.0s. Sales were almost double for low Near Mint CGC copies on the mighty eBay compared to the next lower grade.

Could that be a factor? I dunno, but let's take a glimpse of a hard NM 9.4 CGC and how that grade performed in the same month compared to the two above.

There were more sales or copies dropping for this grade than the others, but not by much compared to 9.2s. Sure, it had a peak around the $400 range, but look at the averages. Most are on the same par as lower CGC 9.0s and 9.2s.

Even more surprising is that CGC 9.4s for New Mutants #98 and the first appearance of Deadpool are closer to the selling average of CGC 9.0s. Doh!

Talk about wackiness? I have no idea why those buying up copies during this month wanted to pay around the same prices for 9.0s, 9.2s and 9.4s.

Is there a memo that I missed in some comic forum? Are people going on the rarity difference between these grades?

Sure, there are less 9.0s for this hot key issue than 9.2s or 9.4s in the census. That's to be expected for a Copper Age comic that's just right on the cusp of a Modern Age book, but it still makes little sense. 

I mean, if rarity for these copies were a factor in the purchasing decision during July, than why wouldn't more buyers just gun for the lower grades like a GD 2.0? Only 2 copies in the census at the time of this writing.

Movie hype and craziness. That's pretty much all I can attribute it to, or is there something else that may have caused this?

If I recall correctly, the month of July is when the first official Deadpool trailer was showcased at SDCC. Boom! There it is, or is it?

Well, let's see the more recent sales on ole eBay for these CGC grades. Click the link to see the bigger image.

Well, 9.0s are recently just starting to make a bit more sense. In terms of CGC 9.2s and 9.4s, the craziness still continues and are dropping pretty close to the same averages.

So, for a comic to cause such crazy, New Mutants #98 is definitely a hot comic in 2015. So hot that the crazy recent sales and prices of this book makes me extremely cautious when it comes to investing in this key issue right now.

1st Harley Quinn in comics

Oh, who doesn't love a crazy chicka? Personally, I could do without 'em. Dated way too many crazies in my life, but that goes to show you my taste in women.

Apparently, in comic fandom, most love crazy as well. Harley Quinn has been a popular character for a long time. Just see how females cosplay the character, and you'll get a sense that the character is becoming a pop culture icon.

The Suicide Squad movie is definitely impacting the hype for her first comic appearance in Batman Adventures #12, but to say that her first appearance in said comic is only valuable because of movie hype would be a wrong, wrong statement. Batman Adventures #12 was one of the few Modern Age comics from the early 90s that had a pretty strong demand before movie hype.

So Batman Adventures #12 and the first appearance of Harley Quinn in a comic book pretty much was in the $300 range two years ago in September for CGC 9.6 NM+ prices. From September 2013 to June 2014, it pretty much bobbed up and down in the $300s range. However, and although it did hit the $400 range twice, this key seemed to pretty much  bypass that dollar range.

What I mean is that it didn't hover in the ranges between $400 and $500 for very long, and it seemed to comfortably nestle past the $500 average more from August 2014 to November 2014.

When Margot Robbie was confirmed as the actress to play Harley Quinn around late November of last year, this comic jumped from the $500 range to the $600 range pretty quickly. From there it just seemed to roll upwards.

You can see that it nestled into the $600s quite quickly and then in December of 2014 it jumped in between the $700s and $800s pretty quickly until March of this year. Sure there were a few spikes into the $900 range here and there, but they were quite minimal during this time. However, May of this year did see the first photo of the Suicide Squad cast all suited up for action.

This key issue at CGC 9.6 didn't really start dropping near or comfortably within the $900 range until July of this year. Once again San Diego Comic Con and the first trailer leak happened around that time, but for the most part, it's been bobbing up and down between the $700 and $800 mark, closer to the tail end of the $800s.

And this is just for CGC 9.6s! This comic is as hot as Margot Robbie is right now and has been for the entirety of this year. No doubt 'bout that, so yes Batman Adventures #12 has been a hot comic of 2015.

  • 1st appearance of John Stewart

People have been speculating that John Stewart may be the new Green Lantern for quite some time now. Quite a bit of reasons for this.

Diversity in the comic book movie was a major factor, and also the big bomb of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in the 2011 Green Lantern flick added more fuel to the speculation fire about John Stewart replacing Hal Jordan as Green Lantern in the DC cinematic universe.

So there was heat for this book for quite a while, but the announcement of the new Green Lantern flick being titled the Green Lantern Corps has definitely sustained demand and even given it a bump in 2015.

The Green Lantern reboot announcement was dropped on the world around October of last year, but the title of the movie was drop kicked at San Diego Comic Con of July this year. However, even before then, this comic has been pretty scarce on the market compared to the aforementioned comics before this one.

Therefore, increases are a bit more choppy as you'll soon see for some CGC copies concerning Green Lantern #87 and the first appearance of John Stewart. We'll start with 9.0 VF/NMs since it had the most sales on eBay within the last two years. 

February of this year marks the beginning of the substantial jump upwards for this comic where it hit the $300 mark very briefly until after July. It'll surely be interesting to see how this comic performs since it is pretty scarce in the market currently.

Let's look at CGC 9.4s for this key issue and how well it's performed in the last two years. 9.4s for this comic had 9 sales in the last two years and in 2014 it was floating around the $300 range.

That was until the beginning of this year in January where it bumped up once to the $400 range and then to the $500 range in June and July. As for the latest $900 spike, I'm not so sure about that last sale there. Yes, this bad boy is a hot investment pick and has been for a while, but that is a hefty spike for only a one month period.

But, I'm curious about that price and whether it's just craziness due to hype or if it actually represents real market demand since it was the last one to sell this year. Time to check up on 9.6s.

Jeez, can you see a pattern here? February saw a spike to $700 bucks and then another spike in between the $800 and $900 range, leaning more to the 900 range in June. 

The earlier 9.4 CGC sale on eBay may just be around the market value for the book at that grade. A CGC 9.8 did sell in June of this year for $1500, but it was the only sale for 9.8s in two years.

Regardless, Green Lantern #87 is a hot comic of 2015, and the CGC Census doesn't have a whole lot of the grades featured here. 9.6s only have 42 so far, 9.4s have 73 and 9.0s with only 55.

I started this post a few weeks ago, so it most likely doesn't reflect the most current GoCollect sales on eBay compared to the post's publishing date. Really doesn't matter anyways unless a huge peak has happened for these comics since then.

Obviously, these three aren't the only hot comic investments that saw substantial growth in value in 2015. Yes, there are others, and we will see those others soon.

Just thought it would be interesting to see some of the peaks for these comics and try to identify when and why they may have occurred. Green Lantern #87 has been hot for a while, but it did see another peak this year due to the announcement of the movie's title.

So, I'll be nit-picking at this series here and there during the last 3 months of 2015. Wow, has this year gone by pretty quick.

Part 2 of this Hot Comic Investments of 2015 is ready, so click the PART 2 link below for more comic investing and collecting shenanigans. Have a good one all!


  1. Man oh man. That' s what my wet dreams are made of. Harley Quinn & Deadpool - two crazy birds. Have just seen a New Mutants 98 in 9,8 for 999 € on ebay. I' m crazy too but not that crazy. Reasonable price though ;-)


    1. I dumped my New Mutants #98 CGC 9.4 during the year, kept bobbing in-between the mid $300s to low $400s. Was a hard decision for me, but after I saw the crazy prices for 9.0s to 9.4s being almost the same, I thought this is nuts and something's gotta eventually give. So, poof! Threw that bad boy back into the market like a frisbee.

  2. Awesome! Next question...Best Time To Sell Movie Related Comics?

    1. Movie comics don't really do all that Star Wars...but usually the peaks are in-between confirmation of the movie and casting of the main hero. Other than that, demand usually fizzles quite quickly for the most part.

  3. I've been staring at these books as they climb in value over the last year. I don't have either NM 98 or BA 12, as I am saving up for a bigger book. But I have this voice in my head saying I should at least pick up raw copies of both before it's too late.

    1. I hear ya, but the problem least over in my stomping grounds...that raw copies for both books are usually priced the same as their CGC counterparts for whatever grade is being pimped. Extremely hard to find a great deal for both books. Then again, you might be able to try and press them if they already haven't been.