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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 4

Hot Comic Investments of 2015? I'm pretty sure anyone can look at the data and come to their own conclusions about said data.

However, certain key issues performed quite well in 2015. Whether that lasts or not is up to you to determine. 

I have no idea what you can or can't afford, and this series isn't even remotely about that. Just because one person can't afford a comic investment does not mean that someone else can't. 

Once again, this is not a "Comics to Invest in Right Now" series, but you can see the data and come up with whatever conclusion you like. Anyways, here's three more comics that were hot during 2015, and if you missed Part 3 just click the link.


Flash #123 comic image
FLASH #123
1st Silver Age appearance of Jay Garrick
Flash of Two Worlds story
1st mention of Earth II

About two weeks back, I watched the Flash season one on Netflix. I admit that I was bored and thought, What the hell?

I'm not much for TV shows, can't stand most of them to be honest. However, I'm definitely a fan of this show now and was more than pleasantly surprised.

It's got everything rolled up into one - intrigue, twists, turns, unrequited love, loyalty - and it literally keeps you guessing, wondering, and wanting to know more about what's going to happen. More importantly, this show has you rooting not for just the main character, Barry Allen, but for most of the supporting cast as well.

As teased this year and not that long ago, Jay Garrick as the Flash of Earth II has already made his introduction in Season Two of the show. While it was really cool to see how the show used DC's famous multi-verse, Flash #123 has been an important and sought out comic for a little while now.

I've talked quite a bit about this comic as well as Earth One and Earth Two on this site in prior key issues. It's hard to avoid it when dealing with DC characters that began in the Golden Age and survived until today.

So Jay Garrick, the original Flash, is revived from Golden Age into the Silver Age in this very issue due to popular demand from comic fans back in the day. Not surprisingly, this Silver Age key issue has been somewhat hot in 2015.

Only two sales in 2015 and four sales in the last two years for CGC 7.0s. Looks like another comic and grade that was scarce in the market during this year. June saw it hit $1,579 but then dropped to $,1400 in September. Then again, the last copy sold was a CBCS copy, but it did pretty well considering most of the market wrongly assumes that CBCS graded copies are an inferior substitute to CGC.

CGC 6.5s finally broke the $1,000 mark three times. From the beginning of the year, this grade hasn't gone up significantly or anything, but there hasn't been that many copies of this grade on good ole eBay throughout the year.

However, the last sale on eBay was a bidding auction and season two of the Flash did begin in October. Might not be the cause of sustaining this comic above the $1,000 mark, but it also could be as well. CBCS copies seem to do pretty well for this key issue at this grade also.

I don't cover lower grades as much as I should, but these two grades are worth noting on here. CGC 5.5s had a pretty massive leap from the $400 zone to the $900 realm. 5.0s also did pretty well in the lower grade range, finally hitting the higher $500 realm in May via a bidding auction.

Actually, all of the most recent sales on eBay for 5.0s were via bidding auctions. Comics that are more scarce in the market are more harder to gauge in terms of peaks and why.

Sure, the Flash TV show is still going strong and gained rave reviews. Season two began airing in October of this year, but Teddy Sears cast as Jay Garrick hit the web around early July.

Not to mention that the character was teased in the last episode of season one in May as well. There may be a correlation between spikes in value and certain news surrounding Jay Garrick in season two of the Flash.

August also saw the release of the first photo teaser of Jay Garrick upon the world. We will have to see how well this comic still performs in the last two months of this year.

Regardless of any possible TV hype, Flash #123 is definitely one of the Silver Age DC Comics to invest in. As for the TV show, it's a definite must watch.

1st appearance of Reverse Flash

Yep, I'm gonna spoil it for you who haven't watched the show just yet. The Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom is in season one of The Flash TV series on the CW. That's about all I'm gonna say in regards to that.

Seriously, if you have Netflix, season one is now on there and ready for streaming and I highly recommend watching it. I've watched all the episodes of Season Two that's recently come out as well, and my excitement for the show has not waned.

Regardless, Flash #139 has been a pretty hot book even in 2015.

October of last year saw on set photos of the Reverse Flash leaked online, but once again, this comic was pretty scarce in the market for 7.5s and 7.0s during 2014 and 2015. Currently on eBay, there's only one.

The show pretty much references a man in yellow throughout season one, and any fanboy or fangirl can easily assume that reference is none other than Eobard Thawne, also known as Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom. In Episode 9, which aired December 9th of last year, we finally got to see the Flash officially meet Professor Zoom.

April of this year begun a pretty big jump in value. It leaped to the tune of an additional $550 from last year's $650 and bypassed the $700 through $1,100 range right into the $1,200 range. From there it has sustained in that range during the year.

CGC 7.0s for Flash #139 and the first appearance of Professor Zoom also had an increase in value. March 25th saw it jump to $800 and then hit the mid $700 range in September.

The last episode of season one aired May 19th of 2015, and it was an awesome one.

CGC 6.5s didn't do significantly well despite the $840 and $775 sales during the year. It basically looks like it's settled back into the $600 range.

Should also note that every single one except the latest sale on eBay were Fixed Price or Best Offers, and if you look at what was originally asked for, most are pretty ridiculous if you compare them to CGC 7.0s. Last sale was a bidding auction and the only one in two years.

CGC 5.0s also saw a slight bump in 2015, even breaking the $600 mark twice in June and August. However, this month of October saw it go back to the $500 realm, which is what it started off with this year.

Here's a look at more lower grade key issues. CGC 5.5s did pretty good this year. Looking at the data, it looks like March saw the first appearance of Reverse Flash hit past the $500 mark and sustain in that range up to the last sale in July. Not a huge leap in value, but for a lower grade book, it's pretty clear that this book even in lower grades are scarce in the market and quite in demand.

How did even lower grades do? When it comes to this key issue, the lowest I'd preferably go is a hard 4.0 very good. The first sale of this year in May bumped slabbed Very Goods into the $300 realm.

After, this grade sustained within the $300s, and the two last sales on ole eBay for this bad boy beat the first sale of 2015 in May. The last episode of season one of the Flash aired May 19th and it was an amazingly awesome episode to end the season. I believe I said that already.

Though I recommended this book early of last year in the Flash key issues list, Professor Zoom is still one of the major Flash villains and this issue here is still one of the key comics from the Silver Age to own.

1st appearance of Silver Age Atom

More DC Silver Age goodness? You bet.

Quite a few DC characters and their first appearances were hot in 2015. As most of us know already, Brandon Routh, who once played Superman, was cast as Ray Palmer, the Atom, for the TV series the Arrow and the Flash.

The Silver Age Atom will also appear on the new TV series Legends of Tomorrow, which I'm now excited about for sure. So did live action awesomeness affected the first appearance of Ray Palmer as the Silver Age Atom in Showcase #34?

Well, let's review this bad boy, and see what we come up with. For starters it should be noted that there were not that many CGC sales on eBay during the year.

Grades above a CGC 7.0 were few and far between during the year. Actually, even during 2014 it was pretty scarce concerning slabbers. Raw copies were probably a bit more in abundance.

In July of last year, it was announced that Brandon Routh would play Ray Palmer, the Silver Age Atom, in Arrow season three. By October of last year, Ray Palmer finally debuts in Episode 1 of Arrow on October 8, 2014. No sales happened from July, 2014 until April of this year.

In April of this year, the Atom makes a crossover into the Flash episode 18 in which he suits up and gets his superhero on to help the Flash team. To be exact, that episode aired April 14th but news of the Atom crossing over was being reported as early as October of 2014 through January of 2015.

There aren't really clear pinpoints to the correlation of TV hype and value increases for Showcase #34, but it is clear by April of this year this sucker jumped from the $400 range of yesteryear to the $600 range. From there it jumped to the $800 range, completely bypassing the $700 range.

CGC 5.0s also finally hit the $400 range in August of this year. This key issue started pretty much around the $300 range throughout most of 2015. 

It started off strong but dipped during March, and then by June, it seemed once again make it's move upward in value. It's interesting that all the 5.0 sales were bidding auctions.

Not quite clear whether Ray Palmer's appearances in both Arrow and Flash needed time to heat up his first appearance in Showcase #34, but it looks that way. CGC 5.0s didn't make a significant jump like CGC 6.0s, but it does show that this comic was heating up in 2015. All the sales in both 2014 and 2015 were bidding auctions as well.

Let's take a look at some lower grade slabbers when it comes to the first appearance of Atom. 4.5s breached the $300 zone back in late March this year. In terms of 4.0s, it seems this key issue hit a peak in October of last year and then dipped back into the $200 range before once again breaking into the mid $300s by July 8, 2015.

This example doesn't clearly show that the normal peaks gave this comic a boost in demand or value. The Legends of Tomorrow TV series was confirmed by Warner Bros and the CW in May of this year, and that the Atom would be a major character in the series.

Perhaps, this confirmation had something to do with his first appearance getting a boost in demand but it's hard to tell concerning the scarcity of CGC copies in the market during 2015, especially for 6.0s and above.

Since these comics were pretty scarce in the market and because TV shows based on comics have continual hype and can easily and quickly introduce new comic characters into the fold, it's a bit harder to pinpoint the reason why peaks happen for certain grades. Professor Zoom was continually teased throughout season one of The Flash and a few leaks here and there concerning the character did occur here and there during 2015.

When I say scarce, it's not over-all rarity. It simply means there weren't a whole lot of copies up on eBay and I have no doubt that quite a few of them started out over-bloated. It's interesting to see that CBCS values for some of these key issues are starting to get closer to CGC prices as well.

Once again, this series isn't about affordability. It's impossible for me to determine what you or anyone else but me can or can't afford.

Sure you can use or interpret the data any which way you like, but this series is to look at which graded comics performed well during 2015. I don't care what era it's from. If it shot upward for most grades of the issue, I want to look at it and at least try to find out what's going on.

Just because I did not discuss a grade or grades on here does not mean it didn't perform well this year. I left some grades out for a reason.

The data just teases how GoCollect can be an important tool in researching comic investments for either buying or selling. If you're wondering about the other grades, sign up for a GoCollect account and take a looksie for yourself.

Anyway, we got more to go through, and Part 5 is ready. Click the link below to continue.


  1. Man this might be good time to sell my Flash #123.

  2. I tried to sell a lower grade copy(3.0) of Flash 139 for $140 on craigslist earlier this year and didn't have any luck. Maybe I need to try again.