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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hot Comic Investments of 2015 Part 3

I should really say the "Hot CGC Comic Investments of 2015" when referring to this series since all the data is based off CGC eBay sales courtesy of GoCollect. If you still don't have membership to that site and buy more CGC slabs than raw copies, GoCollect is a great tool to have.

It does make watching the market a bit easier, though I still like to check in on eBay's "sold listings" from time to time. Once again, this series is a multipurpose one. You can see how a key issue has progressed in value during 2015, and you can also determine value disparities between certain grades.

That disparity can be useful in figuring out if there is potential growth for a certain grade compared to another or its higher grade counter part. Nothing is 100% for certain though. We are in a whacked out comic boom for sure, but this series isn't just about which investment comics to get or comics to  invest in during 2015.

If you missed Part 2, just click that link. Other than that, on to the goodness!

1st appearance of Moon Knight
Anticipation? Speculation? The first appearance of Moon Knight in recent years has been a hot comic.

Quite a bit of fans are crying out for this character to hit the big screen or the small screen. Some say he should suit with the Avengers. Some are saying he should pop into what Netflix has going on.

Whichever you prefer, Werewolf by Night #32 has performed quite well in 2015 when it comes to CGC copies. Most likely raw copies as well, but this series isn't geared towards raw copies.

Looks like CGC 9.2s cracked the $1000 mark this year in February. 9.4s did so last year in December, and sustained within the $1000 range until it hit the $2000 mark this year during May and September.

As for CGC 9.6s for the 1st appearance of Moon Knight, it jumped way up to the $3000 and $4000 range starting at the beginning of 2015, nearing more towards the $4000 range. Last sale in October was $4000, same price it started the year off with. There was only three sales in 2015, however, but still! That's a pretty big jump it had during this year.

When it comes to 9.0s for this key issue, it performed well but choppy as you can tell. It's definitely gone up, but started in the $600 range from December of last year until February of this year.

It hit the $700 range in March and then spiked past $800 until it dropped back to the $700 range in late June and late August. At the end of August, though, another spike passing the $1000 mark, and then dropped into the $900s shortly after.

Still, from the price this comic started at the beginning of the year to where it ended up currently, it's gone up more than $200. $260 to be exact. Not a significant increase, but still enough to make a $100 profit on if you bought a copy at this grade for $650 at the beginning of the year.

CGC 8.0s seemed to start off on the up and up and had a small dip in February. In May, however, forget about it. It finally hit the $500 mark.

Then it seemed to bypass the $600 mark in July and September and go straight to $700. It finally hit the $600 range two days after a second copy sold for $700. The last sale this year was in the higher $600s though.

8.5s were choppy, and mostly bobbed within the $500 and $600 ranges for most of this year. It had a strange $725 sale in May and then back to the $500s the next month.

By late August of this year, it steam rolled up and hit the $800 mark in late September. It could drop back into the $700 range, but then again, the only copy up on eBay currently is priced at $899.99 with 28 watchers. You can check it out by clicking here if you don't believe me.

Probably because of the scarcity of them on eBay is why you see sporadic jumps in sales and value. Even 7.5s aren't plentiful on eBay currently.

7.5s for Werewolf by Night #32 already started its climb upwards by February of this year, jumping into the $400 range in May. One odd $650 sale in August and then it slid into the $500 shortly after. Not that great of an increase, but not that bad either. Right now there's only two copies currently on eBay and both are for $749.99. Gonna be interesting to see if either one of those sell at that price.

Here's a bit of wackiness. Look at the ending value of 7.0s and then see the last sale of 6.5s on ole eBay. What the...?

7.0s started off pretty constant at the beginning of this year, but take a look at 6.5s in February. 6.5s have a better value than 7.0s. 

7.0s did hit the $400 range earlier in May of this year while 6.5s only did so in September. There was a $525 sale of a 7.0 copy in June.

However, GoCollect is running a bit behind and hasn't logged this recent 7.0 sale in October into its database just yet. It was a Best Offer, so maybe the agreed price was in the $600 range.

It could be in the higher $500 range also. Right now there's only one CGC 7.0 slabber on eBay for $849.99?

Wow, it's more expensive than the CGC 7.5, and there's 10 people watching the 7.0? Gonna even be more interesting to see if someone pulls the trigger on either one of those grades. If the 7.0 sells before the 7.5, I'm gonna shake my head in disbelief. Truly and no joke.

Batman #1 Cover image
1st appearance of the Joker
1st appearance of Catwoman

Gotta put in some love for some Golden Age comics in this series, and this one is definitely one of the most coveted comics to have in one's vault. Suicide Squad movie or no, Batman #1 has the first appearance of the Joker, and the Joker is arguably one of the most popular and iconic villains in comics hands down.

But, this is a double major key issue in terms of first appearances since it also holds the first appearance of Catwoman as well. Catwoman is one of the sexiest villains/heroes in comics and also one of the most iconic of Batman villains out there.

Due to the rarity of this comic, this one will be a short and sweet listing as you'll soon see why. This comic is pretty much always hot and in demand every year even in low, low grades. Let's see how this bad boy did in 2015.

Well, considering that the only sale on eBay in two years was a CGC 0.5 for Batman #1, it looks like it did quite alright. Wow, from $8,427 to $13,700, a $5,273 increase from last year. 

Considering that this comic is already up there in prices for most grades across the board, I didn't expect to find too many sales for this Batman key issue. Jared Leto was cast as the Joker back in early December of 2014. Only a matter of time before Catwoman gets rebooted in the new DC Cinematic Universe as well.

1st appearance of Blade

Movie hype or speculation hype? Right now, the character of Blade hitting the big screen or small screen again is pretty much up in the air. Any news of the movie is basically Wesley Snipes pushing for a Blade 4, or comic fans urging for it to happen on the net.

Still, this comic has done relatively well during 2015. I got a CGC 8.0 copy this year out of pure fandom and it was what I could afford at the time. 

No worries. I wanted the first appearance of Blade just to have it. So let's see some grades for this Bronze Age key issue and how well they did.

Only two sales in two years for Tomb of Dracula #10 CGC 9.8s, but a nice increase from 2014 to September, 2015. In early July of this year, reports about Wesley Snipes meeting with Marvel about Blade 4 began circulating.

More "Will Blade be revived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe" reports continued in September of this year as well. May have something to do with it or may not.

As for CGC 9.6s, the value for this comic hit the $1,000 mark before any of the Wesley Snipes/Blade movie jargon hit. This month, a 9.6 slabber sold for a little above $200 more. Considering that this comic started at $895, I'd say that's not a bad increase.

Tomb of Dracula #10 in CGC 9.4 did just okay this year. This grade started the year off in the $500 realm, but pretty much bobbed up and down between the $500 and $600 ranges.

There's about a $600 gap between 9.6s and 9.4s. Not a huge disparity, but 9.4s do have some wiggle room to grow from there.

Maybe not a lot, but if you look at the gap between 9.8s and 9.6s, I do think 9.6s just may have some room to grow also. Once again, another grade for this key issue that's pretty scarce on eBay currently.

Not to say that it's rare or anything. It's just in a lot of collector's or speculator's vaults in the meanwhile. Then again, there are only 127 9.4 copies in the CGC Census currently. 

CGC 9.2s for this book didn't really have any great increases during the year, but 9.0s did finally hit the $500 mark. CGC 8.5s for Tomb of Dracula #10 also saw a slight increase during the year.

It settled into the $300 zone briefly in June through September and finally broke the $400 mark this month of October. Only three listings on eBay at the time of this writing and all are in the $400 range. 

1st appearance of Fantastic Four

This is another comic that's pretty much sought after every year. It's one of the holy grail of Marvel key issues to own, and perhaps one of the best Silver Age key issues to own. 

C'Mon! It's the first appearance of the Fantastic Four after all! Right? While the movie was a major flop, some comics are just immune to negative movie hype because the fan base is just that great.

Fantastic Four #1 was also hot in 2014 and probably a lot hotter than in 2015. The rebooted movie did come out August 7th, 2015. It was widely panned.

Actually, in 2015 this key issue was really luke warm over-all. There were not that many sales of this issue for the majority of grades and that's no surprise. However some grades did see a pretty nice jump in demand and value while most of the grades from 3.5 and down did see drops in value. Some pretty significant and some slight on both ends.

Here are the grades to this key issue that were hot in 2015.

CGC 6.0s for Fantastic Four #1 is a tad interesting. 2014 left the sucker in the $10,000 range and that sales average continued well into 2015. Then in August, same month the Fantastic Four reboot hit theaters (August 7th), a copy sold for the same price it did July 23rd of 2014.

Not exactly a significant increase from the start of this year at $10,500. Remember, eBay has final value fees and there are Paypal fees as well. The Paypal fee of 2.9% plus .30 cents is $348.30 cents alone. The eBay final value fee will be around $700 to $750 if you don't have the Top Rated Seller discount.

That's already about a $1,000 bucks in fees or over $900 bucks in fees with the Top Rated Seller discount. So, from $10,500 at the beginning of the year to $12,000 is a difference of $1,500. Shipping insurance will definitely eat into that profit margin as well, but if you got it considerably less than $10,000, you should be good.

However, if we're talking about 7.0s though, a significant increase happened from August of last year to July of this year. Only two sales in the last two years, but a nice jump and before the movie hit theaters.

From $17,000 to $25,000 is an $8,000 increase. Yowza!

Haven't done any low grade Silver Age comic comparisons just yet, but here's a perfect key issue to look at. So CGC 4.0s increased as well. This year started with a $5,000 sale, had a higher $4,000 sale slump in July, and increased to $5,600 shortly after the movie release.

CGC 4.5s for Fantastic Four #1 did okay, jumping from the higher $4,000 range from last year to the upper $5,000 range by July of this year. About a $360 increase this year alone and a $993 and some change increase from the last sale of this grade in 2014.

Oh, heck! We might as well go even lower. I haven't featured many low grade comics so far. This year finally saw Fantastic Four #1 CGC 2.5s break into the $3,000 realm. 

Looks like it moved up $400 bucks from where it left off in 2014 and then sold in September for $3,201. Last sale was an auction and is still pretty close to the sale;s price of the Best Offer for $3,300 that sold before it during the same month. 

So some pretty impressive price increases for one of the major Silver Age key issues in the comic world. Fantastic Four #1 didn't do well for all grades this year, but there are grades that were quite hot in 2015.

Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Thing, and the Invisible Woman are no doubt iconic Marvel comic characters, and Fantastic Four #1 is definitely one of the highly sought after key issues even in low grades.

Rock 'N Roll! Part 4 is ready, so just click the link below and see you soon!


  1. This one' s bad! You would have to sell your grandma to get those books. I mean, Batman 1 and F. F. 1, that is stuff auctioned at Sothebys. I had the first appearance of Blade though - however, it was stamped and I did send it back. Man, I think that move was quite stupid...

    Max Rebo

    1. Mr. Rebo, I've done that plenty of times with comics that had arrival stamps on them as well. I just don't like them, but I'm gonna seriously have to levy my restriction on that.

  2. Hi Mayhem,

    your recent series should definitely include Star Wars 1 from Marvel. This one is going stellar and has just earned itself spot Nr. 4 on go collect. I just fetched me a nice copy from for 101 bucks. Not quite sure if it will make a 9,2. That would be swell of course, but I see even room for growth in the 8,0 to 9,0 range.


  3. Oh my gosh! The Star Wars 1 35c variant just reached the first spot on go collect in highest sales - in 9,0!!! Radical. Mayhem has to react to this.

    Max Rebo

    1. Star Wars #1 35 Cent variant will definitely be in this series, regardless of over-valued perception or not. After all, somebody thinks it's worth that much and is willing to slap down that kind of cabbage for it.

  4. most overvalued comic imo, the star wars 35 cent variant. spend your money wisely.

  5. NM #98 is by far the most overvalued. There's over 2k 9.8's on the census

  6. nice topics and good reads mayhem. JW