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Friday, September 4, 2015

Supergirl TV News

Marvel may be making noise with their Netflix TV shows, but DC Comics hasn't been quiet on their upcoming TV shows either. Recent news regarding the Supergirl live action CBS show has been gaining attention as well.

For the most recent bit of news concerning Supergirl, British actor Iddo Goldberg has been cast as the android Red Tornado. In the comics, he is built by super-villain T.O. Tomorrow. 

In his first Silver Age appearance, Red Tornado was programmed to defeat the Justice Society of America, and Justice League of America #64 is the first appearance of the Silver Age Red Tornado. Yes, there is a Golden Age character of Red Tornado that was published by All-American Publishing back during the birth of the super-hero genre of comics.

The first Red Tornado was actually a female named Ma Hunkle with super-human strength. She first appeared as a civilian in All-American Comics #3 and then suited up for the first time as Red Tornado in All-American Comics #20.

The bombshell actress Brit Morgan from the True Blood TV series has been cast to play Leslie Willis who is also the super-villainess Livewire, a character who first appeared in the Superman Adventures comic series based on the Superman The Animated Series cartoons that aired from 1996 to 2000.

Much like Harley Quinn, who was created for a DC animated cartoon series, Livewire's first appearances are split into two comics. One is an actual first appearance in comics and the other is the character's first in mainstream continuity.

So, the very first appearance of Livewire in actual plain comic format is in Superman Adventures #5. Like Batman Adventures for Harley Quinn, Superman Adventures is set in the continuity of the Superman Animated Series apart from DC's regular mainstream canon. 

Superman Adventures #5 was published in 1997, and it would be much later when the character of Livewire would be written into mainstream continuity by comic writer and legend Gail Simone.

In 2006, Livewire's first appearance in actual DC Comics mainstream continuity was featured in Action Comics #835. This super-villain that can manipulate energy has proven to be a pretty popular villainess, and her first appearance in Superman Adventures #5 was featured in Part 5 of the Key Issue Comics Between $200 to $500 series done on here in 2014.

Her first appearance in mainstream continuity in Action Comics #835 is starting to heat up as well. CGC 9.8s are nearing the $200 mark. Raw copies can be acquired infinitely cheaper as of this writing.

In case you missed it, the character of Maxwell Lord will be appearing in the Supergirl TV series, and actor Peter Facinelli from Twilight fame will step into the role. His casting was announced back in July.

Maxwell Lord is another billionaire business man in the DC Comics Universe and was an influential figure that helped to form the Justice League International. He was created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire and debuted in the 1987 Justice League #1 comic. The character should play a prominent role in the CBS TV series.

So more comic movie or TV news goodness and more comic book goodness to digest. The Supergirl pilot premiere is planned to air Monday, October 26 at 8:30 p.m.



    1. Congrats Oraldo! Dude you've already made a profit on the Superman Adventures #5. That comic is pretty hot for even raw copies. Action Comics #835 is a toss up. Raw copies really haven't been moving that great...yet. Depends on what their grades are. If it's an Action Comics #835 CGC 9.8...then your $30 dollar investment for that is golden also.

      If not, we shall see how this Supergirl TV series does.

  2. I got S.A. 5 for 5 bucks. You have to be fast in our business! Time = Money. Some other quick snags were 1. Ultron and 1. Gorgon. You just wait one week to long and you lose money. So, thanks go out for Mayhem for keeping us informed quick and well!


    1. Dang Ace, did ya hold that seller at gunpoint? I see how you are. Haha!

      You are correct for the most part. It's best to get in on something super quick in this market, but there are down times sometimes for comics also...even hot ones or ones that are pretty sought out. I got my Daredevil #168 CGC 9.4 during a down peak, and Star Wars #1 the 70s one had a down peak for pretty much most of last year even with the movie hype and then wham! It shot up this year.

      Then again, I don't see any down peaks for NM #98 or Batman Adventures #12. Those comics are super hot! Probably best to buy up a collection to get those super cheap, or cheaper than FMV.

      Great snag though! As long as you guys are making a profit on flipping, long-term comic investing,'s all good. We shall have to see how S.A. #5 and AC #835 performs in the next couple of months.

      Rock On to you both!

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