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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Star Sapphire Key Issues

This was requested by Max Rebo, and a good portion of Star Sapphire key issues in this list are pretty much bargain bins or not really cared for yet or sought out in this current market. Still, this character and some of the others are a prominent part of the Green Lantern mythos, especially during the Modern Age of comics.

Star Sapphire is a pretty popular cosplay character, and many of the ladies who do cosplay this character look amazing. Besides, Star Sapphire is a DC hottie that may be worth exploring.

This key issues list will include those characters who have taken up the mantle of the character and will also detail the core members of what is the Star Sapphire Corps or also known as the Violet Lanterns. It will be a short and sweet list.

1st appearance of Star Sapphire

Before Carol Ferris ever became the Star Sapphire, there was a Golden Age version of the character that was an infrequent villain for Jay Garrick the Flash. This Star Sapphire was from the 7th dimension and not originally tied to the Silver Age Star Sapphire lore.

It was later retconned that she was connected to the Zamarons and was once the queen of them. However, she proved to be unworthy of the title and banished to the 7th dimension. 

1st appearance of the original Star Sapphire in All-Flash #32 was published December, 1947.

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2nd appearance of Star Sapphire

Comic Cavalcade #29 has the 2nd appearance of the Golden Age Star Sapphire. I believe it's also her last appearance in this era.

The queen from the 7th dimension does not show up in the Silver, Bronze or Copper Age, but she does have an appearance in Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold #6 in 2000. This may be the story that connects the Golden Age Star Sapphire to the Zamarons, but not entirely sure about that.

Golden Age goodie here, and Comic Cavalcade #29 was published October, 1948.

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1st appearance of Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire

In the lore of Green Lantern, Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire is the most recognized and popular version of this character. Actually, she's just the most popular version of this character no matter what era. 

As the villainous Star Sapphire, Green Lantern #16 has the first appearance of Carol Ferris as this Silver Age Green Lantern villain who would later become a hero in later renditions. This issue is already up there in price for sure, especially in CGC or CBCS high grades.

Originating from the Zamarons, Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire battled the Silver Age Hal Jordan many times in order to prove that they were superior to men. The Zamarons are also introduced in Green Lantern #16.

Zamarons are the female members of the race known as the Maltusians while Oans are the male members of this race of beings. I've explained a bit about the Oans and the Controllers and how they were once Maltusians that divided in their belief about dealing with evil in the universe.

The Maltusians that ended up becoming the Oans on Oa were the ones who believed that they should contain evil while the other once Maltusian group that became the Controllers believed evil should be destroyed at all cost. Both groups ended up becoming immortals with no need to reproduce. Thus their female counterparts saw no need to stick around and thus became the Zamarons.

After billions of years, the Zamarons became a war-like culture but developed their mental abilities over their physical ones. As most fans already know, their psionic energies were stored in crystals and the Star Sapphire gem was given to the female most worthy of leadership.

The gem also turned the female leader into the Star Sapphire with great mental powers. Unfortunately, the gem has its own sentience and controls the user also. 

In her first appearance, she battles Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern to show that men are inferior, and after she fails,  the Zamarons basically mind wipe Carol of the event.

Carol Ferris during the Silver Age really didn't have that many appearances in comics as the Star Sapphire as you'll soon see. Green Lantern #16 from the 2nd series was published October, 1962 and Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire was created by John Broome and Gil Kane.

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2nd appearance of Carol Ferris Star Sapphire?

In terms of her 2nd appearance in the Silver Age, Carol Ferris once again turns into the Star Sapphire in the 26th issue of Green Lantern. Once again, Star Sapphire is out to prove her superiority over Green Lantern, but also tricks him into agreeing to marry her.

In terms of noting this as a key issue, nobody is so far and there's probably a reason for that. It doesn't make sense but this once again adds to the appearances chaos that our current market is dealing with.

Green Lantern #192 supposedly has the first full appearance of Star Sapphire, and I have no idea why Overstreet is noting it as such. So, until that confusing aspect is explained, a question mark goes after this 2nd appearance key issue notation for this comic.

Carol Ferris does actually appear as Star Sapphire in the story "Star Sapphire Unmasks the Green Lantern" to this comic, and she does appear more in this story than Guy Gardner does in his 2nd appearance (cameo) in Green Lantern #87. Just another confusing thing about the whole appearances mess, and if this appearance (along with her 3rd, 4th or 5th) are seen as a cameos, I have no idea why that would be and would call B.S. on that call.

January, 1964 was when Green Lantern #26 was published.

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3rd appearance of Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire?
1st appearance of Dela Pharon

The next time Carol Ferris is seen as Star Sapphire is Green Lantern #41, but this issue actually has two Star Sapphires in it. This issue has the first appearance of Dela Pharon, a Zamaron who also has it in her mind to force Hal Jordan into marrying her.

After Dela Pharon defeats Green Lantern and he agrees to marry her, Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire breaks up the wedding and battles Dela Pharon. The character of Dela Pharon would appear infrequently but she would appear as a member of the Star Sapphire Corps in later comics.

Green Lantern #41 was published December, 1965.

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1st Star Sapphire cross-over
1st Star Sapphire & Superman battle

This isn't the next time Carol Ferris becomes Star Sapphire. She does appear in Green Lantern #73 and 74 as the Green Lantern villain prior to this issue. That may be the character's 4th and 5th appearance as Star Sapphire.

Superman #261 is the character's first cross-over though, and she battles the Man of Steel in this comic's story. February, 1973 is the publishing date for this Star Sapphire key issue comic.

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1st appearance of Remoni-Notra
1st appearance of Remoni-Notra as Star Sapphire

This version of Star Sapphire is Remoni-Notra from the planet Pandina and was chosen by the Zamarons to be their queen since Carol Ferris previously refused. Remoni-Notra was given one of the Star Sapphire gems and came to Earth to steal Carol's gem.

She would take the name Deborah Camille Darnell and became a stewardess at Ferris Aircraft. This Star Sapphire also joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains and is introduced as the new Star Sapphire in this comic.

As a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, she would plague both Green Lantern and the JLA on a few occasions. The Secret Society of Super-Villains #1 was published June, 1976. Romina-Notra and the Secret Society of Super-Villains were created by Gerry Conway and Pablo Marcos.

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1st appearance of the Predator

When this aspect of the Star Sapphire's power was first introduced, it was written or believed to merely be a side effect of Carol Ferris using the Star Sapphire gem. This was later changed obviously, and the so called side effect is actually an entity of love incarnate.

Found it a funny but suitable name in a twisted way to give the ultimate embodiment of love, but the Predator in the Green Lantern mythos is pure love with nothing to temper or control it. Thus, it is highly aggressive and obsessive.

Although this version of the Predator looks like a completely different character, he has been tied to the newer version as being the same character. Scar in Green Lantern #43 volume 4 would reveal how the Predator entity is tied to the Violet emotion spectrum of love.

The first version of the Predatar character shows up on the last page of this comic book issue. The next issue just might be his first full appearance, and that issue does show him quite a bit more. 

So, not sure but it seems likely that this issue is his 1st cameo appearance. CGC, CBCS, or Overstreet really isn't noting this one yet.

Green Lantern #178 was published July, 1984 and the Predator would later play a more specific role in the Star Sapphire mythos.

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1st full appearance of Star Sapphire?
Re-intro Star Sapphire
Origin of Star Sapphire

As stated earlier and when I first featured this comic in the Green Lantern key issues, I have no idea why this is toted as Star Sapphire's first full appearance. There is no new Star Sapphire and Carol Ferris is still the character. She does tell Hal Jordan her origin and is summoned back to Zamaron. 
Guide notes this comic as such and I still haven't figured out why. Origin? Okay, I'll buy that. Re-intro? Sure.

1st full appearance, however? That notation still remains an X-File to me. First full story adventure I'll buy, but "1st full appearance" is strange.

This comic was published September, 1985, and it is one of the more valuable and sought out of Green Lantern key comics from the Copper Age.

No doubt that Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire is the most popular version of the character, but there are still a few more who take up the mantle or become a Starr Sapphire! As promised earlier, this will be a short and sweet key issues series, and Part 2 will absolutely be finishing it up with these Star Sapphire key issues. 

The next part will be all Modern Age key issues pertaining to the Star Sapphire mythos. The mythos for these ladies were expanded upon during the Modern Age.

If you like Modern Age key issues, you may find it useful. If not, Part 2 won't be much use to ya. Either way, Part 2 is ready with more Star Sapphire key comics so click the link below to continue.

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