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Friday, September 4, 2015

Luke Cage Netflix News

Things are steaming for Luke Cage's series on Netflix and a few casting and rumors are currently spreading out there in cyber land. No surprise since the show will kick off shooting soon.

So the confirmed casting is of a villain, and that villain is Cottonmouth. Marvel announced recently that Mahershala Ali will play the Luke Cage villain. “Mahershala is an actor of extraordinary range and gravitas. As Cottonmouth he will really let loose,” the head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb said. “Luke Cage won’t know what hit him.”

Mahershala Ali has been in such films as Predators, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 & 2. Ali is also a bay area boy from Oakland, Ca. so it's all good with me.

In the comics, Cottonmouth is a New York drug lord and a foe of Luke Cage. He was first mentioned in Power Man #18 and made his first appearance in Power Man #19. 

According to Marvel, Cornell Cottonmouth will be a big baddie for Luke Cage in the highly anticipated live action series. In the comics, he doesn't show up all that much and is an extremely minor Marvel Comics villain.

So there's one confirmed villain cast for this Netflix series. This other one isn't quite so solid.

While it's been confirmed that Sons of Anarachy actor Theo Rossi has joined the cast of Netflix's Luke Cage, it hasn't really been confirmed what character the actor is playing. While the show cast Rossi in the role of "Sony", most likely a false name to keep some secrecy about the series, Deadline recently reported that he is to play the comic book villain known as Shades in the Luke Cage rogues gallery.

The Marvel comic characters of Shades and his partner Comanche were fellow inmates at Seagate Prison where Luke Cage wrongfully served time. After the pair had escaped from Seagate, the duo became hoodlums for hire.

Shades would be equipped with optics that could emit energy blasts. None other than Ward Meachum, the murderer of Danny Rand's pops, was the figure that supplied Shades with the weapon. Shades and his partner in crime Comanche first appeared in Luke Cage Hero for Hire #1.

The next character that has recently been cast is not so surprising and that just very well may be Misty Knight. It's true that Simone Missick has been cast in a key role in the Netflix series, and the actress was cast for a character named "Missy".

While Marvel has yet to confirm Misty Knight joining the Luke Cage Netflix series, it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this beauty will be playing the tough yet beautiful Misty Knight for the series. After all, she has been a major supporting character for both Luke Cage and Iron Fist in the comics for a long time.

In the Iron Fist key issues list, I mentioned that it would be odd not have Misty Knight in a Netflix Marvel TV series since she is connected to both Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Her first published appearance is an Iron Fist story in Marvel Premiere #21. Her first appearance was later retconned to be in Marvel Team-Up #1.

Misty Knight is a former NYPD officer who loses her arm after preventing a bomb attack. With technology from none other than Tony Stark, Misty Knight is equipped with a bionic arm that turns her from tough cop to super bad ass.

So if Simone Simmick's character is Misty Knight, we can all expect the character of Colleen Wing to be cast soon? After all, Mercedes Misty Knight and Colleen Wing were business partners and formed their own detective agency in the comics. 

Colleen Wing first appeared in Marvel Premiere #19. Can we also say Daughters of the Dragon possibly?

Netflix is gearing up to kick more Marvel live action ass! Jessica Jones has just finished up shooting and Luke Cage is on it's way.


  1. Hi Mr. Mayhem,

    can't wait for that show! I hope Iron
    Fist makes an appearance. What would
    you pay for an Marvel Premiere 15 in 7,0?
    Plus, got an underated investment tip: Iron Fist 15: is it really the first full Claremont Byrne cooperation on the X-men? Cool!

    Speculation Jones

    1. To make this a little more specific,
      I would not want to pay more than 120 bucks. And by the way: you can call me Big Jones, Mighty Jones or even Ludicrious Jones, as you like it ;-)
      That Jones guy

    2. For a raw Marvel Premiere #15 $100 to $120. CGC 7.0 Universal $150 to $165. I'd rather go with the CGC since it would cost you roughly about the same to get a raw one graded at CGC anyway.

      Depends on the venue though. You may be able to get it around $100 at a con or out in your local stomping grounds. Online might be more of a hunt at that price.

      Yes, Iron Fist #15 is the first X-Men related work the pair did together. First John Byrne artwork on the X-Men characters is Marvel Team-Up #53. Claremont doesn't write that issue though.

      I think I'll stick to Mighty Jones.

  2. hey TCM how have things been going cant wait till I go on vaca so I can finally buy some comics again. haven't bought anything since june it sucks JW

    1. What up JW? All is well here or I have no complaints and even if I did nobody wants to hear them. hahaha.

      Been a while, man, and dude that does suck!!! Then again, a vaca does sound awesome also. You plannin' on an out of the country excursion this time?

    2. nope going to Disney out of country in 2 years though. the articles where you rant like hell make for good reading

    3. Disney World or Land is like going out of the country...the country of SUPER AWESOME! Love Disney theme parks. Friggin' so jealous.

      I gotta back on comics so I can afford a trip to Disney Land and Universal Studios. Seriously, I think it'd be well worth it.

      It's been a long time, man! Toooooooooo long!

      HAHA! I'm sure I'll rant about something crazy or ridiculous soon even if I sound like a loon.

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