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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hawkman & Hawkwoman Key Comics Part 8

The last and final part to this Hawkman & Hawkwoman or Hawkgirl key comics series. Some bizarre stuff happens for these two characters after the Copper Age, and we'll explore a few keys regarding this.

Hopefully, I can make it less confusing for those who don't know the character all too well, but it is even confusing for those fans who do. So ,perhaps, I'll just make it even more confusing for you guys.

Anyways, enjoy the next and final batch of Hawkman key issues and Hawkwoman key comics. This Part 7 link will bring you back if need be.

Rebooted Hawkman & Hawkgirl origin
1st appearance of Shayera Thal

It's time for Hawkman and Hawkwoman to get a serious reboot, and in this limited series, the Winged Wonders get just that. This was an immensely popular limited series when it first hit the racks.

Hawkworld would reboot the origins of Katar Hol and Shayera Hol, whom had the last name of Thal. They were not already and outright married like the previous version, but they became lovers of course.

So, Katar Hol was born of privilege and Shayera Thal was not. In this highly popular reboot, she is the illegitimate child of Shayera Thal I and Andar Pul, who was Administrator of Protection on Thanagar.

Andar Pul apparently fornicated with a then 13 year-old Shayera I. Of course the pregnancy turned into a scandal and threatened Andar Pul's political career. Therefore Shayera Thal was abandoned in Downside, the ghettos of Thanagar.

In this limited series, which continued in the 2nd volume and then in the 3rd Hawkman comic series, Katar and Shayera Thal are police officers on Thanagar. In this rebooted continuity, Thanagar is a tyrannical planet that conquers and mines other planets for their natural resources.

Katar would rebel against the system and be exiled. He along with Shayera Thal would expose and defeat Byth, who is or was the Police Captain of Thanagar in this reboot. 

Timothy Truman wrote this limited series and it stood out for themes about social inequality and class and politics. John Ostrander would script the on-going monthly series later and would continue to expand on Truman's original concepts.

While this limited series generated an energetic renewed interest for Hawkman and Hawkwoman, the on-going series by Ostrander isn't regarded as highly. In fact, quite a few moments from Ostrander's work on Hawkman is regarded in the top ridiculous Hawkman events in comics. 

You will see some of them in this last part here. Hawkworld #1 was published August, 1989.

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1st issue to new series 

Due to the popularity of the Hawkworld 3 issue limited series, the title was spun-off into an on-going series that lasted 4 years but only 32 issues. This series carries on the Hawkman themes that were introduced in the original limited series and both Truman and Ostrander scripts issue #1.

John Ostrander would become the sole writer for the series, and even though the series was more relevant in terms of realistic issues to other DC Comics titles at the time, the on-going series would be seen as a blunder to quite a few fans out there. 

However, the series did give more depth to the world of Thanagar, and even to the complexities of Katar Hol and Shayera Hol adjusting to life in America on Earth. Hawkworld #1 volume 2 was published June, 1990.

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1st appearance of Fel Andar (retconned)
1st appearance of Sharon Hall (Parker)

Let the craziness continue! So I've mentioned the retconned version of Fel Andar already in Part 7, and supposedly he and Sharon Parker (Hall) were the Hawks that joined the Justice League International. Well, the story line in this issue and in issue #23 confirm it, or better stated, changes it.

So we have the first appearance of Fel Andar and Sharon Parker, and they are basically in flashback since this issue and #23 recounts how this is possible. So as I've mentioned before, Fel Andar was a Thanagarian spy sent to infiltrate the Justice League in this retconned version.

Before this, he fell in love with a Sharon Parker, and the two married. They would also have a child by the name of Charlie Parker, who becomes Golden Eagle (Justice League of America #116)

Yes, he's another hybrid Thanagarian and human, but this realization would be revealed in another Hawkman comic series.

So when Fel Andar was tasked with the mission to infiltrate the League, Sharon Parker was mind wiped and then brainwashed into believing she was Hawkwoman. Sharon would later discover the truth and expose it to Martian Manhunter and Maxwell Lord.

Fel Andar murdered Sharon Parker for her betrayal and was expelled from the League. In all actuality, Hawkman and Hawkwoman originally as Kator and Shayera quit the team in Justice League International #24, but in this retconned retelling, Fel Andar was expelled and forced to return to Thanagar when Carter Hall returned from Limbo.

The story of Sharon Parker's betrayal and murder would be told in the next issue, and Fel Andar had to leave behind their son Charley Parker. He would become a good-doer though. Hawkworld #22 volume 2 was published April, 1992.

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1st appearance of Naomi Carter

Katar Hol is no longer just a Thanagarian. He, like Fel Andar, is a half human and half Thanagarian hybrid. Enter Naomi Carter, who is apparently Katar Hol's human mother.

Yep, she is the human woman that Katar's father Paran Karter falls in love with when studying Earth for possible Thanagarian conquest and spawns the Silver Age Hawkman. She was apparently a Cherokee translator when she meet a certain Paran Kater, who was masquerading as a human by the name of Perry Carter.

It would be Carter Hall, long time friend of Paran Katar, who first introduced Katar to his mother. Naomi was brought back to Thananagar, but found their high society ugly and returned to Earth. 

Paran refused to relinquish Katar, so he grew up without her and without knowing her. Gotta love reboots to try and fix other continuity messes, but make even more continuity messes. October, 1993 is the publishing date for Hawkman #6 volume 3.

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1st appearance of Hawkgod

The Hawkgod or Hawk Avatar makes his first appearance in this issue, and is another strange addition to the Hawkman mythos or reboot in this comic series. The Hawkgod would eventually be merged with Katar Hol, Carter Hall, and Shiera Sanders.

In issue #13, it is said that Shiera was merged with these other beings, but it was later retconned that she in fact died, and it was Carter, Katar, and this Hawkgod that merged. Uh, whatever.

More ridiculousness and just another way for DC to make the Hawkman mythos even more insane and confusing. Hawkman #9 volume 3 was published May, 1994.

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Carter & Shiera Hall, Katar & Hawkgod merge

The good ole 90s, but for some characters like Hawkman, things continue to get weird during this era. Around the events of Zero-Hour, the characters of Katar Hol, Carter Hall, Shiera Sanders Hall, and the Hawkgod or Avatar are merged into one ultimate Hawkman being.

From here on out in this series, Hawkman would be the host of these merged characters. Shayera Thal, however, remains to be Hawkwoman. Hawkman #13 volume 3 was published September, 1994.

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1st appearance of Kendra Saunders

Kendra Saunders is the version of Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman that has been cast for the Legends of Tomorrow TV series, which I already mentioned in an earlier post and included her first appearance in comics. So, if you missed it, this is her first appearance right here.

The character did show up in Season One of the Flash TV series, but in terms of the character in comics, she is another weird one. Apparently, Shiera Sanders Hall as Hawkgirl did not merge with the Golden Age Hawkman, Katar Hol, & the Hawkgod or Avatar in Hawkman #13 volume 3.

Shiera did actually die because her soul was transferred into Speed Saunder's grand-daughter Kendra. Speed Saunders, which I spoke about in the Detective Comics key issue list, is the cousin of Shiera Sanders and first appeared in Detective Comics #1.

Kendra had committed suicide, and Shiera's soul useed Kendra's body as a vessel. The strange thing about this arrangement is that Kendra still believed she was Kendra and has all her memories. She has little to none of Shiera's memories.

I'm not sure if this character started out this way, or was a victim of later retcons or what. Shiera's soul would supposedly leave Kendra's body later and go onto the after-life, somehow breaking the reincarnation curse set by Hath-Set. Yes, a bit confusing.

So this sorta makes sense on why Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders will be used in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow TV series. JSA Secret Files & Origins #1 was published August, 1999. Also, Geoff Johns co-created Kendra Saunders so that explains even more why this version of Hawkgirl has and will continue to be used for the DC TV shows.

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1st Carter Hall Hawkman comic series
1st appearance of Kristopher Roderic

Wow, after a long, long, long time, Carter Hall finally gets to headline his own comic series as Hawkman. Kendra Saunders is Hawkwoman in this series, and if character arcs or tensions are used in the upcoming TV shows, they will most likely be taken from this comic series here.

As mentioned before, Kendra does not know that she carries the soul of Shiera, but Carter Hall and Speed Saunders can sense it somehow. Of course, this adds tension and frustrates Carter as he has all these memories of his beloved but Kendra does not.

Groundwork for the series and the explanation for Carter's return as the legendary Hawkman is told in JSA #23-#25.

As for Kristpher Roderic, he is the descendant of Hath-Set, and in this series, he has a single-minded goal to reclaim certain weapons of Hath-Set in order to murder the Hawks. He also a distant relative of Matilda Dunney Roderic, the lady who killed Nighthawk and his lover Cinnamon.

Of course, Cinnamon is a reincarnation of Shiera or the Egyptian Chay-Ara, lover to Khufu. Also,  this comic series would further detail the stories of the various past reincarnations of both Hawkman and Hawkgirl, including Hannibal Hawkes (Nighthawk) and Cinnamon.

Here are a few of the various reincarnations Carter Hall and Hawkwoman have been.
  • Brian Kent (Silent Knight) 1st appearance Brave and the Bold #1
  • Koenrad Von Grimm 1st appearance Hawkman #18 vol 4
  • Captain John Smith (same English historical character)
  • Hannibal Hawkes (Nighthawk) 1st appearance Western Comics #5
  • Detective James Wright (a Pinkerton detective) 1st appearance Hawkman #29 volume 4
  • Lady Celia Penbrook (Silent Knight love interest) 1st appearance Brave and the Bold #1
  • Cinnamon (Kate Manser) 1st appearance Weird Western Tales #48
  • Sheila Carr (love interest of detective James Wright) 1st appearance Hawkman #29 volume 4
The first issue to this Hawkman volume 4 comic series was published May, 2002.

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Speaking of the Hawkman volume 4 series, issue #50 would mark the series being re-titled Hawkgirl. It would be the first time the character of Hawkgirl would headline her own comic book series, and that should definitely be one to consider. 

Issue #50 would start Hawkgirl volume 1 as well, and Walt Simonson would spearhead that move as writer. So, Kendra Saunders is the first Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman to get her own titled series. 

Actually, she's the only one of the Hawkgirl incarnations to headline her own title and that happened back in 2006 after the Infinite Crisis cross-over event. That change would only last 17 issues and the series would be cancelled in 2007.

In the 4th series of Hawkman, Charley Parker was retconned and would take up the mantle of Hawkman for a brief time in Hawkman #44-45 when Carter Hall was assumed dead. This retconned version of Golden Eagle would see Charley Parker as a baddie, especially after taking up the mantle of Hawkman.

He would beat Kendra Saunders viciously when she refused his sexual advances. Of course, Carter Hall's death was a ruse, and the two would engage in a vicious battle with one another that saw Carter Hall the victor of course. 

It was revealed that Charley Parker was the son of Fel Andar in the 4th series and during this Hawkman continuity timeline. Just more shock rock to try to shake things up for Hawkman.

I believe the New 52 Hawkman reverted back to Katar Hol, and Shayera Thal is of course retconned and does not assume the identity of Hawkgirl. In the New 52, Hawkgirl is now a retconned Kendra Munoz-Saunders. Her first appearance is in Earth-2 #2.

Alrighty, that concludes this bizarre Hawkman & Hawkgirl key issues or comics series. Things did get a bit more interesting for the character during more modern retellings or retcons. 

Some fans may think they're blunders, but I do have to agree that a lot of the retcons did make Hawkman and Hawkgirl a more jumbo of a mess after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Still, it's comics and not such an easy task for creatives to shake things up for such long-time comic characters like Hawkman and Hawkgirl. 

Anyway, I tried my best here with this one and hopefully it helps to alleviate some of the confusion concerning these two throughout the years. Hope you enjoyed and hope this helps you in your hunt concerning Hawkman and Hawkgirl key issues.


  1. Good Lord I thought relativity in physics was confusing but this has it beat. NICE WORK!! It is a shame to see stuff get so complicated. I was a kid when Barry Allen died, and then Wally West took over as the Flash. But now... after a couple of decades... we have to bring back Barry Allen. Same deal with Hawkman... who is he really? For the love of all things holy, stop bringing back these characters DC!! I guess each fan has to pick a "starting" point and an "ending" point and then that is their "universe". HATE the retcons. Maybe it's a necessary evil but I would rather they just create a completely new character. Hal Jordan out, Kyle Rayner in. Love him or hate him, at least I can follow the damn story!!! Great job as usual, Wiebes

  2. Have to agree with the last comment. Great amount of work, Mayhem. Respect! However, are those Hawkcharacters worth the energy? I highly doubt it. I would rather invest in Wild West Comics.


    1. Eh, I dunno if I'd consider it a waste of time, Sir Ace. If I just wanted to a key issues list, I'd just rattle off issues with no summaries or anything about the comic or evolution of a character. At least, this way, you all can determine what's a waste or not.

      The key issues lists aren't all about which comics to invest in. Sure, that element is there, but another reason is to learn more about the character and his or her mythos. At least, that's one of the reasons why I do them.

      I actually had fun learning about these characters... a lot more fun than writing about any of the Valiant key issues. So, it's all subjective in my humble opinion. There were quite a few key issue requests that I just not want to do but did them out of curiousity.