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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hawkman & Hawkwoman Key Comics Part 7

If things weren't already funky with Hawkman and Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman before, they definitely start to get that way in the later 80s. The way the characters were handled is pretty controversial among fans, and with the retcons, it does start to get confusing.

Regardless, it starts to get interesting but somewhat ridiculous all rolled up in one. Part 7 of this Hawkman and Hawkwoman key comics will somewhat kick off the funky. Part 8, which will be the last one, will definitely dive deep into it.

Click this Part 6 link if you missed it.

1st appearance of All-Star Squadron

The team of the All-Star Squadron would be instrumental in keeping the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl in the pages of DC Comics. Created by Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler and Jerry Ordway, this team of super-heroes was another effort for the publishing company to continue telling the tales of the Justice Society of America after the revival of All-Star Comics ended.

This team, however, did not write new stories in the modern era, but instead focused on new tales of the team and the JSA during the World War II era much like Marvel did with the Invaders comic series in the mid 70s. These Squadron stories would take place on Earth Two.

So according to the expanding mythos of both Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders, this team does deserve to be noted when concerning Golden Age Hawkman key comics or Golden Age Hawkgirl key comics. The first appearance of the All-Star Squadron in Justice League of America #193 was published August, 1981, and this team would incorporate a huge ensemble of super-heroes.

1st full appearance of All-Star Squadron
1st issue to on-going series

Industry considers this the first full appearance of the All-Star Squadron, and All-Star Squadron #1 is the first issue to kick-off this self-titled series. The comic series would last 67 issues and produce 3 annuals.

The All-Star Squadron comic series would also produce a few key issues specifically connected to the Earth Two Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders. After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, some of the Earth Two heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were erased from continuity.

Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders were kept in tact, and even moved to the follow up comic series The Young All-Stars after the cancellation of the All-Star Squadron. All-Star Squadron #1 was published September, 1981.

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Hawkgirl changes name to Hawkwoman

Shayera Hol says enough with this "Girl" stuff. She's a full blown woman and deserves to have a more respectable name behind the Hawk!

Well, it's in this issue where Shayera Hol drops the girl and replaces it with woman, and can you really blame her? She actually blows her top prior in World's Finest Comics #272, exclaiming to her hubby that she prefers to be called Hawkwoman!

Hawkwoman it is, and you go girl...I mean, woman.

World's Finest Comics #274 sprinkles in some more feminist power and makes this key issue definitely one to note for Hawkgirl. This feathered hottie even starts thinking for herself and disregards Hawkman's decision and goes to save a Thanagarian armada.

Once again, Hyathis is the culprit behind this story arc, and the Hawks previously and successfully stops her attack force from invading Earth by trapping it in hyperspace. In this issue, Hawkwoman decides to go and free it. World's Finest Comics #274 was published December, 1981.

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1st Dr. Hastor (Hath-Set) since Golden Age

Remember Hath-Set from Flash Comics #1? You know the Egyptian priest who killed Khufu and his lover in ancient Egypt and started this whirlwind of reincarnations for himself, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl?

Well, it would take a long, long time since the first Flash Comics to see this character again, and in All-Star Squadron #11, Hath-Set's reincarnated version of Dr. Hastor walks into the pages of DC Comics once again. This is his first appearance since Flash Comics #1 if you can believe that.

So, apparently, the Golden Age Hawkman did not kill Dr. Hastor with an arrow like depicted in Flash Comics #1, and this arch enemy of Hawkman is alive and well, obviously to further torment our winged heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Not a very well-known late Bronze Age key issue for Hawkman or Hawkgirl, All-Star Squadron #11 was published July, 1982.

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1st appearance of Hector Hall
1st appearance of Infinity Inc.
1st appearance of Northwind

Hector Hall is the son of Carter Hall and Shiera Hall and makes his first appearance in this issue. He has been the Silver Scarab, Sandman, and an incarnation of Dr. Fate. Hector Hall as Silver Scarab would later be used by Hath-Set to go up against his Infinity Inc. team mates, but Silver Scarab would a long-time member of Infinity Inc a long with Northwind.

Speaking of Northwind, he is the godson of Carter Hall and Shiera Hall, and like I mentioned before, he is from the hidden city of Feitheria, which first appeared in the Golden Age comic Flash Comics #71. He is the son of an anthropologist and a friend to Carter named Fred Cantrell and a Feitheran woman named Osoro. Osoro is the daughter of Worla, leader of the Feitheran people. Worla also first appeared in Flash Comics #71 which was featured in this Hawkman and Hawkgirl key issues series.

Both Fred Cantrell and Osoro would first appear in Infinity Inc #1 in 1984, almost a year after the debut of their son Northwind.

Both Silver Scarab and Northwind are introduced in this comic along with the Infinity Inc team, and other members such as Jade, Nuklon, and Obsidian also debut in this issue. Fury and Brainwave Jr. have their first appearances elsewhere.

Concerning Fury, she is the daughter of Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor and her name is Hippolyta Trevor. This is the Pre-Crisis version, and the Post-Crisis version did away with her being the daughter of G.A. Wonder Woman since the character was written out of continuity.

In the Pre-Crisis verson of Fury, she is the childhood friend of Hector Hall and both were romantically linked and the two would marry. Known as Lyta, her first appearance is in Wonder Woman #300 from the first series.

Brainwave Jr. first appeared in the prior issue, All-Star Squadron #24, in a flashback. Issue #25 of this comic series may be considered his first full appearance.

He is Henry King Jr., and the son of the original Brainwave who first appeared in All-Star Comics #11 as a foe for the JSA. Henry Junior's mother is Gimmick Girl, another Golden Age character that first appearance in Star Spangled Comics #81.

Jade is the daughter of Alan Scott, the original and Golden Age Green Lantern, and Obsidian is her twin brother. They share the same father and mother. The mother of Osidian and Jade is Rose Canton also known as the Golden Age villain Thorn. Rose as the Thorn first appeared in Flash Comics #89.

In fear of harming them, she put both up for adoption, and the twins were split up. Therefore, Jade has the name of Jennie Hayden, and Obsidian's name is Todd Rice. Todd would inherit schizophrenia from his mother.

Jade had powers much like her father, but Obsidian would have shadow-based powers and can tap into the dark energy derived from the dimension known as the Shadowlands.

Nuklon, later known as Atom Smasher, is the grandson of the villain Cyclotron, who first appeared in Action Comics #21. He is the godson of Al Pratt, the Golden Age Atom. His parents are Phil and Terri Rothstein, both of whom have no powers.

Nuklon inherited his powers from his grandfather, Terry Curtis, and has the ability to control his molecular structure and density. All-Star Squadron #25 was published September, 1983.

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1st original appearance of Fell Andar

This 4 part limited series sees the first appearance of the character known as Fell Andar. He would be retconned or revamped later in the Hawkman mythos Post-Hawkworld.

In the Pre-Hawkworld, Fell Andar is a Thanagar soldier who is tasked in stealing the Hawk's technology since Thanagar lost much of it during the Equalizer plague which first showed up in Justice League of America #117. By this time, Thanagar had become a fascist empire intent on conquering the universe.

Fell Andar is the primary antagonist for the Hawks in this limited series. His Post-Hawkworld character would be a Thanagarian spy on Earth with the mission to infiltrate the Justice League of America as Hawkman.

This version of Fel Andar (just drop one L) would be a hybrid Thanagarian and human. His uncle is Andar Pul and Fel's uncle and father Andar Nel arrived on Earth for scientific study. Fel Andar's father met and fell in love with a woman named Naomi O'Neil.

In his infiltration of the Justice League of America as Hawkman, Fel Andar went under the alias Carter Hall Jr., faking to be the son of Carter and Shiera Hall. Of course, all this stuff would be explained later during the Hawkworld volume 2 series.

No sense of getting ahead of ourselves just yet. Shadow War of Hawkman #1 was published May, 1985.

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1st issue to 2nd self-titled series

Once again, DC Comics try their hand at another solo Hawkman comic series. This series also stars the Silver Age Katar Hol and Shayera Hol as Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

And once again, this comic series seems to fall flat and produce some pretty forgettable villains. Darkwing first appears in Hawkman #3 from this series and has a limited number of appearances.

As for some of the older rogues gallery concerning the Winged Wonders, Lion-Mane and Shadow-Thief cause some mischief here and there for the two heroes in this series. The second Hawkman series only lasted 17 issues before it was ka-put.

Tony Isabella and comic artist Richard Howell kick start this series, and August, 1986 is the publishing date for Hawkman #1 volume 2.

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Hawkman joins team (Fel Andar)
Hawkwoman joins team (Sharon Parker)

Let the crazy begin. If figuring out how the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl could co-exist with the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman was a brain twist enough, the doozy of a retcon that future writers did a while after this issue here is pretty mind boggling.

Okay, just to be clear, originally the Hawkman and Hawkwoman were suppose to be Katar Hol and Shayera Hol in this issue and were written and presented as such when this comic came out. However, it was later retconned in Hawkworld volume 2 that the two joining the Justice League in this comic issue were actually Fel Andar and Sharon Parker.

Just one more reason I can't stand retcons. So with that mind mess, it's now unclear which Hawkman and Hawkwoman appearances were Fel Andar or Sharon Parker and which were Katar Hol and Shayera Hol during this time in DC Comics.

Of course, the writers of this actual comic, Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, didn't screw it up. They written the Hawks in this story as Katar and Shayera. It was actually John Ostrander who brought on this retcon in the 2nd series of Hawkworld, which we will be getting to shortly in Part 8 of this Hawkman and Hawkwoman key issues series.

Not sure why this was done later by Ostrander, but maybe he had good reasons. November, 1988 was when Justice League International #19 was published.

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After the All-Star Squadron series was cancelled, the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl became regular supporting characters in the Young All-Stars comic series. Just like All-Star Squadron, the Young All-Stars was a title produced to keep the DC Comics' characters that survived Crisis on Infinite Earths in the pages of their comics.

I neglected to feature the Young All-Stars, because it simply just got boring stating that this writer or this title was created simply to keep the Golden Age heroes in DC Comics. Pretty redundant, and the Young All-Stars only lasted 31 issues.

If there's really anything interesting about the Hawkman or Hawkwoman key comics during this time and later, it's to see just how far later writers twisted and messed up both the Golden Age Hawks and Silver Age Hawks. We'll see more ridiculous and confusing retcons and story arcs to make Hawkman and Hawkwoman even more confusing.

So, there will be a Part 8, but I think I'm really gonna have to call it at 8. Much of this is already getting redundant, and if we're talking about sleepers, we're getting deep into that zone concerning Hawkman key issues and Hawkwoman key issues.

The only thing is: I'm not sure if most of these will awaken or be cared about in the market in the near or far future. I guess we'll see how Legends of Tomorrow will affect these comics or not, but since the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, will be in the Flash TV series, I wonder if DC's TV universe is going to expand on the multi-verse concept of Earth One and Earth Two, and if so, will Katar Hol eventually pop up sometime in one of the new DC TV series?

Actually, will more characters from Earth Two pop up? Maybe some of these will see the light of day someday. Alright, enough speculation. Part 8 has more Hawkman key comics and Hawkwoman or Hawkgirl key comics, so just click the link below to continue.

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