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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hawkman & Hawkgirl Key Comics Part 6

It's going to be really interesting to see what villains they pluck from Hawkman's mythos for the Legends of Tomorrow TV series, if there's any. In my opinion, Hawkman hasn't really been blessed with the greatest of villains.

Sure, there's some that do recur quite often, but even in the Silver Age and Bronze Age, there aren't really any high caliber villains for Hawkman or Hawkgirl. I wouldn't doubt it if they use Dr. Hastor or Hath-Set for an episode or two.

As for any others, I have no idea, but I wouldn't doubt if they used some obscure ones as well. Many of these Hawkman and Hawkgirl key comics in Part 6 are pretty much over-looked or just not cared for much in the current market yet. There is an exception of a minimal few however.

Sure, some should be important especially pertaining to Hawkgirl or Shareya Hol, and we'll finally see the comic in which she joins the Justice League of America in the next batch of Hawkman key comics. We'll also see the reintroduction of Golden Age Hawkgirl as well.

So, click this link if you missed Part 5, but if you're ready to continue onward, let's take a look at these key Hawkman and Hawkgirl issues.

2nd appearance of Shadow-Thief

Shadow-Thief makes his second appearance in comics as a foe for the Silver Age Hawkman & Hawkgirl. Once again, Shadow-Thief would be a recurring villain for the winged wonders, though not entirely a major villain in the DC Comics universe.

Shadow-Thief is an early Silver Age villain for Katar Hol and made his first appearance in Brave and the Bold #36, a comic that also contains the 3rd appearances of Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Overstreet notes this comic, so I guess I'll feature it here as well. Hawkman #5 was published January, 1965.

1st appearance of Lion Mane

The character of Lion Mane has gone through several incarnations, but this is the Edward Dawson version. This version of Lion Mane would be a recurring foe of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. He would even go up against Wonder Woman on occasion.

So in his Silver Age appearances, Edward Dawson was an archaeologist and big game hunter. On one of his adventures, he would stumble upon a strange, mystical meteor called Mithra.

When touched, the strange Mithra turned Dawson into a were-lion. While still having feral tendencies, Dawson retained most of his mind while in Lion Mane form but the instinct or urges to kill often overcomes him.

Another incarnation of Lion Mane would be Karen Ramis, but she would short-lived as the character. She would appear as the character during the mid-90s. Hawkman #20 was published July, 1967.

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1st appearance of Copperhead

Copperhead is more of a Batman villain than a Hawkman or Hawkgirl villain. However, Copperhead has allied himself with Shadow-Thief and Tigress to battle the winged duo on several occasions.

Not an overly major Hawkman villain, but like the Golden Age, the Silver Age rogues gallery for Hawkman wasn't overly impressive either. No doubt that Hawkman's mythos expanded during this time with the whole alien bit, but this era didn't capitalize on giving him and Hawkgirl classic or remarkable foes worth remembering.

That's pretty evident with the first appearances of villains in the early issues of the first Hawkman series. They just didn't have much staying power or weren't very interesting. Just my opinion though.

June, 1968 is the publishing date for Brave and the Bold #78.

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Atom title changes

Both the Atom and Hawkman titles struggled during the later part of the Silver Age. Hawkman's first series ended with issue #27 in September of the same year.

Hoping to boost interest by integrating the two heroes into one comic, the Atom comic series was changed to Atom & Hawkman beginning with this issue. They would share the headline and star in team up stories concerning this change in format.

Although this series would further expand on the great friendship between Ray Palmer and Katar Hol, this tactic would ultimately fail and only last a couple of issues longer. Atom & Hawkman's Silver Age run would only last until issue #45.

However, Geoff Johns did revive the title in the one-shot issue of #46 in 2010. Atom & Hawkman #39 was published November, 1968.

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1st Silver Age appearance of Gentleman Ghost

Back from the Golden Age graveyard is Gentleman Ghost, and one of the more recurring Hawkman villains makes his Silver Age debut in this comic right here. Still, after all this time, Hawkman isn't convinced that Jim Craddock is a real Ghost.

The story would continue in issue #44, and that issue would make it the 2nd appearance of Gentleman Ghost in the Silver Age. Atom and Hawkman #43 was published July, 1969.

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JSA gets own comic series since G.A.
1st appearance of Power Girl

If we're talking about important keys pertaining to the Golden Age Carter Hall Hawkman, All-Star Comics #58 is definitely one since the character is famously known as a Justice Society of America member. Continuing the numbering sequence that the JSA left off in All-Star Comics back in the Golden Age, this comic title is revived and continues the adventures of the first Golden Age super-hero team.

Before this, the Justice Society of America were basically supporting characters and frequented the pages of the Justice League of America whenever Earth One or Earth Two had some kind of crisis going on. Golden Age Hawkgirl or Shiera Sanders has not been brought back yet or in this issue, but it will be this revived All-Star Comics title in which she does.

Also, as mentioned a few times on this site, the first appearance of Power Girl is in this issue. This book is still gaining heat from when I talked about it late last year.

Probably since many speculators are gunning after first appearances of popular female heroines and villains due to the boost in female readership. Actually, it's not a bad idea in my humble opinion. All-Star Comics #58 was published February, 1976.

1st appearance Shiera Sanders since Golden Age

Okay, the character of Shiera Sanders does appear in Secret Origins #1 back in 1973, but that story in that comic is a reprint of a Golden Age Flash Comics story. I don't really think that should count.

So, since Sheira Sanders actually appears in this all new story, All-Star Comics #62 sees the first Modern appearance of G.A. Shiera Sanders. I am not sure if she is suited up in her Hawkgirl outfit or not, but she would suit up as Hawkgirl within the All-Star Comics series.

However, this series would not last very long and end after only 14 or so issues. Shiera and Carter Hall are already married in this issue, and All-Star Comics #62 was published October, 1976.

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Hawkgirl joins JLA

Wow, can we say finally? So, finally, Hawkgirl as Shayera Hol gets her due and joins the most famous super-hero team in the world of DC Comics. For a long time, Hawkgirl was regulated as a supporting character for the comic series.

Much like the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Justice League of America seemed to have the same rule that barred membership of anyone who had the same super-powers of an existing member. In this story, Hawkman finally stands up for his women and challenges the Justice League's rule.

Shayera Hol as Hawkgirl is inducted into the ranks of the JLA, and this is a pretty momentous event for the Silver Age Hawkgirl. Definitely one of the more significant Hawkgirl key issues to consider.

September, 1977 is the publishing date for Justice League of America #146.

Hawkman backup feature begins in titled series

After the Atom & Hawkman comic series folded, the Silver Age Hawkman & Hawkgirl were pretty much home in the pages of the Justice League of America, but had sporadic appearances in other character's titles here and there.

They really didn't have an on-going feature of just their stories. They did have a short stint in Showcase #101 through #103 in 1978 which saw Hyathis became queen of Thanagar like I mentioned in an earlier post.

Kanjar Ro, Shadow-Thief, and even Byth are involved in this story line, which revolves around Hyathis trying to invade Rann, the home world of Adam Strange. However, the winged wonders finally got their own on-going feature when they were plopped in the pages of World's Finest Comics with this issue.

World's Finest Comics #256 was published May, 1979.

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Hawkman #6 through #11 do have first appearance of some extremely minor villains, and I did neglect not to feature them because of it. During this time Hawkman was a well-known Justice League member and it seemed that both him and Hawkgirl served better in the pages of that titled comic.

However, him as solo character struggled and he was shifted around quite a bit. As I mentioned before, this probably had to do with the lack of substantial or interesting villains.

Hawkman would not get another self-titled until the Copper Age of comics. Anyways, more Hawkman and Hawkgirl key comics in PART 7, so just click the link below to continue.

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