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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow TV News

On the DC Comics side of the fence pertaining to comic book TV series, it seems like a lot of stuff is going down recently. A lot of the news centers around the new Legends of Tomorrow TV series and the second season of the Flash TV series.

Not too long ago, it was announced that Hawkgirl would be making her small screen debut in the Legends of the Tomorrow TV series and actress Ciara Renee was cast to play the iconic DC Comics super-heroine. It would only make sense that her male counterpart and beau would soon be tapped to enter the ranks of TV stardom as well.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the legendary Hawkman was cast, and the lucky actor to have snagged the role is Falk Hentschel. Reports have stated that this version of Hawkman will be Carter Hall from the Golden Age of comics.

Carter Hall first appeared in Flash Comics #1 was later assigned to the parallel world of Earth 2, which separated the Golden Age universe from the Silver Age universe in DC Comics. Unlike his Silver Age version, Carter Hall is a human and a reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince named Khufu.

It seems that Ciara Renee's Hawkgirl will be Kendra Saunders, the newer version of the character that debuted in the JSA: Secret Files #1 comic published in 1999. The Golden Age version of Hawkgirl is Shiera Sanders.

The debut of Shiera Sanders as a character was also in Flash Comics #1, but she did not appear as Hawkgirl until All-Star Comics #5. The Silver Age version is spelled Shayera Hol and is phonetically pronounced the same as Shiera Hall.

Also in the DC realm concerning the small screen, it seems that Caity Lotz as Sara Lance from the Arrow TV series will be revived, but not as the Canary or Black Canary. The character of Sara Lance will be the White Canary and will end up joining the super-hero cast of Legends of Tomorrow as well.

The character of Sara Lance was created purely for the show. However, the character of White Canary is an actual comic character who is the enemy of the Black Canary or Dinah Lance.

Apparently, some liberties were taken with character for the show as expected. The actual comic character is obviously not Sara Lance, and White Canary debuted in Birds of Prey #1 volume 2. She was created by Gail Simone and Ed Benes, and the comic character is of Chinese descent.  

So how will this revival happen for a character that died in the first episode of Arrow's Season 3? Apparently the small screen revival of Sara Lance will have something to do with a certain John Constantine. 

Though NBC cancelled the Constantine show after season one, don't write off the character just yet. New reports confirm that the cult-favorite isn't completely gone from the small screen, and Matt Ryan as John Constantine is still very much alive in the DC shared small screen universe. 

While Constantine has yet to find a new home for his own TV series, Constantine will be appearing on Arrow and most likely all three including the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. So, good news for Constantine fans.

And since I like to take it a bit further, I got one word for the producers if they're going to bring in the magical or super-nature element of Constantine in their shared universe, and that's Zatanna. I think her character is over-due and would work quite well a long side Constantine.

Hell, may as well go even further and bring in Justice League Dark since both Constantin and Zatanna are members of the team. I smell a perfect opportunity there, or maybe it's just my socks? Either way, something stinks good.

More casting news? Yes, Sir and Sirsettes. 

As expected and predicted when I first wrote about the Flash TV show happening not too long ago, the popular and supporting character of Wally West has been cast for the show. Yep, it's Kid Flash, and Wally West will be appearing as a regular in the second season of the Flash TV series. Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale has been tapped to play the iconic role of the kiddie version of the Flash.

Obviously, Lonsdale will be playing the African-American version of the character that debuted in the New 52. This version first appeared in the Flash #30 volume 4, and some sources claim the character's first full appearance is in the Flash Annual #3 volume 4. 

Both comics were published June, 2014, and story wise the events of Flash #30 from the 4th series does precede the events of Flash Annual #3 from the 4th series. Okay, it seems Flash #30 had an in-store date of April 23, 2014 and the Annual had an in-store date of April 30, 2014, so there it is.

I don't really have to say that the new version of Wally was of course met with quite a bit of criticism from comic fans after he debuted. In terms of the show, what can you do?

Candice Patton as Iris West in show is African American, so there we are. Keiynan Lonsdale is officially Wally West.

So, chances are we will be seeing the kid speedster getting his Speed Force on sooner or later. Not really a matter of if but when.

But here's a really interesting bit of news coming out of the Flash TV camp, and that's not all when it comes to super speedsters. Can anyone say Jay Garrick?

That's right! The original Golden Age Flash will be in the show as well, and actor Teddy Sears will suit up in case you missed the news. 

We got sort of a pretty cool teaser that's been floating around the net recently. This poster ad obviously pays homage to the cover of Flash #123 that featured the first Silver Age appearance of the Golden Age Flash. I think the promo is actually really cool.

So, the Golden Age Flash is in the house for season two, and this brings up speculation. Will the multi-verse be played out in the future of these shows?

How are they gonna explain the "Flash of Two Worlds"? No doubt that things are getting interesting on the DC Comics TV live action side of things for sure.


  1. I actually really enjoyed the Flash TV show. Entertaining show for sure. It was my second favorite behind a spectacular Daredevil show on netflix, and ahead of a questionable Gotham that left some to be desired. Good season of television to look forward to this fall!

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