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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Superboy #68 CGC 5.0

By: Gerry D.

If you're a longtime reader of Total Comic Mayhem, you may remember that my first introduction to the site was in an interview that I gave. In that interview I mentioned this comic being a book that I really wanted - Superboy #68, the first appearance of Bizarro. I don't know why I wanted this Silver Age book so bad but I think it all started after I saw someone cosplaying as him at Stockton Con a couple of years ago.

Since that convention, I was searching everywhere for it and talking about it all the time. I probably made Vic sick with the how much I talked about getting this book. Finally after searching other cons and keeping my eye on eBay auctions, I got it and at the minimum grade that I wanted.

The first copy I found of Superboy #68 was at East Bay Comic Con a couple years ago after I put this book on the top of my want list. I looked it over and asked the dealer how much he was asking. "$200," he said. 

I noticed that the cover was split down the spine and completely detached. Not even close to the grade I was looking for. The seller was still still asking $200 for it? It was probably overpriced but I still knew this was not going to be a cheap book to get.

Over the next couple of years I saw a few more copies at other conventions that were all pretty low grade. Even most of the copies on eBay were overpriced dirt copies or too high of a grade that I could afford. 

Finally, at the beginning of this year, I made up my mind that I was definitely going to get it. I did my taxes and got a nice little return back and decided to treat myself. 

I found a CGC 5.0 listed on eBay for $500. I made up my mind, that was the one I was going to get, the best copy I could find in my price range. 

I checked the sellers feedback and saw that a few of the buyers said that after they bought the book, they got an email from the seller stating that the book had already been bought and didn't have it in stock anymore. After reading that, I emailed him to see if he still had it. Nope, it was gone. Damn it!!!

However, not long after that disappointment, another CGC 5.0 copy was listed at $550. As I was looking over the pictures, I noticed that it was the same exact copy that I was going to buy last time, but from a different seller. 

I threw it up on my "Watch List". As I was still checking out what other copies were on eBay, the seller dropped the price down to $500, the same price as the last auction. 

It must have been fate. It didn't take me long to decide to buy it. I wasn't going to let this one get away from me. And it didn't hurt that there was a 4x eBay Bucks promotion going on. I got $40 to put towards my next comic purchase.

This is definitely staying with me for the long haul. It's one of the comics that I'm super excited to own and often take it out of my vault to admire it. I'm not the only one that does that, am I? Until next time....


  1. Hi Gerry,

    definitely one of the cooler villains. To my knowing he hasn' t been used on screen yet. Should only be a matter of time.


    1. I would love to see Bizarro on the big screen or even the small screen. Would be sorta interesting, but I think it would be a challenge also. I have no idea how he would work in a movie, but the Hollywood creatives are much better at figuring that stuff out.

      Gerry got a great snag here. I already gave him a congrats in person, but I'll do it again: Congrats on the snag!

  2. That' s a nice looking copy you got there. Anything dc that's silver age is always good.

  3. Small world, I was eyeing the exact same book (and like you have been trying to find a decent copy for some time). JEALOUS!! CGC 5.0 is a nice grade, I am finding silver age DCs are not available in higher grades the same way Marvels are. You can buy high-grade Amazing Spider-Mans all day long, but Action Comics 250-300 are tough to find!! I love the Bizarros, especially from the silver age. NICE WORK!! Wiebes

  4. I definitely agree... The satisfaction you get after buying the book you desire.. It's amazing. I am still looking for my Batman 171... Fingers crossed...

    In the meantime, I was looking for Daredevil 319 from a few months but kept watching it on ebay and the price wont come down on this one, nothing special about this issue but this book has a beautiful cover...Beautiful artwork. Check it out when you get a chance... Picked it up at the store for $6, NM copy. Maybe it was overpriced a bit but its just that I want to add it to my vault... Anyways, nice catching up after a long time. You rock mayhem... Cheers!


    1. Heya Sid, I agree with ya 250% on that. Always great to finally get that comic you've been gunning after for such a long time. Felt that way about my Hulk #181. Okay, I felt that way about a lot of comics...especially the Tomb of Dracula #10 and a Batman #232 I recently got from Ed.

      Hey congrats on the snag! Oh, I didn't write up this post. Gerry was gracious enough to do so, and the Superboy #68 is his. Though I do wish it were mine.

      Rock On Sid and hope things are well over where you at. Great to hear from you too. Been awhile.

    2. Ahh okay gotcha..I WANT Batman 232.. A local store is selling a G/VG for $200.. Think its overpriced a bit. I have a nice budget for this one.. Probably would try to get a 8.5 but I am getting it for $650... Feel just a little overpriced again.. Oh well I keep waiting..

      Now that I have seen Superboy 68, its a nice cover though..


  5. Just wanted to thank Gerry for whipping up these posts and writing about this latest snags and Vault additions to give me some needed breathers from this site. Yep, I did hear about this comic for quite a while, and even though it was true that I was getting sick of hearing about this 1st appearance of Bizarro, I'm glad he held out and waited for a better deal to come around instead of buying some copy at a con that might've ended up a dirt copy.