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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moon Knight Key Issues

Requests, requests, requests. This time not such a bad one to request at the moment. Moon Knight has been a long rumored and desired character to see live action for quite a while.

Whether Marvel has plans for a big screen debut or a small screen debut is the money question for sure. The character has been a member of the West Coast Avengers and long associated or linked to Jack Russell, also known as Werewolf by Night.

In my humble opinion he has a place in both the small screen and big screen. I'm hoping they hook up the character to a possible Netflix TV series that will encompass Marvel's super-natural heroes like Ghost-Rider, Blade, Dracula, and Werewolf by Night.

Either way, it would be exciting for fans of Marvel's so called Batman-type character. This Moon Knight key issues list won't be a long one. It will be the most 2 parts, and I'm presuming there will be quite a few sleepers.

1st appearance of Moon Knight
1st appearance of Frenchie

The holy grail of Moon Knight key issues is of course the first appearance of Moon Knight in Werewolf By Night #32. Created by Don Perlin and Doug Moench, Marc Spector started off as a foe for Jack Russell in his titled series.

Many have claimed that Moon Knight is Marvel's version of Batman, but in his first initial appearance, Moon Knight is more a mercenary as opposed to a costumed hero. In this issue, he meets Werewolf by Night for the first time and is paid by the Committee to capture him.

The Committee, though not referenced as such in this issue, would become enemies of both Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight. Marc Spector's origin would be later revealed in the 80s if you can believe that.

Frenchie also known by his Christian name of Jean-Paul Duchamp or du Champ is a major supporting character for Moon Knight. He is a helicopter pilot and has worked with Marc Spector on many assignments.

Duchamp even piloted the Moon-Chopper for many years. Moon-Chopper, Crescent Darts that resemble batarangs? No wonder he's often compared to Batman.

However, unlike Batman, Marc Spector as Moon Knight does have superpowers, and those powers are determined by the different phases of the moon. The fuller the moon, the more his strength, endurance, and reflexes are enhanced.

Although not revealed in this issue or in any of his Bronze Age appearances, Moon Knight is the avatar for Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. Important key issue for any Moon Knight fan without a doubt. Werewolf by Night #32 was published August, 1975.

2nd appearance of Moon Knight
2nd appearance of Frenchie

Moon Knight first two appearances was part of a two-part story that begin in issue #32. In this issue, Moon Knight captures Jack Russell and brings him back to the Committee's headquarters where he collects his money.

Of course, Moon Knight changes his mind and frees Jack Russell when he wolfs-out. Both would battle the Committee members and then make their escape. Pretty simple key issue for Moon Knight.

The 2nd appearance of Moon Knight in Werewolf by Night #33 was published September, 1975, and it's actually a double whammy 2nd appearance key since Frenchie also appears again in this issue.

3rd appearance of Moon Knight?

This one is interesting, and I'm not quite sure whether to label it a 3rd appearance or not. Moon Knight is represented in this comic and does go up against Werewolf by Night, but it's not really Moon Knight as in Marc Spector.

Instead, the evil sorcerer Belaric Marcosa conjures up simulacrums of Moon Knight, Doctor Glitter, and Hangman to overpower Jack Russell in his lupine form. So it's not him, but a representation or illusion of Moon Knight.

I have no idea which way industry will call it for this issue or if they even think it's worth calling. In my humble opinion, it shouldn't be considered his 3rd appearance since it's actually not him, but as with most appearance arguments, it's highly debatable..

I'll let you make the call for yourselves though. Werewolf by Night #37 was published March, 1976.

3rd or 4th appearance Moon Knight
1st appearance of Marlene Fontaine
1st appearance of Betrand Crawley & Gena Landers
1st appearance of Samuels
1st Moon Knight solo adventure

Okay, I'm calling this issue the actual 3rd appearance of Marc Spector as Moon Knight, and there's a lot going on with this issue. Overstreet and CGC only note this as Moon Knight's 1st solo story.

However, there are some pretty important firsts in this issue as well, and these first appearances of supporting characters would help to expand the Moon Knight mythos.

The first important supporting character introduced in this issue is Marlene Fontaine. She is Marc Spector's love interest and her real name or maiden name is Marlene Alraune.

Marlene often helped Spector with his crime fighting adventures and often posed as an undercover operative. If they ever get around to a live action adaptation of Moon Knight, you can be sure that Marlene will be a supporting character for the TV or movie franchise.

Important first appearance and should be recognized for Moon Knight fans. Betrand Crawley and Gena Landers were both informants for Moon Knight. Gena ran a diner and Crawley was homeless.

Adding more similarities to the Batman comparison, Samuels is the butler and personal driver of Marc Spector, and he too makes his first appearance in this comic.

Like I mentioned, important key issue for Moon Knight right here and more than just a 1st solo story. Marvel Spotlight #28 was published June, 1976.

4th or 5th appearance of Moon Knight
2nd appearance of Marlene Fontaine
2nd appearance of Samuels

So continuing the story from Marvel Spotlight #28, in this next issue we possibly see the 4th appearance of the actual Moon Knight and definitely see the 2nd appearances of both Samuels and Marlene Alraune or later Fontaine.

Not really a huge key issue of sorts in the current market, but it is a minor Moon Knight key issue. Marvel Spotlight #29 was published August, 1976.

1st Moon Knight cross-over
5th or 6th appearance of Moon Knight

When it comes to the first cross-over for Moon Knight, this comic is it and he meets the Defenders for the first time. Moon Knight's next several appearances in comics would be guest appearances in the story arc for this titled series and would last until issue #51.

Personally, I think it would be cool for a live action Moon Knight to appear in the Defenders TV series and then kick-off the Netflix TV universes of Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, and Blade. Those new TV shows could culminate into a Midnight Sons show where the Darkhold or Book of Sins could tie the characters of Werewolf by Night, Dracula, Blade and Ghost Rider.

Of course, the villainous Committee could tie Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight in a live action TV show. So many possibilities and potential for what Marvel and Netflix started. Anyway, just my humble opinion on the matter. The Defenders #47 was published May, 1977.

1st meeting between Spider-Man & Moon Knight

If you like first meeting between characters, then this Bronze Age Spidey issue has the first meeting between our favorite Webslinger and Moon Knight. Spider-Man mistakes Moon Knight for a villain in this first meeting of course.

The Wallcrawler gets into a brief scuffle with the hero of this key issues list before they team up to battle the cyclone. This issue might be the 2nd classic cross-over for Moon Knight but not entirely sure about that call.

Moon Knight appears in the next issue as well, but Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #22 was published September, 1978.

HULK! #11
1st Moon Knight back up feature

The Hulk! comic magazine that was once The Rampaging Hulk is the first to have an on-going Moon Knight back up feature. The Rampaging Hulk turned into The Hulk! with issue #10.

Moon Knight's back up feature in this title would last until issue #20. Aside from that, there isn't much else to say about this minor Moon Knight key issue. Hulk! #11 was published October, 1978.

Part 1 to this Moon Knight key issues series is done. We shall see if Part 2 will cover all the Moon Knight key comics worth considering or not.

Click the PART 2 link below to continue with more Moon Knight key issues and happy hunting!


  1. Hey Mayhem,

    hope you don' t forget Nr. 55 by Stephen Platt. Gotta pull that gem out of my collection once again. Just finished my Giant Size Spiderman 4. Since you are a Punisher fan I wanted to inform you that to my knowing here we have the famous war journal entries for the first time. Plus you get the first appearance of the combat van and the death of Moses Magnum.

    By the way - take a closer look at that van
    and you will think of me ;-)


    1. Heya Ace....Hahaha! Pretty cool info there and totally forgot about the Punisher battle van had ACE TV on it. Cool find, man. As for Stephen Platt, he is there in Part 3 to this key issues list. So is Mr. Finch and Sienkiewicz.

  2. Moon Knight is actually one of my favourite characters. Love the costume and look of the guy. the Bill Sienkiewicz artwork on the first series. some of those are simply spectacular.

  3. I was wondering, do you still feel Hulk #181 is a good investment? I don't like using that term expecting to gain more money down the line, but I don't want to put money into something that might drop soon. It's crazy seeing that You can get 1st Green Goblin or a lot of these really nice SA keys for the price of a mid-grade 181 now.

    1. that's what i call relative valuation.

      Hulk 181 in a 8.0 certified, say $1800+/-?

      vs first Green Goblin in a certified 7.0 around the same money?

      heck, if you search hard enough, you can find some golden age gems for that price. much more rare, much better investments.

    2. heck, for $2000 you could get yourself a Daredevil #1 in the 6.0-6.5 range. that's a far far better deal than a Hulk 181

    3. Well, that depends as in whether or not Hulk #181 is still a good investment or not. When I bought it a year ago for $1300 at only a CGC 8.0, I seriously didn't expect it to shoot up $400 to $500 in less than a year.

      I did expect it to go up slowly but not at that rate for sure. So to say whether it's still a key worth investing in is moot. Is Wolverine still a popular character? For sure. Are people still buying up Hulk #181? For sure.

      But like the other comments stated here, would I go after something else like a Golden Age comic to snag at that price? Well, considering that I already have a Hulk #181, I would. But I got a Hulk #181 because I'm a fan Wolverine and always wanted a copy.

      While growing up, Wolvie was my character next to Spidey and the Punisher. As purely as an investment though, Hulk #181 is still a good one but I'd rather snag up early high grade Golden Age Batman #10-25 for the same price. Just my opinion though.

    4. In terms of Daredevil though, I don't know. I like me some Daredevil for sure as I'm a fan of the character, but if you're comparing popularity of Wolverine and Daredevil in the comic market in general, I think Wolverine is more popular. As for potential growth in Daredevil #1 and his first appearance, it definitely has better potential than Hulk #181.

    5. not comparing popularity of DD vs Wolverine, just comparing them as investments.

      if one is willing to pay $1800 for an 8.0 Hulk 181, i'd much rather buy a DD#1 in a 6.0-6.5. to me, that's clearly the better place to place the money.

      it's a much older book, and given that Netflix is doing a second season of Daredevil (and likely more), plus appearances in the Defenders series and elsewhere, you're only going to get more exposure for DD now.. Wolverine has already been done to death.

      so, still no question of Wolvie being the more popular guy, but, he's overdone.

    6. I think we're agreeing on the same basic root of the convo, but just said in different ways. It's definitely time for DD #1 and his other early Silver Age books to get out from under the under-valued "category". But, I still think Hulk #181 is still a great Bronze Age comic investment. It has the track record to prove it, but as in potential growth, DD #1 is a good call.

  4. Hey guys,

    nice conversation. I was wondering if you think that Wolverine 1 (1. mini) will benefit from the Hulk 181 hype. Where do you see that book in a few years? Did you know that there is a comic investment Monopoly? It had Wolverine 1 in there, and I thought this must be for some reason...


    1. Heya, Ace, I think Wolverine #1 limited series will rebound slowly within the next 20 years depending on the grade. Did not know there was Monopoly comic investment version. It is a fan-favorite, but there are quite a few copies out there in the market. It definitely isn't rare.